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Fantasy Sex Story: Thomas Grove gets a special present for his birthday. Maybe he gave her one too.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Paranormal   Were animal   First   .

Thomas Grove left the corner store bumping into Denise. She stood about a foot taller than the boy making her breasts the first thing he hit, knocking him onto his butt staring up at the beauty. Her blonde hair partially covered her face as she bent over to help him up from the sidewalk. He could smell the perfume coming from her neck and the chicken she had for lunch on her breath.

"Oh, sorry for running into you. I wasn't looking where I was going," Thomas blushed.

"That's Okay sweetie, let me help you up," Thomas took Denise's hand and let her help him to his feet. He stood there unsure what to do next. He did remember to pick up the things that dropped.

"Going to a party?" she asked when she saw the frosting, ice cream, and party favors in the bags.

"Yeah my Mom is throwing me one, I'm thirteen today," Crap what a time to bring Mom into the conversation.

"Well I'll just have to give you my present tomorrow. Do you know where I live?" despite her boldness, the question came out almost shy.

Managing to shake his head yes Thomas couldn't believe his good luck. Every boy in the area knew where Denise lived, if you didn't you probably played with your sister's dolls more than she did. He ran the rest of the way home, the party didn't seem to be all that exciting now.

The next day dragged by until it came time to go see one of the hottest girls in the neighborhood. She wanted him to come over to get his birthday present. He didn't know what the present would be, but to just be around a hot girl made anything else pale. Getting ready to dash up the steps to Denise's front door he heard his friend James' call.

"Hey T, wanna shoot some ball?"

"Maybe later, Denise got me something for my birthday," Thomas replied.

"Hell man, I didn't even know she talked with you. She's like what sixteen?"

"Sixteen, blonde and built like a porn star; she asked me to come around today."

"Ha, whaddya know about porn stars? Virgin!"

"I know I got web access and 2 hours before Mom comes home."

"Hey mind if I come up and get a little peek at her? I wanna see what she got ya," James said with a big grin.

"Sure man, we can go play ball later,"

The two boys rang the bell and shuffled their feet in nervousness. The house seemed older than the townhouse next to it. A kind of old wood and mildew odor drifted up from the front porch. Thomas could hear dogs barking off in the distance.

A minute later they were going to ring again when the door swung in to reveal Denise. She was wearing nothing more than a pink and white leotard. Thomas' eyes came right at nipple level with her and James' eyes only a little higher. Neither boy said anything for a moment, they just watched as 2 thumbtack-sized bumps appeared in the spandex. When they remembered where they were and how to breathe they looked up to see Denise smiling at them with amusement.

"Brought back-up Tommy? You aren't scared of little old me are you?" She teased him.

"Uh sorry, James just wanted to meet you. It's not a problem is it?"

"No, you can both come in; I just finished working out," she trailed off suggestively.

They followed her into the living room, watching as her round little butt swayed back and forth in front of them. The back of her leotard tried to wedge itself further and further between her cheeks. Both boys were hard from almost the moment they saw Denise. Still they got even harder, when she bent over straight-legged to pick up an exercise mat from the floor. Thomas could swear he saw a little pink around the crotch of her outfit. Both boys turned bright red when she looked at them before straightening up.

"I'm just going to go put this up in my room. Can you give me a hand Tommy?"

"Um, sure," he said not sure what she needed since the mat just rolled up and she could carry it easily by herself.

"It's this way," she crooked a finger in a come-hither gesture.

She went to the back of the house her ass seemed all over the place. Thomas' head swayed with her rhythm. If he had been older or more experienced around girls he might of laughed at her exaggerated come-ons. Instead Tom thought maybe, just maybe, she liked him.

"This is my room," she said grabbing his hand and pulling him inside.

Inside her room she pushed the door shut trapping the nervous boy. She bent her head to kiss him. Heart beating so fast he could hear it in his ears, Thomas didn't think to close his eyes or kiss her back, in fact he didn't think at all for a bit.

"Can you guess what my birthday present to you is now?" she asked stepping back and starting to pull her leotard off.

He couldn't even speak he just nodded his head. She slowly slid it down, her boobs popping into view after the suit stretched and jumped off of them. Once past her chest the outfit went to the floor much quicker since those beautiful tits were the widest part of her, they looked huge on her small frame.

Thomas' whole body was wound tight now. He had never seen a live girl naked before. Excited and terrified at the same time, scared to make a move or a sound in case she changed her mind and sent him from the room or put her clothes back on.

"Are you Okay?" she asked as she brushed her fingertips across his cheek.

He still couldn't answer, only nod and blush.

"You look a little uncomfortable in all those clothes. Why don't I help you some?"

She started to slowly pull his T-shirt off. Wherever her hands touched his skin he seemed to be on fire. Denise could feel the heat coming off Tommy from where she stood even on the parts that didn't touch him. Her nipples stood out a little further realizing this.

Thomas' fear was starting to disappear under the onslaught of lust. Her hands moved to his chest once the shirt dropped to the ground. Fine brown hair traced from nipple to nipple; it was very soft and downy under her palms. She noted that he had more hair than some of the 20 year olds she'd seen. A second finer trail led from his belly button to the waist of his pants and beyond. Denise lightly dragged her polished nails down his stomach to his waist. The tugging of her hands at the buttons of his jeans finally shook him from his daze.

Thomas moved his hands to her wrists, not stopping her but causing her to pause for a moment while he moved up her slim limbs to the shoulders. With a hesitant smile he pulled her to him to taste her lips again. His eyes were closed this time, but all his other senses felt magnified by her. Every place were her body met his sweated. All the scents around this beauty stirred into him. Soap, herbal shampoo, sweat, deodorant even the smell of her sex was imprinted upon his mind forever. Thomas thought he could hear her heart over top of the beating of his.

Denise pushed his pants and underwear down together, till they tangled with his shoes. He may have fallen over trying to kick his shoes off except she held him close while he struggled to use one foot to free the other. They were naked with each other, except for one sock (which neither of them seemed to notice or care about).

"Come to my bed," she ordered him in a soft voice.

"I ... uh, uh ... don't have a..." he stammered as she pulled him to the bed and on top of her.

Denise paused for a moment, confused. She smiled brightly as it became clear he was talking about condoms. She held him close, running her hands down his back to his ass.

"Its OK I'm on the pill," she said as she guided him to her opening with her hand.

Thomas lost most rational thought after that, for he had just slid into a woman for the very first time in his life. After a few tentative strokes, he started to pick up speed and hammered into her wetness. He may have been shorter and skinnier than her but he tried to push 12 inches of a six inch dick into that goddess.

"Whoa- whoa there, slow up, you're going 80mph in a 20 mph zone. We've got time, Tommy!" she giggled.

He slowed down, the pleasure started to build up. She might even get an orgasm from him if he could just go a little longer. As if triggered by that thought, Thomas shuddered and came, and just kept on stroking right through his own orgasm. Glassy-eyed, he didn't seem to know that this was when most males of the species stopped. Over the edge it pushed Denise. She bit Tommy's shoulder trying to muffle the noise so the neighbors wouldn't hear and tell her parents tonight.

The pain of Denise drawing blood cleared Thomas' head and killed his erection. He looked down in wonder at the girl under him. He had just had sex. Him! Tommy!! He had only just started to really notice girls earlier this summer and now sex for the first time ... time! Oh, the time!

He looked up at the clock next to her bed and saw that it was 3:30 in the afternoon. His mother would be home in soon. He needed to get home before his mother so he could get cleaned up. If not she was sure to smell what he had been up to!

"My Mom's going to be home soon, I gotta go," he said jumping from the bed to look for his clothes.

"Well if you have to go, I guess I understand," she said while slowly puling on a robe.

Thomas didn't even notice that Denise didn't seem all that bothered by him running off after having had sex for the first time. He was too busy looking for his sock. Then he realized it were still on his foot. He fell over putting on his pants, so Denise took a little pity on him and helped find everything.

"Slow down, its Okay, your Mom probably won't even notice anything is different," she said helping him turn his shirt right side in.

"You don't know my Mother. If I don't get cleaned up before she gets home she'll know,"

With that he darted from the room, shoes in hand, straight for the front door. He ran outside before James could call to him.

"Hey man where you going?" James asked standing up from the couch.

"I gotta run, my Mom is going to be home any minute!"

"So what's the big deal?" James said to empty air.

Thomas ran down the street to his house thinking he might have heard Denise call out but it didn't matter right now. Only 3 blocks to his house, he could make it with time to shower. Tom flew up the front steps, opened the door and darted inside without breaking stride, only to be stopped inside by the one thing he dreaded more than anything else, his Mother.

"No running in the house! How many times have I told you no..." Tom's Mother, Sara stopped in the middle of her well rehearsed rant to sniff the air. Her cute little button nose wrinkling like a rabbit. The LOOK descended upon his Mother's face. The LOOK reserved for the really bad things that kids sometimes do. Catching the back yard on fire when he was 6yrs old, getting caught stealing a candy bar from the local convenience store, or being suspended from school for fighting called for the LOOK from his Mother.

By the time Thomas blinked, his mother was next to him and grabbing his ear. She seemed to be doing her best to lift him from his feet with that ear too. Standing on his toes, he followed her to the living room where she tossed him onto the couch and just stared at him for a minute. Her nose still twitching and each inhalation of air made her look angrier.

"Just what have you been up to young man? Don't you dare try and lie to me!" Sara's arms crossed in front of her and her eyes shined with their own light.

"I-I-I went over to De-Denise's house 'cause she said she had a present for me. And we kind of, um you know..."

"Did you use a condom?!" she almost screamed.

"I asked her ... I mean she said she was on the pill" Thomas blushed redder than ever before.

His mother vibrated in place with anger. In that moment Thomas wondered quite seriously whether she might not really kill him. Never before did the anger erupt in their house the way it did that day.

"Go to your room and don't even think about coming out until I call for you," she said in an even tone between clenched teeth.

He turned to go, but his mother put her hand on his shoulder to stop him.

"I smell blood too, were you her first? She was your first, right?"

"Um I don't think I was her ... no, (he took a deep breath) she bit me. I've never done um you know, she was my first..." Could talking about this with an angry parent get any worse, he wondered. Yes it could, Thomas found out. Sara sighed, pulling her rage inside herself.

"You know if she turns into a rat next moon, then you are going to have to go with her everywhere and be her mate till she learns to control herself," Sara whispered.

"Mom she bit me I didn't bite her! I was human the whole time not a whisker out! Honest!" Thomas stared at his mother in disbelief, as if he would ever intentionally change someone. He knew and controlled himself better than that. After all, he had been born a Wererat not cursed like some. The cursed died young unable to withstand the escalating power that came with the changes few lived past forty, it's criminal that to somebody would do that on purpose.

"Thomas, it's not the bite that curses the victim. It's the fluids of our bodies in the bite. Any of our fluids anywhere inside of them. She might not get the curse since you were human but we won't know till the next moon," a sad tone replaced the anger.

Thomas was shocked, he hadn't known that. He only really got to be alone with humans after he had reached school age. Having sex or exchanging body fluids with another person didn't come up in conversation most nights in their house. Just don't bite or scratch anyone while playing, ruled his activities in the past. Now Tom needed to think about things the way nurses and doctors did, the same way his mother did at work.

The night lasted forever to Thomas stuck in his room with no dinner and nothing to do but reread the books on his shelves. It beat being downstairs with his glaring mother feeling worse for not thinking about what could happen to someone else because of his actions. Denise looked better than any other girl he knew but it probably wouldn't be a good thing if she got forced to spend time with him cause he made her into a rat. Ponies and puppies got hugs and kisses, rats got traps and poison it looked to be a bad time for Tom if she came out with the change.

Tommy woke up about mid-morning the next day glad that summer vacation let him sleep in till after his mother left for work. She wouldn't be home from the hospital till later this afternoon. Thomas tried to watch television, play games even read but visions of Denise screaming as her body twisted shape kept coming to him. So instead he went looking for James basketball in hand.

"Shit, how'd it go at your house last night?" asked James

"I might as well of just walked in my house with a sign around my neck that said 'Just been Laid'. My Mom knew as soon as I stepped in the door. Man was she pissed,"

"Oh crap that sucks, how long are you grounded for?" James asked

"Just last night but I never want to see that look of disappointment on my Mom's face again,"

"Well least she didn't ground you till you are thirty. My Mom would have skinned me alive,"

"Yeah, the whole time she got quieter. It scared the hell out of me,"

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