Ronni Tempted Me
Chapter 7

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 7 - Jack is very attracted to his daughter's friend Ronni. Not only is she a family friend, but she's only 15. His better judgment tells him to leave her alone. But Ronni doesn't want to be left alone. She tempts Jack with words and pictures. But curvaceous young Ronni is hard to resist.

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Ronni and Brooke entered Emily's room. Naked Ronni climbed under the covers and pulled them up above her breasts. Brooke sat at the foot of the bed. For at least a minute, Ronni just looked at Brooke as she stared at the floor. Finally Ronni broke the silence.

"I'm sorry about all this. I didn't mean for it to go this way."

"Well, Ronni ... what the hell did you think was gonna happen? Sometimes I think you're way more mature than your age and other times it's clear that you're making naive decisions about very serious things."

"Mommy Brooke, all I know is that both you and Daddy Jack couldn't wait to get here this weekend and have all the sex we could."

"I guess we weren't exactly acting all that wisely either," Brooke replied sheepishly.

"But it's O.K., I think. I mean, Daddy Jack didn't want to talk to me at first ... about sex, I mean. He really didn't. I instant messaged him. I flirted with him. He tried to stop me. Because he said I was too young and because he didn't want you guys to find. He was afraid it might hurt your family. And he said he wouldn't want Em doing the same thing with an older guy."

"He really said that?"

"Yea, totally."

"Well, then he went ahead and got involved. He looked at those pictures of you and he kept talking to you."

"Yea, he did. But I really had to convince him that I wanted to. I think you realize now that I really, really like sex. I haven't had a chance to tell you directly, Mommy Brooke ... but I'm totally into it. I've pretty much done everything, more than a few times."

"I thought you said there were a few things you hadn't done ... that you wanted to us to show you."

"OOohhhhh ... so you still remember that, huh? See? You wanted to do stuff with me. You didn't mind that I was fifteen. You just knew that you wanted to and so did I."

"Please Sweetheart, don't use that number. It's too scary."

"O.K. But don't forget that Emily is one number higher than me even."

"Oh great. That's not such a good number, either." Brooke paused to collect her thoughts. "Ronni, can I ask you something?"

"Of course. Anything at all."

"Have you really had a lot of sex?"

"It depends on what you mean by a lot," Ronni replied with a giggle. "But I know some people would say so."

"Has my daughter?"

"Are you sure you wanna know about that?"

"Not really, Ronni. But tell me anyway."

"I'm pretty sure she hasn't really, you know ... been with anyone ... besides me."



"And what has she done with you?"

"Same question as before, Mommy Brooke. You sure you wanna know?"

"Oh. I ... uh ... Shit. I want to know ... I don't ... I don't know what I want to know. Maybe I'm wondering ... if she's over there right now, and she does things with her father ... will it be her first time?"

"O.K., well ... here's the basic deal ... at least what I know. Emily and I have done most everything. More than a few times. And by the way, I didn't have to convince her to do anything. When we started hanging out, she had tons of questions and was totally interested in sex. Shen she found out I knew a lot and had done a lot, she practically wouldn't leave me alone."

"O.K ... so ... anyway..."

"Sorry," Ronni said with a smile. "I guess, yes it would be her first time. That is, to actually be with a guy."

"Good, I think. And I guess it's pretty clear that she was the one downstairs, giving Jack oral, right?"


"And um ... Ronni?"

"Yea, Mommy Brooke?"

"With me ... was it ... was it you who was eating me?"

"Yes. It was me."

Brooke breathed a huge sigh of relief.

"That makes me feel better, I think." Brooke paused again. "So, what you're saying, Ronni, is that more or less, Emily is still a virgin?"

"I'm not exactly sure how to answer that."

"What do you mean, Ronni? You said she hadn't been with a guy."

"No, she hasn't. But, she has done a lot with me."

"I know, but ... until downstairs ... she hadn't really ... touched a..."

"A guy's cock?" Brooke nodded. "No, she hasn't. But I guess you should know that ... well ... Daddy Jack won't have to break her hymen."

Brooked looked puzzled.

"What? Why not?"

"I ... uh ... I like to use toys. When Em was at my house, I showed her how. I have some ... well ... some big dildos. And she ... um ... Emily really wanted to practice ... to see what it would be like to be with a guy."

"You mean... ?"

"Yes. Emily fucked herself with my toys and she broke her hymen, almost right away. And she practiced a lot after that. So, it will be new, if she does it with Daddy Jack. But it won't be the first time she's had something long and hard inside of her."

Ronni blushed a bit at the explicit details she was giving to her friend's mother about her daughter's sex life. Brooke caught the awkwardness of the moment and turned a bit red herself.

"Can I ask you something else, Ronni?"

"Yes, you certainly may."

"Since you've done ... well ... a lot of stuff ... had a lot of sex ... Um ... I don't need to know the details right now. Although I am very interested. But have you ever been in any kind of situation like this?"

"Not exactly. Well, kind of, maybe. You won't be the first married couple I've ever been with. That is if we ever end up together. You would be the second. But the other couple had a son who was kind of my boyfriend for a while."

"Are you saying you were with the couple and their son?"


"At the same time?"

"Yea, that happened. He had a friend who was with us once too."

"All of you? All at once?"


"Wow. That's incredible."

"It was really wild. But, I was also with a girl another time who told me all about how she had sex with her dad."

"Really? Was she all screwed up? You know ... emotionally?"

"No. She was totally cool. Is that what you're really worried about?"

"Honey, I'm worried about so many things, right now. That's maybe the biggest one, though."

"Emily will be fine. She's not going to do anything she doesn't want to do. And Daddy Jack is a great guy and he loves Em so, so much. He loves you too. If he thought anything would hurt her, he would never do it. She wants him to be the first and she wants him to be one of her teachers."

"Did you ever ... with your ... with your father?"

"You're so nervous, Mommy Brooke! It's O.K.! No, I never have."

"Why not?"

"It just never happened. We're really close and we totally love each other. But I guess I never needed him to teach me. I started young and I never stopped. But I really don't think he would mind."


"Mommy Brooke, can I ask you a question now?"

"Oh ... of course, Sweetie. I've been monopolizing everything. What did you want to ask, Honey?"

"I was going to ask if all you wanted to do was talk." Ronni pulled back the covers and exposed two thirds of her naked body to Brooke. "Or if you were maybe going to want to get in here with me and do some things."

Ronni's suggestion successfully snapped Brooke from the funk she had found herself in and their conversation had reassured her enough to let whatever was going to happen with Jack and Emily just happen. And the sight of Ronni's incredibly tempting naked body brought her back around to the huge desire she had felt earlier in the day, to be between the adorable teen's legs. Ronni was delighted as Brooke stood, dropped her robe and moved toward the bed. She welcomed Brooke into her arms and the two began to kiss.

"I'm being silly, aren't I?" Brooke whispered in Ronni's ear. "I have the object of my desire right here and I'm worrying about things I can't control ... when I'd much rather be thinking about kissing your nipples."

Brooke kissed Ronni's neck softly, then her shoulders and upper arms on both sides before moving to the center in order to pay attention to the teen's big, round tits. She squeezed them between her hands, kissed the girl's cleavage, licked the areolae and nibbled the nipples.

"Damn it, Girl ... these are fucking gorgeous!"

"Thank you, Mommy Brooke. I like yours too."

"Thank you my slutty little sweetheart."

"Can I kiss yours too?"

"Absolutely, Baby. Absolutely."

Brooke positioned herself over Ronni, then took one of her smallish but firm breasts in her hand and fed it to the young girl as if she were nursing her.

"MMmmmmm, Mommy Brooooke. Am I gonna get milk out of here?"

"You'd have to suck for a long time to get that to happen, I'm afraid."

"Did Emily suck these?"

"Yes she did. For a whole year, if I remember right."

"Did Daddy Jack ever taste your milk?"

"Oh my, yes. He llllloved it. I had to stop him sometimes to make sure there was enough for Em."

"I like your tits, Mommy Brooke."

"Well you can be my little baby and suck Mommy's tits for as long as you want."

As she sucked, Ronni slipped her hand between Brooke's legs and started to finger her wetness.

"You're all wet," Ronni cooed as she switched to Brooke's other nipple.

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