Oh Daddy
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story between two consenting adults, it's fiction with just a hint of real incest. ENJOY!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Father   Daughter   First  

Sometime the pain from my health problems disrupts my routine; however, I do not let it rule my whole day. Like today, I'm up way too early but only because I took a nap yesterday. I'm not in any pain, just horny as hell, and sitting here naked and masturbating. You see, I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, and love playing with myself, while fantasizing about my daddy. I wish he were shoving his index finger deep into my drenched cunt. I love how it makes me quiver and tingly all over, knowing what is yet to come. Will he eat me next, fist me, or shove his hard cock deep inside me. I walk over to the window curtain and open it, making sure anyone going by our house can see that I am naked. I love being this naughty too.

Hell I even stripped on the ride home with hubby yesterday at 9pm. I came so hard I nearly passed out. It was safe and kind of risky, but I did it because he asked me too. It turns him on too and by the way, he does the same thing when I'm driving. He takes his pants down to his knees, and jacks his cock for me, until I stop, strip, and give him a blowjob.

I wish I were standing naked in front of Daddy right now. My trembling fingers would be grasping my nipples, rolling, pulling, and pinching them hard, as he watches with lust in his eyes. I hear him moan and see that he's slowly stroking his thick hard cock, I bring a nipple to my mouth, and suck on it, then roll my tongue around it. He then walks over too me and slides a digit deep into my pulsating hole, he sees how aroused I am, because he feels the effect on his finger too as my cunt clamps down on it, milking it like a cock.

I then look into his eyes and coo, "Ooooh Daddy he really know how to make me feel good. Ram her finger deeper, harder, that's it, now make me cum!"

He shoves one more finger inside me, then three and fucks me harder. He knows I love it too, because I'm rocking back and forth on them. Then he places his thumb on my clit and I climax so hard he has to hang onto me to keep me from passing out. I so aroused that my juices running all the way to his elbow.

He looked into my eyes and said, "Good girl, now lay down, I needs to lick your hot cum drenched pussy!"

I lay down spread my legs and purr, "Cum and get it! Eat my hot wet cunt Daddy!"

He lay down and began lapping me from my clit to my ass, and I quiver. Ooooh fuck, I had to stop writing, take off my nightie, and rub this throbbing clit hard. I wish he and I was actually doing this. I wish he could hear me, getting ready to climax. I am pretending my fingers are hers and oooooooooh so damn close to cumming!

He eats me; tongue-fucking me deep, wanting to taste every drop of my nectar. I then began to shake again and he knows if he keeps eating me, I will cum again.

I put my hand on her head and squeal, "Hey Daddy, I need that hard cock inside of my cunt right now. OOoooh fuck me!"

He rose up without saying a word, grabs his hard cock, and shoved it all the way inside me with one hard thrust. He love the way my tight cunt grabs and milks it. He can see my lust filled eyes urging him on as my legs wrap around his waist. We move in unison, grinding our bodies together like a well-oiled machine.

He kiss me hard, then smirked asking, "Do he like the way my cock feels Baby? Can I cum inside you?"

I quiver all over knowing he is about to cum and shriek, "I love the way your cock feels! Ooooh daddy, fuck me hard, cum inside my hot cunt!"

Ooooooh Daddy, when I hit send button on this letter, I will have cum, very hard too! XOXOXOXOX! Love yahs NOW cum for me ... MMMMMMMMMM!

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