My Cousins, Jayne and Sally, Part 2

by AJ Martin

Copyright┬ę 2009 by AJ Martin

Erotica Sex Story: Continuing the story line of my Cousins Jayne and Sally, I teach them, as promised, how to pee standing up. This story can be read as a stand alone or after the first episode of "My Cousins, Jayne and Sally. There is a lot of back story added and I hope it is a good read for all.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cousins   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Water Sports   .


By now you most likely have read how My Cousins Jayne and Sally, through the misfortune of my Uncle Ralph, wound up living with my family. If you haven't read it, that's Ok. I'll sketch out the details for you. If you have read it, then this is still a good read as I've added some details I hope you will find entertaining.

Living close to my Uncle Ralph, Aunt Rose and Cousins Jayne and Sally, my family and their family were close. I had known them all my life and we saw each other regularly; once or twice a month and always on holidays.

Uncle Ralph was my Father's younger brother so that made the family connection. Aunt Rose was uncle Ralph's high school sweetheart and they married right after he flunked out of college at the end of his sophomore year. I'm pretty sure that he had a big dose of the younger sibling syndrome because he never did as well as my Father, even though they had identical genetics.

My Uncle's family got an earlier start and my cousin Jayne was born about 3 years before I came along. My Dad married his college sweetheart, Kate. Yeah, my mom's name is Katherine. She likes to be called 'Kate' so we do. Yeah that's a little redundant, but hey, 'Sue Me!' Just kidding, Just kidding.

My name is "Georgie," by the way.

Georgie Junior, to be exact. Well, that's the way most people think it is spelled. To be exact, my middle name is Jorge, but it sounds the same. Even though my first name is Alexander, somehow my middle name got latched onto and I've always been known as "Georgie."

Now, readers of my first story, don't get your balls in an uproar thinking that in that epistle, said my dad's name was Steve. There is a funny story behind that. I don't like being called "Alexander" any more than I would like being called "Allie" followed by being tormented by being called, "Alley Cat."

My father felt the same way and up until middle school, liked to be called "AJ." It felt good to him and when he signed his papers and tests, with that, teachers would ask who was "AJ."

Well, teachers being who they are and liked everyone in a tight little box, kept asking, "Why don't you put 'Alex' there?" My dad's smart assed retort was always the same. "I don't like it. Why don't you just call me Steve."

Soon the joke caught on and that's what everyone called him. "Steve!" In high school and college he did the same thing and that's how, when and why my mom got to know him as Steve.

When he started in banking as a financial advisor, wanting to sound as professional as possible, so he had the name plate on his desk and business cards emboldened with, "AJ (Steve) Martin" and he had the best of both worlds.

Well, enough about that. Where was I. let's see. Oh yeah, it was less than a year after college my parents were married, my mom was soon pregnant with me. My Aunt Rose was pregnant too.

I've always wondered what it would have been like to have a male cousin and that almost happened. Someone my own age to play with at family gatherings rather than being beaten up by my older cousin Jayne, a girl whom little boys detest or worse, constant tea parties with my younger cousin Sally. Another of those "Yucky" girls. Little did I know, but let's not digress here.

Unfortunately, "Ralph Junior" was stillborn. He never had a chance at life. I heard my parents talking about it one time.

My Aunt Rose was about to deliver a very healthy baby into the world and just before delivery, the umbilical cord got tightly wrapped around his throat, strangling him. Two minutes meant the difference between life and death. So sad.

For some reason, I've always missed him, even though I never met him. I've visited his grave a few times when the family visited my grandparents graves. I'd get a little teary eyed looking at his grave next to theirs, yearning for someone I never got to play with.

No one ever guessed why my eyes got moist. I never met my grandparents either because they were killed just before I was born.

They had gone into the city to see a play and made the mistake of wanting to take in the nice summer's walk and veered into a seedy part of town.

My grandparents weren't wealthy and never carried anything valuable because they had so little. Sending two kids to college can really strangle the pocketbook.

But that didn't stop the muggers. All they got was their two gold wedding rings and a cheap watch my grandfather was wearing. His wallet only had a couple of dollars in it. The "Haul" could not have netted them more than twenty-five dollars.

I guess the muggers didn't like it and payed them both off by making them kneel facing the wall of the alley they had been forced down and shot them both, execution style, in the back of the head. They were never caught.

Anyway, Ralph Junior's plot is right next to theirs next to theirs as I said. Strange how other people's events get tangled up in your life.

Like I said, having a male cousin would have made things much better. Jayne and I always were tussling together and Sally was most often just a stinky little kid to me. But that all changed just before school let out at the end my junior year in high school.

My Uncle Ralph had never been the same after they lost Ralph Junior. Even though time healed things a little and they tried again producing Sally, Uncle Ralph was never the same. I guess he wanted that son. He must have I mourned his "Son" the same way I mourned for not having a male cousin to play with. I know that is different, but mourning is morning, so in my mind it is still the same.

The beginning of that fateful summer the entire country was in a turmoil. First a recession started, the oil embargo didn't help. Lines queued up at the gas pumps. Odd and even days to get gas and all that crap.

Well, as the recession heated up, people started losing jobs and unemployment lines got longer than the gas lines. My Uncle wound up on them when his company fell from the pressure.

My Uncle, who always got tipsy, drinking too much beer at family gatherings, changed to hard liquor. He became a bar fly and driving home drunk after stopping for a couple of shots one evening, ran a red light, totaling his car by crashing his car into an unfortunate station wagon, just there at the wrong time.

The station wagon was carrying a young mother and her infant son.

His conviction on two counts of Vehicular Manslaughter because of a .18 blood alcohol and a sentence of 25 years in prison, with hard labor tacked on and without a chance of parole, left my Aunt Rose in a terrible situation. Lawyer's fees took the family's meager savings and having nothing but a waitress job at the local Ground Round, she just couldn't keep it together.

She lost their house and most of their possessions when the bank foreclosed and also seized her car to pay off the mortgage and foreclosure costs. The bank was ruthless, giving my Aunt only 24 hours notice before they came to lock up her house.

My aunt Rose called my dad hysterical when she found out what the bank was doing and my father calmed her down and invited Aunt Rose, Jayne and Sally to live with us until they got on their feet.

I admit I was a little sullen when they arrived in a friend of Aunt Rose's pickup truck, not even half full, with some boxes and about a half dozen ragged suitcases. That was all they could salvage from the bank's vultures.

I wound up with my most very unfavorite Cousin Jayne as a roommate because our vacant "Guest Room" wasn't large enough for three. There goes the neighborhood.

I loved having my own room and just about private, bathroom. I remember sulking that I would have to share it all with two GIRLS! Even though they were family, I hated the idea.

Sulking after our first dinner together that fateful Friday, I announced I was going to swim some laps in our pool, put on my swim suit and went out for a swim.

Mad as I was with the interlopers into my life, those two cousins changed it much for the better. Actually the swim turned into a petting orgy as "Oscar," that's what I called my "Dick," and his two friends got plenty of attention from my cousins.

Waking up the next morning, as per usual, with "Oscar" at attention, sporting my morning woody, I needed to pee. I crawled out from between my two cousins, staggered into the bathroom. Trying to pee, with a raging piece of wood between your legs is next to impossible for a guy.

Yeah, thats a guy thing. Add an extra hand and the water works just will shut down. Hence, I stood in front of the wide open mouth of the porcelain throne Oscar in hand, waiting for him to relax a little. Before I could pee, Sally grabbed Oscar and told me she wanted to steer.

Not that I didn't like the attention. The activities of the previous night had reshaped my opinion of both Jayne and Sally. They were not 'Icky" anymore. We three had gotten to 'know' each other, and I do mean in the Biblical Sense, real well. Yeah, we had been all over, under, around and through each other, so Oscar was no stranger to their hands and two of the nicest holes in their bodies.

But, that extra hand stopped the business at hand ... or rather ... because of Sally's hand. Jayne, who came in behind her, told Sally that it was hard for a guy to pee with an extra hand there. She let Oscar do his business while two pair of female eyes watched on.

Wistfully, both girls sighed that it would be great to be able to pee standing up. I had actually read a little about it and said that I would teach them how to do it. Much to the girls delight, I told them that I'd teach them how to do it in a couple of days, saying I had more reading to do!

Now you can "Google" it but back then you got all of your information in the library. So I told them they had to wait until Tuesday morning so I could get it right.

Tuesday morning arrived. By then we all knew each other real well. Sally sneaked into the bathroom behind me and wanted to steer again. I swatted her hand away and she giggled. Showing not a bit of hesitation, after I finished peeing, Sally who was starting to do the desperate "I Have To Pee Waltz," had started to dance around.

She was desperately grabbing her crotch with her fingers. Eyes open wide pleading with mine to "Hurry UP!" I could almost hear the urine inside of her yelling "Let Me Out!" She hopped on the throne as soon as I lowered the seat.

Before she could do anything, I knelt down by her right side.

When she turned her head to me I started French kissing her.

Quickly I slid my hand down to her crotch, heeled her by pressing the rear part of my palm against the top of her slit and popped my middle finger into her, wiggling it around. In the shock of the assault and my finger's intrusion she almost jumped right off the toilet.

Sally gasped into my mouth and her body tensed. I kept up fingering her and pressing the heel of my hand over her clit-hood

until she drew her lips off of mine. Then she clamped her knees together, hard, and pleaded with me, "I can't pee with you doing that to me. I have to pee so hard it hurts. Please let me pee."

Jayne, who by then was kneeling in front of Sally, pushed her knees apart and I pulled my finger out and took my hand off her vulva. Pee just gushed out of her. Relief, spread over her face and Sally relaxed.

As Sally's gush ended with a few dribbles, Jayne told her, "I think Georgie was trying to tell you it's difficult to pee with an extra hand on Oscar and perhaps that you need to ask permission first.

"I'm sorry Georgie," Sally said and gave me a quick conciliatory and warm peck on my lips.

As Sally reached for the "T.P." to wipe herself off, I beat her to the music roll and tore off a handful and did the honor for her.

"Oh that tickles," she laughed. Then as I let the moist handful of paper drop into the toilet water below her, I brought my hand back up to her crotch and replaced my middle finger in her and returned the heel of my hand back on top of her.

I knew I had the right spots because Sally let out a soft mewing sound and with eyes closed, leaned her head back in the pleasure. I wiggled my finger inside of her tight vagina and rubbed the heel of my hand back in forth across of her vulva.

Just about the time both Sally and I were really getting into it I got a real hard slap to my right shoulder from Jayne. It definitely surprised me and sternly looking over at Jayne because of the intrusion saw her with just as an intense expression on her face.

It was then I noticed she was kneeling there with her hands tight on her crotch. "Damn you two," Jayne said. "I need to pee too! Sally get the hell off of the toilet and let me sit down. And Georgie if you try to pull that stunt on me like what you just pulled on Sally, I'll kill you right on the spot!"

Well, that started all three of us laughing and that didn't help Jayne's situation at all. Even though Sally almost vaulted off the throne and I got out of the way, the laughing had done its deed. Jayne left a puddle on the floor and a trail up to and over the seat.

Embarrassed that she had leaked all over the floor she turned red and we all laughed over that as she gushed what seemed to be a gallon of urine into the toilet bowl.

Not to leave it alone I chided her with, "Sally, where did we leave the diapers. Your sister doesn't seem to be potty trained yet!"

Jayne shook an accusing finger at both of us claiming, "I'll get even with you two. I'll get even with you two and you will never forget it either."

Then we all laughed and laughed until Jayne's stream tapered off into dribbles and finally a few drops. She didn't do anything then. She just sat there with her knees open and a hand on each one.

Sally had been kneeling in front of her as she peed and I had taken a similar spot next to her as I had while Sally was on the throne. But, Jayne just sat there, looking at me, sideways, waiting.

I looked at Sally and then back to Jayne. Then not being able to figure out what was going on, shrugging my shoulders, I said to Jayne, "What?"

She replied by looking down at her crotch and looked back at me.

Still not getting it, I looked at Sally and she just started laughing uncontrollably and grabbing her arms around her belly, literally doubled over, rolling on the floor.

Jayne was smiling at me and finally when she gave her head a twist and a nod signaling me to to look "Down There!" I figured it all out.

There she was, legs spread apart and there were sparkling beads of water on her vulva. As I caught on, I reached across her and grabbed a wad of T.P. And gave her the attention I had given Sally. Repeating what Sally had said, uttered, "That tickles."

As I dried her and dropped the similarly moist packet into the John, I retracted my hand. Whereupon she grabbed my wrist, quite snugly telling me, "You're not done yet. Not by a landslide. And if you don't make me orgasm, right now, you will pay for it later. You will pay!"

She rested my palm on her stomach and leaned back, pushing her hips forward so the rear of her butt was on the leading edge of the toilet seat. Her right breast was inches from my mouth and I took advantage of that in a swift motion. I know I surprised her as my lips clamped down on her nipple and sucked.

By the time she was able to say, "Oh!" my hand was on her snatch and two of my fingers were buried deep within her. Boy she was moist and not from peeing either.

Jayne spread her legs wide as I shoved my two middle fingers deep into her vagina, I did the same to her I had done with Sally. I rubbed the heel of my hand, back and forth over the top of her vulva.

She tensed and slid forward a little more as she arched her back, forcing her breast more tightly into my face. I gave the nipple extending into my mouth a little flip with the tip of my tongue and got the usual response when Jayne's body jerked from my playing.

I knew she was getting close and I wanted to send her high as a kite. So, I let go of her beast and keeping the heel of my hand pressing against her and wildly diddling my fingers, I quickly knee crawled over to between her splayed legs.

It's lucky that Sally had backed herself against the wall opposite the toilet because in my haste I would have kicked her real hard if she had been close by.

Jayne was really pretty much a goner and I'm sure she didn't know I had moved. I removed my fingers from her vagina and moved my mouth in for the kill.

I went right to the top of her vulva and sucked her engorged clit right between my lips and pulled that sucker into my mouth. I'd guess with an erection Jayne's clitoris extended to about an inch and a half poking out beyond her clitoral hood.

Then a bunch of things happened seemingly at once.

I heard a couple of knocks on my bedroom door and a little screech from the hinge as it opened. Aunt Rose must have poked her head in the bedroom doorway because I heard her quizzically ask, "Where are you guys?"

Well, just as she started to ask the question, what I was doing to Jayne took hold of her and she let out a scream, "Ayeee!"

Of course that was also the same instant I had forced my right thumb deep into her and rotated it as deeply into her as her clenching vagina allowed.

"Ooooommmmmpppppffff!" quickly followed and grasping her stomach with her arms, doubled forward and shuddered, as a nice strong orgasm hit her. I guessed I had redeemed myself and she would not need to kill me after all!

Then as I released her from my mouth, but letting my right thumb stay inside, I felt her vagina continue rippling over it.

Jayne recovered enough to say, "Wow!" at the same time I heard Aunt Rose exclaim from my bedroom, "Oh my! ... Oh my!"

Sally called out, "We're in here mom."

Aunt Rose answered back a third, "Oh MY!" and added, "When you guys are finished, breakfast, 'waffles, ' is/are ready."

"Ok, mom," Sally called back to her mother. "We'll be down shortly."

I heard my bedroom door shut and as she went down the stairs to the first floor we could hear her saying a series of "Oh, my. Oh my." travel with her.

"Ooopppsss!" I said, mostly to myself, but it was loud enough to start my cousins off on another giggle fit.

Well, as I wound up kneeling in Jayne's puddle, I grabbed a handful of T.P. and proceeded to glean it up. Jayne stepped off the side of the toilet bowl and retrieved the roll of paper towels from the cabinet under the sink and tore off a chunk.

She dabbled it under the faucet getting it a little wet and shoved me out of the way and wiped the floor saying, "I don't want to leave the floor sticky."

"I would have done that," I told her but from her retort I didn't have her convinced as the countered, "Yeah, right!"

I just laid on the cold time floor and watched as she first wet the floor the the damp paper towel and then taking another clump of towel, dried the floor.

Looking over at me sulking, she said, "What's the matter. I still love you even if you are a guy and don't know how to clean!"

I said back at her, "Yeah, but you hurt my feelings."

"You are a sensitive little bastard aren't you!" was her reply. Then straddling me and pushing me from the fetal position I was in to flat backing me, her body descended upon me and with a forward tilt caught her pubis under my balls and continued upward scrunching my balls tightly.

She had pinned my arms on my sides so I could not retaliate. Jayne smiled into my contorted face as she humped my balls.

"Do you love me?" she asked. "Do you still love me?"

I just responded with an "Oh, yeah." and then added, "Please don't stop."

Oscar was getting real hard again and we hadn't played since waking up and he needed to be played with.

Jayne stopped humping my balls and slid up over then and spread her sex over my woody and rubbed up and down over me. The feeling was sensational. I wanted her to speed up and get me off or lift up and shove me inside of her.

But, no dice. She just kept teasing me. Keeping up that satin pressure from her sex spread over me making Oscar beg for more. Then before he did, she stopped cold ... well she stopped, still caressing me with her satin labia.

The warmth from her was nice, but I wanted, "More!" telling her so.

When I opened my eyes, there she was peering back at me with a big smile on her face and said, "That's All Folks."

I heard Sally laugh and then Jayne joined in as I was told that even though I'd sent her to the moon and back, she still owed me one.

Then she added, "First breakfast. Then a romp in the pool and then back here. By then I should have enough pee in me, and Sally too for that matter, for you to teach us to pee standing up."

"When that is done, Oscar can park himself in my garage and I'll make him come again." Jayne had a way with words, didn't she.

So there I was, being helped up with the epithet from Jayne, "Time for breakfast."

She grabbed Sally's hand and Oscar and we all went downstairs, all naked like the J-Birds we were. Walking into the kitchen that way startled the rest of the family sitting around the kitchen table.

As Aunt Rose looked up first and uttered another, "Oh, MY!" causing my father to look up, mid sip from his coffee cup, choked and coffee dribbled out of his nose.

My mother laughed and said to Jayne. "I see you have found out to make Georgie tow the line and behave.

Still coughing, my father added, "Just like you keep me in tow, too!"

My mother swatted him on the shoulder and at the sound of the crack of her hand on him, Aunt Rose sighed another "Oh My." Then she confessed, "I don't know how I'm going to get used to all this. I just don't know."

With that, the Squirt piped in with, "It's easy mom. Just go with the flow!"

Everyone laughed and we three sat down, dove into our waffles and everyone chatted as we ate.

It was then that my mom got right to the center of things. "Look, Georgie" she began. "I can assume from the way you three are dressed and the moaning and groaning I've heard from your end of the house, that you three are having sex ... and plenty of it.

"Now mind you, I don't mind because as a matter of fact, I haven't seen you so happy, I think, ever. Plus, this has been a hard time for your Aunt Rose, Jayne and Sally.

"You seem to be doing a good job with your cousins and your dad and I, well, I think we've made Rose happy too."

Well as timing always hits at the wrong time, my mom caught my dad mid sip again but this time it resulted in a blast of coffee out of his mouth.

"Sorry, Steve. I didn't do that on purpose," as she rubbed my dad's shoulder until he stopped coughing.

"Back to you three," my mom said as she resumed what became the 'S.E.X. Talk.' "Look, Georgie, I just want to make sure that you do not force yourself on your cousins. I know that Jayne could give you a run for your money if you tried that but I am worried about Sally."

Before my mother could take in a breath and continue, Sally was right back at her, saying, "Don't worry Aunt Kate, if anything, I forced him into me and it fit real well."

Well, by then my dad had just sipped in another swig of coffee and coughing, spat that out that mouthful all over the table too.

"Sorry, Uncle Steve. I didn't mean to do that to you," offered Sally.

"It's Ok, dear," said my mom. Then rubbing my dad's shoulder until he stopped coughing again, then added as she turned to her husband, "Perhaps you should put the cup down until we finish."

"Well, there's not much left in my cup but that sounds like a plan," my dad replied as he tried to set his cup on the table in front of him. "I guess I made a real mess here," he said as he tried to find a dry spot for it and then just sighed and put it in the middle of a small puddle.

"Sorry," he added and then my mom slyly added, "We had the same problem last night and had to change the sheets two times."

Dad coughed out loud and my mom loving patted him on the back. My Aunt blushed and said her favorite phrase, "Oh My."

We all broke out into a fit of laughter when Sally, always on top of things offered, "Well, Uncle Steve, it's good that you weren't drinking coffee again or we might have gotten the spray down here!"

The laughter continued with my dad telling Sally, "Thanks" and another "Oh my" from my Aunt.

When things settled down a little, my mom brought us all back to listening her.

"Well, back to the subject at hand, she continued. "You guys seem to be having sex and as I said it is OK with me and Aunt Rose said it was OK with her, so long as it was consensual. And I mean that no one forces themselves on anyone else."

The three of us all looked at each other and told my mom that was alright with us.

Then she reminded us about the Guest room. "Even though there is no homework to be done right now, respect the privacy of anyone in the Guest Room. That's what it is for now. OK?"

Again we all nodded showing our understanding.

Satisfied that everything was understood, she continued, "Girls, talking with your mom, I know that Jayne is using birth control. But up until now Sally has not needed them because she is yet to have her first period. I don't want anyone getting pregnant so we need to get Sally examined and on the pill ASAP!

"Looking at her body and the development of her hips and breasts and of course the fact that her pubic hair has begun to fuzz up, it won't be too long."

Sally smiled at that comment. No, she beamed. Having her period meant she was a 'Woman.' I think she was a little concerned because most of her friends had already started and didn't want to be left behind. Actually I guessed she was way more experienced and knowledgeable than most of her friends might ever be.

"So Sally, your mom and I've made an appointment for you at the lady doctor's so you can be examined and put on the pill. So, to that end, no sex on Thursday and she will have to sleep in the guest room ... alone.

We all looked a little sad but agreed, not knowing exactly why.

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