The Lotto
Chapter 2

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 2 - YALS: Yet another lotto winner story. Jake put off his mid-life crisis till his fifties. He was too busy until he sold his company and then won the Lotto. Now he was older and smarter, he intended to get maximum return on his windfall. And that included the women he met. First of Jake's saga now concluded.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Harem   First   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Slow  


A few weeks later Mandy called and asked if I were available for lunch and if I would host ... she offered to bring it.

When I opened the door an hour later, I was surprised to see she had another young lady, diminutive, not 5 feet tall and while not homely, not a beauty either ... but shaped nicely in proportion.

"Jake, this is Patty, my classmate"

I welcomed both in and we went to eat in the sunroom.

After a little small talk about Patty and Mandy's friendship and interest in science, Mandy wasted no time getting to the point.

"Patty's a lot like me, too horny for her own good." She said it with a twinkle in her eyes, and Patty blushed.

Between Patty's general explanation and Mandy's insistence on fleshing out the details, it came out that Patty's boyfriend of 3 years was pretty conservative and didn't have much imagination in bed.

"How long have you been having sex ... and who initiated it first?"

"Well, almost two years and Ed wanted to do it after we dated for two months but I held him off for a long time."

"And ... instead of... ?"

Patty blushed again.

"Well I sorta helped him out. With my hand, at first ... then..."

"Ah yes, the blow job. It's not sex, after all. According to some celebrities, anyway"

I said it with a wry grin, but it pointed out what I thought was a huge hypocrisy.

"And what did he do for you?"

"Umm ... he umm, convinced me to let him do the same for me."

"Was that good?"

"oh yes. I felt uncomfortable about it, at first but it was great"

"So, Ed was good at it?"

"Well ... not really, but I didn't know any better. It felt wonderful just to have him lick and suck me there."

"I see. But now you're having full sex and I assume he has gotten better at it."

'Well, ummm, no ... he never did. In fact he doesn't do that anymore."

"Really! But, if you'll allow me, he still wants you to suck him!"

"He did, for a while but then he sort of seemed to lose interest."

"Do you have any idea why?"

"I think it's because he doesn't want to lick me"

"What about the rest of it..."

She shifted around in her chair, uncomfortably

"It's okay ... but..."

She looked at Mandy, pleading with her eyes.

"He likes it often and fast!" Mandy exclaimed with a grimace, which caused Patty to blush again. I felt sorry for her because it couldn't be easy to complain about your sex life to a stranger.

It may have been the wrong approach but I thought it would be better to just get past the tough part.

"How does that make you feel?"

"I'm sorry, what do you mean?"

"I mean, given what's been said about your sex life, how does that make you feel?"

She blushed again.

"Well ... I've heard a nasty term..."

I stay quiet and surely almost a minute of silence passed...

"I ... ummm ... I feel like a ... ugh ... Whore!" She started crying. "I feel like a fucking CUMBUCKET and I don't even like having sex with him anymore"

"I'm sorry." I leaned forward to her. "Why not just break it off?"

She started crying again.

"I love him!" She sobbed.

"But you arent even married yet, and you are already having marital problems"

"I don't know ... I don't think he does that on purpose"

"Shouldn't you try counseling?"

"He doesn't want to talk about it. He doesn't think there's anything wrong."

"Hmmm ... a missionary!"

"Sorry, I don't understand ... he isn't very religious"

"He doesn't have to be religious. Some missionaries were studs on wheels, I'm sure. The point is that he has very stunted views of sex."

"I see. I think he thinks I'm 'dirty' down there."

"Probably it, I guess I wouldn't even have to ask about anal play."

She blushed yet again ... this girl's capillary constrictors sure did get a workout.

Well, she was in denial. There was no doubt in my mind that this couple would never make it to the altar. In fact I hoped, for her sake, they never would because things would get a lot worse after the routine of marriage was established.

But I still wasn't sure why I was being brought into it.

I looked toward Mandy, and she answered indirectly.

"I don't think you need me around anymore, I'm going for a swim!"

I could tell Patty was a little relieved, but still uncomfortable. She'd no doubt discussed this with Mandy in much more detail and might do the same with me, but didn't like talking about it in mixed company.

I like to have fun and sometimes it may seem to be a little weird but I had an idea on how to break the ice.

I took her into the tv room and sat her on a couch.

Then I began to take off my clothes. Naturally, she was startled.

"You want me to... " she exclaimed with a little bit of alarm in her tone.

"No, I want you to stay fully dressed. Does my being naked bother you?"

"Umm ... y, well ... no ... but what..."

"I thought you would feel more at ease if I looked as vulnerable in my own way, as you are in talking about your situation; you have your shortcomings ... I have mine." I looked down at Little Willie.

She actually laughed for the first time since she had come in the door.

"You have no problem that I can see, Jake." She now seemed more at ease and I was glad I hadn't misjudged, this would make everything else much easier.

I sat across from her, one leg cocked to the side so my flaccid penis was in her full view but acted, as if I were fully dressed. In a few minutes I could tell she was totally at ease while darting a glance now and then to my crotch area.

"Does Ed walk around nude much?"

"Oh, no ... he never does..."

"I see."

We talked a little more about her relationships. I asked if she'd ever been with anyone else.

"Oh, no. Ed is my first and only..."

"I'm afraid I still don't understand why you came to me. I have a friend, Brad, and he is..."

"Oh, Mandy introduced us. In fact, the three of us went to lunch last week."

I just raised an eyebrow.

"He's too ... uh ... just too..."

"Too much a hunk?"

She laughed.

"Actually yes. I wouldn't feel right talking about this with a guy like that."

Well, that explained why they came to me. She didn t want to get involved for the wrong reason, she was afraid of being hurt.

"What do you expect from me, then?"

"I thought ... Mandy thought, well, we agree that you could probably teach me..."

I'm silent.

'She says you're a very good lover."

More silence

"And that you know a lot about how to make a girl feel good ... and appreciated."

"Well, you do know that I like Mandy a lot ... and I think she feels the same about me, but we aren't IN a relationship."

"Oh, I know that! Her boyfriend doesn't know about you but I understand that ... she says he's a lot like Ed. That's why I agreed that it would help to talk to you"

Boyfriend! That's the first I'd heard of that. Hmmm.

"Do you know Sandi, Mandy's mom?"

"Oh yes. She says she's the one who introduced you two..."

Hmm ... again! Mandy was NOT being exactly forthright with this girl. But, on the other hand, maybe Patty was only being told what she needed to know.



"What if I asked you to take off your clothes now?"

"Right here?"

I went to the closet and got a dressing gown. (Yes, all my closets have at least two in them)

"You can use that bathroom, I'll be back in a minute"

I walked out to the pool, nude.

"What's the story?" I let my expression show I was annoyed with her.

"I'm sorry ... I know you like your privacy and don't want to go overboard but Patty is so needy, you might have refused to even meet her if I explained beforehand."

"And your boyfriend? Why doesn't she know about your mom and me?"

"The boyfriend, because I wanted her to think I understood." She looked a little sheepish. "I date once every couple weeks but there's no 'boyfriend'. And there's no reason for her to know about Mom. What good would that do? She knows that you and I fuck, that's enough."

I laughed.

"Right answers! You're one smart girl! What should I do now?"

"Just take it slow ... she expects you to 'seduce' her. Just don't go too fast."

I winked and walked back in.

Patty was thumbing nervously through a TV Guide when I got to the TV room.

I held out my hand and she took it as we walked to my bedroom.

I reclined on the bed, leaving her standing


"Yes ... I'm shaking! I've never..."

I held up my hand. 'Do you undress in front of Ed?"

"Well ... er ... yes ... I love being naked, but..." She didn't finish it.

"You're not sure about me."


"I'm afraid there's no other way than to just get naked, dear. You're a big girl."

She blushed again a little but undid the tie on her robe and simply dropped it.

She was very nicely built, and proportioned. Her breasts were small, a large A-Cup maybe but almost perfect and her nipples were already standing proud.

I moved over onto the other side of the bed and patted the nearest side to her.

She moved to get next to me.

"No, lie back with your head to the footboard" I tossed her a pillow.

"Now, run your hands over your body, the way you do if you're alone"

She looked at me as if I were a little nuts but did as told, though self-consciously

"I want you to feel fully comfortable around me ... keep no sexual secrets, remember I have nothing invested in you and you nothing in me. I am going to be your friend and confidant, that's all."

She looked a little confused.

"I'll be your lover, of course. But, as far as your sexuality, I don't care if you like to pee on your pillow " I gave a theatrical stern look. "Just not on mine, please."

She finally laughed again.

But her hands were still touching herself. And she moved her left down to her mons, which had a full bush, trimmed only to a conservative bikini trim and medium short.

"Nice pussy trim, I like it!'

She didn't answer, but the coarse comment seemed to affect her a little, she began to rub her clit.

"What do you call that, Patty?"

"That's my pritty clitty!" She didn't even open her eyes or hesitate in her answer. Her knees were still just slightly apart.

"Is that exactly how you do it when you're alone?"


"Pretend you are alone and do it exactly like that"

She widened her legs to a full knees-up split position and began running her middle finger down her groove into her tiny opening. After a few strokes, she used both middle and index. A few more, she began to hump herself up.

She started to moan and whimper a little.

Now she had obviously forgotten about me and was in her own little world of pleasure, and her body was reacting extraordinarily. Her bush was quickly glistening, and soon her juices were flowing down her crack and onto the sheet.

After several minutes and when I was pretty sure she was close, I spoke.

"Open your eyes and look at me when you cum"

She did and saw that I was slowly stroking my hard cock. I was trying to pace myself. In turn, she went faster her breathing was ragged, almost a snort.

She humped up high and I stroked fast. She came with a muted scream and I with a grunt as the cum spurted up and onto my belly. She seemed to be more turned on and really dug in.

Her hips were a foot off the bed for seconds until she collapsed, seemingly exhausted.

After a few minutes, she opened her eyes again and smiled.

'Thanks, that was nice ... I didn't expect that ... and I'm sorry I ruined your clean sheets"

"I'm glad you liked it, Patty, and they aren't ruined. I'm going to sleep on that spot tonight."

Her eyes widened! I pointed to the cum on my belly.

"Would you like to play in this?"

"Would you like me to... ?"

"I don't care ... I was wondering if you ever had."

She smiled wanly. "Ed always cums in a napkin or hanky or a rubber. I've never touched it, except by accident."

She leaned toward me and began to trace through it with her finger, then the whole hand, smearing it around my belly and finally sliming it back over my wilting cock. She was watching my face all the time and I, in turn, watching hers.

"This is fun!"

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