Ronni Tempted Me
Chapter 6

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 6 - Jack is very attracted to his daughter's friend Ronni. Not only is she a family friend, but she's only 15. His better judgment tells him to leave her alone. But Ronni doesn't want to be left alone. She tempts Jack with words and pictures. But curvaceous young Ronni is hard to resist.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation  

Jack and Brooke were numb as they ascended the stairs to their bedroom. Neither could begin to grasp the possibility that had hit them like a sledgehammer. Both thought it could not possibly be true. Yet they also felt there was a great chance it was. Could their well-planned weekend of wild, very risky sexual abandon have turned so quickly into their worst nightmare? Could it really have been their daughter Emily who had performed oral sex on each of them ... on her father and her mother?

"At least I didn't fuck her," Jack thought silently to himself.

"I'll bet he fucked her and didn't tell me," was the thought in Brooke's head. Her suspicions that Jack had wanted Emily all along were growing.

Ronni had told Brooke to untie Jack and bring him back to their bedroom so they could all be together. At the time the thought had excited Brooke beyond belief. Now she dreaded what she would see on the other side of the door. She went first as they entered and saw their nightmare come true. Ronni was leaning up against the headboard of their bed, seemingly naked, with the sheet pulled up over her breasts. And just as they had feared, right next to her, covered in the same fashion was their little girl, Emily.

"Oh, No!" Brooke exclaimed as she entered the room. "It can't be!"

Jack followed her and tried to speak, but no words came.

"Hi Mommy Brooke," Ronni said tentatively. "I hope you're not mad about my little surprise."

"Ronni ... how could you?" Brooke said softly. "How could you do this? How could you do it to Emily?"

"It's not her fault, Mom," Emily interjected. "She didn't make me do anything."

"Then why on earth are you here, young lady?" Jack said, finally and just barely finding his voice.

"She read my emails," Ronni said. "On your computers."

"What? How can that be? Emily, is this true?" Brooke asked.

"Yea, Mom. One day when my laptop wasn't working for some reason, I went in your Dad's office to use his computer. He was already logged in to his email, so I sneaked a look."

"And what did you find there, Honey?" Brooke asked as she shot a very dirty look at her husband.

"I found that he has a special email name called 'daddyjack'. I thought that was weird. But when I looked in his inbox, I saw messages from 'ronnibrat'. And I knew who that was."

"Emily! What were you doing reading my email?" Jack blurted out in a futile attempt to get control of the situation"

"Gee, Dad! I don't know! What were you doing looking at naked pictures of my friend?"

Jack knew he had no defense. He was the one who had let the situation get started, and he knew it. After all, the very first incident followed Ronni seeing the incest story he had written.

"Honestly Jack! How could you be so careless?" Brook sniped.

"I saw some of the emails from you too, Mom. Dad wasn't the only one looking at Ronni."

Brooke opened her mouth to reply, but she soon joined her husband in feeling totally defeated.

"So," Emily continued, "I told Ronni that I knew what she was doing with you guys."

"Oh, Baby ... I'm so sorry," Brooke said as she tried to fight off tears. "You should never have been exposed to this." Not knowing what else to do, Brooke turned on Ronni. "And you! This is all your fault, you little slut! Why were you emailing my husband, your friend's father with your dirty pictures anyway? And how could you bring Emily into this?"

"Well, Mommy Brooke," Ronni replied calmly, "it might interest you to know that what really started this was what I saw on Daddy Jack's computer one day when I was over with Em."

"What are you ... what is she talking about, Jack?"

Jack stood frozen.

"Ronni, what are you talking about?" Brooke asked.

"I saw that Daddy Jack was writing a story ... about a daddy and his daughter ... and about how much the daddy liked fucking his daughter. Isn't that right, Daddy Jack?"

Ronni knew she had a firm grasp on the upper hand.

"Jack, is this true? Is that how this all got started?"

Jack looked down at the floor. Realizing for the first time that he was still naked, he folded his hands over his genitals.

"Um ... Brooke, I... ," Jack stammered.

"You son of a bitch! You DID think about being with her, didn't you? You WANTED to have sex with your daughter! Did you set this all up, Jack? Did you plan this so that Emily would be here?"

"No! Brooke, I swear!"

"He didn't, Mom," Emily said. "Really ... Dad had no idea I was going to be here."

"It's true, Mommy Brooke," Ronni interjected.

"Have you ever touched our daughter, Jack? Tell me the truth, now. If I find out later you lied to me, I promise I will hurt you."

Jack looked over to see Brooke's face. Even though she also was still without clothes, it took nothing away from the stern fury in her expression.

"No way, Brooke. Absolutely not. Never."

Brooke looked at her daughter to gauge her reaction to what Jack had said. She sensed no duplicity on her daughter's face. Emily simply nodded her head in agreement with her father's statement. But Brooke had another question for Jack.

"Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever thought about Emily that way?"

Jack knew full well that Ronni had gotten him to admit to some passing thoughts about his daughter sexually. He knew it wasn't full-blown fantasy, such as the thoughts he had about Ronni. But the thoughts had crossed his mind, nonetheless. Jack didn't know if he could successfully hide that from Brooke. Nor did he know if he could admit to that with Emily just a few feet away. He also considered that Ronni was also in the room and she knew the truth about Jack's thoughts.

"Brooke ... I ... no," Jack said, choosing to try and keep his thoughts under wraps for the time being. He glanced at Ronni as subtly as he could in an attempted plea that she not reveal his confession. "I don't think about Emily that way."

Brooke eyed Jack suspiciously, but chose to believe him for the time being.

"I've been thinking about you that way, Daddy," Emily said nonchalantly.

This comment brought both Jack and Brooke's jaws crashing to the floor in shock, while it brought a sly smile to Ronni's face.

"What?" Jack said in total wonderment. "Em Honey ... what did you just say?"

"I said I've been thinking about you that way, Dad. It's true. I've been learning all about sex, and I want to do it. I want to have sex. And I've been thinking I want to have it with you."

"Emily!" Brooke exclaimed. "You can't be serious! What on earth are you saying? Why would you even think something like that?"

Finally acknowledging her own lack of clothes, Brooke stepped into the nearby closet and grabbed both her own Robe and Jack's. She tossed his to him as she donned hers, feeling like she would prefer not to have the most intense conversation of her life standing naked in front of her daughter.

"It's true, Mom. I can't help it. I've just been thinking about it."

"Where would you get ideas like this? How are you learning about sex, anyway?"

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