The Lotto
Chapter 6

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 6 - YALS: Yet another lotto winner story. Jake put off his mid-life crisis till his fifties. He was too busy until he sold his company and then won the Lotto. Now he was older and smarter, he intended to get maximum return on his windfall. And that included the women he met. First of Jake's saga now concluded.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Harem   First   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Slow  

I saw Brad three times the next week and he was upbeat. I asked him, generally, about Patty and he only offered that they got along great and that he had no problems with anything as it was.

I didn't hear from any of the girls until Mandy called me on Thursday and said she was dropping over in the afternoon. When she came in, she seemed a little down, but chatted brightly about Patty and her classwork, in which she said she had a great project the details of which went right over my head.

She swam for about an hour and a half then toweled off and came into my study, still nude with the towel over her shoulder.

"What'cha doing?"

I was working on a marketing proposal for a new internet auction site for import casual and swimwear and explained that I would be able to sell the product before it was even stitched then make it to order and ship directly from Malaysia at relatively low cost.

"But that's gonna be made in sweat-shops, right?'

"Well, sweets ... it's the same shops that make the stuff you are buying at Target and some dept chains ... so what's the difference ... other than it costs the customer less than half as much as a discount store."

"Oh ... I guess so"

"Jake, I'm horny!"

I wasn't surprised at her candor, not the first time she'd been that forward.

"Well it's been a while, that's for sure" I smiled. "But I cant go up right now, I have to get this done."

"I know ... can I come back tonight and stay over?"

"Sure, could you bring supper from Cirardi's?" I handed her a twenty and a ten.

She showed up at seven, by eight we were in bed and fucked 3 times ... the last, at about 3 am, she woke me and had me fuck her ass. And then, sucked me off in the morning. I DEFINITELY couldn't do this more than twice a week.

As she dressed she said, "I want pictures, next time ... like Patty's"

I rolled my eyes for effect, but I was really wondering what had I gotten into!

Just desserts

I actually got some work done in the next few days ... my only female visitor was Sandi, who also tended to be the least intrusive ... she only would show up in the late evening, and stayed over, which meant minimum pressure to perform.

I really liked it, it felt good, as I said before, to have a bedmate again. She ended up bringing over a housedress, a couple of nighties and a few cosmetic goodies. But she wasn't pushy about it.

Then, I got a shock. Patty called and asked to come over. She said she and Mandy would be coming with a "surprise".

When the bell rang at 8, I didn't know what to expect but I thought it might have been in a package, or bag.

Not even...

Sure enough, it was Mandy and Patty and ... Patty?!!

My double take HAD to be obvious, and it caused all three girls to laugh.

"What's wrong, Jake ... you look as if you'd seen a ghost?"

Well, maybe a twin; I recovered enough to invite them in and we went to the sitting room.

"Jake, this is Barb, my older sister."

Barb seemed more bubbly and outgoing than Patty had at first. She was also a student, attending UD Law School

I don't suppose I have to tell you what the conversational subject eventually turned to ... after Patty and Mandy gushed a lot about what a sweet guy and great lover I was, Patty blurted that Barb wanted to see the pictures we took.

I was not averse to that but I wanted to know why she wanted to see them ... this caused some awkward looks.

"Well, I was thinking about that when Patty told me ... I always had a fantasy about pictures but never let my boyfriends take them because I was afraid they'd get out!"

"You should be ... Patty and Mandy can tell you what I think about that."

I told them I'd be back in a minute, then went to workstation in my study and locked down access to the removable drives.

"Okay ... you can go in there and look at them."

I didn't go with them ... and Mandy didn't either. We just talked about her schoolwork and ideas on my projects and hers, while we listened to the giggles and screams of delight from the next room.

When they came back out, Barb's face was a little flushed ... but she besieged me with questions.

"How can you be sure they won't get out ... with hacking and all."

I told her about the firewall and the encryption software ... and how I had the network MAC addresses locked down, as well as passwording the removable drives.

"Well ... how do we know you won't change your mind, sometime, and sell them?"

"You don't!" I looked at her full deadpan..." But that's all the more reason to think twice before you let me, any boyfriend ... or husband, for that matter, take those pictures."

"What if Patty wanted copies?"

I had thought of that ... and figured out a damn good answer.

Some time ago, a well respected young professional woman in town who had a good middle-management job with a big company not only had her sex pix spread all over the web, but her phone number and company fax number, to boot.

She had to resign and move out of state to find another job. She and I had mutual acquaintances, so I was sure I could put any of these girls in touch with her, should they get the urge to show their own pictures.

I emphasized that her story wasnt really unusual. But I said the final decision was up to them and added another couple conditions.

"You have to ask, then wait a month before I will give them to you ... and they'll have to be doctored so that nobody else's identity is given away."

The girls were quiet but I could practically see the thoughts running through Barb's head. She had to put up the usual disclaimer, though.

"You must think I'm a slut ... for being interested in this... '

I laughed.

"No more than anyone else ... these two included."

"I learned a long time ago that women, especially single women who don't have kids to worry about, aren't much different than men."

"I even have a theory that women who DON'T think about sex, do it purposely ... that means they are thinking about NOT thinking about sex ... Soo..."

The girls laughed.

"Every 'Red-Blooded girl' I know of is a slut ... in her own mind, anyway"

"Whew!" Barbara giggled.

"Well, that's okay ... I know it, anyway so you don't have to pretend in front of me."

"Well, the next part is, can you do me ... in front of the camera, I mean?" I knew that was coming, big surprise.

"Hmm..." I had an idea and looked at Patty. "why not have Brad do the honors?"

Patty flushed and glared at Barb. Answer obvious.

"I see ... well, what is it that makes me acceptable?"

Barb replied without hesitation ... these girls must have had a doozy of a gabfest.

"It's that you're sort of ... safe!"

I laughed again.

"What if I'm really a dirty old man ... just like the stereotype?"

"I hope you are!"

"What if I wanted to see you and Mandy together?" I had been waiting to pose this question to them ... now a good a chance as any.


"Come on! That's a stereotype cop-out ... what if I wanted to take pictures of you licking each other or fucking each other with a dildo?"

Barb looked confused. "Why all these questions?"

"Just trying to determine how slutty you really are!" And all men are voyeurs of one kind or another.

"Well, only if you made us..." Hmmm... 'if you made us... '!

"Oh? Do you let guys MAKE you do stuff?"

"Almost Never!" Barb smiled slyly and looked me straight in the eyes. A look that had a double meaning to it... 'Yes, I fantasize about that' and 'Don't ask any more about it ... just do it!'

And that look dared me to do something I had only done once before in my whole life ... and THAT time I was drunk. I stood and walked over to Barb, held my hand out and pulled her to her feet and beckoned Patty to get up and follow.

Leading them up the stairs and into my room, I then sat on the edge of the bed and patted my lap.

"Drop your jeans and panties and come here"

She did without comment but with a sort of dour expression. When she got within arms length I grabbed her and draped her face-down over my lap, and before she had a chance to react slapped her hard on the ass.

She began to struggle reflexively and violently.

"OW!!! What the F ... stop that, you asshole, motherfu ... YOW!"

"Hold her arms, Patty!"

Patty did so, quickly and without question ... no doubt that she felt what was happening was in context and suitable.

I continued to spank her buttocks hard, waiting 3 seconds between slaps so that each made its own impression on her pain/pleasure center.

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