The Boss 2- Hostile Takeover

by balls_t0_chin

Copyright© 2009 by balls_t0_chin

Erotica Sex Story: Veronica's little slut is used as a bargaining chip

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   TransGender   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Size   .

Life as Veronica's assistant had become the greatest few weeks of my life. If anyone has ever told you routine is boring believe me they could not be more wrong. Sure the work itself was never overly cerebral but was usually varied and when you have the most beautiful woman in the world purposely flashing you her package even the most boring work became the highlight of my day. That is until work itself ended then the highlights reel for the day got a whole lot longer.

One day though Veronica caught me before I even made it to my desk, smiled like a devil and told me to follow her, how could I say no? As we walked Veronica explained that we were going to a meeting with one of the more 'aggressive' clients our company serviced. From the way she said aggressive I could already tell there was something she wasn't telling me.

As we walked into the conference room I noticed the logo of a well known gym chain, it was in fact the very chain of gyms I myself worked out at. Looking at the representatives it was obvious they worked for a gym, there were three of the two men and a woman. Both men wore suits but both looked as if they would be more comfortable in gym shorts and a singlet, or was that just my mind hoping? The woman wore a power suit but it did not hide the fact she was easily as fit as both men.

Introductory handshakes gave me a better chance to have a squiz at their beautiful physiques. The woman, obviously the leader of their group, was called Marie and as I suspected had the strong grip of a woman who loved her sport and was used to being one of the guys. Her blonde hair made her look innocent from a room away but up close she seemed almost as dominant as Veronica despite being half a foot shorter than me. Brad it turned out was even bigger than I had thought with huge arms bulging at the seams of his suit, he was obviously of pacific islander or Maori descent with darker not quite brown skin. Aiden it seemed was more my size obviously strong but in an athletic way with a face like Christiano Ronaldo.

As it turned out Veronica was running the meeting almost exclusively with Marie it seemed us men were there simply to make up the numbers. I tuned out for most of the meeting but as it seemed to be winding up I heard the sentence "well if he does his job well the deal is done."

As this was said everyone turned to look at me, Veronica just smiled at me with that grin she always got just before she pushed my head into her crotch. "Why don't you take your shirt off?" She asked as Aiden got up and locked the door. Not quite sure what I had gotten myself into I slowly took of my jacket, loosened my tie and undid my shirt. Veronica waved Marie forward who walked over to me and began caressing my stomach and chest, before long Aiden had joined her while brad stood off a little, arms crossed obviously enjoying the show.

Suddenly Marie bobbed down, undid my trousers slipped out my cock and with a little smile at the erection they had already caused in me, swallowed it in one go. Sure I'm not huge but the way her throat so calmly enveloped my shaft was amazing. Aiden joined her at my crotch and they took turns rubbing and sucking my dick until, still a little dumfounded by the events around me I came.

Veronica by now was working her own throat magic on brad who, now naked, became an object of amazing power. Everything about his body was huge, and I mean everything 12 inches of thick pacific meat and even Veronica was gagging as she tried to fit it all in her mouth. As brad noticed I had cum he walked over carrying Veronica easily in his huge arms.

Marie smiled and grabbed Veronica pulling her into a passionate kiss, as they made out Aiden stood up undid his own trousers and told me to get on my knees. With 6 inches of meat dangling in front of me I could not say no and busied myself sucking my first man in weeks. Without sounding to up myself I must admit I made him cum pretty quickly but then again he seemed like he was in a rush to get to the next step which as he got up became clear.

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