Humbled: The Presentation

by reddbunnz

Copyright© 2009 by reddbunnz

BDSM Sex Story: Humbled while making a sales presentation the day after we visited The Pillory Stockade. Part Three of the Humbled series.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   BDSM   DomSub   FemaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   .

This is the third part of the "Humbled" series. To better understand the storyline, you should read "Humbled", then "Humbled at the Pillory Stockade" first.


'What the hell?' I thought as I was rudely awakened from a sound sleep. Then I looked at the alarm clock and realized that I had a software presentation review meeting scheduled in the office in 90 minutes, and was scheduled to present the latest software to the Federal Commerce Department at 3 PM. I could still feel the ring gag in my mouth and my hands cuffed behind my back. I guess this was going to be my new sleep ware. But, like yesterday morning, I pulled my hands apart and the cuffs popped open. I briefly wondered why this happened, but I did not have time to solve that question. I immediately reached behind my head and unlatched the ring gag. I needed a quick shower, and a good mouth rinse (I could still had the taste of last night's left over cock and pussy cum, plus some asshole residue, in my mouth).

When I walked into the bathroom, I immediately was surprised at what I saw. Not only did I have left over cum in my mouth, but I also had it dried all over my face. My jaw and tongue still ached from all the cock sucking, pussy licking, and asshole rimming I was forced to perform. Then, I turned and looked at my ass. My asshole was bright red and swollen, and there was dried cum all around my rosebud. It looked like I still had some inside my asshole, too. I really needed a good enema, but I did not have that kind of time or I would miss my meeting at the office. So, I quickly jumped into the shower, cleaned everything that I could with soap and water, brushed my teeth, and began my trip into the office.

As I walked into my corner of the world, I noticed Joyce was busy working at her desk. However, her appearance really surprised me. She was busy typing away at her computer, only she was completely naked. Well, maybe not totally. She was wearing stilettos and stockings, but nothing else. Then I noticed there was something new about her make-up. It was white and crusty, almost like dried cum. I also noticed she now was sporting two new tattoos. She had one on each tit, just above the nipple area. The left tit now was labeled "Carol's" and the right one was labeled "Tits". She was now proclaiming to the world that her tits belonged to Carol, my chief legal officer's admin assistant.

As I approached her, I mentioned that I had the software presentation meeting in 20 minutes and I needed to review my latest changes before that meeting. Therefore, I would not be taking any calls until after the meeting. She quickly informed me that Donald, my legal officer, was waiting in my office. "He said it's vitally important," she added. Just what I needed. Donald was a good attorney, but he was lousy at making decisions. I needed to work with him about that.

"Donald, I don't have much time, so please make it quick," I said as I entered my office. Only after making that comment that I noticed Donald was completely naked. And, he was wearing the same make-up as Joyce. Carol's pussy must have gotten a real workout this morning.

"Well, the PPP was busy again last night," he commented. "Did you ever transfer ownership of this company and all your properties to an offshore account?"

I quickly explained that I did not need to do that, for when my father went into business many years ago he saw the many tax advantages of offshore ownership. Our company was never incorporated in the U.S. Officially the company, all its properties, and all my personal properties were owned by an offshore company located in the Bahamas. And, that Bahamian company has only one stockholder — me.

"Well, that's great, because during the night the PPP controlled Congress passed a law stating that no man can own stock, property, or any other asset in the U.S. This law goes into effect at midnight tonight. I have to transfer everything I own into my wife's name today or I lose it to the Federal Government. And if she ever finds out about Carol, I will be looking for a place to live. I will do some checking and see you are exempt from the new law since officially everything belongs to an offshore company."

"By the way, do you still have that presentation at the Commerce Department this afternoon?" he asked as he was leaving. I informed him that I did. Then he scheduled another meeting with me "to review all the new laws before I was to leave for to the meeting so that I would not make any mistakes and end up violating any SCA laws.

Just as I opened up my computer to review my latest software changes, Joyce waddled into the office. I have always enjoyed watching her walk, for her large tits always jiggled when she walked. But now that her boobs were naked and on display, I really had a hard time (no pun intended) to keep from staring.

She walked up to my desk and proclaimed, "I need cock! Can I suck you while you work?" What a surprise! But before I could answer, she crawled under my desk, unlatched my belt, and pulled my cock out from my pants. Before I knew it, she wrapped her ruby red lips around my manhood and started sucking away. I did not know if this was a SCA violation or not, but I was also afraid to stop her for that same reason. My meeting was in 15 minutes, and there was no way I could concentrate on the software.

Later that morning I learned that my surprise blowjob was not Joyce's idea. Carol had ordered her to give me a blowjob every morning to start the workday. Let's just say that I entered the software review meeting with a smile on my face.

After the software meeting, Donald reviewed the latest changes in the SCA laws. He warned me about the changes I would observe when I got to Federal Square. The Square is comprised of the Federal Commerce building, the Federal Courthouse, and two other Federal buildings all facing each other with a small grass covered mall located between them. He explained that the grass mall had been converted overnight into a 'Federal SCA Crimes Punishment Area', and warned me that I probably would a public flogging or whipping. He also warned me not to stop and watch, for the new law states that public punishments were for the amusement of women only. Any man caught stopping to watch would be quickly arrested and charged as a SCA violator unless he was following the direct orders of an accompanying woman.

Donald continued to give me a brief explanation about the new rules and suggested that I take a woman along as a security blanket. I explained that our new CFO, Henrietta DeWalt, would be attending the meeting, too. He suggested that I allow Henrietta to cuff me and pretend that I am her slave while on Federal property. That should keep me safe from the feminists. It was hard to take him seriously, looking at his naked body and dried pussy cum on his face. But he appeared to know the new law, so I admitted that I would talk with Henrietta about his suggestion.

As Donald was leaving, Henrietta DeWalt called to say that she would accompany me to the Commerce Department. She also informed me that she was actively involved in the feminist movement, and could not be seen in public with a "clothed male pig". (I immediately wondered why my HR department did not discover this about her before she was hired.) Henrietta politely explained that if she were to accompany me to this meeting I had to be totally naked and cuffed before we left our corporate offices and remain that way during the presentation and return trip to the office. She also insisted that all "male pigs" need to be led by a cock leash, so I would be wearing one, too. She already knew that my software was voice recognition activated, so either of us could give the entire presentation without the use of our hands. I had no choice if I wanted to insure my safe passage while in the Federal Square area.

So there I was: Naked, hands cuffed behind my back, and led around by a cock leash into the Federal Square. The sight was one to behold. The old grass mall area was now completely covered by a stage with three whipping posts. Each post was occupied by a freshly flogged male. All three of the males were naked, and two of them now sported a big 'C' brand on their right ass cheek. The third had two 'C' brands, one on each ass cheek. There also was a sign on the top of his whipping post, 'Slave Auction, 8 PM'. Henrietta stopped to observe. Since she now controlled my movements, I had to stop, too.

A few minutes later, we entered the executive offices area at the Federal commerce Department. Once again I was surprised at what I saw. It was set up like most executive office areas, with a number of offices lining each of the walls. There was a large conference room in the far corner. Outside each of the offices were the executive's admin assistants work areas, and in the center was the normal clerical bull pen. However, unlike my last visit here, all of the admin assistants and clerical workers were now male. And, each of them was totally naked. There were no women in sight.

"Listen, pig," Henrietta said in a low voice so that only I could hear. "If you want this to go as planned, let me do all the talking. I know the Chief Bitch here, and she's a big fem like me. If I do the talking I can guarantee success. Just do as you're told and everything will be OK."

With that, she tugged on my cock leash and walked to the far corner. She introduced herself to the admin assistant and told him we were there for the software presentation. He nodded, and as he got up from his seat we heard "Plop". I looked down as he walked away and saw a huge dildo was attached to his desk chair. He had been working away at his computer while sitting on a rather large anal plug. He, like all of the other admin assistants, also had a dried, crusty white substance coating his face. It is obvious that he had been providing pussy worship to someone before we entered the office.

As he led us towards the conference room, I noticed that he also had a big "C" branded on his right ass cheek. Later I would learn that he had been a commerce department executive, but was demoted to admin assistant as soon as the new laws were put into effect. He also had been found guilty as a SCA Level One violator because he used to require his admin assistant to blow him every morning while delivering his coffee.

The last time I was in this conference room, it was like most other conference rooms set up for a presentation. The attendees would be seated behind tables arranged in a U shape, with the presenter speaking from a podium located just in front of the opening of the U. There usually was a projection screen behind the podium so that visual aids could be viewed during the discussion. However, this room had been modified. The attendees would all be seated at tables as before, but each table was higher than normal. All the chairs were also higher than normal, and each chair contained a seat that was 'C' shaped. I would later learn the reason for that design.

In the center of the U was a short post with a long chain attached. The administrative assistant explained to Henrietta that any male pig making a presentation had to be chained, and the male pig had to submit to pussy worship before the meeting could begin. Failure to do so was considered a SCA violation. "That's OK," Henrietta responded. "I can give the presentation while the male pig is providing the proper oral servitude. He will be available to answer questions after he has honored any and all pussies in need." Once again, I knew that my sore tongue would be getting a workout.

Among the new features of the conference room were the surrounding wall decorations. Each contained a naked male chained to an X Cross. Each was standing while facing the X Cross with his arms and legs pulled apart. This kept his ass available for viewing, or more. Each also had big "C" brands on both ass cheeks, signifying that they were SCA Level Two violators. Later I learned that the three were the former Commerce Department director and his two top executive assistants. All three were now slaves of the new director. She felt it only fitting that the trio always be on display in their former office surroundings during business hours. 'All three used to make us fuck them to keep our jobs' she later commented, 'and now it's our turn.'

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