The Secret of How to Get Along With Authority Figures

by Carlos LaRosa

Copyright© 2009 by Carlos LaRosa

Drama Story: A student runs afoul of his high school principal.

Tags: Mult   Heterosexual   Violent  

Have you ever had someone lose their temper and lash out at you with an open hand? I have, and it was damned painful when he did it. The he in question was Mr. Ronald Poindexter. He was the principal at the high school I was then attending. His slapping me was highly illegal. I could have had his job if I'd reported him to the school board. I could have sued him for everything he had, if I'd been so inclined. I didn't report him though, and didn't file suit against him either. Valerie Poindexter, his daughter, was one of my girls, my sometimes lover, the girl I'd just learned was supposedly carrying my unborn child.

Not an ideal way to find out you were soon to become a father. When my name had been called over the PA system, and I'd been ordered to report to the principal's office, my fourth period Civics class had shared a good laugh at my expense. I hadn't been worried though, because I hadn't done anything to get me into any trouble. At least, this was what I believed at the time. I didn't know that Val was pregnant. She hadn't bothered to share this information with me before going to her parents with the unwelcome news of her impending motherhood.

I could taste the blood in my mouth, the result of the inside of my bottom lip being forced onto my lower right canine tooth. It took all my self discipline to keep from putting my fingers on my face to check out the damage of the blow.

"I hope you still think hitting me was worth it when I get done pressing criminal assault charges against you Mr. Poindexter. Not to mention how much it's going to cost you after our lawyer gets done suing your dumb ass for doing this to me. For whatever it might be worth to you, I'm not the only boy that Val has had sex with in the last two months. I know of at least four others. Are you planning to haul all of them into your office and start slapping them around as well?"

"That's despicable of you to say something so obviously false about her, you little cretin. To my certain knowledge, you're the only boy she's ever gone out on a date with. Given that, how can you make up such an obvious lie?"

I looked at the man with what I hoped was a full measure of the contempt for him that I was feeling. How could the man be so out of touch with what his daughter had been getting up to? Val and I had been regulars at all the Friday night Varsity Club parties for the past six or seven months. Right from the beginning of the time we had first started going out together. I might have been the first boy she ever went out on a real date with, but I certainly wasn't the first boy she'd ever had sex with, not by a long ways.

"Did Val tell you that I'm the one who made her pregnant?"

"She didn't have to. Who else could it have been?"

"You need to ask her that question. It isn't my place to be telling you any more than I already have. I can see where you were upset by her news, but it piss's me off that you jumped to conclusions and lashed out at me without first being sure that I was the only candidate who could be her baby's daddy. It could be just about anyone who's a member of the Varsity Club. We all share the girls who come to our parties. Before you tee off on me again, I want you to know it wasn't my idea to take her to those parties. She has been showing up at them herself, for at least the past year that I know about."

That earned me a back hand to the side of my head that had enough force behind it to put me on my back. The noise I made when he hit me brought Miss Kelley, Mr. Andros, and Mrs. Anderson into his office. All three of them were making noises, loudly wanting to know what Mr. Poindexter thought he was doing. Miss Kelley knelt down and inspected my head and face closely. Turning to face Mr. Poindexter, she started screaming at him.

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