Jane and Mattie

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2009 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Jane is in charge of everything, including Mattie, until she submits to the young guys who do the lawn care.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Reluctant   MaleDom   Interracial   .

She looked into her drawer, the one that had her panties all neatly folded, and was finally sure. Jane shook her head in partial disbelief, and decided that she'd better go look in the bathroom. There her new formed thoughts were confirmed. In the bathroom hamper were some pairs of panties that she was sure that she had not worn this week.

"Son of a gun!" she said, expressing both her surprise and, unaccountably, her barely suppressed amusement.

"He's wearing my panties! Son of a gun!" she said once again, and decided to go downstairs to make a cup of tea and think about this.

As she sat in the kitchen having her tea, she began to think about their life, their life style and her wondering for a long period of time about why it seemed to be going wrong. She knew, after all, that the intense physical connection had been loosening between them, and she was, had been hard pressed to understand that.

"Now it's coming clear," she said now with a smile. "The sly dog," she continued, "I bet he's doing it almost every day."

Then she thought just a little more and realized that, when he came home from work every day, he made it a point to go to the bathroom for a shower. He'd said that it relaxed him, and she'd always taken that at face value. Now she knew what was happening.

Then her thoughts shifted, and she began to think about what she could do, or wanted to do. She realized that this is where the smile came into it. She actually thought that she could see her way through the dilemma. She knew that she'd have to think about it again but at least she had the outline of a plan in mind.

"This might just work and be fun," she giggled to herself.

Then she had a more sobering thought:

"It certainly puts a different light on this morning."

She realized that this thought gave her a huge amount of relief. She'd been bothered by the morning all day long. Now, maybe, just maybe it could be put into perspective She'd stayed home from work that day. She was caught up and not really needed at the office but it was also the day that the yard guys came to do the yard and she wanted to be there and get them taken care of.

She liked Anthony and Jemel the yard guys. She liked their casual style. She discovered that she even liked the way they wore their pants almost around their knees with such rakish nonchalance.

Over the time period that they'd been coming around, she'd become more and more friendly with them, especially with Anthony. There were times, when she felt guilty about her fantasies that frequently involved doing dirty things with Anthony. But at such times, she'd assuage her conscience with the thought that she was flirting innocently, and Matt was so into ignoring her these days.

She'd been in an outrageous mood that morning, and had spent some time joking and trading comments with the two guys before they began the yard work. When they were ready to work, Jemel told Anthony to cleanup around the house and he'd begin with the back stuff.

Jane knew that Anthony was working just out on the patio. Smiling to herself, she made sure that the gamily room curtains were partially open, and that Anthony could see inside.

She went downstair, once she was sure that he was there on the patio, and in the exercise room that led into the family room, she took her sweat pants off. That left her with a tee shirt on and a pair of purple bikini panties. She was wearing these as she walked across the family room and into the laundry room. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed that Anthony was indeed staring at her. She smiled at the thought of it.

When she came out of the laundry room, Anthony was still staring through the patio doors. She let out a muted kind of shriek and ran back into the laundry room. She came out wearing another pair of sweats and went out the patio door.

"Anthony," she said quietly.

It got his attention and she went over to him.

"I apologize for flashing you like that; I really didn't know you'd be out here. I'm sorry for acting that way.

Anthony grinned at her, and said: "No prob, Mrs. W, you made my day."

"No you're making an old lady blush," she continued her banter with him.

"How's that?" he wanted to know, "Don't see no old ladies around here, just foxy little you."

"Stop that," she giggled, "You're going to embarrass me now."

He grinned at her and said: "Sorry, Mrs. W!"

"No," he said bak to him, "It's I who should apologize; I'll be more careful in the future."

He grinned at her again and said: "Don't be more careful on my account."

She grinned at him as she went back into the house.

Just before she shut the door, he said to her:

"And, Mrs W,"

She turned to him, s she was about to shut the door, saying "Yes?"

"Nice ass! And nice panties!"

This caused her to giggle and she said a brief 'thank you' and disappeared into the house.

She went upstairs after that and had a cup of tea. Tea settled her down a bit. And she needed to think about what had happened. She knew that perhaps she should say more to Anthony so that he didn't start getting the wrong impression but she wasn't totally sure herself that it was the wrong impression.

She went downstairs determined to set it straight somehow, and heard voices on the patio. It was Jemel and Anthony talking:

"I tell you man, she flashed that panty covered booty right in front of me; went parading across the room there like she was on a stage, ass moving, and tits swaying beneath her tee shirt. I tell you man she's hot for me. I'm gonna win that bet!"

"You're gonna win shit," Jemel said, "An accident occurs and you see the lady in her panties and you think that you've got the inside track on her pussy! I'm telling you, man, that you're fuckin' dreaming; you're still no closer to getting into Mrs. W's pants. You're gonna owe me big time!"

"Well, that's a revelation," Jane thought to herself, "The sly little shits."

At the time it was simply too much information for her. She prmosed herself that she'd sit and think about it later.

Now it was later, and she now had the new revelation to deal with about Matt. It was such a complicated day that she was surprised that she felt so calm about all of it.

She smiled about the plan that was forming in her mind, and the thought that accompanied it was a clear and calculated: "But what if it works?"

Her response to that was also clear: "Hell, if it works, things will change around here, and it might just be for the better."

She finished her tea then, and decided that she'd just have to wait on Anthony; the issue with Matt was one that needed to be addressed right away.

He came home at the usual time, and inquired pleasantly about her day. She mentioned that Jemel and Anthony had been there that day. She was even tempted to tell him about flashing Anthony but felt that the news could wait.

She had decided that dealing with Matt was the more important issue.

Matt said, after a few minutes, "Well, love, I'm going up for a shower."

"It's time," Jane said to herself. So, she launched into it.

"Wait a minute, Matt," she began, "There's something that we need to talk about."

He looked interested, then just a bit concerned but settled down quietly to hear what she had to say.

Not giving herself any further leeway for putting it off, she said to him quietly but firmly:

"Matt, I want you to stand up and take your pants down."

"What?" he asked in what looked like shock but was definitely tinged with panic. "Why?"

Then Jane plunged ahead; her next words were spoken in a voice that she rarely used but that always brought results:

"Matt, do as I said!"

He never argued with that tone of voice.

(She added that to her increasing pile of information about the situation and her plans for it.) Matt stood up and unbuckled his belt. He hesitated and asked:

"Are you sure?"

She came back at him with a furious: "Matthew! Do it!"

He paled, when she said that; paled at both what he said and at her tone of voice. Then he continued unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his pants. With a face as red as a fire hydrant, he unzipped his pants and let them fall to his ankles.

He was wearing a pair of her pink, nylon panties.

"How long has this been going on?" she demanded to know.

She was now using the tone of voice all the time, and Matt wasn't even trying to get out of the situation. Her tone of voice alone told him that she was in charge there.

He stood with his pants around his ankles and said: "Oh, for about a half a year. I wish that I could explain but I can't; it's just ... just that I ... uh like the feel of them."

"I see," she said quietly. Then she continued: "Go take your shower, then we'll talk about this."

"Jane," he began bus she cut him off:

"Matt, do as I say!"

"Yes, of course," he answered, and went to take the shower.

When he came back, he was wearing a robe and a very chagrined look on his face.

He began the conversation: "Look, Jane, I'm sorry about the way that..."

But she cut him off: "Shut up, Matt, and listen to me."

He was quiet immediately.

(That pleased her, and gave her the impetus to go on.)

"Matt, are you gay?"

"No," he answered quietly with is head down.

"Matt, look at me, when you're speaking."

He raised his head and directed his gaze at her: "Sorry," he said.

"Fine" she continued, "So, you're not gay, then tell me about this kind of behavior."

"I, uh, don't know," he began. Then seemed to be thinking.

"Matt, don't you dare even thinking about lying to me here."

"No, uh, Jane, I won't do that; it's just that I'm so confused lately. You see, I just enjoy the feeling, you know, the feeling of, uh, my, uh, you know pressed against the front of a pair of panties."

She stopped him at that point: "Matt, listen to me; we're adults, we're married, partners, we can use dirty words with each other, now tell me that again."

"Yes, you're right, dear," he said with a kind of decision in his voice; he then tried it all again:

"It's just that I like the feeling of my prick pressing against the panties!"

"I see," she replied, "Does it give you a hard on?"

"Yes," he said quietly, still looking at her, "Almost all the time, all day long."

"It's wonderful," he said with some conviction.

Jane made a decision then: "Matt, come with me."

He said nothing but just did as he was told. Jane was smiling at the way that it was progressing. She led him into their bed room, and over to the bureau. She opened the second drawer, the one with her panties and bras in it, and said to him:


Matt looked at Jane with a startled look on his face and then turned his attention to the drawer full of panties and bras.

But then Jane had a different thought; she stopped him:

"No, Matt, wait a minute; you'll wear what I decide."

"Yes, dear," he said meekly at that, but the look on his face was almost rhapsodic.

Jane selected a pair of shiny yellow, nylon bikini panties for him to put on. She held them out and he took them with a smile on his face. He took the robe off; he was naked beneath the robe. He snugged the panties up his legs, past his thighs and settled the tight garment around his hips and ass.

He looked at Jane with a grateful smile on his face and said quietly: "Thank you, Jane."

"Come, Matt, we'll go back to the living room to finish our talk. You go first, and leave the robe behind this time."

This got another 'yes, dear, ' from the now compliant husband.

They settled back in the living room, and Jane looked at Matt for a few minutes.

"It really excites you, doesn't it?" she asked with a smile.

"Yes, it does," he admitted, knowing that she noticed that his cock was now erect and pressing against the fabric of the panties.

He involuntarily reached his hand down to his prick but she stopped him:

"Don't you dare touch your cock until and unless I tell you that you can."

His hand snapped back up away from the front of the panties that he was wearing in compliance.

"Now tell me the rest," she insisted, "You're not gay but what else is there, and I'm warning you, Matt, don't you dare hold anything back."

"I won't, Jane," he said with a kind of gratefulness in his voice, "I just have to first thank you for the way you're taking this."

"Oh, you don't know exactly how I'm taking this, Matt but I assure you that this will change things; that things will be different; that you won't be sneaking around to wear my panties any more, and ignoring me sexually any more. That much is sure, Matt."

"Yes, Jane," was all that he could muster in reply.

"So, tell me the rest," she prompted.

He did; trying to comply with what she wanted from him.

"It's just that I, uh, sometimes think of, you know, uh, sucking some other guy."

"You mean you fantasize about sucking another guys's cock?"

He shook his head 'yes' at this, and averted his eyes. But she wouldn't allow it.

"Look at me, Matt!"

"Yes, sorry," he said quickly, and then, as if he'd made a decision, he went on: "And I sometimes think about you and the yard guys!"

"How do you mean 'me and the yard guys'," she wanted to know. This was certainly new information for her, and it brought the ghost of a smile to her face.

"You know, I mean the yard guys, uh, fucking you, and you, uh, sucking their cocks." he continued.

"Is that all?" she wanted to know.

"Uh, no," he said quietly.

"I want it all, Matt," she continued, "We can get through this but you need to do as I say."

"Yes, I realize that, Jane," he said, and went on: "And I'd be watching them do things to you."

Jane flushed now with that thought; she remembered that it was only that morning that she flashed Anthony and thought of giving in and 'winning his bet' for him. She remembered how it made her nervous and guilty. This certainly put a new and different light on things.

"You like that thought?" she wanted to know.

"Yes, Jane, I do; I'm sorry!" he hung his head now.

"No, Matt," she said back to him, "Don't be sorry; it's a sexy thought!' He stared at her: "You think so?"

"Oh, I know so," she replied.

"Is there any more that you want to tell me?" she prompted him.

"Well, uh, maybe one more thing," he replied quietly.

She couldn't imagine what else or other kinds of sexual fantasies that he harbored but she wanted to encourage him.

"Matt," she said with a smile, "While you tell me the next thing, you can play with your cock but leave your panties in place."

"Thank you, Jane," he said simply, and then as if to himself or to the air or maybe to her: "This is so exciting."

"I'm glad that you think so, Matt; continue."

When he began to speak again, his hand was rubbing his stiff cock over the softness of the nylon panties that he was wearing. He stoked it up and down.

"Matt, talk to me; don't just play with yourself," she ordered.

"Yes, of course," was his reply. Then with only a few seconds hesitation, he went on: "Jane, it's just that I sometimes think about, you know, uh, fantasize about..."

He stopped there with a red face, and she knew something important was coming.

"Matt, stop playing with yourself and concentrate on what you're saying; I'll let you get back to your cock in a second."

"Yes, of course, Jane," he said, removing his hand from the front of the panties that he was wearing.

"Go on," she said firmly.

"Yes," he stammered but then apparently decided to get it all out: "You see, Jane, it's that at times I just wish, you know, I wish that you were my, uh, mistress! I'm sorry, Jane but thats what I think about."

"Stop saying that you're sorry, Matt," she chided him. "I'm not sorry to hear any of this at all."

"You're not?" he said with obvious relief.

"No," she said, smiling. "This has begun to become clearer to me all day long. I think that I need to take you in hand, and begin to see that you behave properly!"

"Really?" he asked wide eyed.

"Yes, Matt, really but this is the way it will be, and hear me clearly, Matt, because I mean this. If this, you and I, will work any more, it's because you do what I say, when I say it, how I say it. Do you understand that, Matt?"

"Oh, yes, ma'am," he said very politely.

Jane smiled, and said to him: "Hmm, ma'am, I like that, Matt; continue to do that."

"Yes, ma'am, I will," he said.

She thought for just a moment, and said to him: "Now I'm going to tell you something, Matt, and while I do, you may play with yourself. You may take your cock out of the panties and jerk off, while I tell you this. But make sure that all of your cum is either on your body or in your hand. Do you understand, Matt?"

"Yes, ma'am, I do, totally,"

She proceeded to tell him about Jemel and Anthony's 'bet', and about her flashing Anthony wearing only her purple panties that morning. While she talked, Matt, with a rapturous look on his face, was busy jerking off. He came all over his hand and his belly.

"Ohhhhh," he wailed, "That was so exciting; thank you for telling me that."

In answer, she walked over to him and began to scoop up the cum and then bring it to his mouth. He ate all that she presented him with, and she left only a bare film on his stomach.

Then Jane went back to the couch but before she sat down, she hooked her hands in the waist band of her sweats and drew them down and off. She took off her purple panties and sat down, slouched on the couch. She looked at him and said:

"Come here, Matt, and do me; and make sure that you do a good job off it."

He began to walk across the room to her but she held up her hand to stop him:

"No, Matt, I want you to crawl to me, and then get your head, lips and tongue between my thighs."

He did exactly as she told him.

Jane felt supremely satisfied, once Mat crawled to her and obeyed her command to eat her pussy. She smiled down at him, as he gazed up at her.

"Go clean your face, Matt, ' she said, "And I'll fix some dinner."

He gave her an uncertain look then and asked in a quiet voice:

"Jane, may I get dressed?"

"But, love," she said to him smiling a kind of superior smile, "You are dressed, and I like the way you're dressed. So, please give me some time to get used to seeing you in a pair of panties."

"Yes, ma'am," Matt said and went to wash his face, as he'd been directed.

It was during dinner that Jane announced to Matt that after dinner they were going to go shopping at the mall.

"Oh," he said with some interest, "What do you need?"

He was trying to please her as best he could; he realized the new position that he was now in, and also realized how important it was to keep Jane happy.

"Oh, my darling," she replied, "It's not what I need but actually what you need. I mean, those panties of mine are a bit snug, don't you think? I think we should go to the mall and buy our Mattie some new panties."

"Mattie?" he said with a question mark on his face.

"Yes," Jane said decisively, "I like the name; I think that from now on we'll call you 'Mattie' at home. It's kind of the name we'll have for your new feminine persona. Do you like it?"

Matt shook his head 'yes'.

Jane reacted pretty quickly; she said with some vehemence:

"Mattie, don't make me slap you! I've already been forbearing in finding out about your stealing my panties, and all those dirty thoughts that you have. When I talk to you, you'd better be sure to speak right back to me. Do you understand, Mattie?"

"Yes, ma'am," he said quickly, and then added, for good measure: "Mattie certainly understands."

"Good," Jane concluded, "Then you go ahead with the clean up, and I'll just go and get ready for our little outing."

"Yes, ma'am," he said.

She bent to kiss him before she left the room. He took the opportunity to put his arms around her and lean into the kiss.

"Oh, Jane," he said with great conviction, "I do love you so!"

"And I love you," she said with great tenderness, "Do you like our new arrangement?"

"Yes, ma'am, I certainly do," he said, "And I thank you for being so understanding about it."

"I'm glad," she answered him, "Because you do know that if you get out of hand, I will have to discipline you."

"Discipline?" he asked weakly.

"Yes, Mattie, discipline. You do understand don't you?"

"Yes, ma'am," was all that he could muster.

Then Jane walked away to go get ready for the outing. When she turned back to him she grinned at him and said with a wink:

"I can see from the front of your panties that you really do like this new arrangement."

Matt himself grinned at that, and looked down, following her gaze, at his hard cock tented against the front of his yellow panties.

"Now leave that alone, and do the clean up," she ordered, "There will be time for play later."

"Yes, ma'am," he replied and turned to the clean up.

Jane was simply grinning from ear to ear, as she left the room to get dressed.

"What a lovely, lovely turn of events," she said to herself, humming as she went along.

She was amazed that in the course of just one day she was able to make a contact, however tentative, with Anthony, and get her situation with Matt straightened out. It was amazing, and she was looking forward to trying it all out.

Then the thought crossed her mind that if she did 'give in' to Anthony, she'd probably have to do the same for Jemel. She liked that thought even better. And even the thought made her giggle because it wasn't so much 'giving in' as taking them over. She laughed to herself about their 'bet'.

She took a quick shower, and got dressed up for their outing, wearing a short, black pleated skirt over a pair of red panties, with a white sweater and soft white, lacy bra. She felt all polished and sexy.

When she got back to the kitchen, Matt was finishing up the clean up. He turned and grinned as he looked at her:

"You look fabulous, sweetie," he said, coming to her and putting his arms around her.

After a brief hug, she told him to go and get dressed. He hesitated then, and she realized why he was hesitating, and just loved it. He was waiting, she realized for her to tell him what to wear.

"Wear a pair of running pants," she suggested and a tee shirt, "It's warm out, that's all you'll need. And wear the panties that you already have on."

"Yes, thank you, ma'am," he said with appreciation in his voice.

She drove to the mall, and they walked around for just a bit before trying one of the up-scale department stores.

They browsed the lingerie section together. He was blushing furiously all the while they were browsing. She loved it, seeing his discomfort. She was going to enjoy this, was the message that she was giving herself. And she knew it was true.

They finally had their choices of bikini panties in different colors and styles, some with lace, some without.

"Pleased?" she asked him in a whispery voice.

"Ecstatic!' was his whispered answer.

"Good," she said gaily, "Later we can have a fashion show."

"I'll gladly model my new undies for my lady!" he said into her ear.

"Call them panties, Mattie, it's what they are, and we both like the word."

"Yes, ma'am," he promptly replied, "I'll be glad to model my new panties for you later."

Then they went to the checkout counter. There were not very many people in the store, since it was later in the evening. At the counter was an older woman, fairly tall, with her graying hair pulled into a bun at the back of her head. She wore a gray business suit with a tight, short skirt. At the lapels of her suit, she displayed a bit of scarlet lace.

When they got up at the counter, the woman smiled at the two of them.

Jane gushed to the lady immediately: "I love the way you're dressed."

The lady was then wreathed in smiles and thanked Jane effusively for her compliment.

Jane put the panties down on the counter for the woman to process. The woman picked them up and eyed them for just a moment. Then she turned to Jane and said, in her best professional voice:

"Ma'am, I think that you'll find that these panties are going to be too big for you."

Jane smiled right back at her and said clearly: "Oh, no, you're mistaken; they're not for me; they're for Mattie here."

As she said this, she pointed to Matt, standing by her side, who turned a bright crimson color.

"Ah," the woman said then, "I see; well, let's go back here just to make sure that you have what you need."

She gestured for Jane and Matt to follow her into the back of the shop, and took them to small room. They went into the room, and the woman turned to Jane and said:

"Does he follow instructions?"

"Oh, I think that you'll find that Mattie follows instructions very well; don't you, Mattie?"

"Yes, ma'am, I do," Matt said quietly.

"Your husband?" the woman asked.

"Yes, he is," Jane smiled.

And the woman then said to her: "How lucky you are, madam."

"It's Jane, please," Jane said to her.

Then the woman turned to Matt and said to him:

"Okay, Mattie take your clothes off; let's see if this is going to work."

Jane was simply smiling at this turn of events. She was extremely pleased that the woman took over so quickly.

Matt glanced at her briefly, and was mindful of what she'd said earlier about him not giving any trouble. He didn't hesitate any longer but pulled his tee shirt over his head and set it aside.

The two woman were watching Matt undress. They were both enjoying the spectacle. Jane was pleased with Matt's quick reaction. Then she felt the tall woman's hand on her back. The hand slid down her back to her waist, and then kept going down until it was resting on Jane's ass.

This pleased Jane even more. She reached behind her, as Matt was taking his running shoes off, and held the hand ever so slightly. The woman, of course, thought that Jane was correcting her. In fact, Jane held onto the woman's hand with one of her hands, and with the other she raised the hem of her skirt and replaced the woman's hand on her panty covered ass.

The woman grinned at Jane and proceeded to run her hand in circles around and across the lovely swell of Jane's panty covered ass cheeks.

Matt was now stripping off his running pants.

Finally, Matt was down to the yellow panties that Jane had given him to wear.

The woman stepped forward to check Matt out but in the process, she slid her hand from its position on Jane's ass to Jane's front, and before removing the hand, she slid it across and down the plane of Jane's belly to let it rest on the swell of Jane's pubic hair.

Jane sighed, as the hand was taken away. The woman, however, had stepped up to Matt and in the process she was running her hand over the plane of Matt's stomach, and saying:

"Yes, Mattie, these panties are too tight; we have to try some of these new ones. Here put these pink ones on."

She handed the pink, bikini panties to Matt and watched him.

Jane was watching too but was standing a little behind the tall woman. She reached a hand down and began to pull the hem of the woman' skirt up until she had a clear view of the woman's ass, and her light blue panties. Now it was Jane's turn to do the feeling of the woman's ass, as the woman dealt with Matt.

"Lovely," the woman said, indicating how Mattie looked with the pink panties on. "Don't you think?" she asked Jane.

"Yes," Jane said, "Absolutely lovely," and while she was saying it, she was gazing directly at the woman, so that the woman would realize that she was talking about having her ass felt as much as seeing her husband in the new panties.

"Of course," the woman said; then she turned to Matt and said to him: "Now I want you to sit here and just be quiet for a moment."

"Yes, ma'am," he said and sat.

Then the woman turned to Jane and asked her very sweetly if she would please sit on the other chair that was in the room. Jane smiled at the older woman, and sat where she was told.

Matt's eyes became big and wide, as he watched the woman go to Jane and, taking the hem of Jane's skirt, push it up to her waist. Having achieved that goal, the woman lowered her head and kissed her way across Jane's belly, kissing and licking the material of Jane's panties.

Next the woman freed Jane from her panties; these she held out to Matt saying to him:

"Here hold these."

Then her head was back between Jane's thighs and her tongue and mouth were busy eating Jane's pussy.

Matt simply held the panties and looked on.

Jane had been in such a heightened state all day that it didn't take her very long to react to the tongue licking of the lovely, older woman, who continued to busy herself licking the walls of Jane's vagina and nipping at her clit.

Jane's head was thrown back in her ecstasy and she huffed into her orgasm, as the woman clutched Jane's thighs and ass and pulled her body closer into her mouth.

The thought swirled around Jane's head that 'this woman certainly knows how to eat pussy.' She was transported some place into the air, as she clutched the woman's head closer into her crotch with the need of her building orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Jane moaned out loud and long, as she settled back from her crisis.

The woman moved away wiping her face of Jane's fluids, and smiled.

Jane looked over at Mattie, who was staring wide eyed at what had just happened.

Jane said to Mattie, in a soft commanding voice: "Come here and lick me clean."

"Yesssssss," he managed to say in a strangled voice, as he clambered to his knees, and crawled to his position between Jane's thighs.

He used his lips and mouth to clean all of the fluids that had coated Jane's inner thighs and pussy. Finally, he sat back on his heels and was rewarded with a 'Good Boy!' from Jane.

"Thank you, ma'am," he said quietly, waiting for her to tell him next what he was to do.

"Go over and sit," Jane said.

Then Jane went to her knees in front of the tall woman. She ran her hands up the woman's legs and thighs, as she stared into the woman's smiling face. At last she had her face on a level with the blue panties that the tall, older woman wore. Jane leaned her head in and began to lick the woman's pussy hair through the fabric of the panties.

Mattie just groaned, as he saw the latest development. His hand went to his stiff, stiff cock and began to rub it up and down.

Jane, her face moving over the surface of the tall woman's panties, caught the movement that her husband made. She reacted immediately:

"Stop that, Mattie!" she ordered, "You can do that, when we tell you that you can, and not before."

"Yes, ma'am," he said and settled down to watch what was happening.

"So well trained," the tall woman said to Jane, as she put her hand on Jane's head.

"Thank you," Jane said and punctuated the 'thank you' with a kiss to the woman's pussy again, accompanying it with the process of blowing hot air through the shield of the panties, and through the pussy hair to the pussy lips beyond.

The woman was smiling down at Jane, who's eyes never left the tall woman's now.

"Sorry that you're not naked," the tall, older woman said.

"Next time I will be," Jane said, leaning her head back to make the statement.

Then Jane began to tug the woman's panties down but stopped. She moved back just a bit and said to her husband:

"Mattie come here and take her panties off."

"Yes, ma'am," he uttered and was on his hands and knees crawling to the older woman immediately.

"Use your teeth," Jane said.

The woman broke into a huge grin, and Matt just looked at Jane for a few seconds before saying his customary 'Yes, ma'am.' He leaned in and, using his teeth, began the slow process of pulling the woman's blue panties down. It took him a while but finally he had them around her ankles. He grabbed hold of the panties with his teeth as she lifted her feet out of them.

"Good boy," Jane said, "Now go sit down."

He went back to his chair, his cock still positively at attention, to watch what was going to happen.

Jane now had clear access to the tall, older woman's pussy. She licked up and down the pussy hair that covered the woman's vagina, and then, with the woman spreading her legs, she inserted her tongue and mouth into the woman's pussy.

Jane was loud and wet with her tongue, as she ate at the woman's pussy and lapped at the pussy's lips. Her mouth found the button of the woman's clit, buried in the folds of the pussy, and she began to worry the clit with her lips and tongue. She alternated this with sticking her tongue as far into the woman's pussy as possible. As she ate the woman, she held onto the tall, older woman's ass cheeks to give herself purchase.

The woman was now responding to Jane's efforts by rocking her pelvis back and forth in a fucking kind of movement.

In just a few minutes, she made Jane's face wet with her fluids, as she came to her crisis and pumped her hips into Jane's face.

"My god that was lovely!" the woman said.

"I'll be better next time," Jane said with conviction.

"I don't see how you can," the woman said to Jane.

Jane turned and barked at Matt then:

"Mattie come and clean her."

He scuttled over to the woman, who grasped him by the hair, while he licked her pussy area, and inner thighs clean.

Then Jane sent him to his chair again.

Jane stood at that point, and the older woman, with no hesitation, gathered Jane into her arms for a long, hot, opened mouth kiss.

"You are precious," the woman sighed.

"I'm not done with you!" Jane said with conviction.

"I hope not, and my name is Amanda," the tall, older woman said.

"But tell me," Jane continued, "What can Mattie do to say 'thank you' for being so nice to us?"

The tall, older woman grinned and said: "I'd like to watch him jerk off."

Jane giggled, and Mattie just looked on with big eyes, as though it was difficult to take in all the developments that had occurred.

Both women looked at Mattie, as Jane said to him:

"Go ahead now, sweetie, Amanda wants to watch you jerk off. Be sure that you catch the cum in your hand so as not to waste it."

"Yes, ma'am," Mattie said with some eagerness in his voice.

"And don't you dare close your eyes, while you do it. You keep looking at the two of us."

"Yes, ma'am," was Mattie's normal reply.

Both women looked on as Mattie took the stiff cock out of the confining panties and began the process of jerking off. He was red faced with the embarrassment but he did as he'd been told and kept his gaze on the two women, until finally he gave a strangled moan and began to pump white cum out of his cock and into his hand.

Then, still staring at them, he raised the hand to his mouth and licked it clean, swallowing it all down.

Jane stroked his cheek, as he put his cock away saying:

"Good boy, honey, now you get dressed."

Mattie did as he was told and was soon ready to leave.

Before they went back to the shop, where Amanda now had to close up, Jane and Amanda shared one more hug and kiss. They exchanged phone numbers, promising to get together soon.

When they were in the car, Jane turned to Mattie with a smile on her face; she asked:

"What do you think?"

"Oh, Jane," he said, "That's one of the most exciting things that's ever happened to me."

"Well, Mattie, darling," she replied in a sot and sexy voice, "That's just the beginning."

"Oh, I hope so," was his reply.

When they got home, Jane ordered a 'fashion show', and Mattie was in his glory, parading around in his new finery.

They settled down then in front of the fire place. Mattie was still wearing the last of the panties that he had modeled for Jane. Jane still wore her skirt and sweater.

Jane turned to Mattie and planted a kiss on his lips; he responded, and she, breaking the kiss, whispered to him:

"Mattie, I have one more task for you today."

"What is that, mistress?" he wanted to know.

"I want to be fucked; and you're elected to do it."

"Oh, good," he whispered joyfully, "I still get to do those kinds of things with you."

"Oh, Mattie, you'll get to do all sorts of things with me; you just hang on."

It didn't take long for both of them to be ready; the heady sexual changes in their relationship of late made them both horny and eager. Jane told Mattie to simply push her skirt up and lower her panties. He followed her order eagerly and was soon entering her from the rear, as they spooned.

She gave one last order before she let him slide into her:

"While you're fucking me, I want you to keep saying 'thank you, mommie, for letting me fuck you.' Do you understand?"

"Yes, mommie," he said breathlessly.

"Then just do it, Mattie," she wailed at him. "Just do it."

He slid into her pussy easily from their spooned position. He put his face at her neck, kissing her and repeating the mantra over and over again:

"Thank you, mommie, for letting me fuck you."

With their excitement level so elevated, their fucking was quick and noisy. When they had both cum, they separated, and Jane said to him:

"Now, Mattie, get down there and clean me up, and don't miss any."

In compliance, Mattie, scooted downward to position himself over Jane's pussy area. He began by licking her pubic hair clean of cum. Then he pushed his mouth deeper and deeper into her pussy hair to lap up and swallow the cum that he'd spurted there just a few moments before.

It felt wonderful for Jane to have her pussy cleaned up by her new submissive husband. When he was finished, he rolled onto his back, as she was and lay there. He was still excited. His stiff cock was up against his belly with his arousal.

"Well, well," Jane said, putting her hand on his cock and jerking it just a bit, "Look at who's still excited.' She smiled over at him and changed her position, still holding onto his prick.

"Well, Mattie, you've been such a good boy that mommie's got a treat for Mattie.

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