Bathroom Incident

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2009 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Her husband set her up to be interrupted, while naked, in the bathroom by his younger brother; she turns it around and makes him her bathroom slave.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Reluctant   InLaws   FemaleDom   Oral Sex   Water Sports   .

She didn't know if anyone else heard her scream; David certainly did, her brother in law. There he stood, absolutely wide eyed, "Probably with a hard on," she thought fleetingly. But he certainly was paying attention.

It was a vacation; they went, she and her husband to his folk's place for a brief visit. Everything was very nice and pleasant. But today everyone but her her, her husband and his 15 year old brother David were gone. She'd taken a late shower and was just drying her blond hair, when the bathroom door opened. She put down the towel to say something to her husband, whom she thought had walked in on her, but then she saw David, her brother in law. He was seemingly rooted to the spot and had huge eyes as he took in her nakedness.

She was facing him at the time, with all of her front, tits, nipples straining from the effects of the rubbing and the shower itself, and fluffed but clipped pussy hair, hiding barely her pussy slit.

And she screamed! It was her first and most immediate reaction. David kind of grunted a 'sorry', a very quick one and he was gone.

Samantha calmed down pretty quickly, and wondered about just how that incident came about. Had her husband sent his young brother in to the bathroom knowing that she'd be naked for a, what? A joke? A turn on? An invitation for her to have sex with the younger brother.

"Well," she vowed, "I'll find out; that's for sure."

Later that evening, when everyone was kind of into their own business, she had a chance to talk with her husband about it.

"Do you know what happened to me today, when I'd just come out of the shower?" she asked him.

"No, what?" he answered innocently.

"David walked in on me," she replied.

"Hmmm," he said guardedly, "He did? How were you dressed?"

"Naked," she said grimly, still trying to see what was going on.

"How do you think that happened?" she continued.

"Hey, babe," he said to her, "Don't get so upset about it; it was a joke that's all. I sent him to get something. He came back somewhere between star struck and terrified; so, whatever you did, it put the fear of god into him."

"I don't appreciate it at all," she said coldly.

"Aw, come on," he wheedled, "Give the kid a break; you are the goddess as far as he is concerned."

It struck her then that what he was saying at least fit with the look on David's face, as he was standing and staring at her in the bathroom. The thought stuck in her mind, and she thought to herself that maybe, just maybe she could play the same kind of game and get back at both of the two ornery brothers.

She let it drop then but continued to think and, finally, plan for what she might do about this. The one element in the whole thing that her husband had not taken into account was that it was embarrassing to her, that she was victimized. David had gotten the show of his young life but she was left with nothing but humiliation.

The more that she thought about it, the more determined she was to do something about it. She was not a person who allowed the men in her life to get the last laugh on her.

They watched some TV that evening and, her husband snuggled her up close to him. David was there also. His mom was in and out of the room; his dad was off somewhere.

Her husband seemed to be unaware of the quick and covert glances that David was throwing at her, every now and then. She certainly was aware of them, and the intensity of them.

It was then that a kind of plan began to form in her mind. She thought about it, losing interest in the movie and even, for that time, of her husband's idle intentions to feel her up, while his brother was still in the room.

"Yes, that might do nicely," she thought to herself, and adding a bit of justification, she said to herself then: "It might give me a chance to do some things that were always fantasies sitting in the back of her mind.

Completely unaware, her husband played into her hands by telling her that he and his parents had something to do the next day. It involved getting some stuff ready for an up-coming event. They would have to go to a nearby town and do it, and it would probably take them the whole day.

She complained mildly only about it. And he seemed to be happy that she agreed to the plan. She'd stay with David and get some reading done that she wanted to do.

That night her husband was vigorous in his lovemaking. She didn't know if lingering thoughts about his sending David to check her out had anything to do with it or not. It certainly was constantly on her mind, however. All the while her husband was moving his hand and then his tongue around her body, she was thinking and planning. She wondered, if David was jerking off thinking about her and how she looked naked.

She realized, as she lay in the darkness, when the lovemaking was finished, that she was looking forward to her plan. She smiled into the darkness.

"He saw me naked," she thought into the darkness, "Now I'll begin to teach him his place."

She just barely suppressed a giggle at the thought. She idly wondered then, if David would come and say anything or apologize about it. He certainly had been avoiding her all evening. He had nothing to say to her about anything, even when she tried to draw him out and talk to him.

"I'll see tomorrow," was her last thought before sleep.

She found the next day that her plan was even more exciting that day than it was the day before, when she was thinking it up.

Early in the day her husband and his folks were gone. She decided to waste no time at all implementing her plan. She sought David out, and found him at his computer. He moved from the site he was watching immediately, when she knocked and entered the room.

She was sure that she'd caught him at some porn. She'd hold that knowledge for later.

"David," she began calmly, noticing right away his nervousness, "I want to ask you if you had anything to say to me about what happened yesterday?"

"Yesterday," he said vaguely.

She smiled a brief smile, knowing that he was going to play it dumb. She thought that this was, then the first opportunity to put her plan into action.

"David, don't you dare play dumb with me, now or every; you listen to what I'm saying and you'd better respond to me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, uh, Samantha," he said.

"No," she shot back at him, "That had better be 'no, ma'am.' Do you get it?"

He looked at her with a mixture of terror and slavish devotion. She smiled inwardly at having guessed right about him, and having followed her husband's lead about David's devotion to her.

"Yes, uh, ma'am," he wheezed back at her, "I, uh, get it."

"Then?" she said sharply. Here she interrupted him before he began to say anything:

"Let's make one thing clear, if we're to be good friends, then you will at all times and every time be truthful to me; is that clear?"

"Yes, ma'am," he said, and it tumbled out more easily this time.

"Now yesterday," she said as though waiting patiently.

"Yesterday, uh, you know I thought that I was supposed to get something from the bathroom; I didn't know you were in there."

"And naked," she put in.

He reddened; that pleased her, and he repeated after her: "And naked." That pleased her even more.

She decided that she loved toying with him like this. Then she shifted gears:

"Did you like what you saw, David? Remember truthfulness or you and I are strangers from now on."

He was wide eyed at her question and the kind of promise that he thought it held. He hastened to answer:

"Oh, yes; you're way, way beyond gorgeous."

She didn't thank him; rather she just took it as her due.

"Now listen to me, David," she said in a deadly serious tone of voice, "If we go on with this from here, you abide by the rules. Is that clear?"

"Totally, ma'am," he said simply.

"You will never touch me except in ways that I will allow; clear?" she demanded.

"Clear, ma'am," he said to her.

"You will do whatever I tell you to do anytime we are together alone; clear?" she demanded next.

"Clear, ma'am," he answered.

"We are friend, when others are around, and can call each other by common names; but when we're alone, I am always 'ma'am'; is that clear?"

"Clear, ma'am," he answered.

She was sure that if she'd told him then to jump out of the window, out he'd go. She had, however, one more card to play to get this rolling for real.

"Okay then, David, I'm going to the bathroom for a shower; I'll be getting out of the shower in 20 minutes. The door will be unlocked. If you decide to come into the bathroom, while I'm drying myself, it will mean that you understand my rules and will abide by them. And don't you ever think that you'll get away with betraying me on this. You don't ever want to see me angry."

"No, ma'am," he said meekly, "I understand all of it."

"Fine," she said, "I'm going to shower now."

Samantha was just out of the shower and drying her hair, when there was a knock on the door.

"Yes?" she asked imperiously.

"It's, uh, me, David," he said from the door.

"Come in, boy; don't stand there outside the door."

He did come in and just stood and stared at her nakedness. She spoke up sharply:

"You certainly have this thing about standing and gawking at my nakedness. Don't you?"

"Yes, ma'am," he said in a caviling voice, "I'm sorry."

"Stop groveling," she spit at him. "Well, we've all seen me naked, now I get to see you naked; get those clothes off; Now!"

He jumped into action and had his shorts, tee shirt and underwear off in no time.

His small four inch cock was at attention.

"My, my that's a small thing; isn't it, David?" she said a bit spitefully.

He hesitated but she just spit out at him: "Don't you cross me, boy; you just answer my question."

"Uh, yes, ma'am," he began, "My, uh, thing is small."

"Your what?" she shot at him.

"My, uh, well you know; penis," he said blushing to the very roots of his hair.

"For heaven's sake, be a man in that at least, David, use the dirty words; I at least am an adult. Say it! Say it, boy!"

"My cock," he said quickly glancing at her and then away, "My cock is small."

"Don't you turn your head away, when you're talking to me," she almost shouted at him.

He looked at her, wide eyed, and said: "Sorry, ma'am."

"Okay now for another rule; David are you paying attention?" she wanted to know.

"Yes, ma'am, I am," he answered softly.

"Good, when we're here together, I get to be dressed but you will always be naked. Now repeat the rule for me."

"The rule is that when we're here together, you get to be dressed and I must be naked."

"Good boy," she said.

"My that little pecker looks fierce standing up like that; it's kind of cute being so small. David, I want you to play with yourself."

"What?" he said kind of horrified.

"Yes, are you deaf and dumb, boy?" she shouted at him. "Do what you would have done, while watching that porn on the computer in your room."

He reddened again. His hand slowly went to his cock, which despite her tone and her words was as stiff as ever.

She laughed then and said to him: "Why, David, look at how stiff your little man has gotten; I do believe that you like it, when I treat you this way! Is that so?"

He lowered his head, and remembered right away to raise it again and said to her, remembering the admonition about honesty:

"Yes, ma'am, it does turn me on!"

"My, my, you are something," she laughed, "What will happen to that little prick, when I take you over my knee and spank you?"

"Spank, ma'am?" he said quietly, as though not hearing right.

"Yes, spank you; we'll do that tomorrow; won't that be nice, David?"

"Yes, ma'am, it would be."

"Good now jerk off for me, like a good boy. Be sure to catch it in your hand. And don't you dare stop looking at me, while you play with that little dickie of yours."

David stared at her with a look of wonder or awe on his face, as he began to pump his hard little cock as he was told. He came quickly and into his hand, as she'd ordered him.

"Hm, your little thing spits pretty quickly, David, doesn't it?"

"Yes, uh, ma'am," he said panting from his sexual exertion.

"Now be a good boy and rub some of that lovely white cum all over your face; when you've done that, I want you to lick your hand clean."

David was beyond any kind of action at that point but simply obedience. He rubbed the cum around, covering his face with it and then he licked his hand clean, all the while staring at her.

"One more little thing," she said, "And then we're done for now; I'm not sure that I've gotten my feet completely clean. You just come over here and sit and you can clean them."

She indicated the toilet to him, and as he shuffled across the room to sit on the toilet, as she ordered him, she raised the seats so that he had to clasp the side of the toilet with his thighs to keep from falling into the gaping hole of the commode.

She giggled and said: "Why you look so comical there, David; you don't mind do you?"

"No, uh, ma'am," he said quickly, "I don't mind at all."

Then she lifted her foot up and told him to begin by licking the toes, between the toes and the soles of her feet. He complied, and gave her a foot bath with his tongue.

When he was done, she said to him:

"David, I know how difficult it must have been to keep your knees clasped to stay out of the toilet; but now I want you to unclasp your thighs."

He looked her for a second and did as she told him. Immediately he sunk into the toilet and was partially stuck.

"I'm going to leave you there now; I see that your little man is thinking about partying again. Maybe later; you can play with him, while I watch again. For the rest of the day until late in the afternoon, or we hear the folks coming home, no clothes for you. Understand?"

"Understand, ma'am," he said.

She turned to leave but he interrupted her departure:

"Uh, ma'am," he called out to her, causing her to turn around and face him.

"Uh, can I, uh, kiss your hand?"

"Not this time, David, you earn that privilege," she said, and she was gone from the bathroom as he struggled to get out of the toilet.

It was a short while later that Samantha went upstairs and into David's room; she entered without knocking. She just went in. He was sitting at the computer, and she could see over his shoulder that he was watching a porn site.

"Get up, David," she ordered.

He did so immediately; he let the computer exactly where he'd had it. It was a b & d site that he had visited.

"Oh, look at this," Samantha squealed with pleasure, when she saw the site. "Look at all those young men and how they are tied up and whipped by the nasty women."

Then she turned as if to notice David for the first time. She said with laughter in her voice:

"Well, well, your little man certainly seems to have liked that site with its boys being whipped and tied up. Did he, David, did your little man like that site?"

"Yes, ma'am," he said now with no hesitation, he gulped and went on: "My, uh, little man likes that site."

"And what do you think of, when you're going to sites like that, David?"

"You, ma'am," he said quietly.

"Speak up, David," she said, "I can't hear you."

"You, ma'am," he repeated much louder than before.

"Well, I've thought of our situation, David and how you came blundering into the bathroom, while I was there naked, and how much your little man liked seeing me that way, so, I'm going to do something nice for you."

"Yes, ma'am!?" he put in immediately.

"Yes, David, just between you and me, I'm going to make you my body slave. Isn't that a nice idea, David?"

"Body slave, ma'am," he said almost in disbelief, as though he couldn't believe what he was hearing, "That's a wonderful idea, ma'am; if you mean it."

"Oh, I do, David, I assure you, I do," she said with a cold look in her eye. "Does your little man like the idea, David?"

"Yes, ma'am," he said immediately, "My little man likes the idea very much."

"Well, then, David," she said with a smile now, "We'll have a little ceremony that will initiate you into my service and show you one of your functions as my body slave. Isn't that nice, David?"

"Yes, ma'am, you are being so good to me."

"I know I am," she sighed, "But you seem to need to be taught your function in life and now I can do that. Come with me."

Saying that, Samantha grabbed David by his small but stiff cock and led him out of his bedroom. She held onto him until she had him in the bathroom again.

"He's so small that he's hard to hold onto, David," she laughed.

"I know, ma'am," he sighed.

Then she began to direct him: "Okay, David, I want you to sit on the toilet; you know how by now, seat up and no grasping thighs. I want you in the toilet, David, for our little lesson and ceremony."

"Yes, ma'am," he said and the teen ager, thoroughly cowed by this gorgeous older woman, did exactly as he knew he should.

He sat on the toilet porcelain rim, and, not clasping the edge with his thigh muscles, slid down into the toilet. He looked both miserable and resigned to this but at the same time he had a faint air of excitement about him.

"You'll like this next part, David," she said to him then, "I assure you that you will."

Having said that to him, she unbuttoned the waist button of her jeans. Then smiling at him all the while, Samantha pulled her pants down to her ankles, and off. It left her with a tee shirt and bra on but only in a pair of beige panties below the waist.

"Does your little man like the fact that I've taken my pants off, David?"

"Oh, yes, ma'am," he chimed in right away, "My little man is excited about it."

"Well, if you do what you're told now and behave really well, I'll let you play with your little man again, and make him spit for us; isn't that nice, David?"

"Yes, ma'am," he answered, "It is, you are really nice."

Then Samantha whisked her panties off and set them aside. She walked over to him and said: "Ready, David?"

"Ready, ma'am," he said with an eagerness now in his voice for her.

"Do this right, David, and you get to be my body slave, and see me naked all the time that we're together."

"Oh, thank you, ma'am," he said earnestly.

She was over at the toilet by then, approaching him. She put one leg on one side of him and the other on the far side of him, so that she was straddling him, as he sat sunken in the toilet.

She moved in close then putting her pussy directly at his face level.

"Here we go, David, you fortunate young man," she cooed at him, "You're going to learn to be my personal toilet, David."

"Toilet, ma'am?" he asked wide eyed.

"Yes, David, now open your mouth real wide," was her next order.

He let out a combination sob and joyful sigh, as she pulled his head forward and placed his wide open mouth directly on her pussy.

"Here we go now, David, your initiation to being my personal body slave, and my own private toilet."

She began to piss in his mouth. "Hold it all, David," she admonished him. "Drink it down; don't lose any of it, David, it's my gift to you, so enjoy it."

His only acknowledgement was with inarticulate sounds that he made while drinking her piss. The true joy of it for him was that it put his mouth right up against her pussy, the pussy that he loved so. He was afraid at first that he was going to ejaculate, while she was pissing in his mouth. He refrained only with great difficulty.

"There now," she said, as she finished her pissing, "One last lick to clean up the area. Good job, David, you get the job."

He looked sheepishly at her, and he was red in the face but managed: "Oh, thank you ma'am for allowing me to serve you that way."

"Well," she continued, "You did such a good job that I'm going to let you play with your little man now. Let him cum into your hand and then rub it into your hair, and then lick your hand clean."

"Up, up," she said to him, "Before I change my mind."

That put him into action. He struggled but finally got himself unstuck from the toilet bowl and was standing before her, kind of hunched over and began to self consciously jerk himself off.

"Does our little man like the way you're treating him?" she asked.

"Yes," he said in a strained voice through clenched teeth, as he came in his hand.

"Lovely," she said, "Now remember my instructions; rub it in your hair and then lick your hand."

He did exactly as she told him to do, plastering down his hair with the cum and then licking the rest of it off of his hand.

"You've done that all very well, David; I'm proud of you," she said.

"Thank you, ma'am," he replied meekly.

"You've earned yourself some free time," she went on. "I'm going to go for a run and will be back in a bit. There are just a few services that you can perform for me, before I go."

Saying that, she took off her tee shirt and gave it to him saying: "Here take this, and my panties. And, yes, David, as a kind of reward, you can sniff them."

He held the panties up to his nose and sniffed them deeply. She left the room then telling him that she'd be right back. She came back with pair of light blue spandex running pants. And a clean tee shirt.

"Bra," she said to him, and he helped her put her bra on. Then she said: "Pants," and he performed the same service, helping her get into the spandex running pants.

"Now you just go back to your porn site, and I'm going to go for my run. When I get back, I'll have more little services that you can help me with."

"Of course, ma'am," he said smiling at her.

She was really pleased with herself, as she went out for her run. She worked up a good sweat and returned grinning and full of more plans.

She went directly to his room. He was at the computer.

"Still the porn?" she wanted to know.

"Yes, ma'am," he answered.

"Well, get up," she ordered, "I have work for you."

"Yes, ma'am," he said, hurrying from his seat and across the room where she was waiting for him.

She lifted her hands and said "Tee shirt and bra off."

He did as he was told, once again thrilled to be able to see her undress.

"I'm sweaty," she said to him, still holding her arms up in the air, "lick the sweat from my armpits."

He got the same kind of look on his face that he'd had, when she had pissed in his mouth. But it was now a totally rapturous look. David was way beyond in love with her. He was at the point of worshiping her.

He leaned over and began to lick the sweat from her armpits, until he had them clean of sweat and musk.

"Good job," she said, "If you perform your next task as well, you can play with your little man."

"Thank you, ma'am," he said to her meekly.

"Now take off my running pants," she ordered him.

He did as he was told. She stood magnificent in her sweaty nakedness before him. He knew then that all of his instincts to worship her were correct, absolutely correct.

"Behind me now," she commanded next, "Hand and knees."

When he was in place behind her, staring at her lovely ass, she said to him:

"Now pry my ass cheeks apart and lick my sweaty ass, including my asshole."

All that he could manage was an audible sigh.

"Good job now," she said brightly, "and you get to play with your little man again."

David's hands were trembling as he reached out for Samantha's ass cheeks. He stared at the sweat on her skin and almost forgot what he was supposed to do.

"Is there a problem, David?" she asked a bit annoyed.

"No, ma'am," he said quickly, now laying his hands, trembling on her sweaty ass cheeks and prying them apart.

He drank in the funky, sweaty aroma of her ass, and began to do what he never thought, in his wildest dreams, that he'd do. He leaned in and with an attitude of somewhere between love and worship, began to lick her ass.

He licked around the rim, first one side and then the other. Then he began to lick deeper licking down one side of the inside of her ass cheeks and then the other. This finally brought his tongue to the rosebud of her asshole. He licked it and then began to try to stick the tongue inside of the asshole.

He worked at it for a long time; until finally she said to him:

"Nice job, David; you've found your niche in life, I think! Now play with your little man for me."

Again, he complied and began to jerk off for her.

"In your hand, David," she ordered him.

He did it that way, and licked the cum out of his hand, as she allowed.

Samantha read for a while, and, after a bit, noticed that David was not around. She put the book down and, now a bit angry, went to his room. He was there at the computer. As soon as she entered the room, she didn't bother knocking, since he was now hers, she found him, and noticed that his cock began to get hard.

"What do you think you're doing?" she demanded to know.

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