The Boss

by balls_t0_chin

Copyright© 2009 by balls_t0_chin

Erotica Sex Story: The first day on the job has never been as good... or demanding

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including TransGender   Rough   Anal Sex   .

She walked with the easy grace of a woman who knew exactly what she wanted and that any man would break their back to give it to her. She had a tall but graceful body, about 5' 8 she wore tight jeans and a black v-neck shirt. When I say tight jeans I mean tight they clung to her legs like they were made of latex. This was by no means a bad thing her legs were long and slender, perfectly toned from wearing high heels. Her shirt revealed just enough to drive any man absolutely crazy wanting to see more of the perfectly formed c-cup breasts nestled inside. This is all before you get to the best part ... her butt, showcased by her jeans, moved so hypnotically with each step that had I got more than a fleeting glimpse I would have needed a tissue.

Being new to the job I had no idea if she was a worker or just some chance walk-in I would never see again. But then she made a beeline for my desk and I realised that she was the woman I had talked to on the phone only yesterday, she was my new boss. Veronica as I now remembered her name was walked up to my desk with a beautiful smile on her face and laid out the finer details of my job. I was to be her personal assistant, to be honest that was about all I got, I was too busy listening to the mellow tones of her voice and trying to magically conjure up x-ray vision.

The rest of the day went in a blur of errands, phone calls and continual perving. I swear a couple of times Veronica caught me looking and once I swear she dropped her pen on purpose. At the end of the day as everyone else left to go home and I was packing up to go home Veronica slinked over to my desk and in her sweet voice asked if I could do just one last errand for her. Being my first day and wanting to make a good impression I agreed and as she smiled and walked away her hand brushed mine. Thinking it too good to be true I passed it off as nothing. By the time I finished the job person left in the building, or so I thought.

As I headed for the door I felt something tug at my hand and as I turned around I was met by a site which almost killed me, there standing behind me in those tight jeans which drove me crazy was Veronica. Something had changed though her top was gone and there right in front of me were those beautiful boobs held in by a lacy black bra.

As we started to kiss Veronica ran her hands down behind and started to massage my ass her hands were experts and I was soon moaning her name, in itself a pleasure as such a long name just flows out in one deep breath, this seemed only to encourage her as she moved from my mouth to my chest as she slowly started to unbutton my shirt with her teeth. Slowly she nibbled on each nipple while I just sat their moaning. As she slowly got closer to my pants line she crouched more and more pointing her beautiful ass into the air. This sent my cock rock hard as I anticipated what, based on what she had already done could only be one of the best blow jobs in the world.

Finally Veronica's mouth reached my pants and unlike the slow sensual way she had worked her way down my torso, she ripped off my belt, undid my fly, flopped out my cock and took it all the way down till my balls hit her chin. The sheer ferocity of her lust was almost too much for me as she worked my shaft like an animal deep throating me till I suddenly exploded into her mouth. She slurped up every single drop of my cum and, smiling the whole time, sucked until my cock was as floppy as ever.

After such a performance I felt obligated to return the favour but as I reached out to undo her jeans Veronica stopped me, "There is something I have to tell you," she said nervously. At first I wondered why she was so nervous, she had been in control and confident all the way until now, suddenly it dawned on me though looking at her throat, so slight and out of the way that without a chance glimpse anyone would wiss it, was Veronica's Adam's apple. Though I had never been with a t-girl before I constantly fantasized about it, "Don't worry," I said reassuringly, "I'm bi and I know how special you are." While I was saying this I slowly began to undo her jeans and began rubbing her cock through her panties.

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