Judy and Her Itsy Bitsy Bikini, Episode 2

by AJ Martin

Copyright© 2009 by AJ Martin

Erotica Sex Story: Steve gets caught eying young nymphets frolicking in his condo complexes pool by luscious little Judy. Getting invited to dinner, Judy becomes Steve's dessert! Read first or after savoring, Judy and her Itsy Bitsy Bikini, Episode 1.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Voyeurism   .


After Judy, in her Itsy Bitsy Bikini, caught him spying on the numerous young bodies frolicking in their condo complex's pool area, bachelor Steve Craig was offered a dinner companion ... Judy herself. Steve had been reading a recently purchased book and with just about each turn of the page, slyly, or so he thought, searched out the best of the best and savored them in his imagination.

Precocious girl that she was, Judy was just as actively searching for stud material as Steve was searching to fulfill his voyeuristic appetite. To make a long story short, Steve got much more than he could have ever bargained for ... more than once.

Ah! But I get ahead of myself.

Timing it perfectly, Judy had climbed out of the pool and surprised Steve by being on the next Chaise Lounge over from him by the time he turned another page to lust over the almost naked bodies nearby. After a quick introduction and after chatting briefly with Steve, she invited herself to Steve's for a spaghetti dinner.

Steve Craig's condo unit was on the second floor of the converted apartment complex he'd recently moved into. Adding to the appeal of the condo, each second floor apartment had a private stairway leading down to the ground level which actually gave his apartment two separate entrances. One doorway led to the common area that included the pool and recreational area, the other opened into the little used, very private central hallway.

Back in his apartment as he was getting together the elements for dinner, Steve had left the downstairs entrance door unlocked for Judy. She arrived, bouncing in, displaying her very tiny, Itsy Bitsy Bikini. She was all smiles and gave a pirouette twirl, letting Steve's imagination flow over.

Judy had arrived early for dinner and wanting to pee and to shower off the pool's chlorinated water, asked to use the bathroom. After stripping, or rather a strip-teasing, she caught Steve mesmerized by her bent over position. She sensuously wiggled her butt as it was pointing directly at him, showing of all her wares.

Precocious nymphet that she was, Judy quickly had Steve trapped with her in the shower and had given him quite a magnificent BJ, deep-throating him into ecstasy. Not quite ready to drink his load, Judy let his spunk spray over her shoulders and chest, later telling Steve, "Next time I'll Swallow."

Then after promising Steve, if he was a good cook, SHE would be dessert, Judy dried herself off and then went after Steve and dried him off too.

Chapter 1

Judy smiled up at Steve, turning her attention to him with a fluffy towel. Kneeling down on the bathroom floor and its shiny white tiles, Judy dried the tops of Steve's feet and then started drying his legs.

When she looked up, inches from her nose was Steve's rock hard pecker, having already risen to attention or rather to the attention of Judy firmly drying, rubbing the towel up and down the inside of Steve's legs. At the apex of the drying motions, Judy made sure she stimulated his dangling parts, watching him get harder with each intrusion.

Judy let out a quiet giggle seeing what she had done to him and reached up between Steve's legs with a cupped, towel covered, hand. Rolling his balls to dry his ball sack and simultaneously scrunching his penis in the towel, she made sure he was thoroughly dry there before continuing upward to his chest.

Steve just quivered from all the sensations Judy was causing to flow through his body. Sighing, as she flipped him around to dry his back, Steve twisted his head and over his shoulder said to Judy that it she continued what she was doing, dinner would never get done. Adding, "Not that I would mind that, but you haven't eaten all day and I'm famished as well."

"You're right," Judy responded. "After all, we have dessert to look forward to. Don't we!"

Steve chuckled and replied, "Yes! I'm a good cook. Specially with spaghetti. I do so look forward to OUR shared dessert!"

The dry-off completed, Judy grabbed Steve's hand and they went out, sans clothing, into the studio apartment and headed over to the kitchen. As Steve reached into the cabinet next to the sink, retracting his spaghetti pot, Judy took it from his hands saying, "I'll fill it to the brim and you can get the rest of what we need to eat."

After it was sufficiently full, Judy placed the pot on the largest burner on the electric stove, clicked it on and turned to face Steve, saying, "Later you can pretend I'm that pot and fill me to the brim too!"

Caught at mid breath, Steve coughed and swallowed hard. When he regained his composure, smiling over at Judy he said, "Yes, that will be real nice."

While Steve took out the ingredients for a lettuce salad and proceeded to prepare everything, Judy came over and stood behind him. Wrapping her arms around his hips and pulling them together, Judy sighed and pressed the side of her face against Steve's back.

Judy didn't move from that position for a minute or two, reveling in the warmth of being close and the skin to skin contact. Then she slipped her hands forward and placed them flat on Steve's stomach.

In reply to the change in contact, Steve patted Judy's hands and continued slicing and dicing things for the salad. Slowly, her hands, enjoying the fuzz on Steve's belly, started moving around, soaking in the sensations of her hands floating on the bed of soft hair she found.

Remembering that coarser hair was down a little, she moved lower and started to run the tips through Steve's pubic hair. The hair there was soft like his belly hair but just a little thicker and much longer.

Feeling her body warm up from the pleasure that was surging into her from having access to Steve's soft body, Judy reached down even further and slid her fingers into Steve's crotch. She clasped her hands, interlocking her fingers together underneath the sack hanging there, effectively lifting him up.

With that motion, Steve instinctively flinched a little. Soon his hands were down there with Judy's, covering her hands. He paused for a moment, then sighing, he told her, "If you keep that up I'm going to slice off a finger.

"We'll have plenty of time to play after dinner."

Steve gently separated Judy's hands from below his testicles and placed them back on his hips, tapping them with his palms. Distraction eliminated, he went back to finish the dinner salad while the spaghetti cooked.

With the salad finished, Steve reached for the overhead cupboard and opening it, extracted two plates, two bowls and a couple of glasses for the table. He nodded to the under counter drawer to Judy's left and told her that's where the silverware was.

Judy was quickly at Steve's side as they set the table together and each time they rubbed against each other, touching hands, shoulders or sides, they both felt shivers run through them, keeping the thermostat within each of them, way up.

Sitting down on opposite sides of the small kitchen table when the spaghetti was done and adding a jar of store bought sauce, they chatted as they ate. Steve was intrigued by Judy's candor and the simple conversation between them.

Chapter 2

Steve was sure Judy was older than she appeared but just couldn't put a value to it. Yes, he did like younger women, girls, and didn't want to spoil any fantasy he might have and never asked Judy for a specific number to attach to her. Nether did she offer to set her age in the ramblings during dinner.

The conversation sketched out that Judy was an only child and her parents frequently left her alone because in the condo complex she was safe and never far from the safety of the residents there. Yes, she too felt comfortable in the complex and never felt threatened.

"No," she offered, she was not a virgin.

"Yes," she volunteered, she had made visits to the local Planned Parenthood to keep her Birth Control Pill Prescription current. While telling Steve that last part, Judy looked over at him and winked, saying, "So you don't have to worry about using a condom or getting me pregnant!"

Steve almost choked on his latest forkful of spaghetti. Recovering with a smile, he replied, "Sounds like fun!"

Finishing soon thereafter, the dishes quickly found their way into the dishwasher and the leftover food, containerized and refrigerated.

As the refrigerator door silently closed, Judy sidled up to Steve's right side, wrapping her arms around his hips and putting her legs around his right leg, humped him softly. After a few moments she softly sighed, "I'm so horny." Then looking up at him with dreamy eyes she added a soft, "How about you?"

Steve looked at her soft smiling face filled with primeval lust showing through and gently said, "Me too! I think it's time for MY dessert!"

As Judy's expression changed to one of a question, she asked, "Your dessert. What about MINE!"

Picking her up in his arms, he kissed her. Her arms were soon around his neck and her legs tightly encircling his waist. Steve took a nibble of her nearby earlobe and whispered into her ear, "First, you're my dessert because I'm going to eat that sweet flower between your legs!

"After that it's anything goes and WE can share each other any way you want to."

Judy just seemed to collapse against Steve. Her entire body turned into jelly. "Oh," she sighed into Steve's shoulder. "I can live with that. I can really live with that!"

Steve carried her into the bathroom, selected a nice soft and very large towel. Bringing it into the living room he knelt down, spread the towel out, then laid Judy onto it.

Nestling himself on top of her, Steve placed his legs outside of hers and scrunched them together. As his penis slid up the valley her legs made, Judy remarked, "Geeze, you're so wet!"

"Yeah," Steve replied, "I've been leaking all through dinner thinking about just this moment."

A devilish smile spread across his face as he added, "I left a huge wet spot on the kitchen chair!"

With that he moved up her body and as his second head bumped firmly against her vulva and glided across her pubis, Steve started kissing his young nymphet, first on her lips, then around her smiling face.

Steve lifted his hips, retracted a little and drove up, catching his penis in the little valley at the top of her cleft and then sliding it onto her pubis. Passing over Judy's sex again and again like that Steve knew he must be banging on top of her clitoral hood. With each thrust, Judy's body jerked.

Then he moved his kisses down to her shoulders. Lower he went, kissing her, stroking her, with his tongue. In reaction to Steve's moist assault, Judy pressed her hands, palms down, into the towel, grabbing it into a clenched fist. It had almost been an involuntary reaction because Steve had also licked over to her left nipple, swirled it with his tongue and opening his mouth very wide, sucked her entire breast into his mouth.

His continued to let his tongue play with her nipple, tossing it back and forth, swirling it, pressing against it, sending shocking pulses deep down into the floor of her pelvis and spreading ripples of warmth everywhere though her body.

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