Highlander - Code Duello

by Patricia51

Copyright© 2009 by Patricia51

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fan Fiction, Science Fiction,

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Fanfiction. Duncan MacLeod meets an old friend and fellow Immortal Deirdre O'Connor. They recall old times and he comes to her aid when she needs it.

(Those of you who have read my stories before might raise an eybrow thinking "Hey, I've seen this character before.". And yes, a red-headed, green-eyed Irish lass IS a familiar sight in my stories. Let me explain.

When I first created that other character, Bridget O'Brien, my plan was to make her a "Highlander" Immortal. It was my dear, sweet, desperately missed friend Linda who made the suggestion to make her a vampire and I did. But I've always thought about that character as she was originally conceived and so here she is and it's amazing how Duncan's career dovetailed with historical research I had already done for that other character. So if situations seem familiar well, it just turned out that way.)

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