The Lotto
Chapter 5: Patty and Sandi rape me

Copyright© 2009 by pj

Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 5: Patty and Sandi rape me - YALS: Yet another lotto winner story. Jake put off his mid-life crisis till his fifties. He was too busy until he sold his company and then won the Lotto. Now he was older and smarter, he intended to get maximum return on his windfall. And that included the women he met. First of Jake's saga now concluded.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Harem   First   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Slow  

I was surprised to hear from Patty Monday morning, asking to come over that evening.

When she walked in that evening, she had Sandi with her.

They each grabbed a hand and ran me up the stairs to the bedroom.

While one was kissing me and rubbing on me, the other was undressing me and themselves.

Soon we were all naked and Sandi pushed me down on the bed and began sucking my cock while Patty straddled my head and pressed her pussy into my face.

But soon as I got hard, Sandi went to her bag and pulled out a camera and began clicking away.

I was overwhelmed.

"Hey, what's up. Where's Mandy? Are you two sure you can handle me with just the two of you?"

I was joking, of course ... but it was obvious that Sandi had found out Patty was in the right frame of mind.

Another surprise ... Patty went to my cock and after making sure that Sandi was in the right position to shoot pictures, took my cock all the way down her throat, making me close to cumming as I felt her throat swallowing muscles working away.

She knew that and came up after a few seconds, "Sandi told me how." Well, sometimes things cant be taught from only theory.

She hopped up and turned to assume doggy and spread her cheeks, it was obvious she relished the thought of such a slutty display. Sandi clicked away from various angles as Patty spread her vulva and pulled various ways to make her asshole and pussy more viewable, then stuck one of her fingers up her ass.

"Fuck me in the ass, Jake ... please!"

I went to the nightstand and got the K-Y lube and condoms.

{Author's note:

From the narrative, so far, the gentle reader might have gotten the impression that I am hung up on anal sex.

I'm not. In fact I find it much deficient to normal copulation; second to oral sex, which is second to regular old fill her pussy sex. In fact, there's nothing better than to feel you've teased down the woman's cervix, or the end of her sex canal and to bump up against those ... on the other hand, you don't want to think about what you're bumping up against when you're in their bum.

What anal sex is about is pleasing the partner and giving her sensations she might ordinarily just fantasize about. And I have found, even back in the sixties, that every woman wants to try it at least once.

And about half the women I've been with like it enough to ask for it, on occasion that they've covered their inhibitions enough ... like being drunk.

So there! Please bear that in mind, as you read this whole story.}

To Sandi's shock I handed them to her.

"Go on, Sandi, make this fantasy complete."

She got over her shock quickly and gently lubed up Patty's ass while I clicked away, both close-up and wide shots.

'Now help her open up."

Sandi shot me a look. Maybe I was wrong about what she and Mandy might have done for fun while alone.

But she went ahead and began to finger Patty's ass and worked a good amount of the k-y into her ass. Patty was breathing hard, already.

"unnhhh oh. Jake ... I had an enema before I left. Two courses"

"Thanks, sweetie. But I always use a condom here, a rule's a rule."

Sandi now had three fingers up patty's ass. She had been whispering to her and Patty followed orders well.

I rolled a condom on and lubed it, then stepped up and handed Sandi the camera.

I posed with the tip of my cock nuzzling her rosette while Sandi flashed away at the lubricious scene.

Finally Patty reached back and tried to pull me to her, so I pushed into her ass slowly till the head popped in, paused and pulled back to show her sphincter's hold on my cock.

I pushed it halfway in this time, it was incredibly tight and Patty whined but didn't flinch as I waited again for her ass to adjust to the pressure.

She indicate ready again so I withdrew again and this time, I shoved my cock all the way in...


Now my balls were tickling her labia and she ground her hips to heighten the sensation.

Again I paused. Out and back in, it was sliding easily now. But still incredibly tight.

I turned around to Sandi and nodded so she'd be ready, then pulled all the way out, leaving Patty's asshole gaping for the camera.

I saw, in the flash, that her pussy was almost running with her juices.

I plunged my cock back in her ass before it closed then repeated...

This was evidently pure joy for Patty ... she was now keening ... a weird sounding whine that interspersed with her deep panting.

"Fuck me ... fuck my ass deep and hard."

I held her hips and began slamming into her and I could feel the brush of her fingers against my balls as she worked on her own clit and pussy.

"Get ready to cum, baby I cant hold off"

"Cum in my ass ... Jake!"

All it took, I slammed in and filled the condom with cum, and I was sure she could feel the throbbing of my cock as I emptied into her. It wasn't that I was fucking her ass that got to me, it was her reaction to it!

"Aiiighhhaahhhh" well she was a little later than me, but not by much.

I pulled out of her ass with a faint pop.


I just sat down on the floor. I had cum so hard, my ass hurt.

I must have dozed off, I was lying flat on the carpet and I felt warm and wet. Sandi was there with a warm washcloth. She had already pulled the condom off and was sucking and licking my staff while washing my groin and base of my cock.

I smiled and caressed Sandi's hair, Patty was there standing over us and dressing.

"Oh, Jake that was GREAT!" She got quickly down and kissed me full and deep.

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