Becky and Mommy

by JetBoy

Copyright© 2009 by JetBoy

Incest Sex Story: Having recently discovered the delights of lesbian sex with a teenage girl, single mother Barbara is shocked to find herself aroused by her eleven-year-old daughter Becky. She desperately struggles with this illicit desire... but will Barbara be strong enough to resist when the perfect opportunity to share pleasure with her child presents itself?

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Romantic   Lesbian   Incest   Mother   Daughter   .

It was a lovely July afternoon. Barbara had arrived home from work a couple of hours earlier than usual, and was seated at the kitchen table, glancing through a magazine when her eleven-year-old daughter Becky entered the room.

The girl was wearing a pair of tiny cut-off shorts, and a skimpy halter top thin enough to clearly outline her nipples. In spite of her best intentions, Barbara felt her pulse suddenly quicken at the sight of her scantily-dressed child.

Not so very long ago, she would have made Becky change into something less revealing ... but these days, things were different.

Barbara's sense of who she was as a woman had been shaken to its foundation a few weeks earlier, when she'd spent the better part of a day indulging in her first lesbian experience -- making love with a sixteen-year-old Goth girl named Erika.

They had met while standing in line at the local ice cream parlor when Erika had, out of the blue, asked a surprised Barbara about the necklace she was wearing. They began to chat, and ended up sharing a table, continuing their conversation over dishes of ice cream.

At they talked, Barbara grew increasingly fascinated by the girl ... and when she suddenly realized that Erika was flirting with her, was stunned to find herself responding. She was 34 years old and had never had sex with another female before, but there was something about this cute Goth teen that Barbara was helplessly drawn to. She was soon blushing like a shy schoolgirl as the flirtation became more open, unable to resist Erika's charms.

Almost before there was time to think she was behind the wheel of her car, with Erika giving directions to her place ... the black-clad teen's hand stroking Barbara's thigh while she drove.

And just seconds after Erika closed the apartment door behind her, she reached out to take Barbara's hands, drawing the older woman into her arms for a sizzling French kiss ... and a dazzled Barbara simply melted into the raven-haired girl's embrace.

Soon the two were naked and entwined upon an air mattress in an incredibly messy bedroom, where Barbara's new friend spent the next couple of hours showing her just how incredible sex with a woman could be.

Barbara had always heard that Goths were supposed to be morbid, depressed people, but Erika was nothing like that. She had a very childlike wonder about her that often made her seem even younger than her sixteen years ... yet at the same time, she seemed more sexually mature than most grown women Barbara knew -- and that included herself.

The girl brought a sweet, yet fiery passion to her lovemaking, the likes of which Barbara had never experienced with her ex-husband -- or indeed, with any man. First, she'd spent a long, lovely while on foreplay, caressing and nuzzling what seemed like every inch of Barbara's body ... returning often to the older woman's mouth to ravish her with kisses.

Then Erika had knelt between Barbara's thighs and began to kiss and lick her cunt, going down on her with the fervor of a wild animal in heat ... quickly driving her to a climax of such intensity that she fainted on the spot.

When she came to a few seconds later, dazed and exhausted, Erika had rolled Barbara onto her belly and parted her buttocks, pressing her face in between them to lick lustily at the crack of her ass. She had never been rimmed before, and found it heavenly.

Then, as she tongued Barbara's anus, Erika slid her hand between the 34-year-old divorcee's legs to toy with her clitoris ... and suddenly, without warning, Barbara was coming again.

But that sexy little Goth lesbian wasn't finished with her yet ... even as Barbara lay panting from that last climax, Erika was fastening a strap-on latex cock around her waist, a wicked smile on her lips. She anointed it with lubricant squeezed from a tube, then turned to the older woman, the toy jutting proudly from her pelvis.

Tired as she was, the sight of this petite teen girl sporting a cock thrilled Barbara ... so much that she parted her thighs without a word, eager to be penetrated.

And Erika had fucked her wildly, beautifully ... taking the 35-year-old with a heated ardor that left her head spinning. Barbara had wrapped her legs around Erika's back as the teen rode her, that lovely cock sending showers of sparks cascading behind her eyes with each exquisite stroke. Then, finally, Barbara came for the third time, screaming as waves of purest ecstasy buffeted her body without mercy.

Barbara was so drained that she quickly dozed off, waking in her new lover's arms about an hour later. She awoke refreshed, relaxed ... and very eager to return the pleasures Erika had given her.

She had been a bit shy at first, unsure of how to make love to a woman ... but the tattooed teen had been a patient teacher. Before very long, Barbara was feasting on the girl's pussy -- first fucking her with a thrusting tongue, then suckling her clitoris until Erika came convulsively, her fingernails leaving three inch-long scratch marks on Barbara's shoulder that the young mother would have to hide for a week.

Erika then harnessed an even larger cock around Barbara's hips, lying back in the tangle of her bedsheets to spread her thighs wide for the older woman.

"Do me, babe," the girl whispered, her eyes alight with excitement ... and Barbara climbed on top of her, placing the tip of the latex prick at the opening of the Goth teen's cunt. Erika simply grasped her new lover's ass and drew her in, squealing with delight as all nine inches of the thing slipped inside her with a single stroke.

Barbara fucked Erika in a lustful frenzy that seemed like a fever dream, her pelvis churning as she plunged the strap-on in and out, in and out of the mewling girl ... her every sense intoxicated by the hot, sticky pleasures of lesbian love. She couldn't remember ever feeling so fulfilled, so alive.

Afterward, they had cuddled for a long while, sharing tender kisses and caresses. Then they came together to make love once more; this time keeping it slow and gentle. It was the most sensuous experience Barbara had ever shared with a romantic partner ... and a perfect coda to the heated coupling they had already enjoyed.

It was late afternoon before Barbara gently untangled herself from Erika's arms and rose to gather her scattered clothes. She dressed before the sleepy-eyed girl, then bent to whisper a few affectionate words and give her a soft tongue kiss before she left.

Since that day, Barbara had returned to Erika's apartment several times for more sessions of lesbian loveplay. These had been more than enough to convince her that, for now at least, she preferred women to men.

There was only one worrisome aspect of Barbara's newfound sexuality. Not long after she had taken up with sixteen-year-old Erika, she began to fantasize about making love with other girls she saw ... many of them even younger than her Goth bedmate.

A few weeks ago she had been shopping for groceries when a honey-haired nymph -- who couldn't have been a day past thirteen -- came strutting down the aisle in her direction. She wore a tight blue t-shirt, a short skirt and sandals.

Barbara was rooted to the spot, a warm glow suddenly enveloping her body at the sight of this adolescent enchantress, now staring thoughtfully at the potato chips. The girl's legs were lovely, gazelle-like. Barbara imagined herself kneeling before the blonde child, nuzzling her bare thighs, sliding her hands up the back of those legs to cup her bottom...

And then, a bag of chips clutched in her hands, the little blonde cutie was moving back up the aisle the way she had come, leaving a very shaken Barbara behind.

Now as she sat at the kitchen table, staring blankly at the magazine spread open before her, the memory of that dizzying moment at the grocery resonated in her soul like the tone of a struck bell. She had actually abandoned her half-filled shopping cart, exited the store, climbed into her car and driven home in a daze. And as soon as the garage door shut behind her, she had unfastened her pants right there in the driver's seat, sliding a hand between her thighs to finger her cunt, hard and fast ... finally exploding in a blinding orgasm that left her slumped against the steering wheel, gasping for breath.

And it was on that very night that Barbara began to view her daughter Becky in a new and unexpected way.

She had always been a lovely girl ... and now, as they watched a movie together, Becky sprawled on the floor in her nightwear, Barbara found her gaze returning again and again to her daughter's slim, elegant legs and the contours of her pert bottom, viewed through thin white panties that were just old enough to reveal the darker curve between the young girl's cheeks.

She found herself wondering if Becky's pubes were beginning to show, then tried to picture what her daughter looked like naked. It had been at least three years since she had last seen the girl undress ... and suddenly Barbara found herself very much wanting to catch a glimpse of her bare body, tingling deliciously at the thought of it.

When she realized with a start that she was becoming sexually aroused by the sight of her own daughter, Barbara swallowed hard. Shaking her head, she forced her attention back onto the television screen, immersing herself in the plot of... whatever it was they were watching, she couldn't even remember now.

She did manage to pick up the thread of the movie again and hang on to the story until the credits began to roll ... but the whole while, Barbara still felt unsettled about having looked at Becky the way she had.

Later that night as she lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, Barbara began to masturbate ... thinking of Erika, as she so often did. She imagined herself making love to the teen in the shower, just as they had done earlier that week -- kissing hungrily beneath the flowing water as they brought one another to climax with soapy fingers.

Then, without warning, Barbara's thoughts drifted to the blonde girl she had spied at the grocery that day ... and her hand began to move frantically between her thighs.

She pictured herself undressing the shy child, touching each part of her body as she bared it. Soon she was naked, and Barbara drew the cute adolescent into her embrace, her arms twining around the girl's slender frame.

And then Barbara was nude, too, sprawled on her bed with the preteen blonde lying on top of her, their bare bodies sliding together. She was kissing the girl's adorable little mouth, probing it with her tongue. And the child was kissing her back!

Barbara squirmed beneath the sheets, legs scissoring together as she fingered herself, lost in this crazy fantasy of sex with an underage girl. The air was thickening with the scent of her desire.

The scene shifted again. Now the blonde nymph was straddling her face, smiling sweetly down at Barbara as she lowered her sex to a point just an inch or two above the older woman's mouth.

Barbara pictured herself gazing at the girl's lightly-downed slit, now glistening with the dew of arousal. Licking her lips, Barbara raised her head from the pillow to press a open-mouthed kiss into the moist pink flesh.

In her mind, she heard the child cry out ecstatically as she licked at the smooth cleft, ending with a playful flick at her clitoris ... then Barbara wriggled the tip of her tongue into the girl's vagina, instantly loving the imagined taste of her. Sugar and spice, she thought.

She saw herself shifting her gaze upward as she licked, wanting to catch a glimpse of pleasure on the little blonde's face...

... only somehow, the cutie from that afternoon had transformed into a different girl -- one with a rounder face and auburn hair... Becky!?

And Barbara's body seized up as she launched into a convulsive orgasm, breath hissing through clenched teeth, bucking wildly on the bed as what felt like oceans of molten lava roiled and churned inside her ... while in her mind, she saw a frozen snapshot of the image that had made her come so intensely: her daughter, perched atop her face, head thrown back and whimpering with delight as her own mother kissed and licked at her adolescent sex.

Then as Barbara's orgasmic pleasure began to ebb, another vision elbowed its way into her consciousness ... She imagined herself sitting naked on the couch, an equally nude Becky straddling her lap, the two of them kissing like lovers. She could almost feel the softness of her daughter's mouth pressing against hers ... and seemed to hear Becky humming contentedly as their tongues met and mingled in a dance of passion.

Barbara was suddenly trembling from head to toe as, without warning, a second orgasm came crashing down upon her. Somehow she managed to seize a corner of the blanket with her free hand and press it to her face, muffling the hoarse scream that wrenched itself from her throat while her body spasmed helplessly, out of control. These sensations of pleasure rose to a near-unbearable crescendo -- then slowly faded, leaving a dazed Barbara behind.

She lay quietly, bathed in sweat, breathing heavily ... and deeply troubled. What had just happened? Had she really just masturbated to orgasm, gotten herself off to a vision of making love to Becky?

Not only had she done that very thing ... she was still aroused at the idea of it! Despite the horror she felt at her incestuous fantasy, the tingling of her sex told a very different tale. Visions of a naked, willing Becky flashed through her mind like some perverse slide show.

Without thinking, Barbara's hand had drifted between her legs again ... until the realization of what she was about to do made her snatch it back. She sat up in bed, clutching her head as if to squash the forbidden thoughts lurking within, her body numb with shock.

There was no way to sugarcoat this, Barbara knew ... the truth had to be faced. She was sexually attracted to her own daughter.

It was crazy -- didn't make sense. It felt like something lifted from a science fiction story where you step outside the door of your home, only to find yourself in a completely unfamiliar world. And when you turn back around, she thought, the doorway isn't there anymore. She gazed wildly around the room, as if to make sure such a fate hadn't actually befallen her.

Incest. She silently mouthed the word. Lesbian incest with her eleven-year old daughter! The very thought was taboo, never mind actually committing such an act...

Her fingers drummed nervously on her thigh. What to do? What to do? If she only had someone to talk to about this ... but Barbara knew that this was a secret she dared not reveal; no, not to anyone. Not even Erika. The barest possibility of having her child taken from her was too great a risk.

Barbara took a deep breath ... then exhaled, slowly counting to ten in an attempt to quell her jangling nerves.

Gradually, she managed to calm herself, lying back down to stare at the ceiling. It was an unsettling situation, true, but nothing to fall to pieces over. These cravings she felt for Becky were disturbing, even perverted ... but they were only cravings. She certainly had no intention of making love to her little girl, and nobody knew of her dark secret.

At last, she shrugged. It's okay, she told herself, really. Don't overreact. It's not as if you're going to make a move on her, after all ... and this little obsession will probably fade away before long. You just have to try not to think of Becky as a, well, sexual creature.

She relaxed, drawing the thin blanket up to her chin as she settled in for the night. What I need is a few hours in bed with Erika, she thought, smiling wryly. That should take the edge off, at least. After awhile she managed to fall asleep, more or less reassured.

But desire is a genie who, once freed, may not be so easily returned to its bottle, stoppered inside and cast away. In spite of her best efforts, Barbara continued to dwell on her daughter ... and how very desirable she was.

The very next morning, she found herself gazing at Becky while the girl buttered her toast, suddenly wondering what it would be like to give her daughter's pretty mouth a lover's kiss. And over and over again in the days that followed, Barbara would catch herself gazing longingly at her child's uncovered legs as she lay sprawled on the couch, or admiring the curve of Becky's bare shoulder.

At night, the situation was no less unnerving. Barbara was masturbating more frequently than she had since her teenage years ... at least once every night, and often in the morning. And despite her every effort, Becky continued to intrude into her fantasies; naked, vulnerable and all too eager to be loved by her mother.

Even worse, Barbara was now taunted by visions of Becky making love to her. She imagined it: the child lying between her legs, pressing her face into the wheat-hued thatch that adorned her mother's cunt, slipping her tongue into the moist channel from which she had emerged more than eleven years ago. Just the thought of it was enough to make Barbara wet ... and deeply ashamed.

As if that weren't enough, she couldn't even escape into her Goth lover's arms for a moment's relief. Erika's grandmother had passed away during the weekend, and the teen had been whisked off to Kentucky for the funeral ... leaving Barbara trapped with this terrifying hunger that, at times, seemed poised to consume her.

And inevitably, she began to wonder if sharing sexual love with her daughter would truly be such a terrible thing.

Is it really so wrong? she thought, struggling to make sense of her feelings. We love each other. Wouldn't this simply be taking our love to a new level ... giving our relationship a kind of intimacy that most mothers and daughters don't get to share?

Barbara was still determined not to give in to these forbidden cravings for Becky ... but she also wondered if her resolve was beginning to falter a bit.

And now on this lovely July afternoon, as she sat at the kitchen table, the sight of her child in summery clothing was making Barbara feel all warm and... hungry inside.

Feeling herself shiver, Barbara shook her head in an attempt to clear it, then forced herself to return to her magazine and stop stealing glances at her daughter. She stared at the page. Fifteen Barbecuing Ideas for a Festive Summer...

Becky opened the refrigerator, peered inside, closed the door, stood motionless for a few beats ... then padded across the room and sat down across from her mother, eyes lowered shyly. She was very quiet, so unlike herself. Normally, she was bright and bubbly, never still for very long. Now she sat silently, waiting for her mother to catch her eye. Finally Barbara glanced up from the magazine, a bit puzzled by her daughter's silence.

"Mommy..." began Becky softly, before Barbara could speak. "Can I ask you something?"

"Yes, pumpkin, of course," Barbara replied, gazing at her daughter curiously.

"It's, uh ... it's kind of personal, Mommy."

"Well," Barbara replied hesitantly, "I might not want to answer ... but you can always ask."

Becky looked at the table top intently for a moment, then took a deep breath, looked up at her mother and spoke. "Do you ... like to, um, touch yourself between your legs?"

Barbara's mouth fell open, and she could feel the blood drain from her face. Oh, God, this was exactly the kind of thing she should not be discussing with Becky right then ... not with these unwanted feelings of sexual hunger still taunting her. Teasing her. Making her want things she knew she couldn't have...

She swallowed. "W-well ... yes, I do, pumpkin. If you're asking if I like to masturbate, then I do." She ran a shaking hand through her hair. "Um ... why do you ask, Becky?"

"Oh..." Becky blushed. "I ... I read about it in one of your magazines. And some girls I know were talking about, um, doing it the other day ... we were in the changing room at the pool. They all said ... well, that it felt really great. When you c-come, I mean."

"Hmmmm," Barbara said, trying to conceal her rising excitement. "And ... what did you say, honey?"

"Nothing, Mommy," Becky replied, her face beetroot, poking the salt and pepper shakers with nervous fingers, unable to meet her mother's eyes. "I don't really ... I don't know how to, to, to ... m-masturbate. That's kind of why I wanted to talk to you..."

"Don't you ever touch yourself, Becky?" said Barbara, images of the child caressing her pussy suddenly flickering in her head. She pictured Becky's legs spread wide, the girl's hand moving between them.

"I've tried, Mommy," Becky said quietly. "but I don't know how to do it right, I guess." She shrugged. "It doesn't feel like ... um, like the way everyone says, anyway." She raised her face to Barbara's. "Will you teach me how, Mommy?"

Barbara's head was spinning. A simple "yes," would have her teetering on the very brink of madness, of giving in to her incestuous obsession. Good sense told her to refuse Becky's request outright ... but her heedless body pulsed with an excitement that was impossible to ignore.

All the old excuses began to scroll through Barbara's mind yet again. Would it actually be so bad? Don't we love each other? Couldn't it make us closer than ever?

She began to think about what Becky was asking for ... a mother's help in learning to give herself pleasure. It could be a bonding experience for them, really, and a chance to teach Becky the wonders of her growing body. Besides, the thought of guiding her adorable daughter through her first orgasm was too, too tantalizing. Surely it would be a far nicer experience for her eleven-year-old than the adolescent fumblings of some immature boy.

Barbara knew full well that these were nothing more than excuses cobbled together to justify her own forbidden infatuation ... but with every passing day, she was becoming less and less willing to deny herself what she wanted. Only two weeks ago, the seed had taken root within her -- and now, the idea of making love to Becky seemed downright inviting.

Should she do this? Could she? Barbara stared at the girl, her mind racing furiously.

Silently, a decision was made.

"Okay, pumpkin ... I'll show you how," she breathed.

Becky's face lit up, and she padded barefoot to her mother with both arms outstretched to hug her tightly about the waist, head buried in the folds of her dress. Barbara soothingly stroked her daughter's soft hair, tendrils of excitement wafting through her as Becky's hands innocently touched her ass.

Barbara tingled with anticipation at the thought of exploring her daughter's body. She allowed her hands to slide down Becky's back, gently caressing her, feeling a tremor run through her child's slight frame.

"Come with me, pumpkin." said Barbara. She took the girl by the hand and led her upstairs, to the master bedroom.

Once inside, Barbara sat down on the bed, positioning Becky between her spread legs. Her skirt rode up her thighs, revealing the red panties she had worn to work that day. Seeing the wide-eyed expression on the girl's face, Barbara hoisted her skirt up to her waist, giving her daughter an even better view of her sexy underwear ... and the insides of her creamy thighs.

Becky stood transfixed at the sight of her mother exposing herself ... something she'd never seen her do before, at least not in such a blatant way.

"Do you like seeing my panties, Becky?" Barbara said softly. "Do you think they're pretty?"

"Oh, Mommy," squealed Becky. "they are pretty!"

Barbara spread her legs wider, giving Becky a good look at her panty-clad sex. "I like it when you look at me that way, pumpkin."

"I ... I like it too..."

"Could I see you in your panties, baby?" Barbara murmured, her heart throbbing.

"Sure, Mommy ... if you really want to," replied Becky with a bashful smile.

"Yes, I would," Barbara whispered. "I'd like that very much."

Becky unsnapped her tight shorts, then placed a hand on Barbara's knee to balance herself as she twisted and struggled to slide them down her thighs.

"Here, let me help you." Barbara used both hands to grip Becky's shorts by the waist, then slide them down over her narrow hips. As she did, her child's pink cotton knickers were revealed.

Becky daintily stepped from her shorts, then stood beaming before Barbara. "Do you think my panties are pretty, Mommy?" she cooed as she spun round in a clumsy pirouette, then looked over her shoulder at her mother.

"Yes, pumpkin," Barbara breathed, "I do." She could clearly see the contours of her child's luscious ass, and an enticing strip of bare midriff showed below her halter top. Barbara drew Becky closer and placed a hand on the girl's side, absorbed in her beauty. Becky swayed dreamily, her buttocks curving temptingly before Barbara's rapt gaze.

"So ... what would you like me to teach you?" asked Barbara as her hand drifted to her daughter's lower back, dropping down to cup the girl's bottom.

"I want..." Becky began softly, then broke into an excited giggle. "I'd love for you to show me how to, to make myself feel good!"

"Now what if," she breathed in Becky's ear, her pulse racing, "what if instead, I were to make you feel good, pumpkin... ?"

"Would you?" Becky squirmed back against Barbara's hand.

"Yes. I'd love to, baby..."

"Will you do that to me now, Mommy? Please?"

"Oh, yes, Becky," Barbara crooned gently, slipping a hand into the back of Becky's panties, feeling the warmth of her bare bottom. She felt as if she might come right then, just from the thrill of touching her little girl in such an intimate way.

"Oooh, Mommy!" said Becky, quivering in her mother's embrace. "I love you..."

"I love you too, my angel," Barbara breathed. She tremblingly caressed Becky once more, then sat back to admire the girl, her heart racing wildly. This was it -- the point of no return.

"Okay, pumpkin ... take your panties off for me."

Becky quickly slid out of her knickers and stood before her mother, clad only in her thin top. Barbara felt hot and cold at the same time as she stared in awe at Becky's slit, noting that her daughter hadn't begun to grow pubic hair yet. She gently pulled the girl close, her heart pounding frantically, placing a quivering hand on the girl's tummy.

"Becky," Barbara whispered as her hand inched down her daughter's body, "I'm going to do something really nice to you now. Okay?"

Wordlessly, Becky nodded her head, then whimpered "Oh," as her mother let one finger brush over the cleft of her babyish vagina. She placed her hands on Barbara's shoulders to support herself, arching her hips forward to feel more of that exploring finger.

"Do you like that?" whispered Barbara, her heart racing.

Becky opened her mouth, but couldn't speak as powerful new feelings flooded through her. She shuddered pleasurably as Barbara gently parted the slightly sticky labia with her fingers to expose the tiny clit. Becky was trembling, holding onto her mother tightly, soft little sounds coming from deep in her throat.

Barbara slipped one finger between her daughter's honeyed pussy lips, sliding upward to brush the clitoris. She began to stroke it with the lightest of caresses, and Becky moaned softly.

Barbara glanced up to see Becky's nipples, clearly visible through the thin material of her top. She used her free hand to lift the top, pulling it up, exposing the girl's bare chest. As if in a trance, she leaned forward to take a pink bud between her lips.

She sucked Becky's nipple, making her child moan ecstatically ... then moved to pleasure the other in the same way. At the same time, Barbara continued to stroke Becky's clit until suddenly, she knew that her daughter was about to come.

"Oooohmommymommymommy!" Becky gibbered helplessly, her head thrown back, clutching Barbara's face tightly to her heaving chest. "Oooh, Mommy! What's happening to me... ?"

And a wild cry broke from her lips as the child shook in her mother's embrace. "Ohhhh! OH! Oh, Mommy!" she squealed, climaxing for the very first time.

Barbara continued to pleasure Becky with her exploring hand and hot, sucking mouth until she knew that the girl could take no more. She gently broke away from her daughter ... and Becky, utterly winded and flushed from head to toe, sighed contentedly as she lay down, slowly sinking into the bed next to where her mother sat.

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