Children's Games

by parabolus

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Erotica Sex Story: His sister became fascinated by the occult

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My sister Laura was a strange girl in many ways. She was very serious, imaginative, always reading, often historical novels, and she would often shut herself in her room with a book. At other times I'd ask her what she was reading, but she wouldn't tell me.

We played together as children, and she'd always want to be a slave, or a naughty child. Mum and Dad always went to play bridge on Thursday nights, and that's when we played her 'special' games. Sometimes I'd be a pirate, and capture her for ransom. She'd struggle, and we'd end up wrestling on the floor, and I'd have to take her clothes off and tie her up. Or I'd be a Pharaoh in ancient Egypt, and she'd dance for me naked. At other times she'd want me to be a Roman Centurion and she'd be a naked slave girl and I'd have to order her to serve me, crawling naked on her hands and knees, or I'd be a teacher and she'd be a naughty pupil and I'd have to spank her bare bottom.

But whatever the game, always she'd end up naked, and she particularly liked being tied up, and whipped or spanked.

She was two years older than me, and when I was about ten I began to respond strongly to her body, enjoying wrestling with her and undressing her. Laura asked me to kiss her, and I liked that too, especially when she was naked — soon, kissing was always part of our games. Once, when we were much younger, Laura had seen Mum having sex with a strange man, and it had excited her tremendously. We'd both taken our clothes off and pretended we were doing it, although neither of us knew how, and so we'd just rubbed our naked bodies together. At the time, it was OK, but nothing special. But later, I started to want to be naked with her...

Then, one evening just after her fourteenth birthday, she said she had a new game she wanted to play — she'd read something in a book about witchcraft and Wiccas, whatever they were, and it had excited her immensely.

She wouldn't tell me what it was, but said we had to go to the graveyard of the local church and perform a ritual.

So, one Thursday night at dusk we set off. We saw the church spire silhouetted dimly against the darkening sky — there was a half moon (Laura said it should really have been a full moon for the ritual, but that it would have to do). There was a halo around the moon, and clouds scudded across it, while a light wind rustled in the trees.

We went into the churchyard, and suddenly it was quite spooky, threading our way between the gravestones, and my sister took my hand. Then a dog barked in the distance, and she jumped, clutching my hand tightly.

I could see her eyes shining brightly, wide with fear, and I put my arm round her, although I was as scared as she was. 'Kiss me, master — it will protect us from evil spirits!' she whispered.

I pulled her slender body to me, and kissed her soft lips, and I put my free hand up inside her top and squeezed her bare breast as our tongues found each other. At that moment, I didn't care whether the evil spirits got us or not as my cock started to harden against her...

Eventually, she broke away, and we continued wandering through the graveyard until at last she found what she was looking for — a large, flat tombstone, very old and moss-covered, and she sat on it and took my hand as she started to tell me what it was all about.

'You're the high priest, Jamie, and I'm a junior priestess, and we're Druids, and I must obey all your commands. You use my body as an altar, and make sacrifices and cast spells over me!'

I found out later that she was getting her pagan religions mixed up a bit, but at the time it sounded scarily authentic, and at first I didn't want to go along with it, but then Laura took her top off, and I looked at her budding breasts in the moonlight. Her skirt followed and I saw that it was all she had been wearing.

She smiled at me nervously, and then she stretched out naked on the tombstone I forgot about being frightened, and just looked at her body gleaming in the faint light as my cock hardened completely.

'Look!' she said dramatically, pointing to a sign of some sort she'd drawn on her stomach. 'It's a pentacle — a five-pointed star. It's a magic symbol, with special powers! I did it with Mum's lipstick!'

She been carrying a small bottle, and she handed it to me.

'This is blood! Actually, it's wine, but in religion it's the same thing. You must sprinkle it over my body, master, and say a spell!'

I took the small soft-drink bottle she handed me and took the top off. I hesitated for a moment, and then trickled some of the liquid over my sister's bare breasts and belly. I didn't know any spells or incantations, so I just said 'abracdabra' and 'hocus pocus' a few times.

Laura wriggled excitedly when the wine splashed on her body, and I heard her give a little moan.

'Rub the blood into my skin, master!' she gasped, and I smoothed my hand over her budding breasts and belly — her nipples were hard as small pebbles, and I paid them particular attention...

My sister moaned, writhing on the tombstone. More blood my lord — here!' she whispered, and parted her legs.

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