Peer Pressure

by Flying-Circus

Copyright© 2009 by Flying-Circus

Erotica Sex Story: Natalie couldn't believe her three best friends were having sex with the same boy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   .

"Natalie!" screamed Marissa excitedly when her friend showed up at her house.

Natalie was quickly greeted by Brooke and Kristen. All four girls were super happy in the way only girls can do. Marissa and her three best girl friends had the house to themselves for a sleepover party. The four girls chatted about everything and nothing for the next thirty minutes before settling in the den to watch a romantic movie.

"Rick Redding is soooooo gorgeous!" oozed Kristen.

"Yeah!" dreamily said Marissa about the actor.

Natalie and Brooke also gave their nod of approval.

The four girls sighed when Rick's character kissed the female lead.

"Why couldn't that be me?" lamented Brooke.

"We're way pretty than her!" said Marissa.

"You know it!" Natalie said. Everyone laughed.

Toward the end of the movie, the girls' eyes were riveted on the sex scene.

"Imagine him between your legs," Natalie envisioned.

"Oh yes!" agreed Brooke.

"Definitely!" corroborated Kristen.

"He wouldn't be as good as Steve," said Marissa

"No one is," said Kristen.

"Nope!" agreed Brooke.

"Who's Steve?" asked Natalie.

"Later," Marissa said, watching the movie intently.

The movie running time was just under two hours.

"Do you feel as horny as I feel now?"

"Uh-huh!" said Brooke.

"Even more than you!" said Kristen.

"No way!" said Marissa. "I so need to cum!"

"We could masturbate together again," suggested Natalie.

"I need more. I need cock. I'm thinking of calling Steve."

"Do it!' approved Kristen

"Yes! Call him!" urged Brooke.

"Who's Steve?" asked Natalie.

"He's the boy with the finest cock in school," declared Marissa.

"You got to call him! I so need it!" said Brooke.

"Call him!" said Kristen.

Marissa went to the phone.

"Steve who?" Natalie asked the other girls.

"You'll see!" said Kristen.

"Do I know him?"

"You've probably seen him at school. I don't know if you know him."

"What grade is he in?"

"He's a freshman."

"A freshman?" Natalie said surprised.

"Wait until you see his cock!" said Brooke.

"He's on his way," said Marissa.

"Yes!" said Brooke.

"I'm going to go get ready," said Kristen.

"Me, too! Come on, Natalie!" said Brooke.

Natalie followed her friends. She was confused. In Marissa's bedroom, she became further confused when Brooke and Kristen began to undress.

"You're both going to have sex with him?" questioned Natalie.

"He can stay hard the longest time," said Kristen.

"Get undressed," recommended Brooke. "You're going to want to try him."

Natalie looked at her friends strangely. They were her best friends and she didn't know they were all sleeping with the same boy?

Marissa stepped in and looked baffled at Natalie's clothed appearance. "You can try him if you want." Marissa began to undress.

"That's what we told her," said Kristen.

"So?" asked Marissa.

"I don't even know him," said Natalie, somewhat exasperated.

"What until you see his cock!" excitedly said Brooke.

"It's so perfect!" said Kristen. "It makes me hornier just thinking about it."

When Marissa was naked, she left to wait for Steve to arrive.

"Tell me more about this Steve," said Natalie.

"You wouldn't think he was so great from just looking at him," said Brooke, "but once you're riding that perfect cock everything is so incredible."

"Steve..." Natalie said. Did she know a Steve?

Kristen and Brooke pulled the bed covers down to prepare for sex.

The doorbell rang.

"Ooooh!" Kristen moaned. "I feel so drippy." She rubbed her bare pussy.

A few seconds later, Marissa appeared with Steve.

Natalie's eyes bugged out. Steve was a nerdish boy. What were her friends doing with him? This was the boy her friends were fucking? Unbelievable!

Marissa, said, "This is my other best friend Natalie. She wants to fuck you too!"

"Okay," Steve said.

Natalie felt uneasy as the geek boy looked her up and down. She hadn't said she was going to have sex with him but she didn't argue. She still couldn't believe her friends fucked him.

"Right here?" Steve asked, pointing at the bed.

"Uh-huh," said Marissa.

He began to unbutton his shirt.

"We want to do that!" said Marissa.

The three girls descended on him. Marissa began to work on his shirt while Kristen worked on his jeans and Brooke undid his shoes. Marissa undid the first few buttons then pulled it over his head. She then pulled on his undershirt. Brooke had his shoes and socks off. When Kristen pulled his pants down to his knees, Brooke pulled them off his legs.

At last, he was in his undershorts. Kristen pulled them down and Brooke took them off.

"It's so beautiful!" Kristen said, gripping his cock in her hand.

Steve groaned.

"Lie down," instructed Marissa.

Kristen let go and Marissa guided him to his back on the bed.

"Look at it!" said Brooke to Natalie. "See how perfect it is?"

Natalie thought Steve's cock looked like an ordinary cock.

"See how straight it stands?" Kristen said. "It's perfect."

Marissa straddled Steve and put her pussy down on his cock. She immediately began to move back and forth on it.

"Oh, yes!" she urgently moaned.

"Yes, Marissa! Cum on that perfect cock!" encouraged Kristen.

"I so need this!" Marissa gasped.

Steve lay there with his hands by his side and groaned pleasurably.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming already!" Marissa screamed.

"See how great it is?" said Brooke.

"Yeah," Natalie softly said. She was stunned and amazed. Marissa was so getting off on his cock.

Marissa moaned loudly then slowed to a stop.

"That was awesome!" she told Steve.

"My turn!" said Kristen eagerly.

Marissa got off and Kristen got on. She instantly moved on his cock.

"Yes! Oh, yes!" she quickly moaned.

"You got to try him!" Marissa encouraged Natalie.

"But after me!" said Brooke.

Natalie looked at Kristen totally getting off. Steve's cock was obviously fantastic. She didn't want to miss out on what her friend's had.

"Okay," Natalie finally agreed.

"Alright!" happily said Marissa.

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