Baywatch: Lost Summer

by Carsten

Copyright© 2009 by Carsten

Fan Fiction Sex Story: On patrol young lifeguard Summer Quinn gets kidnapped. Her captor puts her into a dark cellar where he takes her violently.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Violent   .

Someone once said "Never leave home angry".

Summer couldn't remember who had said it, but the line kept on bouncing around her brain. She was angry and she had just left the Trailer, she and her Mom were sharing, to go to the Baywatch Headquarters to start her shift. She was angry and she was disappointed. Only a few hours ago she had a fight with her boyfriend Matt. They kept on having fights about the one theme only. But why wouldn't he just let go of it? She had made it clear to him that she wasn't ready to sleep with him yet. She wanted to have time, she wanted to make it right when it was right. She was only seventeen now, and where she came from, that was too young to sleep with a guy. But Summer knew that she was it California now; she knew that things were different around here. And she loved Matt very much. She promised him that the time would come when she would sleep with him. But every time they were together, every time they were tender and loving to one another, Matt made the wrong move.

Slowly, but surely the feeling grew inside her.

Was Matt the right Man in her life?

Wouldn't it be better if they split up?

Thankfully Summer did not get the chance to think about it any longer. As soon as they were in the morning-briefing her mind was occupied with the task at hand.

"Well," Mitch said, "the missing kid was last seen around our beach. Now, you have your primary duty on your towers. Garner and the Cops are looking for the boy, but you have to have your eyes open. Look for anything that's out of the ordinary. We have a slow day ahead of us ... so, keep looking for the boy. The kid needs his medication. Now, go and find him."

Summer was worried for the kid and did not think about Matt and the Sex topic ... or the splitting-up topic any longer. She grabbed the gear and left the building.

Her shift had started by noon and since then Summer did not have much to do on her watch tower. And when it was almost three in the afternoon she left the tower for a few minutes in order to take a look at a kid that looked remotely like the missing boy but turned out to be just another kid. She sighed and there it was again: The ghost that would suggest a split up between her and Matt. Again she sighed and took a look at the beach. But there everything was alright. No one was in any trouble. She turned and went over to a rather run down building. Maybe the kid got lost there...

Why was he still trying to sleep with her. Why wouldn't he listen. Why was there no respect for her thoughts, herself and what they had.

Summer had reached the building, took a last look at the beach and then made the wrong move.

She abandoned her post and stepped into unknown territory.

Nothing bad happened at the beach, but everything bad happened in an old, run down building.

Summer felt the burden of thinking falling of off her as soon as the wonderful cool of the house surrounded her. This was the right time to act, the right time to find a missing kid that needed his medication. No more thinking about the right time to have Sex; no more thinking about leaving Matt.

"Hello! Anyone here?"

Summer felt her heartbeat quicken and the grip around the live-can strengthened.

When she had crossed the main room, she found herself standing in front of a staircase that would lead down into the cellar.

She knew that it was very uncommon for L.A., especially the region closest to the waterfront, to have any cellar at all.

"Kid, are you down there?!"

Her voice echoed from the walls and she found it particularly of interest that she had kept on thinking about the Kid without knowing his name.


And then there was a noise, down in the dark cellar. A young voice ... but Summer couldn't make out the words.

And all of a sudden she hesitated.

She was supposed to be at the beach...

Maybe she should run to the tower and reach Headquarters over radio...

And again there was the voice...

"Help... ," it said and it sounded rather weak.

"Oh God, what can I do..."

But it was too late to go down to the beach. She was a lifeguard after all; she was supposed to be strong and she would go down there no. No thoughts about darkness and about any dangers that might await her. She was a Lifeguard...

And so Summer clenched her teeth and stepped down into the dark cellar.

"I'm a Lifeguard, Kid. Don't worry, I am going to help you."

Summer's heart was racing and she felt sweat all over her body despite the cold down here in the darkness.

The little voice, the Kid kept on wining.

- He's a kid. Let him be a little winy -

She reached the ground and felt the impatience rise. Why wouldn't her eyes adjust any faster to the darkness...

The Kid had to be somewhere near by. Summer could here him to her right and so she turned and started walking slowly towards the voice.

"I'm almost there, Kid. I will help..."

But Summer wouldn't finish her sentence.

Suddenly she was grabbed by her right arm and a strong force whirled her around so that she finally made hard contact with the wall.

Summer's heart did not race any longer ... it stopped for a split second before it started racing again.

"What... ?"

She felt the presence of another human being close by. Someone strong had just pushed her against the wall. It had to be a Kidnapper ... a...

And before the young woman could block a possible attacker with her life — can, it went flying across the room. And the next moment she felt strong hands closing around her shoulders and a light sprang to life.

Summer was looking into the eyes of a giant, a mad-man, a Kidnapper ... a ... Monster.

He was tall, even taller than Mitch was. He was wearing black leather and black jeans; he had long hair, a beard and his eyes were as crazy as the possible could be.

He came closer till his nose was only inches away from Summer's face.

"Hello Girl; how nice of you to join our little Party"

Summer's eyes went wide, her heart fastened it's pace and she was about to think that she was in big trouble when the man put one dirty and stinking piece of cloth over the young Lifeguard's mouth and nose.

A muffled scream came out of Summer's mouth and her body instinctively started moving, started to get away when her consciousness all of a sudden faded away.

The taste was awful; her head hurt and as soon as Summer opened up her eyes, the world around her spun like she was on a high speed chase.

"Where... ," she muttered and held he hands to her head.

And that was the moment where the young woman realized that the man, the dark creature had put some robe around her neck. She turned around and regretted that decision instantly. The headache got worse.

"Oh my God... ," she whispered and laid back again.

It took fifteen minutes until Summer regained her consciousness.

She did not take any chances and laid there for five more minutes until she sat herself up.

She was alone; the man had taken the kid away and though her own life was in danger now, Summer was in great worry for the boy who did not get his medication.

What had the man done to the Kid? Was he ... dead... ?

"Oh God," she said and looked down to see that she was sitting on some kind of old and smelly mattress. Her hand went up to her neck, to the robe...

It was white and reminded Summer of those that were used on any kind of sailing boat.

She turned and saw that the robe had been somehow locked into the wall behind her. Summer pulled on it but the outcome was as she had already thought: No way she would ever pull the robe out of the wall.

And when she grabbed the robe on the back of her neck she felt something metal between her fingers. And that metal was some kind of seal ... impossible to open up without any tools.

"I am a prisoner... ,"

And there was no way she would get out of her cellar-cell without any help from the outside.


Summer started screaming and kept on screaming until she had no voice left.

No one on the Boardwalk heard her.

"Help," she got up to her feet and turned around helplessly.

"Help. Please help me ... someone, anyone."

When her voice had faded there was nothing but quiet in the dark cellar underneath the run down building near the Boardwalk.

No one reacted ... and possible no one would hear the young woman in a red bathing suit. The young Lifeguard was devastated: What would the man do to her?

And then two words came up in her mind. And each was more horrifying than the other.

One word was: Death

and the other one was: Rape.

Sweat was covering Summer's body and her heart kept on racing like a horse on a race track. She was not only afraid but terrified; the idea of getting raped by this monster of a man let the young woman panic. What if he did it? What if he had Aids, what...

Why didn't she sleep with Matt...

"Oh God, please... ," she muttered and started yanking on the white robe. Why wouldn't it come loose?

"No, no, no ... please God, please do something."

But God did not do anything.

Silence held the cellar in it's grip and Summer sat down on the mattress. She buried her face in her hands and started crying.

Her life was over ... was...

Maybe, and that had been the other idea, maybe the man would kill her...


She sat there and all she was able to think of, was the rape and the chance that she would end her life in a dark cellar after a madman had raped her.

Time passed and nothing happened. No madman came and raped her. And after several hours she still was alone. Her heart had finally slowed down and she actually started thinking about the missing Kid again.

Where had the Madman taken the boy? Was he still alive?

Maybe the Man wouldn't come back. Maybe he had taken the boy, had thrown him on his Van or something ... and had left L.A. for good...


And as time passed by, Summer Quinn felt better. Hope came up. Hope that her friends at Baywatch would come and free her.

"Matt ... please help me."

After a while Summer felt sleepy; she laid back on the old mattress and her eyes closed. Her breathing went flat and she drifted into a state of horrible nightmares.

Later ... she did not know how much time had passed, she woke up. Heavy footsteps could be heard: The man was back.

Summer sat up, still caught in her nightmares, and heard them coming closer. He was standing on the upper end of the staircase. He was there to ... kill ... rape ... her.

Summer's heart went berserk...

She only could hear her heart beating now ... sweat ran in thick streams over her shivering body. Her eyes ... now used to the dim light ... went up the stairs to look for the tall creature ... and she saw him.

He switched on the light and it hurt like hell in her eyes. They were watering and Summer had to blink several times in order to see alright.

"Ah, I see you're awake, Girl."

He smiled a smile that showed Summer that some teeth were missing.

"Mister ... I am a L.A. County Lifeguard ... I ... please let me go."

The man did not answer Summer's plea for help. He simply came over, hooked his thumbs underneath his leather belt and, again, smiled down on her.

"What's your name, Honey?"

Her first instinct was to tell the man that she wasn't his Honey; she had done that so many times on the beach that it had become second nature to her.

But then she horrors of reality set it and Summer realized that this man was deadly serious. He would do anything brutal to her that he saw fit.

"Summer ... Summer Quinn. Please let me go," she said and tears were streaming down her young face.

"Summer... ," he said and came down to his knees, never letting the young Lifeguard out of his focus.

"Do you want to die, Summer?!"

She did not know what to say. Summer's jaw dropped and her eyes went wider; tears were streaming down her face and her slim body was shivering.

"No... ," she whispered out of breath.

The man nodded and drew a circle in the sandy cellar ground.

"If you do not want to die, Summer, you'll have to do as I'll tell you; is that understood!?"

Summer nodded and said:

"Yes... ," and added without any hope that the man would act on her words, "but can't you please let me go? I ... I don't want to be here."

He smiled and then did something that told Summer without any doubt what he was up to.

The Man placed his rough hands on her thighs and pressed her legs apart.

Summer's face went white while she lost her balance and landed on her back.

The man smiled down at her and let go of her legs. He stood up and Summer's mouth, still open, began to quiver.

"Please ... no ... don't rape me, Mister..."

The stream of tears was increasing and she had no strength left.


And the dark man opened his pants and let them down. He stepped out of them and somehow time faded away. The drumming in her skull, the beating of her heart, the sweat and ... the cloud of helplessness were covering her ability to actually compute what she was seeing. And, so in no time the dark man had shed his cloth of and stood naked in front of one shivering, young Lifeguard.

The knowledge hit her with precision: She was seconds away from the first Sex in her young Life, and that special moment, that special moment that a girl would carry with her until she died was stolen from her by a monster. She always would know that her first time had been a rape.

She saw it rise...

She saw the massive penis pointing at the wall behind her; Summer knew that it was about to happen and she tried crawling backwards knowing that there was no point in doing so.

"Please ... no... ," she whispered and realized that there was no saliva in her mouth left.

The man came down to his knees again and grabbed Summer's knees in order to press them apart, gazing down on the bright red fabric of her swimsuit. Gazing down on the fabric that covered her vagina ... still a virgin...

The filthy, tall man did not bother with Summer's red swimsuit ... he did not bother taking it off of her. The man simply took the fabric between her legs with two fingers and moved it aside. And he looked at the frozen girl, smiled a smile that showed her how little he cared about hygiene and bent forward. He held the red fabric as long as he needed ... and Summer felt the tip of a man's penis touching her vagina.

Her heart stopped and her hands started opening and closing while she tried to breathe.

Never had any man this close ... not even Matt.

Matt ... the man she loved. Matt the man who was supposed to be her first man.

Matt the man she had turned down.

Why did she have to wait? Why?

Getting raped was horror enough ... but why would a Monster take away Summer's virginity?


The first man who would push his cock into her ... why him!?


Tear were filling her eyes and her mouth was quivering when...

When a big cock entered Summer Quinn's vagina.

She couldn't breathe.

She felt crushed by a mountain and all she had ever held dear, disappeared in a second.

No values...

Love was gone.




A thing filled her out; a massive thing had just torn her hymen and kept on stretching the walls of her vagina.

The man was breathing heavily and he stank like old beer...

He lay on top of her and Summer was crying as her world broke down on her.

And then the Monster would fuck her...

He fucked her hard. He was pumping the young Lifeguard ... pushed his big and hard penis in and out of the former virgin. He was fucking fast and he did not bother protecting Summer from his massive weight. He let himself down on her and kept on pressing all air out of her lungs. He held her head with his giant hands, pushed away any hair and looked into Summer's wet and panic filled eyes. He enjoyed the power he had over the girl.

Summer closed her eyes and pressed her fingers hard into the mattress. She was moaning in pain and felt the salty tears running down her cheeks while the man pushed his penis time and again into her.

Her vagina was burning with pain and she still felt the sensation of her tearing hymen in her mind while she kept on enduring the massive weight that pressed her down into the filthy mattress.

The pain never ended.

His penis went into the vagina and out of it ... in and out and in...

The small cellar was filled with sounds of lust and agony. Minutes passed and Summer lost track of time. She only felt pain in her vagina and horrors in her mind. Again and again the man pushed his long penis into her body and he did not mind that she was dry and only cramps were holding her vagina in their horrible grip.

Again and again he pushed the cock into the young Lifeguards vagina and his lust grew with each thrust. Again ... and again...

Again ... and then he exploded into the young woman.

A stream of sperm shot into Summer Quinn and the Monster on top of her was screaming out his fulfilled Lust into the ruins of one abandoned house.

And a scream of infinite pain mixed with his lust.

Summer couldn't hold herself together anymore.

She let go of the pain, the agony the horrors and the fear; she was screaming out aloud and did not mind the monsters reaction. She had to let go of it...

And when he finally pulled out, when he finally took his massive weight of her slim body, she realized that she just had her very first intercourse ... her very first sex.

The monster got to his knees and Summer saw, through wet eyes, how his penis started shrinking, started going down. She looked up at him, felt the fabric of her swimsuit falling back into it's intended position over her vagina, and saw him smiling.

He was still out of breath and he grunted.

Summer closed her lap and then, all of a sudden, excruciating pain shot into her vagina like a bolt of lightening. It found it's way through the rest of her body and out of instinct Summer pushed her hands on top of her vagina, pressing down.

She was screaming out the pain ... tears watering her face.

"No ... oh God, it's so much ... oh God..."

And then Summer Quinn lost consciousness.

When she awoke Summer was alone with the pain. She was gasping for stale air and all of her body was in agony. Tears had dried already and when she rolled over she almost wasn't able to sit up. But finally the young woman sat and hugged her knees, rocking back and forth ... moaning and crying again.


She had been raped...

The first sex in her life had been a rape ... forced, violated sex.

Her body shook when the crying went loud and louder.

"Mommy ... please ... mommy..."

She laid back and touched her vagina lightly only to pull her hand instantly back. It hurt...

But after a while of restless thinking Summer fell asleep ... dreaming ... nightmares...

She woke up again, feeling dizzy. Out there ... behind the walls night must have already fallen over the city. Summer could make out voices.

She sat up again and somehow found a way not to think about the rape.

She stood up and realized that the creature had put away the rope ... she was free to move around...

And with shaking knees and pain in her body Summer made her way towards the stairs. She stumbled and fell to the ground where she hit her head hard.

Minutes passed while Summer was only moaning and clenching her teeth before she found the strength to get to her knees.

The world around her turned and she started gasping for air before she found the strength to get to her feet again.

Slowly she took one step after the other, still feeling the burning pain in her vagina. But the young woman knew that she had to get out of this cellar, out of this house if she wanted to survive the day. Her colleagues from Baywatch were nowhere to be seen. But why?

She was held captive quite close to the Watchtower she had been assigned to. Where were they?

She had reached the upper end of the staircase and pushed the old door open that would lead her into the former living-room.

It was night ... she could see the pale starlight shining through the openings in the wall were windows used to be.

No one was here ... she was about to regain her freedom.

And Summer stumbled as fast as she could towards the exit.

She had almost reached it when ... out of nowhere ... out of the shadows to her right, a hand shot out of the darkness and grabbed her right arm.

"Where do you want to go, Summer?

The world around her froze, her heart stopped beating for a moment and her eyes went wide again. Cold sweat covered the hurting wreck that one had been a young and healthy body.


The man pulled free from the shadows and bent forward.

"You don't want to leave me, do you!?"

Her knees began to buckle and Summer could only look into his dirty, unshaved face, shaking her head.

"Please let me go, Mister. Please ... I... ," and she almost fell to the ground.

He shook his head and started walking towards the back of the house, Summer's arm still in his firm grip.

"No can do ... no can do... ," he grumbled and yanked at her so that the girl had to follow him to avoid more pain. There was no doubt that he would carry her if she did not comply to his wishes.

"Let me goooo," she cried but the dark man did not hear to her begging; he crossed the house with big strides, pulled at her and did not even look down on her when she was screaming out in pain every time she lost her balance and wasn't able to keep up with his speed.

And then, finally he stopped and tossed Summer onto the Ground.

The girl caught her breath and her face was a mask of horror and pain when she tried to get up. And then she tried to find out where she was...

A small room, with ... yes, this had been once a kitchen. But now only a massive table in the middle was left of what once must have been a place where people would come together and relax from a hard day. They would sit on this table, eating, drinking and sharking their days. Now it was dark in here. The fading sounds of people drifted over from the boardwalk and Summer felt more alone than ever before.

"Come here," he grabbed her arm again and the young Woman had to scream in pain again. He took both her shoulders and pushed her against the table.

The winds were knocked out of her lungs when the edge of the table buried itself into her stomach and her chest hit the massive table plate.

Summer did not know what had just happened to her; she tried to get up again, tried to turn around to face the Monster, but as soon as her body left the table, the man pushed her hard and she fell on the old plate again.


And then she heard the noise ... and she knew what was about to happen.

She heard the zipper being opened. She heard his filthy pants rushing down and some wet noise ... his penis...

"What... ?" she repeated.

His rough hands on her hips ... he would penetrate her from behind...

Summer closed her eyes, trying to prepare herself for the intrusion.

The Ocean ... the beach ... Matt ... Baywatch ... the Ocean...

The dark man grabbed the red fabric of her swimsuit and, again, pulled it aside.

Seconds away from it...

Summer bit her lower lip and closed her eyes ... only to open them up in a huge surprise. She had anticipated that the man would penetrate her vagina from behind...

But when she felt his index finger probing her anus ... she knew that this time the man would push his cock into her butt.

"No... ," she desperately wanted to fight; she wanted to turn around, get on her feet and run away. He had already violated her ... he had taken the chance that she would have the first sex in her life with a man she loved. And now he wanted to fuck her like she was an animal...

"No... ," Summer moved her right arm and already saw her fight in her mind but she did not move any further. There was no strength ... none...

And she felt the finger circling around in her anus...

- Mommy... -

She had to put up a fight...

And so Summer lifted her upper body from the table and put all her strength into it and tried to turn around, pushing away his hand with her butt...

And the man grabbed her hair ... pulled her even further upwards and the burning in her skull was like a bolt of lightening ... tears shot in her eyes.

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