The Girl in the Window

by dirtycopper

Copyright© 2009 by dirtycopper

Sex Story: He sees her in the window and takes a chance. exhib, voy, f-solo, mastbr

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

I was at a friend's party and stepped outside to smoke. I walked away from the patio area a little so as not to offend others with my exhaust when I noticed a faint light coming through a window of an adjacent apartment. Now I'm not a peeping tom or anything normally, but my first glance that way made me want a closer look.

Feeling a little guilty, and looking around to make sure no one was paying attention, I tried to casually drift closer. Shit, my eyes weren't deceiving me. I drifted even closer now, a hasty, guilty glance over my shoulder assuring me no one was watching.

The glow of the computer screen, the only light in the room, bathed her body in a bluish white light. It glinted off her body in a several places, the ring in her navel, the bangles on her wrist, and the piercing in her lower lip, all reflected the light from her screen.

I couldn't see what she could as the screen was turned from my view, but I had a pretty good idea what she was watching. Her small right hand had pushed up her tank top, her slim fingers worrying at the one small tit that was revealed. She played with her hard little nipple, her gaze intently upon the screen.

As I watched she shoved back a little from the desk, leaning back to hook a leg over the arm of her chair, her left hand sliding under her short skirt, her wrist flexing as she was obviously rubbing her pussy. I felt myself harden in my jeans and looked around to see if anyone was watching. No one seemed to be paying attention to me and my eyes were drawn back to the scene in the window.

She moved suddenly and I feared I'd been discovered, but she paid me no mind. Urgently she shoved her top the rest of the way up, exposing both her tits to the light of the monitor. They were small, little more than a mouthful, but on her they looked perfect. She cupped them now, squeezing them in her slim fingers and pinching her nipples to hardness.

Her right hand dipped, tugging frantically at the hem of her skirt and revealing her panties. Her fingers dived under the top edge, the cloth pulling away from her skin as the thin string around her waist was stretched. I could see the outline of her knuckles through the cloth as her fingers worked beneath the cloth, worrying at her clit.

Still not satisfied her hands flew to her waist, and raising her butt, she pulled her panties from under her, shoving them down to just below her knees. Flopping back in the chair she spread her legs revealing her shaved pussy, puffy from arousal.

I could see her lips were moist, reflecting the light of the screen as she hands went to the juncture of her thighs, rubbing and working at her sex frantically. She was biting her lower lip, setting the small green stone there to dancing, her upper body quivering as she sought her release. She cried out, so loudly I heard it faintly through the glass and looked around to see if anyone else had.

I was alone in the yard now, the other smokers having drifted back inside as the night grew cool, but strangely I felt quite warm. I turned back to the window, watching as she jerked and quiver through her orgasm, feeling a little let down that my show would be over.

She sat up, reaching for the mouse, her left hand still buried beneath her skirt which had fallen down from her movement. A few quick moves of the wrist and a click or too and she smiled, leaning back again. She began to tease herself, working at her clit slowly with one finger while her left hand caressed her small breasts, almost like a lover would caress her.

Whatever she was watching was exciting her though, and her movements soon became more purposeful. She rubbed circles around her clit, working herself up and then cupped her whole sex with her hand, almost like she wasn't wanting to come yet. Yet her movements grew more and more jerky, more frantic, and she suddenly arched her back, hips jerking in a rhythmic fashion.

My cock was aching, and I longed to take it out and jerk off as she pleasured herself, but I knew if anyone walked outside it would be immediately obvious what I was doing. I rubbed myself through my jeans, longing to join her and worried I'd get caught. What was the penalty for being a peeping tom, I wondered.

I watched her cum, enjoying the obvious rapture on her face, wishing I could join her. I stepped closer, not worried she would see me as it was fairly dark out here and the light from the screen would have made her night vision ineffective.

She didn't even seem to pause after her latest orgasm, reaching for something I couldn't see. Her hand returned filled with a vibrator and my cock lurched in my pants. She lay back, a satisfied grin on her face, and spread her knees as far as possible. Her black thong hung off one ankle but she paid it no mind as she began teasing her clit with the toy.

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