My Wife Visits a Club

by maxmarieuk

Copyright© 2009 by maxmarieuk

True Sex Story: Wife visits a club with some girlfriends and has a more exciting evening than she expected - is true up until the "gymn bars" section

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Reluctant   Heterosexual   True Story   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Anal Sex   .

My wife sue was in her late 30s. We were both second time round and both had very open minds about sex so I had no problems letting her g out "with the girls". Sue was 5'7 tall, 36C tits, blonde hair, brown eyes, slim with a cunt with large flaps but kept tight by daily exercises — she took her sex seriously and was not going to have a loose cunt!

One evening Sue and four girl friends visited a club they had heard was fun.

Two of them wore trousers, one wore a micro skirt and Sue wore a below knee skirt which was split front and back almost to crotch. She wore a demure white blouse with no bra, the whole outfit looking quite respectable until she moved when her swinging 36C breasts were immediately obvious and her skirt moved to show bare thigh above her stocking tops.

They had been out for drinks before getting to the club so were suitably relaxed and after a couple more drinks they took to the dance floor where they were soon joined by a group of four men and danced as a group before going back to the table for more drinks.

The conversation turned to outfits and the men were split in their preferences. One liked the micro skirt because it left little to the imagination and advertised the fact that she was available; one liked tight trousers because they showed the girls shape and outline so he knew what he was going to get but two liked the longer split skirt because it gave glimpses of bare thigh so said there was something on offer but kept some mystery of just what.

After a while they went back to the floor when slower music had come on.

Sue danced with one of the men who had preferred her type of skirt and as they danced to the slow music, his right hand was in her back pulling her close in, while his left went to her skirt and slid inside the fold and travelled slowly up to her stocking top then to her bare thigh which he felt around before moving up until he met her panties.

He complained to her that she really should not be wearing underwear but by then the music changed and they left the floor. He complained to the others as they met up again and a little later the men drifted off. One of her girl friends told her the man was right - if she was going to go to a club like this she should not wear underwear and she persuaded her to go to the ladies and remove them which Sue did.

A little while later the other man who had liked her outfit came back and asked her to dance and once more she was held close while he explored her. He felt her nipples through the blouse and felt how hard they were, standing out hard and stiff.

He unfastened some buttons on her blouse and slipped his hand inside, cupping her breast so he could feel her properly.

"Mm, lovely tits" he told her as he massaged it in his hand, kneading her breast and pulling and tweaking her nipple. He was not to know that her nipples were wired direct to her cunt and that he was making her juices flow. They flowed even faster and stickier as he then moved his hand down to the slit in her skirt, opening it up to slip inside where he felt her stocking top. He too lingered on her bare thigh then slowly moved up until his fingers touched her cunt lips. "Bloody hell, you've taken your knickers off" he whispered to her as he felt around her cunt. "You're very wet, may I?" he asked as his fingers were poised at her wet opening.

"Of course" she told him and angled her hips and opened her legs a little to help him as he pushed his fingers straight into her very wet cunt and proceeded to finger fuck her with stiff jabbing fingers.

"You are so wet I've got to fuck you" he said as he speeded up his finger jabbing.

"Only on my terms" she said, hanging onto him with an arm around his shoulders for support.

"However you like, but I've got to have you, you're so wet."

Sue took him off the dance floor and to a room at the end of the bar where there were lots of bar stools.

She unfastened her blouse completely to free her breasts and bent over a tall stool. She felt like a real slut, her tits hanging from her open blouse, her cunt on offer and available to this man who she barely knew.

He immediately lifted her skirt, folding each part back to reveal her bare bottom and cunt and she heard his trousers being dropped then felt him kneel down behind her. Her big cunt was staring him in the face as he kneeled behind her - it looked so crude and fuckable with its long inner lips and large, plump outer lips. He ran his thumb up and down her cunt to split her lips open and his nail kept catching the tip of her clitty which made her juices run even more than already were.

"What a big, fuckable juicy cunt you've got" he told her.

As he spoke, he pulled her large inner lips open and held her cunt open. She knew he would see her pink inner flesh and her dark brown outer fleshy mound and lips with her long dark inner lips in his fingers, held open in a butterfly shape.

When he had her cunt spread open and ready, he stood up behind her and she felt his cock at her cunt then he leaned into her and it was pushed in deep. It went in easily and deep as she was so wet and he started to fuck her. He kept one hand on her back, pushing her down on the stool and reached under to squeeze her breasts with the other. He kept this up for some time before she felt him speed up, his hands moved to grip her hips as he pulled in even deeper into her and then she felt the hot gushes inside her as he filled her with spunk. He was still in her when she heard someone else moving close to them.

The man who had just fucked her pulled out and before she could stand up he went to her head and putting his hand on her neck, kept her bent over as he talked to the other man.

"I've greased her up for you and she's all yours if you want her. I'll hold her down for you."

All Sue could see was shoes and trouser legs of this other man. She tried to struggle but the man who had fucked her kept her head and shoulders pressed down so she could not move off the stool. By now a crowd had gathered round to watch which added to Sue's embarrassment. Having a guy she fancied fuck her in a dark corner was one thing but being raped in front of a crowd was very different but she could not get away.

The second man kneeled behind her and started to lick her cunt while her legs were still spread and her cunt still pushed up from being fucked.

"What a cunt this is - I've seen a lot in my time this one's a beauty isn't it - no wonder you wanted to fuck it."

By now the scene was getting to Sue's submissive nature and she began to enjoy being forced and the guy sensed it.

"You can let her go - I don't think she needs holding down, she seems very willing to me" he told the first man who let go her neck and sure enough she stayed bent over for him as he licked her cunt and clitty.

She felt a real slut again, offering her just-fucked cunt, still open and wet from the first man's cock, still dribbling with his spunk as well as her own juices, now being offered to a stranger who she couldn't even see.

"See, she's ready for it - she wants a good shagging as much as we want to give it to her" the second man was saying.

The crude talk turned her on even more as she enjoyed the idea of being taken as a sex object - not a person, just tits, a mouth, a cunt and an arse.

She felt his tongue lick her cunt, his hot breath on her cunt and her sensitive inner thighs, his mouth sucked on her lips, pulling them into his mouth and letting them run across his teeth, gently pulling them. His tongue flicked across her clitty then his fingers explored her again and he too played with her lips.

He then stood and dropped his trousers then she felt his cock at her cunt then felt it pushed into her and he began to fuck her. His hands gripped her hips firmly and he pulled her back on to his cock each time his hips thrust into her so he was going in deep and hard.

"You're right, she is very wet" he said to the first man. "Just listen to all the juices slurping about as I fuck her."

"That's because I spunked into her" the first one said. She enjoyed the way they were talking so crudely about her as if she wasn't there, just taking her body for sex, enjoying her body.

She felt the first man move, felt the pressure of his hands as he leaned on her back, felt the rush of air as he swung a leg over her back to sit astride across her. Her stomach churned as she heard him say "but I know somewhere there that will not be so wet."

She felt his hands go to her buttocks as he put one hand on each cheek and spread them.

She knew exactly what they planned and now she panicked — she tried to struggle but his weight across her back as she was bent so far forward made it difficult.

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