Ronni Tempted Me
Chapter 2

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Jack is very attracted to his daughter's friend Ronni. Not only is she a family friend, but she's only 15. His better judgment tells him to leave her alone. But Ronni doesn't want to be left alone. She tempts Jack with words and pictures. But curvaceous young Ronni is hard to resist.

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Two days had passed since Ronni had seen Jack's erotic story on his home office computer. It was bad enough that she had coerced him into emailing it to her with a very sexy photo. Just seeing such a revealing image of a fifteen year old, not to mention a friend of his daughter's was enough to make him feel very guilty. But then after he sent the story, she sent him three more.

In the first image Ronni was turned mostly away from the camera. Her top was still on, but her pants weren't. Her perfectly curved bottom, graced by a pair of adorable, very playful panties was facing directly toward him. The second image was from the front with the shirt again, but this time she was bending forward and pulling the front down, so her amazing cleavage was more visible than in the first picture she had sent. In the final picture Ronni had the pants on again, pulled low once more. But this time the shirt was missing. In a post that took Jack's breath away, she was facing directly at the camera with one hand pressing each breast against her chest. Only her nipples were covered.

Jack didn't know whether to leave the pictures in his private email box or delete them immediately. His better judgment said to delete. But his fascination with Ronni wouldn't allow him to do it. Jack tried to close the pictures and go about his business. But he couldn't stop looking at them. He was so engrossed in thinking about what Ronni's breasts might look like with her hands removed. He just barely had time to close the windows before his wife came in the room.

"What are you up to, Hon?" she asked.

"Just a few emails," Jack responded.

"Well, I'm going to bed. You coming?"

"Yea, in a minute or two."

Jack wondered if he should send another email to Ronni. He knew the best thing he could do would be to delete the pictures and tell her in no uncertain terms that he wanted no more pictures. On the other hand, she wasn't really naked in the pictures. Could he actually get in trouble for that? At the same time, she was a good friend of his daughter's. Would he want someone else looking at pictures of Emily like that? Of course not.

That night when Jack went to bed, he had to fight his urges to fantasize about Ronni. In truth, she had been the star of his masturbatory imagination any number of times before. But now ... now that he had seen those pictures that he should never have seen ... now that he couldn't help imagine someone seeing pictures of his daughter that way, he knew he wouldn't feel right about getting off while thinking about this fifteen year old girl. Well, almost sixteen ... and with huge brown eyes, great face, big perfect tits, beautiful curved ass ... Before he knew it Jack was ejaculating into his briefs. Feeling all the more guilty, he got out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean-up before climbing back in next to his sleeping wife.

When he logged onto his email at work the next morning, Jack resolved that he would not check his private account. Nothing good could come of it. But he found that again, where Ronni was concerned, it was very hard for him to set boundaries. As soon as he logged to daddyjack@... , he saw a message from ronnibrat@ ... He was both relieved and disappointed when he saw there was no attachment.

"hi! did u like? ;-) wanna see more?" read the message.

"Now what do I do?" Jack whispered.

Thankfully Jack had a busy day ahead which kept his mind mostly off of Ronni's sexy body. He did find himself comparing some of the girls in the office to what he had seen of Ronni's figure, but none of them could compare with her for sheer, sexy voluptuousness.

Later that evening, Jack was online again. When an IM window popped up, he was again both relieved and disappointed that it was his chat friend 'andyman' and not 'ronnibrat' who was contacting him. After ten minutes of banter, Jack decided to run something by his friend.

daddyjack: Andy, can I ask you something?

andyman: Of course. Anything.

daddyjack: Have you ever met anyone online who you thought was...

andyman: Who I thought was what? A man pretending to be a woman? Ha! All the time!

daddyjack: No, I ... wait a minute. Do you really?

andyman: Sure. Don't you?

daddyjack: I guess so. But I don't really ask.

andyman: I don't either, because I don't really care. I mean, it's all fantasy anyway, right?

daddyjack: right

andyman: I mean, when I'm chatting for fun and excitement ... lol ... I want to talk about women doing things to men and vice versa. So, do I really care if 'Veronica' has a penis or a vagina? As long as she/he can talk about both convincingly, I don't really care who's actually typing the words. It's not like I'm ever gonna meet the person, anyway.

daddyjack: That makes sense. But actually, that wasn't what I was going to ask.

andyman: O.K. Go for it.

daddyjack: What I was gonna ask was if you've ever chatted or anything with a girl you thought might be underage.

andyman: Are you kidding? You mean, for real?

daddyjack: Well, yea. And I mean, just talking, you know? Never meeting or anything like that.

andyman: Why do you ask, Jack?

daddyjack: There's this girl, and she ... well ... I know she's not eighteen.

andyman: Yea? How do you know?

daddyjack: I asked her, and I just know. I'm confident that she's not.

andyman: And she's not an adult male pretending to be a teenage girl?

daddyjack: I'm really sure she's not.

andyman: All I can say is, be careful, Man.

daddyjack: I know. But I mean, it's not like I'd ever meet her or anything. You know?

andyman: So, why are you asking?

daddyjack: I don't know. It's just that, well, we did chat for a few minutes. And well ... she wanted to talk about sex.

andyman: How old is she, Jack?

daddyjack: Oh, man ... I hate to say.

andyman: Up to you.

daddyjack: O.K. She's almost sixteen.

andyman: She's fifteen? Are you nuts?

daddyjack: I think maybe I am. But you know, it was so exciting to chat with her. And I really made sure the conversation didn't really go too far.

andyman: Exciting hell, Jack. It's not worth it.

While Andy was warning him, Jack was looking at Ronni's pictures. He knew he should delete them on the spot. But she was so damned cute! And she wanted to send him more pictures!

daddyjack: I know, Andy. You're right. You're definitely right. Absolutely.

andyman: You don't sound too convinced. Just be careful, Jack.

daddyjack: I know. No, really. Thanks, Andy. Take it easy, O.K.?

andyman: O.K. You too, Buddy.

Andy's words echoed in Jack's head as he continued to look at the images of Ronni.

"She's so sweet!" Jack said softly. "Look at those big eyes. And those big..."

Jack became aware that he was becoming erect. He looked at his watch and saw that it was late enough that the kids had probably gone off to bed. And the fact that his wife hadn't told him she was going to bed, like she did the previous night, probably meant she had fallen asleep on the couch. A feeling of naughtiness came over Jack. He tried to talk himself out of what he was envisioning. It was one think to think about this young girl, his daughter's friend, and jerk himself off while he was in bed. But could he really do it here in his own house, while looking at her picture? Just as Jack was about to reach for his hard-on to give it a squeeze, anotherIM window appeared on his screen. 'ronnibrat'

ronnibrat: hi there!!!

daddyjack: Ronni. Hi.

ronnibrat: did u miss me? ;-)

daddyjack: What do you mean?

ronnibrat: you've had my pictures and i've had your story for two days. haven't you been thinking about me?

Jack wondered how the hell she could have known he had been thinking about her. Was he that obvious?

daddyjack: Oh. Well, I've been really, really busy.

ronnibrat: liar! lol you've been thinking about me

daddyjack: Whatever you say.

ronnibrat: don't be like that ;-( besides, don't you want to know how i liked the story?

Jack had dreaded the possibility that she would ever mention the story again.

daddyjack: I don't know. Do I want to know?

ronnibrat: yes!!! silly! i LOVED it

daddyjack: You did? Really?

ronnibrat: sooooooo much it was so sexy and it really turned me on

daddyjack: It wasn't too weird for you?

ronnibrat: no way i love stuff like that

daddyjack: You're not going to ... tell Em about it, are you?

ronnibrat: why? she'd probably like it

daddyjack: I hope not. But I don't want to think about the possibility that she would see it. And certainly not that she would like it.

ronnibrat: awwwww but no i don't need to tell her but i have a question

daddyjack: O.K. What is it?

ronnibrat: does it turn you on to know that i read your story?

daddyjack: Ronni, I told you I can't talk to you about that.

ronnibrat: is it because you think it's wrong, or because you think you'll get in trouble?

Jack had to pause and think about that one. Of course, the truth was that it turned him on very much. SHE turned him on very much. But the fact of the matter was that he really did think it was not a good thing for a married father in his forties to be talking about sex with a girl Ronni's age. He really hated the thought that Emily might be doing that with some other pervert on the Internet. Of course, Ronni seemed to really want to talk about it. Before he finished histhrought process, Ronni chimed back in.

ronnibrat: hello ... r u there?

daddyjack: Yes, Ronni. I'm sorry. I was thinking about your question.

ronnibrat: and?

daddyjack: I guess it's both. I do think it's wrong and I hope my daughter doesn't talk with older married men about sex. And I know that people get in serious trouble for engaging with underage girlsonline.

ronnibrat: does it matter that i'm already having sex and that i like to talk about it?

daddyjack: I honestly don't know, Ronni.

ronnibrat: you really want to talk about it, don't you

daddyjack: Why do you say that?

ronnibrat: i can just tell ;-) you liked my pictures and i think you want more, right?

daddyjack: Ronni, please. Let's not start this again.

ronnibrat: did they make you hard?

daddyjack: Ronni! Now stop it. Please. You really picked the right name? You really are a brat.

ronnibrat: LOL! i'll tell you what ... if you answer my question honestly i'll send you another picture

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