Fall Semester

by Bondi Beach

Copyright© 2009 by Bondi Beach

Erotica Sex Story: Coach James worked us so hard I thought I’d die. But I didn’t, and I learned some good things, too, about conditioning and about Dan and his mom, and a little more about my mom and dad. I picked out these bits from my diary to give you a little flavor of that time. [Author’s note: Please check the codes before you read.]

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Oral Sex   Petting   .

I'm writing this down as best I remember it, but I figured instead of hearing about every single day, you'd rather I just hit the highlights. Fall was hard, in lots of ways, but some important stuff happened. I'll do my best to tell you about it.


I'd thought the tryouts were tough, but they were nothing compared to our actual all-squad exercises, which started as soon as tryouts were over, a week or so before school started. Conditioning, stretches. Who the hell knew that cheerleaders had to run laps?

There's really two parts to cheerleading. One is cheerleading at games, of course, football followed by basketball, even if there's a little overlap. After that, sometime around March or so, there's the competition season, not everybody knows that. Squads compete against each other at all levels, District, Region, and finally State. Our school had only gotten to State once in the last ten years, and Coach James was bound and determined that we'd get there again. She had her own conditioning program to do it, too.

You would have thought we were the fucking football team. Laps, situps, pullups, ground stretches, you name it. On top of that, new dance routines, lifts, cartwheels and all that other stuff you panty-loving creeps like to watch. By the way, I don't just mean dads, although they were the biggest group, maybe. The guys, and not a few moms, too, were keeping a close eye on us. Never mind that there wasn't really anything to see except our bloomers, and they were supposed to be seen. It's the love of the chase, I guess.

Carla was one of our two flyers. You do know what a flyer is, right? They're the girls the rest of the squad is tossing high in the air and catching them on the way down. For obvious reasons, flyers are small. I was a base, at least when I wasn't doing cartwheels and handsprings. God, I loved how they stretched me and pulled me and warmed me and, well, how they made me horny as hell.

Base is mostly strength and coordination and usually nothing much happens. You catch the flyer and bounce her out onto her feet. Trouble is, sometimes the flyer doesn't land quite the right way. She's fine, but the poor base girl she hits can end up with a twisted ankle, or worse. I ought to know. I'll tell you about that later, maybe.

Fooling around at Dan's pool

Sunny afternoons in the fall, early on, warm, mild, trees starting to turn. It wasn't all workouts and stuff. The best part was getting to know Dan a little better. Well, a lot better, in fact. I guess that's the best place to start, so I'll tell you about that first.

Dan was the only other member of our little gang who had a pool, and Tommy and Monica and I were over there as often as we could.

I'm not really sure what Dan's dad did, but he was away from home a lot. Dan didn't have a chance to get away with much, though, because his mom, SJ, was a writer and worked at home. She was older, like all of our moms and dads, maybe 40, almost? I don't know. She was pretty hot, too. I guess all that yoga and running kept her in good shape.

I liked watching her, but then you've probably guessed by now that I like watching everybody and figuring out what they're thinking and doing, and if you haven't yet realized that I'm horny pretty much all the time, you really haven't been listening to me.

Maybe I was watching her a lot, but SJ kept a pretty close eye on us, too. After a few visits there, I even started to wonder a little bit about Dan and his mom. I asked Dan once why she was called SJ, but he told me he didn't know. Their last name was Jones, so I guess that was part of it. Weird, huh? Like who spends time wondering about names, anyway?

"Did you see Dan just now?"

Tommy and I were sunning over by the shallow end of the pool that afternoon. I had my bikini on. Well, I thought it was a bikini. It really wasn't that skimpy, though. Mom wouldn't let me get the one I really wanted.


"Did you see where her hand was?"

Tommy looked at me. Kissed me. Smiled.

"No. Where?"

"On his butt."

"You're kidding, right?"

"Uh uh."

What I'd seen was Dan and his mom walking toward the house, SJ in t-shirt and shorts, Dan in his Speedo. Arms around each other, nothing special. When they were almost to the patio door, though, I saw her drop her hand from his waist to his bottom. Not sure, but it looked like she squeezed him, too. He didn't seem to mind.


"Turned you on, didn't it?"

Was he kidding? Shit, I squished when I moved. Jumped up. Gave Tommy what I hoped was a smouldering look. Probably I looked like my stomach hurt, but he understood anyway.

"I'm going back in the water."

Hopped over to the deep end and dove in. Tommy right behind me. Too hard to kiss while treading mater, so I tugged him in the direction of the shallow end.

Ah. Feet on the bottom. Well, for a moment, anyway. I grabbed on to Tommy and swung my legs up and around his butt, his cock stiff now and pressing against me right where I thought it could do the most good. Tommy's hands on my bottom told me he thought so, too.

The splash behind me told me we weren't alone. The smooth chocolate arms around me and the hands holding my breasts told me that Dan was with us.

Another splash. What the hell?

SJ? Couldn't be.

Then I forgot about her. These boys knew what I wanted. Dan's hands from behind on my boobs and Tommy's cock in front pressed against my pussy were just what I needed.

Kissing Tommy, turning to kiss Dan behind me, now his thumbs rolling my nipples, lips moving from mine to my cheek, my neck. I felt Dan's hands move to my hips and his cock move against my butt.

Was SJ there? If she was, what the heck was she doing? Who cared? Closed my eyes, enjoyed the feel of Dan grinding against me, his hands still cupping my breasts, his lips never leaving my neck, one side then the other.

Tommy moved back a little and I felt abandoned and more than a little ticked to lose my status as sandwich filling, until I realized he must be occupied. Opened my eyes. Another pair of brown arms was around his chest, one hand moving south. I couldn't see for sure, but it looked like she was holding his cock. The hand seemed to be moving and Dan was smiling.

Fingers replaced the cock against my butt, moved my bikini bottoms aside, and something stiff and warm was at my entrance for a moment before it filled me.



"Just keep doing what you're doing."


He pressed harder, holding my hips, sliding, pushing, filling, faster and faster.

"Hard, Dan!"


Almost but not quite too distracted to see what was going on with Tommy, face to face now with SJ, her legs wrapped around Tommy's butt as she was grinding herself against him. Tommy didn't complain, no way. He probably had his tongue halfway down her throat as he cupped her bottom in his hands.

It was a tossup who would come first. Cries and yelps, mine, theirs, ours, who knew, until Tommy froze against SJ, his butt cheeks clenching under his Speedo, filling his front with cum. Only a second or two later and I felt Dan swell, or thought I did, and he was filling me.

It left me hanging, yeah, but I sure wasn't going to be satisfied with that. As soon as I felt Dan leave me I turned around in his arms, kissed him, and tugged him over to the steps out of the pool. In a second I was lying on the grass, my bottoms stripped off, legs, apart. Smiled at Dan. Crooked my finger at him.

"Come here, big guy."

I'd always wanted to use that line.

Dan smiled, and in a moment he was between my legs lapping away, circling my nubbin, pressing just in the right places. I was probably a little drippy from earlier, but I like a guy who isn't afraid of a little cum.

Lips, tongue, even a nip or two, first one, then two, fingers inside pulling back against my G spot, oh yes, and I was well on the way. The kind of ride where I just let myself go and enjoy what comes. Eyes closed, Dan between my legs taking up my whole world, when I felt someone touch my arm.


Opened my eyes, turned to the side to find SJ beside me, on her back, nude now, her legs splayed and Tommy going to town between them. I knew how good he was with his fingers and tongue. I'd trained him, after all, with Monica's help. To judge by SJ's moans and yelps and growls, she liked what he was doing.

I smiled at her and closed my eyes again and went over the edge. Dreamy time, yummy and creamy again and delicious.

Dan knee-walking up to sit on my boobs, offering his cock. I took him in, gave him a slurp or two, and he withdrew to stroke once, twice, a third time, and sprayed my face.

Yes, I close my eyes when the guy comes on my face. All those porn films you've seen where she keeps her eyes open? Uh uh. It only takes one time when you get his stuff in your eye, and you learn how much it stings.

Hot, naked, sweaty ... and hurt

Hot, naked and sweaty--could there be anything better in this world? Well, someone to be hot, naked and sweaty with, I guess.

Turned my head to the side and it was my lucky day. Monica right beside me.

I inched a little closer to her and stretched. We kissed. Wait. No warm wet lips. Dry and smooth. Huh? I opened my eyes to find myself holding my pillow as tight as I could, my lips buried in the middle of it.

The hot and sweaty part was right yesterday, that's for sure. Two miles in the afternoon, sun still hot enough in mid-October and we were sprawled on the grass at the end of the field, just beyond the goalposts.

The good news is that Coach James's strategy of running us into the ground every afternoon seemed to be paying off. We weren't just getting good at our routines, we were barely breathing hard now at the end of a set.

And then Coach James decided we should run through one of our routines, just once. Crap. Once is all it took.

It hurt so bad, I couldn't believe it. The trainer, Miss Goldman, told me it would, but she said it wasn't broken. She looked up as she taped me.

"Two inches more, Lisa, and we'd be in the emergency room with you getting a cast instead of a little tape."

She tightened the last bit, ran her hand up my calf.

"How's that?"

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