Sapphires & Emeralds
Chapter 5

Copyright© 2009 by Taylor Gibbs

Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 5 - NCIS fanfiction.An undercover assignment leads to an entanglement for NCIS. Will Abby get trapped in a web of lies? Who IS that blue-eyed stranger who sets her on fire with his touch? Gibbs and Abby pairing. Alt. Universe. Co-written with Zabby.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fan Fiction  

Though not the emotionless warrior Abby once named her, Ziva had better control over herself than most people. She could keep herself in check until a time came where she would deal with them more appropriately. Timmy on the other hand...

"Come on," Tony said a little roughly to her. "We're getting the hell outta here. What did Franks drill into us from the first days we started working with him? Never let a suspect in. You keep opening the door up wide, Abbs. You can't do that. I can't let you."

She lowered her head as he chastised her, knowing what he said was true. "I know, Tony. I know. I don't know what happened, but I can't change who I am. I wouldn't be me if I did. Caf-Pow, loud music, heart on sleeve, all equals Abby Sciuto."

"Which is why you need to start listening to the trained agents on this job!" Tony stood in front of the doors of the van and pointed to the car. "Get over there. Now! Not a suggestion, Abbs. An order." Tony could rattle off a dozen movies where the woman got screwed by getting too close to a suspect but he knew Abby wouldn't appreciate them right now. Maybe not ever. Tony hadn't missed the connection—whatever it was—between them. And it pissed him off.

She looked up at him, hurt that he would treat her like a child, especially so close to the team and the suspect. A cruel retort on the tip of her tongue, she turned, grabbed the discarded Caf-Pow cup and walked to his car. Leaning against the hood, she stared down at her painted toes and waited for him to unlock the doors.

It's not like Tony's never made a mistake before, she thought, a pout coloring her lips. Andt I never told him "I told you so" or made him feel like he was two inches tall. Never yelled at him, except for that one time about matching the bullets. But Kate'd just died and I was upset. And it hadn't been about him. And now, he's yelling at me 'cause I kissed a suspect — while undercover — and I kinda liked it. Ha! Just watch, DiNozzo, I'll print Jet myself, without you. You'll see. She kept her eyes trained on the ground so that he wouldn't be able to see the plans already at work.

Tony walked to the car and unlocked the doors with keyless entry, lingering at the front of the car. He glanced up, seeing Abby's sad expression. This went beyond her feelings for the guy. Tony pulled her into a tight hug and kissed the top of her head, wanting to protect her even though he knew she'd never accept it.

"Didn't mean to yell, Abbs. Just didn't want him getting a rise out of you. Don't like him having power or control over you." The need to protect her, especially since Kate's death, was so strong. It was as if his instincts were screaming that this guy was trouble with a capital T. And that Abby would gladly jump right into his web.

"He's a dirtbag, Abbs. Remember that. He's trying to get a rise out of you. There isn't real meaning behind it."

Abby struggled for a second, not wanting him to comfort her. But because it was Tony, she gave in, letting him pull her into his arms. But she wasn't going to go quietly. She was still hurt and a little pissed.

"He may be a suspect, Tony — I'm not likely forget that, am I? — but he didn't treat me like a child just now. He didn't yell at me or give me orders he expected to be obeyed that instant," Okay, so yes he did, but that's beside the point, and Tony really doesn't need to know that, or he'll really be pissed. "I'm not as naïve or innocent as you guys might like to pretend I am. Besides, he's getting more of a rise out of you and Tim than anything I've done so far. So, maybe I'm not the one he's trying to get off their game."

"And you've known him for all of two minutes. Not fair, Abbs. I'm just watching out for you." He didn't with Kate and look at what had happened there. "I know you're not naïve or innocent but you're letting the dirtbag get to you. And you need to stop, Abbs. Not a healthy situation for you. I know you like bad boys but this guy was armed with multiple weapons. Not a dirtbag you need to be playing with. Abby, he could have stabbed you with one of his fancy ceramic knives that he got through the metal detector. This isn't a good guy."

Tony sighed, tightening his arms around her, snuggling her in close, almost holding her too tightly now. "He'll use you, Abbs. And then he'll throw you away like that Caf-Pow cup." And we'll have to pick up the pieces, Tony added silently.

"And you've known me for seven years, and you yell at me. Tell me how fair that is? And I know you're just being protective of me, but can't you imagine how hard this is for me? I don't pick on you and your women choices. Just because he happens to be a suspect - who is innocent until proven guilty, remember? — doesn't mean you have to be so insulting. I haven't done anything," yet. "He could have hurt me, Tony. He could have but he didn't. He had time, plenty of it. But he didn't."

Sighing, she said, "I'll be careful, Tony. I promise. I've been better since Mikhel, not taking as many risks, not taking home guys that are too ... odd."

"I know how hard it is for you. You were staring at him with longing and he was looking back like he was the hunter and you were the prey and you didn't notice. Abby, he had two ceramic knives on him. Not a pocket knife, not a multi-tool, but killing knives. And he shook you up. I'd feel exactly the same way if it was Ziva, or McGee, or even Mike in this position, Abby. You're all the family I have and I worry about you."

Tony was still furious at McGee. "Tim lost you and trust me, he'll hear about it from Mike and me. On other teams, he could have been demoted for what he did. He was supposed to watch your six, Abby, while I worked the perimeter of the room. What if the guy had more time? What if he was just warming up?"

Tony was shaken up. He knew it could have been—should have been—much worse. They caught a very lucky break and he wished Abby realized that. They could have just as easily been waiting for Ducky to remove Abby's body, her throat slit. She could have easily been raped or killed. Tony shivered a little and held her tighter, his imagination carrying him away.

"I was 'staring at him with longing?' Tony, you've been reading too many romance novels." She'd been staring at Jet with lust, unadulterated, complete and total lust. Longing was something left for a dimestore novel, as her dad used to call him.

"Tony, you're worrying too much. Really. He didn't hurt me. He could have but he didn't." Stepping back from him, she held out her hands and turned around. "See? No marks. Totally the same as before I went. But don't blame McGee. It wasn't his fault that the crowd separated us."

"You were shaken up!" he shot back a little hotly. "You looked dazed. I spent a second looking for blood on you. You looked like he knocked you senseless. And it was McGee's job to keep you in his sights every minute. He's a trained federal agent. I blame him even if you don't. And Mike'll blame him too."

Walking back up to him, she put her arms around his waist again, hugging him to her. "I promise I'm okay. Please don't worry so much. I can take care of myself. I did with Chip. I did with that hired gunman. I'm pretty tough."

Sighing, she went on, "I know it was risky, but how many ops have you guys gone out on? How many of those did one of you get hurt? How many times have I had to wait to hear if you were even alive? I'm okay, Tony. No injuries, still in one piece.

He held her tight, almost crushing her now. "Do you have any idea how close those two times came. You're Abby, you gave up being a field agent and for a good reason. And yet trouble finds you everywhere you go. How many other forensic techs fight death every year? It isn't just your taste in men."

"And I love you too, you big jerk. Now can we can the lecture and go back to NCIS? It's cold out here."

Tony sighed and nodded. "Fine. We can go back to NCIS, Abbs. As long as you're ready to face him. And Mike." He didn't know who he was more worried about her dealing with.

"So your initial impression of my reaction was wrong, right? Yes, I was shaken up. Yes, I felt senseless. But he didn't hurt me. He didn't harm me in anyway." She almost said 'he didn't touch me, ' but she would have known that was a lie. Because he had touched her, only for a moment, definitely not long enough, but enough to have left her shaking, and shaking still.

"He kissed you. That was assault. He had no rights to have his mouth on yours, Abbs. And look at him. Not a tat or piercing in sight. And he's old enough to be your grandfather. You can't tell me you find him attractive. Come on, Abby. Mikhel was your type. For some crazy reason, McGee was your type. But that guy? Not your type."

"And Mike won't do anything to me, Tony. He loves me and nothing I've done will warrant him getting angry with me. He'll be cranky; he'll be gruff. But he'll forgive me. He always does. And he'll forgive Timmy soon, just like you will eventually."

Tony sighed, knowing she was right. Mike would forgive her—and Tim. He was soft hearted when it came to the team. "Mike can be a wimp," he muttered, shaking his head. "And you work that. But wait 'til Morrow hears. Probie'll be in a world of hurt then." So might Mike, come to think of it. It'd been Mike's decision to send Abby undercover again.

Director Tom Morrow had a soft spot for Abby, even bringing her Caf-Pow sometimes. And when Abby had been stalked by Mikhel, when Abby had been shot at by Ari Haswari, Morrow had been right there protecting her alongside the team. He was charmed by her and if he hadn't been very happily married and Abby so well loved, the rumor mill would have churned.

"Tony, I..." she didn't want to tell him this; she didn't want to hurt him or make him think less of her. Almost embarrassed, almost ashamed, she whispered, "Tony, I wanted him to kiss me, it wasn't assault. I was willing. And I'm sorry. But, Tony, when have you known me to have a type? There was Mikhel. There was Tim. There were others and they never fit a mold. A look is never what I'm attracted to. I think you of all people could understand that."

When he called Mike a wimp, she punched him in the shoulder. "Mike is not a wimp. Don't give me that. Mike's the farthest from a wimp as you could possibly get. Only the Director could possibly any tougher."

Abby loved her guys and her girl. They were always so protective of her; Morrow, Mike, Tony, McGee, and Ziva. All of them watched over her like she was their little sister. Only, sometimes, that caused more problems than it solved.

Mikhel had been a jerk, a complete loser with tattoos, and piercings, a death fetish, and stringy hair. What did he have that Tony didn't.

"Yeah, Mike is great. Yeah, Morrow is great," Tony said sourly. He knew he was being a child about it, but he couldn't help being annoyed and a bit upset, even though there was no basis in fact.

She was never attracted to him. Ever. Tim, yeah. Mike, she made comments about how sexy he was. But Tony? He was just the big brother, always. He didn't want to date her, but it would have been nice to have been thought of as a guy just once. A guy ... worth dating.

Tony knew that dating Abby would be a disaster but even so...

He hated feeling less than Mike or Probie, for God's sake.

"Tony!" she exclaimed. Pushing on his shoulders, she asked, "Are you jealous? Do you really think that I've never been attracted to you? Really?" She wore a bemused expression on her face, completely shocked that Tony was showing his insecurities in this. He'd always been so confident about girls.

"A little," he muttered, shrugging. "Would be nice to hear I'm the hot one rather than McGee, or Mike, or the pierced kid at the coffee shop." He gave her a brighter smile now, sighing. "So I'm just irresistible to most of the female sex. Ninety-nine point nine percent. Somehow I'll survive. But come on, let's go. Mike'll skin us alive if we're late to the party."

"Of course you're hot one, Tony. So, who's the point one percent? Me?" she snorted at that. "You better gun it then, DiNozzo! Mike'll blame you, not me." She laughed a bit when he rushed to the driver's side. Sliding into the passenger seat, Abby just shook her head as his foot hit the gas. He really didn't like disappointing Mike.

As the street lights flashed by, Abby started to reflect on what had happened that evening. She'd failed at her mission. She'd gotten somehow involved with a suspect. She'd disappointed her colleagues, her friends. But she still couldn't get Jet out of her mind. As her mind drifted, her body heated in remembered passion. As she played with the channels on the radio, she started tingling again where his hand and lips had touched. Despite her teasing with Tony, she knew, underneath it all, that something had happened between her and Jet. Something had changed, but she didn't know what to do.

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