by AJ Martin

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Erotica Sex Story: Siting on the bus, going to the first day of school, Becky is sexually assaulted by her friend. She tells him what he has done is going to "Cost" him. Then she gives him three punishment choices. What happens gets very interesting as he finds out, Payback Is A Bitch!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Masturbation   .

Becky stood naked before the full length mirror studying herself. As she looked into her eyes, a smile crossed her face.

Her light colored hair, streaked from a summer of fun, flowed around her oval face, squared at the bottom by her broad jaw, accentuated her smile.

"Nice hair," she thought to herself.

Not quite blond in the summer and fading to auburn in the winter, it told everyone, she was not a "Typical Dumb Blond." She had sort of the best of all worlds.

The eyes that were looking back at her were expressive and drew attention to her face. If any one word came to mind to her it was, 'Piercing!" They looked right though you, almost as if they could read minds or launch ships. Joan of Arc must have had eyes like hers. They were a powerful asset.

Her cheekbones were high, almost oriental but not quite and she had 'white bread, ' round eyes. They were topped off by trimmed and carefully shaped eyebrows. They were the same sun washed color as her hair, but at the sides, she added a very light touch of darkening to give them depth.

Not that she used a lot of makeup. Her mother and father really frowned on it. "After all, you're only 13, they had reminded her on many occasions. But in just a few weeks she would be 14.

"So," she thought to herself, "Today is the first day of being a High School Freshman. Look the part!"

"What a waste," her thoughts continued, "The summer isn't over yet and we have to go back to school. There were still 10 days of August. What a waste!"

"Becky," her mother called. "I hope you are almost ready. You have to leave in 15 minutes to get you to bus stop on time."

"OK, Mom. I'll be ready."

Thinking to herself, she mused, "Hell. I'll be ready in 5."

Becky decided to look at her toes and work up, evaluating herself, along the way. She smiled at the multicolored toenails. Her feet were slender and stubby, but otherwise nicely shaped.

Her legs were nicely slender, tight calves and firm thighs. There was a nice space between them. As her eyes rode up, her body widened confirming her feminine shape was well proportioned.

Firm hips which tapered in nicely at the waist. She tried to avoid that area dead center between her hips and thighs, but her eyes wouldn't let her.

Her hands went to her crotch and she stroked her puffy lips and pulling up, her little nubbin appeared. If it hadn't been so late she would have stroked it until it buzzed.

"But now was not the time," she thought.

As she released her labia, her fingers wandered up to that "V" above her sex and rubbed there.

"No," she thought to herself, "No real hair there yet. Not yet."

Her fingers wandered up her torso, tracing her tendency toward the classic hourglass figure.

"Well, not there yet either ... But soon ... Hopefully, real soon," she thought.

Then her hands found their way to her breasts.

"No need to wear a bra. There ain't much here is there."

Rubbing herself, her nipples grew to the diameter of a pencil eraser and got stiff. "Not quite half as long as a pencil eraser," she thought. "Come on guys. Where are you?"

She could always wear a padded bra to accentuate her breasts, but in the gym shower, it all comes off. She really didn't want to be teased by Candy White who was Junior now and at least a double D. It was bad enough that her breasts were almost non-existent but to be teased by that 'Busty Bitch' was just too much.

One girl last year had done that and Candy had walked over and picked up the bra and swung it around and told the girl, "What's up. Giving 'False' impressions to the guys?" The poor girl never wore it again and every day Candy taunted her about it.

Becky could feel a fullness in her breasts. It just didn't show yet. "Where are you guys?" passed through her mind again.

"Becky, are you ready darling?" her mom called out again.

"Soon. I'm almost dressed."

She slipped on a sports bra thinking, "None of those training bras either." She remembered Candy had latched onto that too likening breasts wearing a 'Training Bra' to a kiddie bicycle, wondering if it was advertising.

"You know," Candy had said. "Ride me, I'm in training. You won't fall off!"

"Candy The Cunt," Becky thought. She could make any girl's life miserable.

Selecting a black thong, Becky held it up and sighed. How she would have liked to wear that today, but, she was sure gym would be on her schedule. Better safe than sorry.

Choosing a safe light lavender, hip-hugging, tapered pantie brief, she pulled them on. Selecting a coral adorned t-shirt and a blue pair of shorts, she grabbed her peds and sneakers and dashed to the kitchen.

Toast, juice and several apple slices were devoured in about a minute. Looking at the clock, Beckie said, "See, 5 minutes to spare."

"OK dear. Run along now. Have a nice day," said her mom as Becky slid on the peds, followed by her sneakers and dashed out the door.

Tommy, her neighbor, playmate and all around best friend was already at the bus stop.

"How's it hanging," Becky said as she approached.

"I'll see," as he slid his right hand into his shorts and reached low.

"Long and Hard," he laughed.

"Gross," retorted Becky, slapping his arm so he would take his hand out of his pants.

"Nothing like the first day of school to screw up our lives," he said.

Just as dejected at the interruption of their summer, Becky sighed, "Yeah."

The bus arrived on time and Tommy and Becky sat in a rear seat together.

Tommy looked at Becky's crotch and smiled. Her zipper was open. "Hey," he said to her and as she looked up at him, he swiftly slid his hand into her shorts and slid his fingers down and under her, cupping her sex.

Becky, surprised at his action but feeling the fun of it all spread her legs to allow his fingers room to roam a little.

Looking into his eyes she told him that would 'Cost' him.

"How much?" was his reply.

"A lot."

"Well, if that is the case, let's make it worthwhile."

Tommy lifted his hand a little, found the waistband for her briefs and slid his fingers under it, skin on skin, slowly downward.

Becky didn't change her expression. She just slid a little forward on the seat and tilted her hips up a little.

Tommy continued his little finger trek downward and soon had a sexual handful. He rubbed around and felt a little moisture build under his hand. Still cupping her crotch, he worked his middle finger between her lips and let it circle the hole he found.

Still, with no expression on her face, Becky just sat there.

Then, Tommy slid in his fingertip in. Not far, just a bit. Becky didn't flinch or change her expression.

When he moved the tip of his finger deeper until it was inside of Becky up to the first knuckle and worked it in a circle.

Becky just said, "Well, that feels nice.

"Are you going to put it into me all the way?"

But still Becky had not changed her neutral expression.

Pushing his hand deeper into her crotch, Tommy worked his finger into her as deep as it would go.

"Does that feel good?" Becky asked.

"Nice," he said. "You are so damp down there that my finger just slid in."

"Well, as I told you, this is going to cost you."

"Oh, yeah?" Tommy said.

"It will cost you a lot," Becky countered. "A Lot!"

With that, Becky slid backward on the seat and clamped her knees first together, then crossed her legs and tightened her thigh muscles.

"Hey," Tommy said, "I can't get my hand out."

"Yeah, I know," said Becky. "Now, you have a choice to make.

"First choice: I scream and yell. Get the bus driver back here and you get expelled for sexual assault.

"Second choice: I place my hand in your pants and jack you off leaving a huge 'wet spot' on your shorts that will last all day.

"Third choice: I let your hand go and you come to my house after we get home from school and I get even then.

"Well, which will it be?"

Then Becky slid her hand between Tommy's crotch and rubbed the heel of her hand over his hardness.

Tommy swallowed hard and said, "OK, I'll take your third choice and be over at your house after school."

"You chicken out and there will be hell to pay, Tommy Boy. Bring that maroon bathing suit of yours too."

"OK," he replied and she released his hand.

He lifted his hand to his face and sniffed his fingers telling Becky, "You smell weird."

"Get used to it. That's the way I smell.

"Think of it as pussy perfume."

Just then they arrived at school and then they were off to the assembly hall. They weren't in the same Homeroom so they couldn't sit together nor did they have any classes together.

Luckily gym was not on her schedule that first day and the 'Busty Bitch' was out of sight and out of mind all day. Becky was just waiting to tell her off and call her "Handy Dandy Candy." Referring to her reputation of being rather sweet and very available.

Anyway, two-thirty came quickly and Becky made sure that she was not a seat mate to Tommy on the way home.

They were the only two at their stop and she waited for Tommy to get up and go to the door first and then she followed. Getting off behind him, she swatted his shoulder and as he turned told him, "My house. 5 minutes! Go in through the garage."

"OK," he replied and ran off to his house a couple of doors down.

Becky went up to her bedroom and slid off her shorts and panties and slipped on a short skirt and then went down to the garage just in time to see Tommy come in.

He had a towel over his shoulder and had on his maroon swim suit.

It was a knit fabric and showed his 14 year old bulge.

"What's this going to cost me," he asked.

"Well, for the next hour you are going to do everything I tell you to do. No questions. No refusals. Do you understand?"


"OK. Put your hands on my Dad's pull up bar and don't let go until I tell you to. Just stand there and don't let go."


Becky went around behind Tommy and snuggled in against him and wrapped her arms around his chest. His nipples wound up just under her palms.

She rubbed around and squeezed them. As then got a little hard, she grasped them between her fingers and pulled on them a little. She could feel his body tense as she pulled them from the pleasure zone to the pain zone and back again.

Tommy didn't move.

Then, Becky slid her hands down his chest and along his sides until she reached the top of his bathing suit. Staying outside, she continued down until she reached the skin of his thighs and then moved her hands toward his front.

Keeping her hands on his thighs she moved until her fingers touched and then lifted upward, going into his crotch and then sliding out. Then she repeated the motion a few times.

She slid up along his thigh to his crotch one last time. As her fingertips parted, she turned them upward and lifted, cupping his balls, one in each of her hands.

She squeezed fairly hard as she lifted and separated his balls, pressing her fingertips into the material of the suit.

Tommy groaned a little and Becky could feel his body tense more.

More pressure on his balls and Tommy let out a discernible groan. All of a sudden she released him and he let out a sigh.

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