A Sticky Situation With My Sister

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My older sister catches five of us boys doing what five boys do and things got really sticky soon after.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

There are five of us who hang out together. We're all thirteen, there's me, Steve, then there's Randy, Chris, Curtis and Jerry. We usually end up at my house as both my parents work the second shift and we play ball together or do some video games, you know, just guy stuff.

So, the day this happened, it is drizzling with light rain, and I decide we'll plug in a movie. I turn on the TV and the tape player and reject the tape that was already in it and out comes, "Your Guide to Better Sex."

"Oh, shit, guys, look at this, a sex tape. Ew, hoo, guess what we're gonna watch," and I shove it back in and hit, 'Play.'

"God, they're fucking, look, look. He's up behind her fucking her."

"What tits, wow."

"Geez, he's really pumping it to her."

"They show a real couple doing it. Incredible,"

"Look, look, her pussy, you can see her pussy. And his dick is huge. I hope mine gets that big."

"Geez, look at the boner Curtis has."

"Gettin' to ya, Curtis? Pussy makes you get hard?"

"Oh, I could cum to this, for sure."

"I say we all jack-off. This is prime. I bet I can cum faster than any of you," challenged Jerry.

So, the five of us soon have our pants down around our ankles and our briefs pulled down and are busily stoking ourselves as we watch the man now down between the woman's legs eating her out.

"He's eating her good, look at her jumping all around. She's holding his head down on her pussy. Wow."

"What are you guys doing?"

My sister. My sixteen-year old sister, Erin. Shit. Damn. She's standing there in the doorway pointing at us and laughing like mad.

"You're all beating off to what, what is it, Steve, what are you watching?"

"Damn, sis, go away. It's some sex tape of Mom and Dad's. Now, leave us alone. Please."

"You guy's are so lame. You need something better to watch than that. If you wanna watch something really good, watch this," and she sits down in a chair, reaches up under her skirt and pulls down her panties, kicking them off to the side, spreads her legs and begins to rub her pussy.

Then, she runs a finger up inside her, I couldn't believe it, my sister, sitting here in front of me and four of my friends finger-fucking herself for us.

"Is this better than what you were watching?"

"Oh, way better," says Randy.

"You are the hottest, Erin, the hottest," adds Jerry.

"Well, if you're gonna watch me, you have to quit trying to hide what you were doing. Just take your hands away from covering your dicks and let me see, okay? Now, who wants to taste my pussy?"

I've known my sister all my life and I've never seen her do anything like this. Just incredible. But, I'm getting to see a real, live pussy, even if it is my sister's.

Chris kneels down first as she lays back in the chair and puts her feet up over the arms.

Each guy takes his turn licking my sister's pussy as I sit there watching.

"Mmm, oh, you guys are good for something. This feels fantastic."

As Randy gets up, he is the last one, Erin asks, "Well, Steve, how about you, little brother?"

Me. Her brother. Licking her pussy. Well, shit, why not, it's a pussy after all and I get up and crouch down between her legs and begin licking up and down her pussy slit.

Her pussy is bare, I guess she must shave it, I'm sure she would have hair around it by now, she is sixteen, I'm thirteen and I've got hair around my dick. And, I'm loving eating her out, she doesn't have much taste, maybe it's because the other guys have done her first, I don't know, all I know is that I want to do this again, especially when it's just the two of us. I want to fuck my sister.

After a few minutes, I figure I should quit licking her and she says, "Come on, guys, the least you five can do is get me off," and she pulls off her skirt, unbuttons her blouse and removes her bra.

Now, I haven't seen my sister naked since she was maybe eight or nine. What a change. She has beautiful boobs, nice, round, plump, topped off with pretty, pink nipples, she is beautiful.

She sits back down in the chair, hoists her legs up over the arms widening her crotch out for us and says, "Let's see just what five thirteen-year olds can do for a girl. Come and get me, but no fucking, no dicks in me, okay?"

No sooner has she said that than my four friends are all over her, Jerry between her legs, Chris up feeling and sucking her right breast, Randy doing her left boob, Curtis just feeling her wherever he can.

I sit and watch, slowly stroking my dick.

"Ew, ew, oh, lick me, right there, oh, yes. Ohh, ohh."

They are all over her licking, sucking, doing everything but fucking her.

"OH, OH, UUHH, UUHH, UUHH, UUHH, UUHH, uuhh, uuhh, uh, uh, oh, wow, oh, guys, oh, you really did me, oh, you really did. Oh, just keep on, don't stop. Oh, my pussy feels so good, oh, and my boobs."

In a few minutes, Erin says, "Oh, guys you were so good, thank you, oh, wow, I've got an idea for you. Here, let me get up."

My friends get up and Erin stands up and gives each one a hug and kiss, then says, "There's something you guys could do that I've wanted for a long time. Could you all get around me and jack-off on me? First one to cum, gets a blowjob."

I'll bet you think all my friends decline, right? They're thirteen, remember? So, Erin lays down on the floor and the five of us crowd around her, dicks in hand and begin masturbating. So, does Erin. She has her legs spread and two fingers rubbing in and out of her as we flail away.

As you can imagine with a room full of thirteen-year old boys masturbating while standing over a naked sixteen-year old girl, it doesn't take long. Chris is the first to cum and the one to claim the prize of his first blowjob. The rest of us follow suit but without the prize.

Erin is laying there covered with cum, laughing and rubbing it all over herself.

"Oh, I got a cum bath. My first. You guys sure spray it out. Look at me, I'm covered. And I owe Chris a blowjob, here, help me up."

She sits down and motions for Chris to come over and she takes hold of his pecker and begins licking all around the top end. She reaches out with her other hand, takes his hand and brings it to her breast so he can feel her boob.

Soon, Erin is sucking his entire cock in her mouth and he's got his head thrown back and his hips arched toward her as he moans softly. I look around and the other three guys are watching intently, each one, I'm sure, wishing it was him that Erin is sucking off.

"Omigod, that feels so good. Oh, wow, oh, Erin, you're gonna make me cum. Oh, yeah. Oh, I'm in heaven. It's so good ... UUH, UUH, UUH, UUH, UUH, uuh, uuh, uuh, oh, wow, oh, man, oh, that was the best. Oh, man was that good. Oh, Erin, you are supreme."

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