The Lotto
Chapter 10

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 10 - YALS: Yet another lotto winner story. Jake put off his mid-life crisis till his fifties. He was too busy until he sold his company and then won the Lotto. Now he was older and smarter, he intended to get maximum return on his windfall. And that included the women he met. First of Jake's saga now concluded.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Harem   First   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Slow  


Mandy and Patty thought it would be a good idea to give Mary a treat. Patty had talked to Mary several times previous about the "hot guys" on campus and we targeted a couple of them.

The one who worked out was Tim Nelson ... who was now in the post grad chemical engineering program and a campus hot-shot. Mary had been in two undergrad classes with this guy and was too timid to even talk to him, especially when 3 or 4 of the other girls in the class seemed to throw themselves at him, to no result as far as Mary knew.

Patty didn't want to participate actively ... she was getting closer and closer to Brad ... so Mandy did the honors ... she ambushed him one night at Herman's, a popular bar among the senior students and had him in the sack by midnight.

She said he was a pretty good cocksman, though fairly unimaginative ... and a little silly for complaining about wearing the condom she gave him.

But she said he was all ears when she mentioned 'off-hand' how it was "too bad my friend Mary wasn't here to play with us, she would really enjoy this!". AND he didn't jump up and leave soon after he came, a misdemeanor which would have ruled him out.

Tim, in fact, apparently liked Mandy enough that he stayed till morning and offered to fix breakfast for her.

This put him way up on the good guy list and opened up further possibilities. Which came into fruition when Tim actually met Mary a couple days later.

"Hey," Tim exclaimed when Mary approached them as they sat in Frisch's " I know you! You were in a couple of my classes last year."

Mary recovered enough to show some of her new self-confidence. "I'm surprised that you remember me, we never spoke."

She sat down and after she had ordered, Tim brought it up, again.

"I actually DID want to speak to you, but I didn't know how to start a conversation without seeming like I was hitting on you. I figured that would turn you off."

A little ... just a little ... of the "old Mary" emerged; she blushed and giggled.

"Well, ummm you were right, it would have turned me off."

Tim showed a quizzical look.

"Because I would have thought you were tired of the girls that were throwing themselves at you and wanted to play games with those that weren't."

"Right on the first, WRONG on the second, Ma'am!"

Tim leaned back and grinned. "I had enough of that my Soph and Junior year ... and I went a little crazy ... then I figured out that, on campus, some girls are just like most boys. Want to carves notches and stuff. I decided to only date women."

Mandy was even more impressed than she had been. Why was it now her lot to find the guys she had looked for, for years, and only when she had already earmarked them for someone else.

It didn't take Tim and Mary long to start delving into technical conversation that left her feeling the outsider. After a few minutes, she got up.

"Mary, let's visit the powder room ... okay?"

Mary looked at her quizzically ... that ritual wasn't done much in this campus and age.

"Look, I'm taking off ... you and Tim are getting along great and I have other things to do."

"I'm sorry..."

"shush! It's just fine with me."

Mary blushed.

"You stay here a few minutes, then come out ... remember ... there's nothing to fear and nothing to lose. Tim obviously likes you and wanted to meet you before. Just be yourself and don't think you know what he wants you to be."

Mandy went back to the table. "Tim. I have to run ... I just got a call from mom and she needs my help on something..."


"Never mind, you and Mary have lots to talk about and I'll see you some other time."

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