Sapphires & Emeralds
Chapter 13

Copyright© 2009 by Taylor Gibbs

Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 13 - NCIS fanfiction.An undercover assignment leads to an entanglement for NCIS. Will Abby get trapped in a web of lies? Who IS that blue-eyed stranger who sets her on fire with his touch? Gibbs and Abby pairing. Alt. Universe. Co-written with Zabby.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fan Fiction  

As the elevator moved past the third floor and the squad and break rooms and headed toward the fourth floor with the director's office and his conference rooms, the car was filled with groans of frustration.

"Who pressed the wrong button?" Ziva growled out, as she watched the lights flash by.

"Easy, Ziva," Abby teased. "We'll just have to press the button again when we stop. The right button this time.'

But when the doors opened on the third floor, Abby had only a moment when she turned around before spotting Jet on the other side. She was suddenly pulled toward him.

When his lips came crushing against hers in his own special kind of domination, she heard growls coming from the elevator behind her. She would have laughed if she had been free. Instead, the laughter came from behind her, from Ziva.

"Stand down, gentlemen. It's about time Abby had someone who wants to dominate her. Someone who wants to jerk her against them. Someone who wants to devour her like he is doing right now. Someone who wants..."

"Enough, Ziva!" Tim complained. "We got the picture..." he said as the doors closed on them.

Ducky quietly hit the level one button, hoping none of them saw his maneuver. It was nice seeing Abby getting a man's attention for a change. "Well, then, I guess we'll just have to wait until we rise again."

"Do women really want that?" Tony asked everyone in the elevator, focusing mostly on Ziva. "Even a She-Ra woman like you, you want that, Ziva? You want some guy to just ... do that?"

When the elevator dinged on the autopsy level, Ducky gave them an innocent smile. "I seem to have caught a bit of a chill. Will you be dears and hold the elevator while I run and grab a sweater?"

Ziva smiled at Ducky's maneuverings, glad the two guys had missed his "accidental" button pushing. Holding the door for the doctor by stepping in the pathway, she looked at Tony as she answered him. "Oh yes, Tony. Some women really do want that. The Alpha male who takes what he wants, who grabs and holds onto whatever he needs. It can be very ... arousing. But not all women want that," she hurried to reassure them at Tim's crestfallen look.

"Some women prefer the more gentle approach to courtship and even to love making. I find to prefer both sides of the bed, as it were."

Tony arched an eyebrow. Ziva not in control? Ziva wanting to be taken by a stronger adversary but then wooed. He gave her a smirk. "I'm equal parts Conan, Rhett, and Darcy, Ziva."

Ducky, too, arched an eyebrow, regarding Ziva with a small smile playing over his face. "And a man truly comfortable in his skin will adapt with grace and love to whatever his partner needs at any given time."

She was an enigma, Ziva, and Ducky was finding his senses quite aroused and intrigued. "A true renaissance gentleman loves the challenge and variety of a woman secure in her many roles."

"I think a true gentleman period, Ducky. As a true lady would in kind, at least one who lived for more than a stateroom." Turning to Tony, Ziva teased him, asking, "Are you offering, Tony? Because last time I checked, the only chemistry we create is when we blow things up."

Tony snorted and shrugged. He and Ziva were like siblings. They flirted sometimes out of sheer boredom but there was nothing there beyond a mild appreciation for another attractive body. "Dating you would be like dating my sister."

"If you had a sister, that is, yes? Because last time I checked, and I have checked, you have no sister."

"If I had a She-Ra kind of sister, yeah," Tony agreed, grinning. He glanced back at McGee and shrugged.

"What is a She-Rra? Is there a He-Ra?" Ziva asked confused.

Tony should have known that Ziva wouldn't have been exposed to the He-Man world. "There's He-Man and She-Ra. Twins. Brother and sister. Masters of the Universe cartoon series. McGee's first crush was probably She-Ra. She was gorgeous and she knew how to fight. And for a long time people thought they were a couple, which was kind of funny when you think about it but kind of disturbing in a way too. It was a comic book series that were made into cartoons in the '80s." Tony angled a glance at McGee. "You a fan, McGeek?"

"I was more interested in my chemistry set and taking apart the television than actually watching it."

"So it was a cartoon based on an incecstual relationship between universal cartoons?" Ziva was more confused than before Tony had started to explain. "And the American television system was okay with this?"

Tony laughed, shaking his head. "No, they were brother and sister, no chemistry. No incest. Or even insects. But people saw what they wanted to see. Some folks'll Brokeback anything or make characters be involved. Even Thom E. Gemcity has fans who want Tommy and Lisa together," he said, referring to the characters in McGee's books, 'The Continuing Adventures of M. Fredrick'. "And have you ever seen the fanfic sites?"

"Are there people out there, breaking the backs of others? Should this be something we need to investigate? I have yet to hear about a serial killer singularly breaking the backs of the victims." Shaking her head to show her complete confusion, Ziva continued. "What are fanfic sites, DiNozzo? Is this a new ailment that I need to be concerned of your medical condition from the plague? Does it enter at certain sites on your body?"

Tony let out a frustrated growl. "Brokeback Mountain, Ziva,. The movie. Two guys in love, forbidden love. Won a lot of awards a few years ago. Fanfic is ... fanfic. People write stories about their favorite movies or TV shows or books, change the plots or focus on characters that don't have an intense a relationship. People pair Tommy and Lisa together a lot, or Fred and Amy. Sometimes even Lisa and McGregor or Lisa with Drake, the kindly but handsome English doctor. And there's a huge presence of people who write stories and want Tommy and Fred together or even Tommy and MacGregor."

"Oh, yes. The book about the cowboys. Never saw the movie, but the book was not bad. I recommend it. The stories are essentially scripts, perhaps? Or versions, continuations of the general story arcs? So, these people would be fans of the show they're writing for, yes? And since very few shows are actually reality, writing additional branches to these arcs would be fiction. So, I should assume 'fanfic' is actually an abbreviation of 'fan fiction.' Does that make sense to you?"

"Exactly, Ziva," Tony remarked, wondering why she was talking it to death. "The cowboys." Tony rolled his eyes. "Best damn forbidden love story this century and you mention the cowboys."

"Well, that is what they were, were they not?" Ziva laughed at his frustrated expression.

Tony eyed McGee. "What do you think about fanfiction, McClancy? Does it bug you that people want Tommy and Lisa together?"

"It bugs me when people take a perfectly good story and massacre it. Yeah, there are some that are pretty good. Nice plot, well written. But most are just ... just ... awful! Massive grammar and spelling errors, big, BIG holes in the plot, just ... gah. Don't get me started. New topic," Tim begged.

Tony grinned, clapping a hand on Tim's shoulder. "Sorry, McHemmingway." Tony leaned in close, whispering into Tim's ear now. "I bet you're a Fred and Amy shipper, aren't ya? The old hardened man and the younger whimsical woman."

Yeah, some of them were written terribly, but there were a few good ones out there. Tony'd discovered a few and had them on his author alert.

Tim had to lift an eyebrow at the way Tony talked about the ships. Seemed his partner knew quite a bit about the fanfic world. Interesting. Deciding to test that, he said, "Maybe, but I bet you're more of a Fred and Tommy shipper, maybe even a McGregor and Tommy." Too late, Tim realized what he'd said.

Tony gulped hard, eyeing McGee. "Not interested in Fred and Tommy," he said after a few moments. There was no way he was touching the McGregor and Tommy comment. It could only cause problems. And if McGee ever found the names of the authors on his author alert...

"Um ... yeah," Tim said, not wanting to keep that topic of conversation going. It was too dangerous.

"Ducky, I believe the boys have talked themselves into a place they do not wish to be, yes?" Ziva said laughing.

Ducky arched a brow. "There is nothing wrong with reading a bit of homoerotic fiction, you know. It does not impact a heterosexual man's masculinity at all. Not that sexuality has anything at all to do with masculinity. Why, one time I was treating a royal marine, very ... what was it you'd said? He man? Anyway, his boyfriend was the sweetest young man, about ten years his junior. They didn't work in the same division and they were both quite masculine men. Somewhat like McGregor and Tommy. So if you plan to go that way, Timothy, do it with the understanding that not only is there quite an audience for it, but that nobody will look at you any differently if that is the way the characters wish to be created. You are, after all, a slave to your muse."

Tony gulped. Every word Ducky said made him want to crawl in a deeper hole, but he bravely stood his ground, even if he never lifted his eyes from it.

"McBrokeback can write whatever he wants. Anyone who doesn't read it is an idiot."

"I'll ... uh ... take that into advisement, Ducky. Though I never really thought of it going that way..." Tim stumbled through. "Thanks, Tony. Really. I appreciate it." He'd never thought Tony would be a big supporter of his books; he'd always given Tim a hard time.

Tony shrugged, knowing his face was really red. "Any time, Probie." He snickered inwardly at the double entendre there.

Crisis averted, Ducky turned his attention back to Ziva. "And speaking of real world sorts of dating partners and my darling warrior here, you are an enigma, dear girl."

Confused, Ziva asked, "How so, Doctor? I would think that I am pretty much a simple person to figure out."

"Only if someone looks at you on a single level," Tony retorted. "For a sparring partner rather than a lover."

Ducky paused for a long moment. "My dear, if he isn't a worthy enough partner, telephone me if you might like to explore things with an older gentleman." Even though Ducky knew he wasn't her type, he had to mention that. He knew she had an attraction for men at least a bit older, and she sometimes flirted with Director Morrow, but he was elder even to the director and was essentially old enough to be the Mossad officer's father.

Feeling a little foolish for his diversion, he ducked into the autopsy suite, grabbing some Scotch instead of a sweater. "Thought we could warm up in a more inviting way." As he passed Ziva, he made it a point to give her a slow smile. She was a wise investigator and could connect the dots.

"You better be careful, Ducky. Someday, I may take you up on that offer." Ziva laughed warmly as she waited for him to return. When he smiled at her in an almost inviting way, Ziva found herself reevaluating the doctor. He was a charming, sophisticated man, completely opposite of the men she usually ended up with. Intriguing, she thought.

"In the elevator?" Tim quipped. He'd been drunk in odd places before, but an elevator? That'd be a new one.

Ducky chuckled. "If you insist, my dear boy, but I can think of more favorable places to drink it. But not better company to drink it with." He looked over at Ziva again before sliding his glance away. He was probably coming on a bit strong now. He looked at his Scotch longingly and tried to relax with his younger colleagues.

Still a bit confused, Tim asked, "Where do you suggest we go then, Ducky? Are we staying here? I don't know if that's a wise move, drinking at headquarters. Can we leave? We could go to someone's place. Maybe even grab our food before we leave."

Ducky sighed. "I suspect we're being kept here for a reason, perhaps myself to watch over the prisoner cum FBI agent and you all to give reports and statements of what happened. We can always return to Autopsy if you don't want to take a chance on being discovered. Though we all know Mike himself enjoys a tipple on occasion. As long as we don't get drunk, nobody would dare say anything."

Tony took the bottle and poured a little into the cap, savoring it. "Good taste in Scotch, Duckman. As long as we stay focused, we should be fine. Been a long night for all of us and we're strung out."

"Then Autopsy it is, Ducky. Can someone push the button so we can get the doors opened? I know you and Ziva have some interesting information to share about what went down in Observation." Tim was beyond curious, painfully so, to find out what really had happened between Abby and the FBI agent.

"Ah yes, it was a very interesting event there. In there, I mean." Ducky punched the button and they all tumbled out. "Yes, yes, very interesting indeed, young Timothy." Ducky gave Ziva an embarrassed smile. "Timothy, can you send Cynthia a message letting her know that we'll be down here and the food can be delivered here or you and Anthony can go collect it."

He led them inside and motioned them into his inner office where a small table and four chairs resided. Propping the large metal door open, he invited them to sit down and relax.

"Oh, I'm sure we can go get it. She's done enough today without having to deliver food to us. What do you think Tony?" Tim asked, watching Ziva take a seat.

"Yeah, sure," Tony agreed. "What're you drinking, Ducky? Beside the Scotch. Water? Soda? Caf-Pow? We can hit the vending machines as well. You want a Coke, Ziva?"

"A bottled water would be wonderful, Anthony. Shall I put the kettle on while we're waiting?" Ducky asked, directing his question to Ziva.

"Tea will be wonderful, Ducky." Looking at Tony, she called, "Water, Tony. Thank you."

Ducky nodded, putting his electric kettle on and filling it with his last bottled water. "English Breakfast or Earl Grey, my dear? You boys don't want any, do you?"

"I'll pass, Duck, thanks though," Tony said.

"Me too, Ducky. Soda or Caf-Pow will be fine," Tim added.

"Though we may be close to breakfast by the time of day, it is still evening to me. I will go with the Earl Grey, Ducky. Thank you."

Turning to Tony, McGee asked, "Think we should get Abby one? Don't want her to think we've forgotten her."

"She's got the two liter, she'll be fine," Tony assured, motioning toward the hall and jerking his head toward it with an exaggerated glance to Tim. "We're gonna exit, stage left for now."

Ducky watched the younger men leave and nodded in appreciation. "Great choice, Ziva. Earl Grey is my favorite. Do you take it with cream or sugar?" Ducky bustled around, preparing the tea before looking over his shoulder at her. "I'm delighted to have you in my lair, my dear."

"I take it as it is, Doctor. Nothing added." She laughed at his description of his office. "Your lair, huh? Do you entice unsuspecting women here to have your way with them?" she teased.

"Only the beautiful ones," he shot back, adding a splash of cream to his own tea and bringing them both over to the table. He sat beside her, watching her casually, trying to study and analyze her expression. "Do you think I'm discerning, a man of good taste and breeding?"

Picking up her cup, Ziva blew at the steam rising from the dark liquid and responded, "I think you are first and foremost a gentleman, Ducky. Since I do not know your family history, I can only guess as to your breeding." Taking a sip of her tea, she added, "But your taste in teas is exquisite."

"Then I would never lure unsuspecting women to my lair. They'd always suspect and come willingly," he replied, flirting with her with ease. "Double bergamot Earl Grey, Ziva. Premium taste and quality for a true lady."

"From a true gentleman," she acknowledged with a raise of her cup.

He toasted her silently, regarding her with a small smile playing over his lips. "This FBI agent intrigues you. Why?"

"I do not know, Ducky. There is something about me that recognizes the fighter in him, almost like a kinship. That is the best way I can explain it."

Ducky nodded, sipping slowly. "And your gut says that he is a noble fighter and not someone who will take unfair advantage of our Abigail?"

"Yes, my gut is saying just that. I do not see him as the type of person who would take advantage of someone he has a connection with like he has with Abby."

"Do you think it is a real connection then and not something manufactured by their unique circumstances, Ziva? You would be in the best position to know, having been undercover many a time in your history. Is the connection real for its own merits or simply manufactured by the situation and the adrenaline rush of being undercover?"

"I have seen the two of them together; I have seen Abby's reaction after her first encounter. No, this is not something easily attributed to the situation, Ducky. And yes, I have been undercover in more compromising positions than this, and there was never that kind of connection."

Ducky nodded. "Then I hope he's very good for her, Ziva. I think she needs someone, that she is through with being alone, lonely. If this man can give her what she needs, that connection will be mutually beneficial for both of them. I did hear, as you well did, that the poor man suffered quite the tragedy. A wife and daughter lost, wasn't it? Perhaps they both long for the connection they've found tonight."

He sipped his tea and leaned back, watching her, studying her.

"I can only hope that their new relationship, or whatever it may be, can fill the holes in both of them. Abby has been searching for so long. And that contact, of being whole with someone has been so absent from her life. Despite her cheerful disposition and her energy, there is always something so sad behind her eyes. Until today. Until she had a highly ... erotic run-in with another undercover agent."

Ducky nodded. She had seen the change in Abby as well. "That look exists in all of our team's eyes. And yours, my dear. I do hope that you'll be able to let your guard down and let some lucky man in. Being alone in our line of work is neither fun nor soul satisfying. Having someone there in the good days and the bad is most necessary, Ziva. I despair of you and Timothy and Tony and Mike being alone."

He realized he was starting to sound like a mother hen and trailed off.

"And you, Ducky? Do you not wish for the same? To have someone there for you when you return home? You have one of the more difficult jobs here, dealing with the dead, and often the victims. How come you have no one at home?"

He watched her for long moments, trying to find the right words, in an uncharacteristically quiet moment. "Since Mother passed on, I haven't had any interest, Ziva. Dating can be so tedious, even for someone who enjoys the gift of gab like me. When one gets to a certain level, and with our job experience and the hours we keep..." He trailed off, sighing. "It takes a special woman, a rare breed indeed."

Hearing the pain in his voice, Ziva knew he missed his mother, despite the craziness she sometimes interjected into his life. She leaned over and grabbed one of his hands in hers. "And I am sorry for that, Ducky. She was a lovely woman. I am sure you miss her. But you are not old enough to sit around that big lonely house alone. You deserve someone who will make you happy. And I hope someday you will let yourself find that person."

"I hope I will, my dear," he replied, squeezing her hand lightly. "When one cares for a person for so many years, it does leave a void even if the end is expected, and in some ways, is a blessing." For many years, Ducky had cared for his mother and now that she was gone, there was a huge adjustment to make.

"And what about you? Such a beautiful woman to be wasting away with only work and fitness and martial arts training. Have you anyone special in mind? Maybe Anthony or even Timothy?"

A shadow passed over her eyes as she remembered the one who was supposed to have been. "It is not wasted time, Ducky. It is necessary for me to always be ready, no matter the situation. My training helps to guarantee that. Tony and Tim? Not likely. Our ships are not likely to pass in the night, Doctor."

"And it is necessary that you be fulfilled in all aspects of your life, Ziva. Your warrior skills are wasted if you don't apply them to all aspects of your life." He wondered for a moment what she meant with regard to Tony and Tim but then decided to just ask.

"What do you mean about Tony and Tim, Ziva? Do you not feel that they're worthy of you or that you are not worthy of them? They're two very handsome men, perhaps not the warriors one might expect you to be with..."

Ducky found himself trailing off as he regarded her.

"Oh not at all Ducky. They are both wonderful men. But I have had an emotional relationship with someone I was partners with, like I am partners with Tim and Tony. It did not ... end well." Ziva was not one to discuss many aspects of her life that had helped to shape her, good or bad. Though with Ducky, she seemed to be able to open up more effortlessly. Something about the doctor put her at ease.

Ducky squeezed her hand gently then came around to wrap her in his embrace, his hand stroking through her dark hair for one moment before pulling away. "Make no mistake, Ziva. That was for my benefit rather than yours, my dear." He sat close to her, touching her knee with his. "I am sorry to hear that, my dear. And I understand your reasons for hesitating."

She wasn't usually used to overt expressions of affection, well other than from Abby of course, but getting a hug from Ducky was surprisingly comfortable. When he pulled back, she leaned back in her chair. Shrugging her shoulder, she took a sip of her tea instead of answering.

And this made her very uncomfortable. That much was clear to Ducky. He nodded in comprehension, not saying a word but just observing her. She had no idea that she revealed even more than she thought she was hiding with her evasive techniques and motions. He wasn't fooled by the conflict he saw on her face and in her eyes. She longed to have a romantic partner; she just wasn't sure how to go about getting the one she wanted.

"Who is he?" Ducky asked. "And does he have any idea?"

"There is no 'he, ' Ducky, not any longer. More like an idea, a hope of someone in the past," she said cryptically. "I just do not trust others excessively, which makes it difficult to allow anyone into my life that did not begin by necessity."

"I understand, my dear. And I'm very sorry that there is nobody for you. You are a very worthy and beautiful woman, my dear. I hate to think of you withering away. You need someone with whom you can be real, someone who will love you as you deserve to be loved and someone you can be vulnerable with."

"Do you think I am withering away, Ducky?" she asked, looking down at her body. "I would think that my physique is a prime example of a woman's body."

Ducky took a good long look and gave her a smile that was complete masculine approval. "I meant your soul, Ziva. Your physique is as perfect as any I've seen."

"Why thank you, Doctor," she said, giving him a smile of her own. "But do not worry, my soul is intact."

"But it is lonely, Ziva. I can see it in your eyes. When was the last time you let a man in? Was it the one who was lost?" Ducky was aware he was pushing but he couldn't help it, he needed her to know that she was not alone, despite the way she closed herself off from others.

"You need love too, my dear girl."

"Yes, I know, Ducky, and it is lonely. But best to be lonely than in a position where something of myself is lost. And I do have love in my life. I have my friends, who enrich my life with enough love ... for now."

He regarded her for a few long moments, nodding but not pushing beyond that. He had been where she was once upon a time and all the advice in the world wouldn't have changed his world view.


In mere moments, before she fully realized what was happening, Abby was left alone in the hallway with Jet, who was indeed devouring her. Clutching him to her, she was almost afraid of letting go, afraid someone would interrupt them again.

Jet took her hair down and tangled his hands in it, his body pressing against hers, causing her to bend backward slightly as he kissed her hard and passionately. When he finally came up for air, his breathing was ragged and his thighs were cramped. His entire body was coiled and he was fighting the urge to grind against her, to see how far he could push her and how responsive to him she was.

"I need you," he whispered against her mouth. He knew his mouth had to be as smeared with the remnants of her lipstick as hers was and if his eyes had that hazy look like hers did, they were both in trouble.

"I want you and I need you, Abby. This isn't over, is it?"

Now that she'd been with her friends, her feelings might have changed...

When he released her mouth, her breath came out in desperate gasps, her chest heaving from the adrenaline coursing through her blood. Rubbing one of her legs against him, needing to feel more, to drive them both further, she gasped, "Not over. God no! Not by a very long, long shot." Bent back like she was, Abby clutched at his shoulders, but more from desire than from necessity.

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