by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2009 by Jack Spratt

Erotica Sex Story: A moving story about brother and sister, Dale and Nicci Gordon, a reminiscing of their lives before and after tragedy strikes. As a result of the catastrophe, Dale learns of a secret his sister kept from him, a secret once revealed starts a new beginning in his life. Enjoy!!!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   .

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The roar of the jet's engines is the only thing intruding on my grief. I still can't believe it. Nicci is gone. She and her husband Frank drowned off the Florida coast in a severe tropical storm; they and seventeen other passengers. She and Frank were to enjoy a relaxing two week sailing trip. It was intended to be sort of a second honeymoon, the first time they were away from home alone in years. Nicci was my sister and we were close ... very close. She married Frank over twelve years ago. He was a good husband to her and father to my eleven year old niece, Krista.

The news came to me via satellite telephone. My first thought was, 'Who in the hell is calling me?' I'd just talked to division office, so it cannot be them. The news is devastating. My sister and her husband had drowned and there is a request for me to come home. That will be a task. When you are tromping around the Canadian Arctic looking for diamonds, it takes some planning to divert one of our bush planes to land near the camp to pick anyone up and fly them to the division complex. I'm in the middle of nowhere, fighting off the ravenous flies while trooping through the brush searching for the elusive treasure of all women. The latest intelligence suggested there could be a find in this area. As a geologist ; it's my job to confirm it so I'm looking for the proper rock formations.

Eight months ago when I got the call from Jay Conky, I was just ending my current contract and with the money and perks he offered, it was something that I couldn't turn down. The remuneration for the twelve month contract dwarfs my earnings for the last three years and the good thing is, it's plus, plus, plus. Free room and board and the food is top rate, a free trip south for a week every month and all benefits known to man, all paid for. When you're single and an opportunity of a lifetime arises, you jump at it.

Leaving Abbotsville, Nicci cries, and so do I. Hell, at six feet four, two hundred and ten pounds, men are not suppose to cry, but leaving my sister and her family that morning has me feeling the pain of separation. The final hug comes from Krista, a spitting image of her mother.

Krista is in the care of a long-time neighbor. Nicci had taken care of their daughter last fall when they went on a second honeymoon and looking after Krista while they went on this cruise was the payback. Krista and Nicci were the closest people in my life. Now, there's only Krista. Thinking of how Nicci and I become the best of friends goes back a long time.

"Damn it Nicci, if you don't get the hell out of my room I'm going to rearrange your face."

"Yeah? You and whose army? You touch me and I'll tell mom."

She's right. In mom's eyes Nicci can do no wrong. I, of course can do no right. Usually in deep shit and usually because of Nicci antagonizing me, I can't remember any time in my younger life that Nicci's sole purpose wasn't to get me into trouble with mom, usually while in hot pursuit of her. Mom would nail me as we tore through the kitchen with me at her heels. After mom finished with me, Nicci would taunt the living hell out of me, knowing full well she was safe. It was at that young age I had to learn the art of self-control in a hurry.

At seventeen, mom made the point, every time I attempted to retaliate against my little sister, that a boy my age shouldn't beat up on his ten year old sibling. Each time it took a number of clouts on the ear to make that fact sink in. I was a slow learner.

At my age the last thing I wanted was an annoying sister bugging me. There were so many girls at school that needed my attention; the unfortunate part of that statement is that the majority of the girls didn't know about it yet. I spent plenty of time in the privacy of the bathroom relieving my stress. With all the practice, I could hit the toilet bowl with a wad of cum from nearly four feet. Too bad there isn't an Olympic event for ejaculating cum over a distance and hitting a basket. I would've won hands down, or on as the case may have been.

As my unsuccessful pursuit of young girls becomes an embarrassment to me, my only solace is the fact that my buddies are not faring much better. Oh, I get in a quick feel and do a lot of kissing and fingering, but the ultimate goal seems so far away. Being persistent, I figure it'd be only a matter of time before I strike gold.

What I didn't recognize was that Nicci was developing into a very attractive young girl. When I only saw her wiggling ass as she runs away, the big picture doesn't make an impact. Her boobs are small yet but her curves are in all the right places. Her green eyes always have a mischievous gleam to them and her long reddish hair always shines. For her age she's very conscious of her appearance, something totally unnoticed by me. She's long since learned the art of make-up with the aid of her many girl friends. As I said, mom dotes on her so she gets her way in most things and access to all kinds of makeup is one of them.

Night after night after very frustrating dates, Nicci is usually home and she always makes a point of taunting me. The little bitch can read the signs of my frustrations, like my bulge in a pair of slacks. She won't let up on the teasing. This goes on for months and she really enjoys pissing me off knowing she has absolute immunity from retaliation because of mom.

This Friday's no different. Nicci and her friends had gone to a movie, me to a dance with the cock tease Arlene Rogers. She let me kiss and pet her, but when I go for the kill, the lowering her panties, the ice queen cometh back and ends my adventure. Now I'm sporting a pair of blue balls for my efforts and Nicci is just gloating.

"I see you didn't get any tonight as usual. Don't the girls like you?"

Nicci had just returned home a few minutes before me, still dressed in her short black skirt, white blouse and white lacy stay-up nylons and her shining red hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her lips are glistening with her wet-looking lip-gloss, with her eyes flawlessly made up to make her look older. For some unknown reason this is the first time I look at her as a girl/woman instead of the usual pain in the ass. Standing before me and just daring me to retaliate, I hold my cool and just look, sizing her up. Her long legs are well toned, her platform shoes accenting her calves. Her skirt is so short, the tops of her white stay-ups are exposed. Hell, Nicci isn't a bad looking girl, even if she is my bratty sister.

She has a knowing grin on her face, still daring me to do something knowing it'll get me in trouble. She turns quickly and her skirt flairs upward exposing bare skin and the cheeks of her sexy looking ass, her white thong exposed. What the hell am I thinking? She's my sister, the pest, the anvil around my neck, mom's pride and joy. She can't be a woman; she's a devil in disguise.

"All my friends think your cool, but I know better. They haven't seen you come home and go to the bathroom. Hey, I know what you do when you go in there. Does it make you feel good?"

Boy she likes pushing my buttons and the more she taunts the more my self-control is beginning to wane. Looking at her, I see Arlene Rogers, the bitch who is responsible for my current condition. Instinct takes over from common sense. I'm a glutton for punishment. Lunging at Nicci, she spots me coming and tears toward the rec'-room door with me in hot pursuit. A smile crosses my face. Nicci hasn't realized it yet but she just cornered herself as there's only one way in and out, and I'm blocking it. As she attempts to jump over the sofa, my arms encircle her waist, and we both fall on the sofa, her on the bottom. We're face to face and her scent encompasses me. She does smell good.

"If you touch me, I'll scream for mom and you'll be in deep shit. Get the hell off me you big ox."

With that comment something happens, it could be her scent, her hair, her looks, her eyes, her luscious lips. Staring her eye to eye, something in me snaps. My lips hungrily cover her mouth in a passionate kiss. When my mind catches up to my actions realizing what's happened, my expectation is her screaming at the top of her lungs for mom. The notion strikes fear in me, but it didn't happen!

Nicci actually slides her arms around my neck pulling me closer and returning my kiss with tender passion, her soft tongue pushing against my lips requesting entry. In moments our tongues become the best of friends. She tastes of strawberry. The kiss has an electrifying fervor and lasts for several minutes. Finally lifting my head, our eyes meet, with me dumbfounded and totally confused.

"The girls in High School are all crazy."

Nicci pulls my head down to her luscious moist lips and we kiss once more, her hands now on the back of my head, her fingers rolling in my hair. She surprises me once more by pushing me so off balance I crash to the floor in an awkward pile. I watch her posterior disappear upstairs, leaving me wondering what the hell just happened.

For a pregnant second, I remain on the floor as sanity returns, my mind calculates the possible consequences. I'm expecting mom to come tearing down stairs with fire in her eyes and the rolling pin in her hand for molesting her innocent daughter, my preteen sister. Hell, it was her who molested me after the initial kiss, but you'll never hear me admit it. Nicci's ability in the kissing department over-shadows all the other girls at this point in my life. The strawberry taste is still strong and her scent is all over me. Even my chest recalls the small mounds of her breasts, my cock at her crotch. Then it hits me; she actually spread her legs to accommodate my lump. My own sister let me dry hump her!

All's still quiet on the western front as I stop to say goodnight to mom and dad in the living room. They're watching some comedy on television. After saying good night, I head to my bedroom, passing Nicci's room on the way. There's light seeping under the door. In the bathroom, the vision of the imaginary girl I usually have while jerking off is not of current girlfriends from school, but of my young sister. My mind vividly recalling the way she looked in her short skirt, exposing beautiful soft pink skin at the top of her legs so close to heaven. Hell, the size of the wad of cum that hit the bowl must have been a world's record.

Sleep came eventually, with me wondering what the hell had happened. What would the outcome be in the morning as we sit at the kitchen table for breakfast? Will Nicci even let on about anything we did or will it revert back to the battle of the sexes? Would it be the same as every other morning with her taunting me? Was it just a weak moment on her part? What the hell am I thinking? She's my ten year old sister.

Sheepishly entering the kitchen, Nicci looks up at me and smiles, bringing back vivid memories of her kiss last night. No barbs, no insults, she just smiles and continues to eat her cereal. Dad is reading the paper, mom is doing her usual, putting a bowl of cereal in front of me. Nicci, now finished, looks at me, smiles once more and leaves. She's still wearing her rose-colored nightie and a transparent robe of sorts. I can see the outline of her body, something I would have never noticed before, the darker color of her panties, but no bra. That vision is reason for me feeling a surge of growth in lower part of my body. Nicci has never had a sexual effect on me before.

Saturday mornings usually mean meeting the guys at the mall, grabbing a coffee and then lying to each other about our conquests of the night before. We all know we're lying, but it sounds good. Not having a date for tonight, a group of my friends and I plan to go to a movie.

Nicci spends the majority of the day at her friend's house. Tiffany is a beautiful girl from a mixed family. Her mom is black, her dad white and the result is Tiffany, an exotic looking preteen. She moves with the grace of a lioness, her complexion coffee colored, her hair is stark black and shiny. Her lips, oh her lips are made for kissing, full and always looking moist. Even at her age, I've looked at her often. Tiffany's been the subject of many bathroom sessions but I've never looked at Nicci with that same interest until last night.

Getting home at nine-thirty, there's a note on the table. Mom and dad retired early because they're going to visit my uncle tomorrow and they are expecting Nicci and me to be on our best behavior while we're there too. In the past, that request had been a joke, but after what happened last night and the fact that Nicci didn't taunt me this morning, it may change. From the silence in the house, either Nicci is in bed or she hasn't come home from Tiffany's. She has a lot more leeway than I had at her age.

Grabbing a glass of milk, I head for the rec'-room to watch the sports. Ten minutes into the program the sound of the door closing tells me Nicci has come home. A strange feeling runs through my body in anticipation, I am actually shaking. This is a new experience. Nervously, I watch the stair case and then see her looking down at me.

"Hi, how was your movie?"

That question tells me something's changed. No barb, no taunt, just a civilized question. She's wearing low rider jeans that have been molded to her body and a designer T-shirt accenting her small breasts. Her make-up flawless, she does look hot.

"It wasn't bad, and how did your day go?"

"Good. Had fun with Tiffany. She's very pretty don't you think?"

Out of the blue she hits me with a personal question. How am I to answer? Is she fishing for something? She continues down the stairs and plops herself beside me, something that would not have happened two days ago. She'd never sit within arm's length of me for fear of me nailing her for pissing me off. Her scent engulfs me, a stark reminder of her kisses last night. She looks at me, her lips moist and glistening like magnets. Then I say the unthinkable.

"She is good looking, but not as hot as my little sister."

There I said it. Watching the surprised look on her face is interesting. A soft smile follows and her tongue moistens her lips. Oh so sexy. She moves closer. Shit, I want to reach out and hug her, but I still have reservations about this new alliance with the devil's spawn. We've been fighting for years and now everything that's happening is so new, so unthinkable.

"Thank you. You're not so bad yourself. By the way, I really liked what happened last night."

Now looking at her with a sexual connotation is much different than as an antagonist. She does look very sexy. Hell, I've never noticed her long smooth neck, her soft, warm and appealing skin, the way her earrings dangle provocatively as she moves her head. My prior desire was to wring her neck, not to kiss it!

"Well, It's much better than fighting, that's for sure. I've had enough of mom's cuffs."

"I guess I should be sorry about that, but I'm not. You deserved it."

Both of us are eye to eye, waiting for the other to make the first move. Her lips are really beckoning me. Leaning over she follows my lead and our lips touch. The same miracle happens as last night, explosions of feeling flow between our bodies. She breaks the kiss and rearranges her small body across mine, her arms around my neck and we kiss again. Running my hands slowly up and down her body, my fingers find her bra strap and waist band of her thong. Hell! I didn't know she even wore a thong.

"This is much better than fighting. I told Tiffany what happened last night."

All the feelings of expectations I have go out the window and my shaft wilts. She told Tiffany what happened! The hollow feeling in my gut returns. What does Tiffany think of brother and sister kissing?

"Why did you do that? We could get in trouble?"

"Kissing doesn't get you in trouble. The other things do. Besides, she's my best friend. She wouldn't tell anyone."

That comment about other things perks my interest so perhaps there is a glimmer of hope for better things to come but what's she referring to? My lower extremity is starting to grow, pushing into Nicci's rib cage. She moves her body to accommodate my bulge, like it's something she's done daily for years. Just how much does she know about sex?

"What do you mean other things?"

"If I have to tell you, you must have been leading a more sheltered life than I thought."

"Maybe, so tell me."

"Well, if I was to take this out and suck it, that would cause trouble."

Her hand is now on my fully blown hard-on. Is this really my sister? Hell, it feels good; none of my girlfriends have been so bold. She massages my shorts over my cock and my eyes close.

"You like me doing that?"

Now that brings me back to the present; my ten year old sister is giving me a hand job! She takes my nod of confirmation as my acceptance for her to continue. Shit. I'm close to cumming and that can't happen. Mom isn't stupid and I don't want a film of semen in my pants.

"Nicci, you have to stop."

"Are you going to cum?"

"I'm close."

She knows a lot more about this sex thing than I give her credit for. She stops and looks at me.

"This is one of the things that could get us in trouble. If you take off my panties and play with my pussy it could get us in trouble and if I suck you it'd get us in trouble as well."

I was aching before, but after that revelation I'm hurting. My cock is throbbing for release. She still hasn't told me about what Tiffany's reaction was from us just kissing. When she starts lowering my zipper a shiver goes through my body.

"Nicci, are you sure you know what you're doing? Mom and dad are expecting us to go visit with them tomorrow. What we're doing could last all night."

"Well, let me get you off first. Then we can go to bed."

What the hell am I suppose to say to that comment? She wants to get me off; none of my so called girl friends have ever been so bold. My cock is standing straight, released from the confines of my slacks. Nicci seems to be admiring my tool. It's not anything out of the ordinary, about average with the guys that I see in the shower, but I am a bit thicker than most with a large bulbous head. Length-wise, I'm the same as most at about six inches.

"That's a nice cock. The first one I've seen up close. It's so cute. What do you want me to do, rub it or suck it?"

What a way to describe a guy's tool, cute, but at this point, and what she's offering, I let the comment slide.

"Have you done that with boys?"

"No! What kind of girl do you think I am? We talk about it all the time but I don't think any of my friends have done it."

"You realize that when I cum blobs of cream shoots out of me."

"I know that."

"Well, I heard it tastes funny."

"I know that too."

"You'd suck me? What do you want me to do for you?"

Nicci looks at me and seems to have some reservation before speaking.

"I've heard of guys kissing girls ... you know where."

"You want me to kiss your pussy?"

She doesn't say anything. A crimson burst of color floods her face. She turns her head and looks away as she nods, yes. That would be a first for me as well. Guys have mentioned that they've eaten their dates but most of the time it's bullshit. There isn't one of my friends that I know for sure has eaten a girl. At this point, with Nicci's hand wrapped around my cock, I'm game for anything.

"When you're ready?"

With Nicci manipulating my cock as she is, I'm putty in her hands, and hard putty at that. She's fondling my balls as she carefully caresses me. Oh what a feeling!

"Let's go upstairs first. I want to shower."

"Me too."

The last thing I want is to turn Nicci's passions off, so being as clean as possible can't hurt. Hell, this may develop into a regular thing. No more pumping myself in a locked bathroom. She carefully tucks my cock back into my slacks and has a hellva job getting the zipper up.

"Boy, is it big."

What an ego builder. Being a gentleman, I allow her first dibs on the bathroom. Sprawled out on the bed, all I can do is think of what's about to happen. From experience of when I jack off, eating Nicci should come first, because I'm totally blown away after cumming. Again, I don't want to be the cause of ruining a good thing. Nicci's whisper brings me back to the present. She's standing in the doorway, her robe tied at the waist.

"I'm done. Your turn."

It feels good to release my cock from its confines. It's been hard before, but not like it is tonight. Lathering quickly, my shower is completed in record time. While drying I can't help but notice Nicci's clothes neatly piled on the hamper. On top of the pile is her thong, a narrow wisp of silky soft material, with a larger area that would cover her pussy. Before, my thoughts would've been of revulsion. Seeing anything belonging to Nicci blinded me to the fact that she is a girl/woman. Now though, if time permitted, I would've certainly had fun examining them but time is of essence.

The way the house is laid out, our bedrooms are on the second floor. Mom and dad's master is on the main floor and, while theirs is in the front of the house, ours is the upper rear. When we were younger, the sounds of their bedroom antics didn't affect us. Tonight, the reverse is the case. Neither have come upstairs during the night for a long time as they have a bathroom ensuite.

Nicci is in my bedroom, her reddish hair flared out on the pillows and she's still wearing her robe, now untied. When she sees me, she smiles then slowly opens the robe exposing her young naked body. Truthfully, there can't be a more beautiful sight in the world than a woman's body. Of course my target area is between her legs and her luv lips are well defined. What surprises me is the flower of skin protruding between them which actually looks like a tongue sticking out. My later education tells me it was her clitoral hood, and it's beautiful. There is a dusting of red hair framing her moist opening.

Moving closer to the wonders I realize my body is shaking like a leaf in a breeze, devouring the sight of my naked preteen sister. Her scent wafts to me, an intoxicating aroma. There is so much moisture between her legs, it glistens in the soft light. Now on the bed, my fingers explore her soft legs and thighs, edging closer to heaven. This is the second time in our life time that touching Nicci isn't loathsome, the first being last night during our memorable kiss.

She's so soft, her skin so smooth and warm to touch. Nicci's eyes are closed. Small ripples run through her body with each touch, stronger the closer I get to my goal. My first touch to her outer lips nearly sears my brain. Getting a little more adventurous, spreading the lips exposes the renowned clitoris, much maligned in our boy to boy discussions. In Nicci's case, it's a small, light pink protrusion shimmering with moisture. A musky scent combines with the perfume and her pussy beckons me.

Closing my eyes, I go for gold. My lips make contact and my tongue is lapping the moisture and in a few moments, I realize that it continuously flows. Instinct takes over; licking her clitoris gets the best reaction. If this is her first climax, she really gets into it. With her heels digging into the sheets she lifts her bum in the air and I follow her with my mouth still glued to her clit until she explodes. Her hands are on my ears pulling my face into her wet pussy.

After the third time, I lift my head to look at her. Her knees are up and her legs spread wide. Looking just below my snack spot, her asshole is exposed. This is the first female asshole I've ever seen and hers looks so sexy. The small slit is just noticeable in the crack of her ass. Everything between my sister's legs, front and back, is beautiful and exciting, yet I've been fighting with her for years. How dumb have I been?

"Wow. I can't believe what happened. Wait until I tell Tiffany."

That did not bring music to my ears. The shock of that statement goes right to my cock, going limp. A feeling of impending doom takes over from what was a start of something beautiful.

The sudden roar from the bush plane's engine brings me back to the flight. The magnificent scenery explodes below us as we fly out of a cloud bank. Animals are moving, but from this height it's difficult to make out what they are. I'm tucked in the small aircraft along with core samples and everything else that could be fitted in; every space is used to the maximum weight allowed.

With the clamor the engine is making and the air noises it makes talking impossible. The pilot maneuvers the craft between mountain peaks. Even though I've seen these views a few times now, they're still breathtaking. There's a look of concentration on his face. The last thing we need is to go down in this wilderness.

The reason for the trip fills my mind and with the question, "Why did it have to happen?"

"You're going to tell Tiffany what happened? Why?"

"Because we talked about it and she made me promise to tell her everything. We don't have any secrets."

The fear of what could happen is overshadowed by what did happen. Nicci's pussy is sopping wet once more, her luv lips are swollen as a result of my indulgence. Even my cock is perking up at the view. Nicci watches it grow to its prior self.

"Does it do that all the time?"

"No, only when I haven't cum."

"My turn, right?"

As this is all new to both of us, a nod of my head has her looking at me. She smiles then pats the pillow indicating for me to lie down. Once in position, she's all over me like a moist blanket. Her hands are so warm, so soft, her fingers exploring. She grasps my shaft and pushes downwards, sliding the foreskin down revealing its swollen mushroom head. It's a very interesting shade of purple and it's aching.

"That's neat. What's that clear stuff?"

"It is called precum. I think it has something to do with having sex with a girl."

"You've had sex with a girl?"

The moment of truth. After all the macho things I claimed in the past while among my peers, it all comes down to a moment of honesty.

"Not yet."

"Has any girl sucked you?"

Again embarrassed, I answer.

"No. You'll be the first."


There is nothing I can do to stop my body from trembling. My nerves are in control and my eyes are on Nicci as she examines everything. She slides the loose skin up and down, amazed at the feeling and then her attention turns to my testicles that she's hefting in one hand.

"These are so cool. What do they do?"

"I think they make sperm, or at least that's what our health books say."

She leans over me with her mouth open wide and lowers her face to the head of my cock. When her moist mouth closes I nearly ejaculate, but fortunately some self control is left as this is something that needs to be savored for as long as possible. It is fantastic. Just watching Nicci's cheeks as she sucks is so erotic. My cock is being sucked by my sister and it feels so good.

As much as I want to hold off, with the excitement of what's happening, my body's reproductive instinct takes over. Squeezing my legs together doesn't help; the urge to blow is so strong. Will she swallow? That's something all the guys talk about in our bullshit sessions. Not that the conversations are based on experience, just generalities, guesswork and hearsay. Nicci's eyes are closed as she sucks in a soothing rhythm.

"Nicci! I'm going to cum. Do you want it in your mouth."

My mind is hoping for a positive yes, she looks up without removing her mouth and nods, yes! With my heels digging into the sheets, I push upwards trying to get more of my shaft in her mouth. Everything explodes and surge after surge of hot thick creamy cum flows into Nicci's willing mouth. She doesn't miss a beat but continues to suck swallowing every last drop of my cream. There is no other feeling like this in the world. Slowly the feeling dissipates, yet Nicci continues to suck on my shrinking stub.

"You have no idea how good that felt. We should have been doing this for years."

"We have been pretty dumb haven't we?"

With both of us totally satisfied, we snuggle up and actually fall asleep. A number of times, I wake, my face in Nicci's hair. She smells so good, her perfume, shampoo and a wonderful scent of sex. My final sleep comes with thoughts of Nicci's pussy. Is it big enough for sex.

"Dale. We're about to land. Brace yourself. With this load it'll be bumpy."

The plane glides toward the runway at the base camp and the figures scurrying about get larger. There is a group of men waiting as we taxi up to the refueling dock and I spy the project manager and his assistant. As the propeller stops turning, Roger Franks opens the side door.

"We heard, Dale. You got no idea how sad we feel about your loss. Soon as the plane's fueled and loaded it'll take you to Calgary. I've arranged for a flight to Abbotsville and you'll have a stop-over in Chicago."

In no time at all we are back in the air, the plane loaded with boxes of files and reports. Sadness over takes me once more.

Waking up Sunday morning in each other arms is a bit disconcerting. Can this be true? When Nicci opens her eyes she sees me, smiles, leans over and kisses me. Everything that happened last night comes flowing back. The morning sun is pouring into the room highlighting her skin's healthy glow. Her neglected nipples are my current target. Her breasts are small but perky and her nipples protrude like small cherries.

Gently, my fingers caress the mounds and then the nipples. This feels so good. There's no rush, no squirming, just pleasure. My first taste of my sister's nipples gives me a wonderful feeling when she cuddles my head, her fingers caressing my face ever so gently with a touch of love. None of my so-called girl friends have ever done that but now I could care less!.

"Dale. We have to get dressed. Mom and dad want to leave early. We can't let them catch us like this."

She's right. If there was some way of getting out of the trip I would, just to spend the day in bed with Nicci. In the kitchen mom prepares our bacon and eggs as she talks to dad. It's all about the visit and we get the same old lecture.

"Dale! I don't want you to embarrass us fighting with your sister. If you do there will be hell to pay."

"I promise to be good. I have a pile of homework to keep me busy."

"Nicci. I don't want you teasing your brother. Be good for a change and surprise your Uncle and Aunt."

"I promise too."

After breakfast Nicci disappears to change for the trip. My room smells of sex, the memory of eating Nicci flowing into my thoughts. Will there be more tonight? Opening the window, hopefully to air it out, the last thing we need is mom questioning me. The sheets are wrinkled, but there's no evidence of cum or Nicci's pussy juice. The pillows smell of her shampoo and perfume. Mom's voice yelling my name reminds me of the pending trip.

"Dale! We're waiting for you."

"Coming mom."

Nicci is already in the back seat when I climb in. She's wearing a short blue skirt, a white blouse and white stay-ups, similar to what she was wearing Friday night when we first kissed. How could anyone, including me, be so blind to the blossoming beauty right in front of my eyes?

Grabbing a text book, my plan is to do some research for my term project. It isn't long before mom and dad are involved in a conversation totally ignoring us. Nicci touches my arm to get my attention. She looks at me then at her skirt and slowly raises the hem until her thong is exposed. The imprint of her pussy is outlined in the crotch and a number of reddish hairs have escaped. She accomplishes her goal watching my slacks tent. So much for my good intentions about studying. All through the trip, she caresses my thigh and every time she's sure it's safe she grasps my tool.

While at our aunt and uncle's my homework goal is accomplished. Nicci finds a number of things to do away from me and keeps temptation at bay. Finally, my parents call for us to get ready, advising we're leaving shortly.

It's dark when we make the return trip home. It'd been somewhat of a trying day. Even with the distraction of my homework I kept thinking about the later possibilities. Nicci spent most of her time with our cousin. They walked by me a number of times, each time Nicci making kissing signs with those luscious lips but always from a safe distance when it could only be seen by me.

"You two did us proud. No fighting. You've got no idea how it helps me and your dad to enjoy the visit."

With mom and dad occupied with the events of the day, Nicci and I act as if we're asleep. Nicci has leaned against me after throwing a car blanket over us. When mom looked over the seat she's surprised.

"Well look at that! They're asleep. Nicci is actually using Dale's shoulder as a pillow. Maybe they're finally growing up."

What she didn't know was that Nicci had taken my hand and put it on her thigh and spread her legs wide. When I moved my hand upwards there was a surprise. She'd removed her thong and my fingers are caressing her pussy and rubbing her clitoris. She lowers my zipper and has my cock out caressing me. What could be better than this? This went on for nearly an hour.

Nicci sits up and moves her body so she is facing me, then lies down with her head in my lap. With the car blanket draped over her body and my lap she appears to be sleeping. Unbeknown to mom and dad she managed to get my cock in her mouth and is happily sucking me. It took all my will power not to make any noise when she drained me of every drop of cream. For the balance of the trip my finger is deep in her pussy while she continues to suck my stub.

It's clear when we land in Calgary. As in all major airports, from the sky it looks like total confusion with planes landing while others are taxing to take off. Once again my employer has people waiting for me. Quickly, they find my luggage and we're nearly running to departure-area of the airport where my flight is now boarding. Hell, this is timed to the minute; from landing to take-off no more than twenty minutes have passed. Prior to me boarding a very attractive young lady hands me a McDonald's bag, a large hot coffee and a bagel. She has no idea how much I need it. My last meal was over eighteen hours ago. Once the plane levels off, sleep over takes me. Oh, Nicci, why? Why?

Arriving home late and tomorrow being a school day, we both hit the shower and then to bed. Nicci had done a wonderful job on the ride home. The feeling on my flaccid cock as she gently sucked still brings a smile. She does enjoy sucking me, but not as much as I did. Resigned that she likely went straight to bed, my mind takes me for a review of the wonderful feeling from today before falling asleep. The slight click of the door draws my attention to a shadowy figure coming to my bed. Nicci lets her robe slide down and her nude body slips in beside me. Our kiss is like adrenaline. We're both wide awake.

After what she did for me this afternoon, in a matter of seconds my mouth is between her legs eating. Nicci gets right into climaxing, maneuvering to give me better access to her pussy. What she inadvertently accomplishes is exposing her tight little asshole. For no other reason than it's so close to my face, my tongue flicks it. No revolting taste and, in the soft light, I watch her ass cheeks scrunch as my tongue flicks her asshole.

Mouthing the whole area surrounding her asshole, I suck and tongue while spreading her cheeks. It must have felt sensuous because her bum loosens up giving me total unrestricted access. After a few minutes, her beautiful tight rimmed anal hole is relaxed enough for the tip of my tongue to enter. It becomes part of our ritual and eventually leads to our first experience with anal sex.

For the next three weeks Nicci and I continue to explore each others body at every opportunity. My five finger-friends retire in favor of Nicci's more than willing mouth. None of my cream is wasted; she develops a taste for cum. It's a month into our new found relationship when she drops a bomb.

"Dale, I have something to ask you. Don't get mad."

"Ask away."

"Tiffany wants to see you."

At this point I am not too fast on the uptake. With Nicci taking care of all my needs, any sexual connotation isn't even considered.

"What does she want to see me about?"

"She doesn't want to see you about anything. She wants to see 'you'."

Then it hits me. Tiffany wants to see all of me. The look on my face has to be total confusion. Hey, it's not that I wouldn't like to be in a room with Tiffany naked, but how often does a sister propose offer a proposition like that to her brother?

"I think you had better say exactly what you mean to make sure I understand what you are saying."

That is a mouthful.

"You know that Tiffany is staying over for the weekend. Mom and dad are going out to a dinner on Saturday night. She asked me to ask you to show her your 'you know what'."

"And what's she going to do in return?"

"I don't know, but she'll be naked so you can see her. I know you'll like what you'll see."

The answer to the opportunity is a no-brainer.

"Just what do you have in mind?"

"When mom and dad leave, she'll get ready for you. You can use my room so that her perfume won't get on your sheets. Mom might notice."

"Sounds good to me. What am I expected to do?"

"The same things you do to me."

The thought of getting between Tiffany's legs and licking her dark pussy does have its appeal. Over the next three days, every time I see Tiffany with Nicci, she smiles and then looks down embarrassingly. By Saturday night I am hornier than an Orangutan in heat. Even with Nicci taking care of my daily needs, sometimes twice, the anticipation of what's soon to happen keeps me tighter than a drum. Many times Nicci's lust for cum has her on her knees before we go to school. Sometimes when I'm shaving she just walks in and gives me a blowjob. I'm one lucky person, and to think all we did before was to fight.

Saturday evening seems to take forever to come. All day, much as I tried to do other things, Tiffany and the evening are on my mind. The worst part of this adventure is when Tiffany comes over early in the afternoon and then prances around taunting me with her body. Hell, all she has to do is walk into a room and it taunts me.

Finally mom and dad depart, leaving me alone with the two girls. I think all three of us watch as the car backs out of the driveway then speeds away. It's a rush to my room to undress. I've showered and shaved before mom and dad left. Feeling foolish, I sit on my bed naked as a jaybird waiting for the door to open.

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