Sentimental Perfection

by Gorgo

Copyright© 2009 by Gorgo

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Science Fiction, Robot, Safe Sex, Slow,

Science Fiction Sex Story: An ASFR story using characters from the dating simulation game "Sentimental Graffiti." Rock star Chie Matsuoka, even after making the big time, still mourns the lost opportunity to form a relationship with her beloved junior high classmate Gioo Shigôzei. Thanks to her brother Shingo, she gets a chance to get Gioo in a way she never could have imagined!

Based on Perfection, written by Dr. Goldfoot, and the video game Sentimental Graffiti, owned by NEC Interchannel.

Looking for the Summer (1991), written by Chris Rea, released on the album Auberge via East West Records.


And here's my third story, a semi-sequel to another favourite ASFR story, Dr. Goldfoot's Perfection. Again, this is not meant as an infringement on his work; in fact, while this story is set in that universe, the only character mentioned from the original story is David Houston.

For those unfamiliar with Sentimental Graffiti (short formed as Senchi [the Japanese phonetic spelling of the first syllables]) it is a love simulation game where the player is the son of a salaryman who met twelve girls over nine years (during public and junior high school) and, two years later, now has to decide which one he wants. Chie Matsuoka is my favourite Senchi girl after Yû Nanase, though all the Senchi girls are utterly adorable. In this story, Chie is 22 years old, five years after the time the game is set. Two Hearts is Chie's theme song. For more information, turn to Hitoshi Doi's anime website at

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