Jane at the Mall

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2009 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Jane loves her fantasy about submitting to a black woman; the fantasy becomes a reality and Jane is in trouble.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Humiliation   Interracial   Black Female   White Female   .

Jane decided to give herself an evening at the mall. It was a decision that made her smile. She dressed fairly nicely for her outing. It was beige linen slacks, a kind of silkish beige over blouse that was gathered by a tan belt at the waist. The linen slacks showed a modest amount of 'vpl'. This made Jane giggle, when looking at herself in the mirror. She liked the line of her panties to show. It made her feel sexy, and feeling sexy was exactly what she needed for an outing at the mall. The panties and bra were matching. Tonight she wore a pair of beige panties that had lovely lace at the waist, and lace panels at the leg bands. She felt special in them.

She reasoned with herself: 'I've been working hard lately, and the job wasn't all that exciting. It was okay and paid well but she knew that this is where she found excitement.'

She also let the thought wander through her mind that what she did was perfectly harmless. No one knew; no one ever found out, and she was happy with this little game.

She often wondered if she could be called a 'stalker' but the name, the title never really seemed to fit. She'd just go to the mall and find someone.

The definition of 'someone' for Jane was always pretty much the same. It would invariably be a black girl. She'd always younger than her own 38 years. She'd frequently be a teen ager. She'd certainly be attractive. And, this was crucial for Jane, she'd be a person with an attitude.

Once Jane found such a girl, woman at the Mall, she'd follow her around. She'd do it discretely, and secretively. She follow her around until she had pretty much memorized what the girl looked like. Then, when Jane had all the characteristics memorized, she'd go home with them bouncing around in her mind.

Once at home Jane would hasten to the bedroom. Off would come the lovely silkish beige over blouse; off would come the chic looking beige linen pants.

During this part of her ritual, Jane would even often practice a dialogue with her chosen girl.

She'd say: "Yes, ma'am, I'm stripping, as you told me."

Or: "Yes, Mistress, I'll take my clothes off immediately."

Then Jane was down to her panties and bra; she'd picture herself then being forced to lick surfaces of black skin, to use her tongue on patches of curly black pubic hair, to seek out the texture and silkiness of pussy lips inside of the wiry hair. She'd hold onto this fantasy until the orgasm burst over her and overwhelmed her.

This was Jane's game; it was the 'Mall Game' and she allowed herself to play the 'Mall Game' maybe once a week. Tonight was Jane's night for the 'Mall Game'.

She parked on the wooded side of the mall parking lot, and toward the back. This gave Jane almost exactly the correct amount of time to get into the 'mall mood' for her hunt. She invariably was smiling by the time that she entered the mall from the parking lot.

She was smiling because she was seeking her prey but in her own delicious twisted way. The prey would always turn on Jane, and it would be Jane that ended up being the victim. She'd be a willing victim, and it would be delicious.

She moved into the mall and began her wandering. She invariably bought a few items to make her shopping trip look legitimate. On this occasion it was into a woman's store and she bought herself a small group of panties. They were of different colors, so that she could match a color each day with her own mood. Jane liked that idea.

All the while that Jane was casually shopping she was also looking around at the other shoppers. She was actually in her secret mode of selecting a 'mistress' for herself. The game had begun, and Jane, in her quiet way, loved the fact that she was the only person playing. She also enjoyed the fact that everyone else was subject to her decisions in the game.

She was in the act of paying at the register, wondering about the sales clerk taking her credit card. But a voice nagged at Jane: "No, I want a black mistress, an african american mistress."

That voice was one that Jane couldn't deny. The pull was so strong that this was always, always one of the basics of her search. That meant that the lovely young white sales clerk wouldn't do. Jane just couldn't select her to be the one to dominate her.

Maybe sometime she'd loosen up her fantasy standards but for right now, she'd go with this. It needed to be a black girl to make her tremble. Just the thought made Jane smile, and made her wet at her pussy.

She twirled that thought around in her mind: "What if they could divine what I'm thinking," she thought. "What if they could know that I'm smiling now because my pussy is wet from thinking about having a black mistress?"

Jane almost chewed on the words; she loved using words that she thought of as dirty words. They were at least words that fit into her 'dirty' game. She loved thinking in her mind about her 'pussy, ' or her 'panties'. If she was desperate, she'd let her mind ring with words like 'her snatch, ' or 'her cunt, ' and she could always push herself into almost a sexual tizzy by thinking of being someone's 'whore.' Jane loved the words, almost as much as she loved the game, the pursuit.

And at that very moment, the game began in earnest. Outside the window of the store she saw four black girls looking at the lingerie in the window and laughing at their jokes and jibes.

Jane's antennae went up, as she tried to casually glance at the four girls. She was almost dumbfounded by the pants that one of the girls was wearing. The pants were skin tight, white; they were made of a kind of lycra material. The girl had a lovely, rounded, very prominent ass. Above that she wore a cut off tee shirt. The tee shirt allowed her navel and coffee colored stomach to show.

Jane was in lust immediately.

"Tonight's prey," she exulted. That thought was followed by the thought: "Tonight's mistress; my own, cruel, demanding mistress."

She played with the thoughts, played with the language; she let them bounce along inside of her head, as she left the register, and went through the entrance to follow her 'prey'.

She began her careful tabulation, her careful following of the girl. She began to take in the details, take in the contours, and the textures so that she could play the game fully later at home, when she'd gotten herself down to only those pretty beige panties.

What Jane didn't know was that the girl had already noticed Jane's initial reaction to her and her friends. She made a comment about 'grandma checking us out.'

Then the game began. Jane followed the girls. She followed them discreetly, always watching, always sizing up, always observing. She wanted to be able to recreate for her nocturnal fantasies the shape of her ass, her wonderful ass, which was barely poured into the clinging white, lycra fabric of her pants. She wanted it all in her mind.

She was telling herself, as she wandered along, that this was just the best 'subject' for her game yet. This girl was one that she could draw upon for a long time.

Jane was excited, as she observed; she could feel her pussy getting wetter. The thought flitted across her mind that she was 'wet in the snatch.' That caused a giggle, which she hardly suppressed. She followed them through half of the mall. She was being careful, she was being discreet and constantly taking in details.

She notice that the girl wore a pair of thong panties. She could see the strap of the thong disappear into the crack of the girl's ass.

"Of my mistress' ass," Jane whispered to herself.

This was just going to be the greatest of her game outings ever. Just the greatest. She was really sorry that she had no hidden, small, discreet camera to take a picture of that ass, that white lycra spandex covered ass that she coveted.

She was in the middle of this thought, when disaster struck.

She wasn't watching where she was going. She was deep into the new plan to take pictures of the ass to capture it and be able to look at it at any time, when she actually ran into the girls.

In her reverie, Jane didn't realize that the girls had noticed her following behind them. She didn't realize that they were wondering what this 'old white cunt' was up to, following them, and sizing them up.

Nor did Jane know that the girl that was the object of her personal search, Thalia, was already way beyond annoyed with Jane's behavior. Jane had no clue. So, Jane wasn't ready for any kind of confrontation, when she walked into the girls.

She was so taken aback by the collision that she just squeaked, when she ran into them.

"Hey, lady, what the fuck are you doin'?" Thalia--her 'mistress' demanded to know.

Jane was dumb struck by the accident, by the fact that she'd allowed herself to blunder in the 'game', by the fact that now she was actually being confronted by her 'prey'.

"Speak up, grandma, or I'll bitch slap you one," Thalia said next to Jane.

All that Jane could manage was an incoherent mumble. Then she did what she thought would be best, since the 'game' was blown. She turned on her heels and headed for the exit.

Jane comforted herself with the thought that she'd gotten enough information, enough 'input' from her observations to make her nocturnal finish of the 'game' a success. She certainly wouldn't be able to get that dominating, lovely round ass out of her mind very quickly.

She never noticed that she'd dropped her bag, her shopping bag in the store, where she ran into the girls. She'd lost her bag full of panties. It never occurred to her at all. It never occurred to her until she was at her car, in the back of the lot, and had the door open.

"Ohhh," she moaned to herself, when she realized it.

She didn't know if she had the courage to go back in there. She turned, while she decided if she did or not, only to find that a hand was holding the bag out to her.

Jane froze on the spot, when she realized that it was 'her girl', Thalia, that was holding the bag out to her.

Thalia had a cruel look on her face. He friends were obviously backing her up.

"Loose something, grandma?" she asked with an edge in her voice.

"Uh, yes, ... uh, yes, I did, thank you," Jane said.

Thalia turned the bag upside down as she said in that same cruel voice: "Lost your bag full of 'granny panties'?"

As she said this, she dumped the panties onto the ground.

"Ohhhhhh dear!" Jane squeaked.

Thalia leaned into Jane and said: "You make that fucking sound a lot, grandma? You squeak a lot?"

Jane watched her wide eyed. But Thalia was getting angrier now.

She grabbed a hunk of Jane's hair, and pulled her face forward; she was now almost shouting into Jane's face: "You fucking talk to me, when I ask you a question, or I'll beat your ass red and raw. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

This last phrase was delivered nose to nose with Jane at the top of Thalia's lungs.

Without realizing what she was saying, Jane answered: "Yes, ma'am, I understand."

Thalia laughed, a great barking laugh, as she turned to her friends and repeated Jane's word 'ma'am'.

"Good then we try this again, bitch," Thalia said, not having left go of Jane's hair. "Did you lose this bag of 'granny panties', bitch? You answer me now!"

Jane was totally cowed; she was at a loss for what to do or say. She also realized that now her pussy was streaming, she was so sexually aroused. She simply decided to follow what Thalia was saying as best she could in her addled state.

"Yes, ma'am," she said simply, "I lost that bag of 'granny panties', ma'am."

Then Jane added: "Please, you're hurting me!"

"Hurting, girl, if you don't satisfy my questions, I'm going to hurt you like you couldn't even imagine. Clear?" Thaila yanked on Jane's hair to emphasize.

"Clear, very clear, ma'am," Jane said hurriedly.

"Do you always wear 'granny panties'?" Thalia demanded.

Jane knew better now than to not cooperate.

She quietly said: "Yes, ma'am, I always wear 'granny panties'."

"Wearing them now, grandma?" Thalia wanted to know.

"Yes, ma'am," Jane admitted, "I'm wearing a pair of granny panties now. They're beige."

"Didn't ask you for details, you dumb shit," Thalia said in a menacing voice.

"Sorry, ma'am," Jane said.

"Sorry? Sorry? Not nearly what you're going to be if you don't answer my next question, quickly, honestly, and fully."

"Yes, I will," Jane hastened to add.

Thalia slapped Jane's face: "Don't interrupt me!" she shouted.

Tears started to run down Jane's face.

"You cry, and I kick your ass here and now," Thalia said.

Jane stopped her crying out of simple fear.

"Now you tell me, you fucking white assed bitch, why were you following us in the mall? You be honest with me or I'll fuck you up good. Got that?"

"Yes, ma'am," Jane hastened to say, "I've got that."

"Then tell me; why were you following us at the mall?" Thalia demanded. She had let go of Jane's hair.

Jane stood for a few seconds and realized that she really should simply tell the truth.

Jane then explained meekly to Thalia: "Ma'am, I apologize for this in advance but I was attracted to your wonderful looking ass."

"Say what?" Thalia said.

Jane hastily went on to explain that when she saw a beautiful girl at the mall, she'd go home later and play with herself thinking of that girl.

Thalia snorted: "You are the living end, girl! And you say that you like my ass?"

Jane was so far sunk in the situation that she saw no reason to lie about it: "Yes, ma'am, especially the way you're dressed."

Thalia looked askance at Jane and asked her quietly: "You a lezzie bitch?"

Jane said plane out that she wasn't sure if she was or she wasn't; she only knew that she was attracted to young women, especially to forceful young black women.

Thalia's face changed just a bit then. She motioned to the ground where Jane's panties still lay scattered.

She said to Jane, with a quiet but still menacing voice: "Kneel and pick up your panties; they're still on the ground."

"Yes, ma'am," Jane said, kneeling and beginning to scoop the panties up and into the bag.

As Jane was gathering the panties, Thalia moved up to her so that her lycra covered crotch was directly in front of Jane's face. Jane stared at Thalia's crotch for a few seconds and then lifted her head to look into Thalia's eyes.

"Like that, white bitch?" Thalia demanded.

Jane blushed a bright red, and said: "Oh, yes, ma'am."

At that point Thalia turned to her friends, who were kind of on the lookout. She said to them: "Can you believe this shit? We've a live one here, and she's such a fucking mouse."

She turned back to Jane and said to her: "What's your name, bitch?"

Jane answered very quietly: "My name is Jane, ma'am."

"Well, 'my name is Jane, ma'am, ' I want you to walk with me here around to the back of your car, and then I want you to take your pants off. You just show us girls your granny panties now."

Jane's head whipped around looking this way and that for a few seconds.

"Do I need to bitch slap you again?" Thalia demanded to know.

"Oh, no, ma'am," Jane said, "I'll do it."

Thalia grabbed Jane by the arm and hustled her around to the back of the car. She held out her hand. Jane didn't hesitate now. She reached under her blouse and undid the belt of her slacks. Getting redder and redder, and, to be sure, more and more sexually aroused by the treatment she was receiving, she undid the buttons of her pants, slipped the zipper down, and then slid them down past her ass cheeks, hips and thighs and off. She held them out to Thalia.

"Can't see the but the bottom of your panties, girl," Thalia said then, "Take off that blouse."

"Blouse?" Jane said almost to herself.

Thalia slapped her. This time the slap was to Jane's exposed panty covered ass. It brought another kind of squeak from Jane. But then Jane hustled to unbutton and totally remove her blouse.

Jane was quivering from the excitement now. She stood there in front of a girl only a little half her age, of whom she was afraid, and she wore only her panties and bra.

"Get rid of the bra and shoes," Thalia said with some disgust. "I want to see what you look like in just your panties."

This time Jane hastened into action and accompanied it with a loud 'yes, ma'am.'

Now Jane was down to just her panties.

"Turn around, bitch," Thalia ordered.

Jane turned around slowly to display her ass, and then her pussy through the thin beige fabric of the panties.

Thalia reached into her purse then and produced a large knife.

Jane started at the appearance of the knife.

"Stand still or I'll cut off your nipples," Thalia said sternly.

Jane shook her head 'yes', and just stood there. She was quivering.

Thalia smiled; she held her face close to Jane's and said to her: "You like this don't you, momma?"

Jane gulped but told the truth: "Oh, yes, ma'am; I truly do. Please forgive my impertinence, when I say that you are beautiful."

Thalia laughed and shot back at Jane: "But I think it's my beautiful ass and pussy that you really like, isn't it, bitch?"

"Yes, ma'am," Jane admitted; she wasn't sure that was strictly true but she wasn't going to disagree with Thalia.

"Now you watch, bitch," Thalia said.

Then she began with the knife to cut slits in the nylon fabric of the panties. She turned Jane around as she did it. When she was finished, the panties had panels flapping, playing peek-a-boo with Jane's ass and pussy.

"Better, much better."

Thalia turned to the other girls, and said: "Hey, we're going to finish here; you go ahead and I'll meet you."

They left with laughs and statements like: "You do her, girl!" and "Pretty panties, grandma!"

Then Thalia and Jane were alone. Thalia was dressed and Jane was all but naked. But Jane was precisely in the middle of one of her most powerful fantasies.

Jane said slowly to Thalia: "Mistress, I'll do anything you tell me."

"First of all, white bitch, shut the fuck up until I tell you to talk! Go that?"

"Yes, ma'am' I've got that."

"Okay," Thalia ordered next, "Walk ahead of me over into those trees, and let me see that white ass wiggle like it's got some life in it."

Jane went ahead. She made sure that she walked in such a fashion that her ass and hips were in a constant, wiggling, sexy motion. It made Thalia laugh and slap Jane's ass two or three times. Jane stood as she did.

"You like that ass slappin' too don't you, bitch?" Thalia demanded to know.

"Yes, ma'am I do. The ... uh ... The slaps ... they kind of turn me on."

"Yeah," Thalia said with a laugh, "You're as hot as a cracker now but wait until I get you into those trees. White fuckin' bitch, I'll show you something that'll make you hot."

Jane just looked at her, and quivered a little.

Thalia stopped her at that point. She said to Jane, smiling: "Now, momma, you've provided me with some eye candy; now you take a look at this money maker."

Thalia swung ahead of Jane, and simply walked.

Jane was transfixed anew with the shape, and wiggle of Thalia's ass.

"You like that?" Thalia asked.

"Yes, ma'am, like that," Jane said.

"You like that enough to get your tongue in there and lick at it?" Thalia wanted to know.

"Oh, yes, yes, ma'am," Jane said with enthusiasm, "I'd love to use my tongue anywhere you told me to."

Jane had simply sunk into the reality that was pushing her; here was her fantasy come to life. She hoped that she was up to it. She was determined to make this a huge living thing for her. She was so excited that she was ready to cum in her panties from the anticipation.

Thalia now stood in the clearing of the trees. Holding out her hand she said to Jane: "Give me those ridiculous panties. Don't you ever let me catch you with granny panties again. You buy bikinis and thongs or you go bare assed naked. Understand?"

Jane did as she was told. She was awe struck that she stood beneath these trees totally naked with this dominant black girl.

"Yes, ma'am," Jane said clearly, "I will not wear granny panties any more; I'll wear bikinis, or thongs or I'll go bare assed naked. Exactly as you say!"

"Better," Thalia said with some exasperation. "Now come here, and begin to earn your keep."

Thalia gathered Jane into her arms and the kiss fairly exploded between the two of them. Jane sucked on Thalia's invading tongue for all she was worth.

"A good cock sucker too, I bet," Thalia said. "Now you get on your knees, bitch and take these tight white pants that you love so much off of me. Now you get pussy to lick, and ass to lick. Now you do your white woman's true work."

Jane could have cried, she was so excited. She grasped the waist band of Thalia's tight pants and pulled them down. She was almost leaning in to Thalia as she did it. She trailed her tongue across the plane of Thalia's stomach, as she pulled the pants down and off of the young black girl.

"Ass or pussy first?" Thalia mused.

"Whatever you tell me," Jane said.

Thalia shoved Jane away with her knee. "I'm not talking to you, you useless white bitch; I'm talking to myself."

"Sorrrrrrry," Jane moaned. She was now truly frightened that Thalia would send her away.

But then Thalia smiled; she said: "Pussy." When she said it, she stood with her legs wide apart and simply motioned to Jane.

"Come, white assed whore," she almost chanted, "This is what your white assed tongue was made for."

Jane crept to her. She sighed a kind of life re-affirming sigh as she put her arms around Thalia's thighs and hips and grasped Thalia's magnificent ass cheeks, as she buried her face in Thalia's pussy.

Jane licked, and sucked for all she was worth. She did it with the idea in mind that she'd like to have it done for her this way. Then Thalia moved and Jane transferred her hands to Thalia's wet pussy and her tongue to Thalia's ass crack and asshole. But Jane never missed a motion to continue to please this new Mistress of hers.

Jane worked for a while and then Thalia turned again. She pushed Jane down so that Jane was sitting on her haunches. With Jane in this position, Thalia was able to in effect sit on Jane up-turned face. Thalia ground her crotch and pussy into Jane's wet lips. Jane simply held her head still and let Thalia dominate her.

In a little bit, Thalia was cumming into Jane's mouth. Jane had certainly thought of this possibility, and now she simply kept her mouth open to receive all that Thalia could give her.

Jane stirred herself but Thalia grabbed a hunk of Jane's hair and held her head in place.

"Not done, pig," Thalia said a little breathless.

Then Thalia began to chuckle, and Jane squeaked again as Thalia began to piss into Jane's mouth. It ran down Jane's chin, and over her tits, seeming to scald her naked nipples.

When Thalia was done pissing. She slapped Jane's face lightly and said: "You're good at that, momma; good at doing white woman's work."

"Thank you" Jane said.

"Now, when you get your old white ass back to your cave, you play with that pussy and you think of Thalia. You know you've been with a goddess."

They moved to the edge of the trees. Thalia had her pants back on.

"Next time I'll spank that white ass of yours until you beg for mercy," Thalia said.

The phrase: 'next time' went through Jane like a bolt of lightning.

They went back to Jane's car. Thalia stood her at the car for a moment. She took out a marker pen from her bag. With it she wrote "Thalia" on one of Jane's tits, and "Sweet" on the other tit.

Thalia also made Jane give her an address, phone number, and cell phone number.

Jane was thrilled.

She opened the car door for Jane, and gave Jane her slacks and her blouse. Then she held out the package of panties for Jane.

Jane took the bag of panties and simply threw them away in the grass.

Thalia laughed: "You're learning, momma," she said, as she sauntered away.

All that Jane could think of at that moment was the phrase 'next time.'

The problem for Jane was not knowing when 'next time' would be. She tried not to be obsessive about it but it preyed on her mind. She didn't let it effect her work; Jane was good that way. She was able to get her job done, and done well but still let the fantasies ramble around in the back of her mind.

At least they were fantasies until now, and now she found her self never very far away from thinking about 'next time.' She had reminders also. Jane had not worn panties for a few days now. She giggled to herself constantly about that.

"After all," she reminded herself constantly, "Mistress Thalia, as though Thalia had taken a continuous and definite interest in slave Jane, told me to either wear bikinis, thongs or nothing at all."

And Jane had not gotten around to shopping for either bikinis or thongs. She knew that she would or hoped that she would but it hadn't happened yet at least. No, she was too caught up in the mystic power of 'next time.'

And then it happened. She got a phone call one evening early in the evening after work.

The voice on the phone was preemptory, rude: "It's next time, white bitch!" the voice said crudely, "Free your evening; we have to do some things to turn you out."

Jane could only sputter. She'd waited, tried to wait patiently and now she found herself almost tongue tied.

"Speak up, you no good white cunt," Thalia said with some heat in her voice. "I'm talking to you, and you'd best answer if you want to keep your big white ass out of trouble."

"Sorry, ma'am," Jane finally struggle to say, "I was so surprised by your call; I was hoping that you'd call. Really!"

"Hoping," Thalia said derisively, "You were hoping to get my black twat in your mouth again; hoping that I'd hold you by the ears again and piss in your dirty white mouth."

"Yes, ma'am," Thalia admitted, "I was hoping."

"Well, skank," Thalia said, "Your luck is in; tonight you and I are going to do some shopping, and we're going to do a make over of mousy, white Jane."

"Yes, ma'am," Jane said, "I'll like that."

"Ha!" Thalia snorted back at her, "You might not but we're going to anyhow. You get your fat, white ass ready; I'm on my way."

"What should I wear, ma'am," Jane asked quietly.

"Doesn't matter, whore," Thalia shot back at her, "You won't wear any clothes long anyway."

"Ohhhhhh," Jane said but realized that Thalia had already hung up the phone.

She was now really in a flutter.

She opted for a blouse and skirt. The skirt was an a-line dark blue one, and the blouse a plain white cotton blouse. She also decided on no bra. She certainly wasn't wearing panties.

She paced back and forth waiting for Thalia. It wasn't all that much later that Jane heard a car stop outside of her house. She tensed at the door now expecting the door bell. When it rang, she opened the door immediately.

Jane stepped back to allow Thalia to enter the house.

Thalia just stood there and barked at Jane: "You come out here and greet me on the porch, bitch; you let your white assed neighbors see who you cater to."

Jane scuttled out to the porch and went to her knees in front of Thalia. She grasped Thalia's hand and placed kisses on the palm of the hand and on the back of the hand. Thalia was wearing those white lycra bicycle type pants again. Jane could feel her heart quicken, when she saw Thalia with those pants on.

"Kiss my pussy now," Thalia said imperiously.

Jane was moving forward on her knees immediately. She placed her face and lips into Thalia's crotch and kiss her pussy area fervently. Thalia turned and Jane didn't have to be told what to do. Her next series of kisses were to Thalia's ass cheeks and the area between the ass cheeks.

It made Thalia cackle. "Oh, Janey, Janey, mousy little Janey, you are so much fun; you are just like a doll that I can bend into any shape that I want. I really like that. I really do."

Jane smiled up at her from her kneeling position. "I'm glad," she beamed.

Thalia slapped her face. "How many times do I have to tell you to speak only when I tell you to speak."

Tears sprung into Jane's eyes. Not from the slap but from her own personal message that she should have known better, and would try better in the future.

"Now inside," Thalia told her; "That's enough show for your nosey fucking neighbors for one night."

Jane turned and without further thought, crawled into the house.

Thalia went in behind her, shutting the door, and quipping: "Janey, your sorry white ass is beginning to learn, just beginning to learn. We'll make something out of you yet."

Jane turned to face Thalia eagerly.

"Okay," Thalia said next, "Stand up and let's see what we have to work with here."

Jane stood up at the command. She waited for what Thalia wanted next. The order soon came.

"Take the blouse off, Janey," Thalia ordered.

Jane's fingers went quickly to the front contour of her blouse and began to unbutton the buttons. When the buttons were undone to the waist, it was obvious that Jane, despite her rather large tits, wasn't wearing a bra.

"Oh, very appropriate, slut pussy," Thalia commented, "Very appropriate; let those fat bags hand down a little and give the crowd a gander at what a loose fucking woman you are. Off!"

Jane had hesitated, while Thalia talked, and then she hurried to take the blouse off altogether.

Thalia approached very close then; she reached out and with each hand grasped a nipple. She pulled first and then she began to twist. There was a smile on her face.

"Like it, Janey?" she asked sociably. "Like that little bit of nipple pain? Or is that a lot of nipple pain? What do you think?" With that last statement, she twisted the nipples even harder.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh," Jane moaned from deep in her throat.

"Oho," Thalia laughed, "I do think that we've found something here that really pleases our Janey, fat assed white Janey. You like to have your nipples played with, don't you, slut pussy?"

"Yes, ma'am ... oh ... yes," was all the sound that Jane could make with the tremendous, hot, stimulating pain radiating from her abused nipples.

Jane knew the fantasy; she'd used it any number of times. She liked the fantasy, even if she was basically afraid of this reality but she never knew sweet, hot pain like this nipple pain. So, she was beyond helping herself. With no further word or warning, Jane had an orgasm on the spot. It bent her over; it caused her to shake and moan; it left her huffing.

And it left Thalia laughing. "Girlfriend," she barked, "You are so much fun to play with; we're just going to have to work to find just where the limits are. Won't that be fun?"

"Yes, Mistress, yes, yes," Jane rasped out.

They both realized that Jane might just agree to anything at that point. But Thalia was counting on it.

"Now let's see the panties," was her next order. "Skirt off, Janey."

Jane blushed as she unbuttoned the side button of her skirt, unzipped it and let it fall until she stepped out of it."

"Ahhhhh," Thalia laughed, slapping Jane's naked ass cheek as she did. "Bare pussy! I declare, our Janey's got a bare pussy! Where are the boys, when you need them. And, pray tell me, why the bare pussy, miss?"

Jane blushed but answered: "Because, ma'am, you said that I should wear bikinis or thongs or nothing. I haven't had the chance to go and buy any bikinis or thongs."

"Well then shopping will be our first order of business," Thalia said with a smile, but certainly not our last. We're going to turn our fat white assed babe Jane this night; that's what we're going to do. In the future she'll be all ready for our business."

Then Thalia picked up the skirt and the blouse, leaving Jane only wearing her heels, 5" 'fuck me's", and she went toward the door. She opened the door and looked back at Jane, who was hesitating with a frightened look on he face.

"Get over here, cunt," Thalia shouted.

Jane scurried to her.

"Good," Thalia said, slapping Jane's ass for emphasis, leaving the second large red hand print on it. "Dress on the porch."

Jane went out to the porch and slowly put on her skirt and then her blouse. She tried not to hurry too much knowing that Thalia wouldn't like her to hurry. Then she was ready.

"My car," Thalia said. They went to the mall in Thalia's car then.

They went to the mall and Thalia took Jane to a woman's shop. She was greeted there by a girl friend of hers. Jane listened as Thalia greeted the other girl as 'Tania'. She was about the same age as Thalia, and also pretty. She was a black girl who looked really hot in a short skirt and tight kind of sweater.

After a few minutes, Tania broke off from talking to Thalia, and said to her friend: "Thalia, babe, why is this pasty faced white woman with you staring at me?"

Thalia tuned to Jane. Jane shrunk back almost on instinct.

Thalia said crisply to Jane: "Janey, tell my friend Tania why you're staring at her."

Jane looked uncomfortable for a moment.

It was just long enough for Thalia to interject: "Do you want me to slap you?"

"No, Mistress," Jane said quickly.

Then she turned to Tania and said: "I beg your pardon, Ms. Tania, I was only staring, and I know how rude that is, but I was only staring because you, like Mistress Thalia here, look so lovely to me this evening."

Tania turned to Thalia and said: "Is she for real?

Thalia was grinning at her now; she answered: "My Janey is 100% real! She's the real deal. White, older, a little plump around the edge, and totally, fully, actually, absolutely under my control."

"Really?" was Tania almost unbelieving reply.

"Really!" Thalia answered.

"Show!" Tania said.

Then without particularly looking around at all, Thalia said to Jane: "Janey go over to those curtains and pull your skirt up to your waist."

Jane knew how important it was now to do she was told; she'd already done something to displease her mistress. She went quickly to the curtains at the side of the room. She turned and faced Thalia and Tania and pulled her simple skirt up to her waist, showing her naked, hairy pussy.

Tania almost hooted; she held her hand over her mouth to keep from making a huge noise. The two black girls went to Jane then.

Tania giggled to Thalia and said: "She's a hairy one, that one!"

Thalia joined her in the giggle about Jane. Jane blushed as they talked about how hairy her pussy was.

Thalia said to Jane: "Put your skirt down now, Janey, you'll have people staring.

"Yes, ma'am," Jane said and lowered her skirt.

"Tell me about this," Tania said.

"Well," Thalia said, "It's like this; Janey here is out of panties. I've forbidden her to wear anything but bikinis and thongs. All she had was grannies. She had to throw all them away, and we're here for new panties for Janey. Help us out with that and at the same time, I'll tell you the story of Janey becoming mine."

Tania led them into the back of the store. There were some special fitting rooms back there. They went to one.

"We can use this room as a fitting room for her needs," Tania said.

In the middle of the room was a raised platform. Tania directed Jane to step up onto the platform.

Then Thalia said: "Now you do everything that Tania tells you, you white assed bitch, or I'll skin that fat white ass of yours."

"Oh, yes, Mistress Thalia," Jane said, "Yes, I will."

To emphasize this, Jane sunk to her knees in front of Thalia and kissed the palm of her hand, and then the backs of her hands.

"Well, shit!" Tania said, "I guess you really do have yourself a pussy slave."

Grinning, Thalis, retorted: "Got that right."

"If she's yours, then you mark her; you make sure!"

Thalia grinned again: "I might just do that now!" she replied.

"And take care of all that damn white girl pussy hair."

"That too," Thalia said smiling at Jane.

The smile made Jane uncomfortable to say the least.

Finally, Jane got up onto the platform in the middle of the room.

Tania walked around her.

She finally spoke up to Jane: "Take off your clothes, white girl; let me see what we have to work with here."

"Clothes?" Jane said with some wonder.

She regretted it immediately. For, sure enough, Thalia stepped up and slapped Jane's face. Jane got really red and had tears in her eyes. She was again sorry to have disappointed Thalia. She talked to herself constantly about not disappointing her Mistress. She was living her fantasy here, and needed to live it right.

Thalia spoke up to her: "Go ahead, and cry, I dare you, you silly white bitch; I'll take you over my knees and beat your ass black and blue. You know I will."

"Yes, ma'am," Jane said, "I know you will, and this slut would deserve it."

Then Tania barked at Jane: "Then get your clothes off."

Jane hurried the. She unbuttoned the blouse and tossed it toward a nearby chair. Then she unbuttoned her skirt, lowered the zipper and stepped out of it, throwing it to the nearby chair too. Now she stood with the two young black girls, both of them half her age; she was naked except for excessive high heels. They were fully dressed. Her pussy was getting wet from the contrast.

Tania walked around Jane now. Jane tried to stay calm as she did.

Tania barked another order for Jane: "Hand clasped behind your head."

Jane obliged, going into the semi-prisoner mode, since she'd been told to do it.

Tania circled Jane again. She ran her hand across the contours of Jane's ass cheeks. Tania continued her circling. She ran her hand through the wealth of Jane's pubic curls. She reached up and pushed Jane's tits, first one way and then the other. She stood up on the step getting closer to Jane and reaching up, Pulled Jane's mouth open with her hands. She pried her lips open; then she pulled her jaw down; then she rummaged inside of Jane's mouth with two of her fingers. Pulling the fingers out, she wiped her fingers on Jane's tits. Next she ran her hands over the surface of Jane's armpits.

Jane got goose bumps from being treated this way. She felt like simply an animal on display. She loved being toyed with like an object. She was getting wetter and wetter.

Thalia, observing, was aware of what was happening to Jane.

"You're making my Janey all wet and horny."

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