Ronni Tempted Me
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jack is very attracted to his daughter's friend Ronni. Not only is she a family friend, but she's only 15. His better judgment tells him to leave her alone. But Ronni doesn't want to be left alone. She tempts Jack with words and pictures. But curvaceous young Ronni is hard to resist.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation  

Jack never dreamed his little outlet of writing sex stories and posted them on the Internet would end up the way they did. It all started one afternoon when his daughter brought her friend Ronni home after school. This in and of itself was nothing new. Emily and Ronni had been friends for several years and they spent much time at one another's house.

This particular day Jack wasn't working. He had been home alone most of the day and after finishing his to-do list, he decided to return to the latest story he was working on. Jack got distracted several times by emails from some of his online friends. As was often the case, Jack's playtime resulted in a solid erection. He was just considering whether or not he should seek to relieve himself when he heard his daughter Emily come home from school.

"Dad?" Emily called out upon entering the house. She had seen Jack's car in the garage and figured that he must be at home.

"I'm in my office, Honey," Jack responded.

"How come you're home?" she yelled from the kitchen.

"Had the day off," her dad responded.

Jack then heard another voice and he knew Emily must have a friend with her.

"Ronni's here!" Emily announced, still in the kitchen.

"That's nice. Hello Ronni," Jack called back.

He figured relief from his hard-on would have to wait. Jack started closing various windows on his computer in order to cover his tracks now that he was no longer alone. Before he could completely finish, he saw someone in the doorway to his home office. As quickly as he could Jack minimized the last couple of windows. He knew he had closed the pages that would be really embarrassing, such as the schoolgirl photos he loved to peruse. Jack wasn't even sure what had been left open on his desktop, but he was glad he had at least gotten everything out of the view of prying eyes.

"Hi Mr. J!" Ronni said.

"Oh! Hi, Ronni," Jack replied, turning in his chair to face the door. "You startled me a little. I thought you were still in the kitchen with Em."

"Nope," Ronni said with a big smile. "I came down here to say 'hi'. What are you doin'?"

"Oh, just working on my checkbook and stuff like that," Jack lied. "How are you doing?"

"I'm really good. Thanks."

Jack couldn't help feeling slightly nervous that Ronni had seen what was on his screen. But that was overshadowed by the opportunity to be in her presence for a bit. Of all his kids' friends, Jack liked and was most attracted to Ronni. She was different than the rest. Ronni had dark, curly hair and huge brown eyes. Her face was dotted with adorable freckles. Jack couldn't deny he was a sucker for blonde cheerleader types, but Ronni had them all beat. And just as appealing as her face was her super curvaceous body. The brief thought flashed across Jack's mind, that he would love it if only Ronni were in the house with him. And, that he could take out his erect dick and jerk-off while she watched ... and maybe lifted her shirt for him. Ronni's breasts were the stuff legends were made of.

But, not only was Ronni not the only other person in the house, but Ronni was also under-age. In his fantasy life Jack couldn't help feel perverted whenever he thought about her. He would be glad when she turned eighteen, but that didn't stop him of dreaming of things he wanted to do with her.

"Ronni," they heard Emily call out, "let's go downstairs."

"O.K.," Ronni called back. "I guess we're going downstairs to watch TV," she said to Jack.

"That's cool. Have fun. See you later." Jack returned Ronni's warm smile as she left and returned to the kitchen with Emily.

Jack welcomed the opportunity to get up out of his chair without his boner being seen. He went into the bathroom and gave his dick a minute to settle down before he relieved himself in the non-sexual fashion. When he came out and walked back into his office, his heart skipped a beat.

Ronni was sitting at his desk. She was looking at the computer screen. And she had opened the windows he had not had the chance to completely close. Jack silently berated himself for not closing the windows before going to the bathroom. But he had assumed Ronni and Emily were already in the downstairs family room.

"Hi, Mr. J," Ronni said again, this time much more coyly.

"Um ... Ronni," Jack said, trying not to sound too nervous. "I uh ... I thought you guys were downstairs."

"Emily started getting text messages. She's sitting in the living room. I thought I'd sit here while I waited for her. I was just curious."

"About what, Ronni?"

"About what you were uh ... working on." She gave Jack a sly grin.

"Ronni ... I, I told you what I..."

"This doesn't really look like your checkbook, Mr. J. It looks like a story. Are you writing a story?"

"Ronni, you shouldn't be reading that."

"Why? Are you really writing a story?"

"Yes, O.K., Ronni? I'm writing a story ... for fun."

"This looks really, really fun, Mr. J. It looks really naughty too. Can I read it?"

"What? Ronni! No, of course not. It's not appropriate for you."

"Why?" Clearly Ronni was enjoying teasing Jack. "Because it's about sex?"

"Now, Ronni ... seriously. You shouldn't be reading that, or talking about it. It's something adult, meant for adults."

"I can handle it, you know. It's not like I haven't read, or seen, or ... done a lot of things."

"Ronni ... you're fifteen. Now would you please just go downstairs with Em? And please, as a favor to me ... don't say anything to her. O.K.?"

"Why? It seems like your story has to do with a dad and his daughter. I think Emily might like it."

"How much did you read?"

"Enough to get the idea. But not enough. I want to read the whole thing."

"No, Ronni. Enough now. Please go back to Emily."

"Under one condition," Ronni said, knowing full well she had Jack just where she wanted him.

"And what's that?"

"You email this story to me when it's finished so I can read the whole thing."

"No way! Stop this, Ronni. I mean it. There's no way I can show you that."

"Emily!" Ronni called loudly.

"What?" Emily called back.

"Are you done yet?"

"Almost, why?"

Jack wanted nothing more in that moment than to have Ronni and Emily go downstairs. Any remnant of his erection had completely fled at this point.

"I want to tell you something," Ronni called back to Emily as she gave Jack a big smile which sent a chill up his spine.

"O.K., fine. I'll email the story, O.K.? Will you please, please go back to Em?"

"What, Ronni?" Emily called again.

"Nothing!" she shouted back. "Be right there."

"Thank you," Jack said.

"Here's my email, Mr. J." She wrote ronnibrat@ ... on Jack's desk blotter. "I'll be waiting for it!"

"Ronni..." Jack started to offer another weak protest, but Emily interrupted him.

"Can't wait!"

And with that she sprung up out of her chair and bounced out of the room.

For the rest of the evening, Jack agonized over his foolishness and over what to do next. He and his wife really liked Ronni. But they also knew she was a pistol. They had never heard all the details, but they knew Ronni had been suspended from school in some sort of incident involving her sending racy pictures of herself to other students, and maybe even teachers by email. Jack of course said that such behavior was appalling and that he couldn't imagine how much trouble Emily would be in if she ever tried a stunt like that. But secretly he was very turned on by the thought of Ronni distributing those pictures and more than once he wished there was a way he could see them.

An hour after Ronni went home, Jack had convinced himself that Ronni was just joking around with him and that she wouldn't follow through on her threat. He relaxed enough to return to the story Ronni had found. It was nearly finished and even though Jack figured he should just scrap it and end his online activities for a while, he couldn't resist finishing what he had started. There was no denying that, even though Jack had decided not to send the story to Ronni, he imagined her reading it as he brought it to completion. Then his messenger window popped up.


"Oh shit," Jack said under his breath. "How the hell did she get my username?"

Jack felt he had no choice but to accept a chat with Ronni.

ronnibrat: hi!!!

daddyjack: Ronni. How did you get my chat username?

ronnibrat: saw it on a piece of paper on your desk

Jack looked down and realized that he did in fact have his usernames and passwords on a piece of paper under his glass desktop. "Shit! Shit!" he whispered.

daddyjack: What didn't you get into on my desk, Ronni?

ronnibrat: not much ... lol where's my story?

daddyjack: Ronni, seriously. Enough kidding around about that. It's so inappropriate for you.

ronnibrat: why?

daddyjack: You know why. Because it's completely about sex.

ronnibrat: so? like i haven't had sex?

daddyjack: You've had sex?

ronnibrat: uh ... yea!!!

daddyjack: Ronni, you're fifteen!

ronnibrat: so?

daddyjack: So nothing, I guess. I'm just surprised is all.

ronnibrat: well, don't be. i'm hardly the only one of my friends who has.

Jack couldn't help but think of the question foremost on his mind at that point: Had Emily become sexually active? He decided he had no intention of exploring that right now.

daddyjack: Ronni, I shouldn't even be talking to you about this?

A side window popped up which said Ronni was offering him a picture.

daddyjack: Ronni, what are you sending me?

ronni: just something i think you might like ... hee hee

daddyjack: It's not ... I can't even say it.

ronni: what? come on mr j

daddyjack: It's not of you naked, is it?

ronni: no way! well not really ... lol no i'm definitely not naked go ahead and look

Jack reluctantly accepted the image. Ronni wasn't being dishonest when she she wasn't naked in the picture. But she was surely showing some skin. Her low-cut jeans were pulled down on her curvaceous hips and her thong was very visible. And on top she had a very low-cut top which revealed her ample cleavage very well.

daddyjack: Ronni! Damn it!

ronnibrat: what? i said i wasn't naked and i'm not

daddyjack: You're close enough!

ronnibrat: do you like it?

daddyjack: That's really not the point, young lady. You're fifteen and you're my daughter's friend. I shouldn't be seeing you or any fifteen year old like that.

ronnibrat: but do you like it?

daddyjack: You really are something, Ronni. I swear.

ronnibrat: don't swear just tell me if you like it

daddyjack: Yes, Ronni. You're a very attractive YOUNG girl, O.K.?

Another window popped up next to the first.

daddyjack: Now what?

ronnibrat: just something else for you ... wait a minute

The picture window on Jack's computer disappeared. He wasn't sure whether to be relieved or disappointed.

daddyjack: What happened?

ronnibrat: well i thought that if you liked the picture you might want to see another one but then i remembered my story, which you haven't sent me yet

daddyjack: I think I can survive.

ronnibrat: you don't want to see it?

daddyjack: No, I really don't, Ronni.

ronnibrat: liar

daddyjack: I am not. I shouldn't be looking at pictures like that of you.

ronnibrat: liar liar liar

daddyjack: That's enough, Ronni. What was the picture of, anyway?

ronnibrat: ha ha! you want to see it!!! admit it mr j!!!

daddyjack: Ronni, didn't you get in trouble at school for sending pictures to some other students or something?

ronnibrat: not exactly

daddyjack: Why ... what happened?

ronnibrat: it wasn't just other kids there were some teachers too LOL

daddyjack: You sent pictures to your teacher? Like the one you sent me?

ronnibrat: just the teachers i know like me

daddyjack: Did one of them report you?

ronnibrat: no another student did

daddyjack: What did the teachers do? What did the school do about them?

ronnibrat: none of the teachers did anything and i didn't tell the school which teachers

daddyjack: You mean you sent pictures like that to your teachers and ... they still have them?

ronnibrat: i guess so but where's my story?

daddyjack: Ronni, I can't...

Jack stopped to think. He couldn't fool himself any longer about wanting to see another picture of Ronni like that. Despite the fact that she was fifteen, Jack knew that what he really wanted was to see her naked. But he knew he could never suggest that.

ronnibrat: that makes me sad mr. j ;-( you promised oh well ... no more pictures

Jack did not respond again to Ronni's chat messages. But within five minutes, the story she wanted to read arrived in her inbox. And one minute after that, Jack received an email with three photos attached.

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