Tom's Capitivity

by Wildmantaz

Copyright© 2009 by Wildmantaz

Fantasy Sex Story: A story about a guy who is kidnapped, drugged and raped. He is turned into a drug addicted sex slave for a group of black males and made to do a party till he is rescued

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Blackmail   Mind Control   Drunk/Drugged   Gay   Fiction   BDSM   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Couple   Black Female   Black Male   White Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Enema   Body Modification   Transformation   .

As I came out of the fog of passing out, I realized that I was tired down across the end of the bed standing up and my ass offered to anyone who had used me. The feeling of a lot of liquids slowly sliding out of my abused ass and running down my spread legs, I had to wonder how I got into this position.

Let me back up a bit, and tell you what I can remember of the night or day or what ever I last remember. I was delivering newspapers as a result of a "downsizing of my job' so that I could at least keep some money on the table. Unemployment is not real good, especially when you have court ordered child support to pay to my bitch of an ex wife, the extra income made it a bit more livable. It was time to collect; yes this paper had the carriers still collect for the papers so I had been doing the job as I was supposed to.

The area of town was not all that affluent but it was not the wrong side of the tracks either. The last couple of months that I had been doing this I had meet a few people on the route who were nice and then some just were a bit scary.

I vaguely remember being at one house with fit the later description, as when I want to collect they were not real nice in the attitude department with what they deemed as "a scrap job". I guess that the large black male who had answered the door the last time did not like me interrupting him and what ever he was doing.

Well as I said, I vaguely remember ringing the doorbell and waiting and then I heard a noise behind me and then someone or something hit me in the back of the head and down I went.

Well I knew that something was wrong, because I was tired up, legs spread and bent over the end of a twin size bed, in a room where all I could see was a lamp, and a nightstand with a color TV in front of me showing a movie of some kind. I could feel the throbbing pain in the back of my head and knew that I had to have some kind of big knot on it from getting hit. I also felt a bit of jumpiness or so and I had no idea why I was for the lack of a better word, wound up.

As to the rest of me, well I was naked and tied up. Real easy to figure that part out, especially the part that something had happened to my ass. I came to the realization that due to my ass being real sore and the liquids sliding or dripping out of it and down my leg that I most likely had been fucked, no raped as I did not consent to it and the knot on the back of my head meant that it was more of a forced rape of me.

As the fog lifted from my mind, I took a look around as best as possible and noticed that my arms were in leather restraints and that rope ran from them back under the bed to my legs which I was guessing had restraints on them like the arms. I tried to raise my left arm and the pressure increased on my left leg in concert with the arm movement. So the ropes were connected together as near as I could tell.

Around my neck I could only guess was a leather collar as I could smell the leather and feel something tight around it. I went to raise my head a bit more and found that I could move it a bit to the left and right and raise it as much as possible due to the position I was in.

A look to the right, found a wall mounted mirror where I could see myself in it, and I realized that I was tied up with a rope running from the color to the ceiling and then over to the end of the bed, and it was tied to a bed post. So I could move a bit but not much.

Well other than that, it was all that I could see around me. The mirror revealed that behind me was a camera mounted on a tripod and on a dresser behind me were several other cameras and a few bottles of beer and other bottles of something. No windows were visible in what I could see with my restricted movement.

My jaw was sore and I could only imagine why that was the case, as I took stock of what happened and where I was. I could also smell what I guess was cat urine in the air and that was about it.

I lowered my head a bit to rest it on the mattress and about that time the TV changed from what ever movie was on to another image. It was of me tied to the bed. I guess that someone was watching the images from the camera behind me and turned it so I could see what was happening.

But I quickly realized that the images it was showing was what had recorded earlier when I was passed out. I watched what was being shown and it revealed that I had been tied up while dressed and unconscious and that 2 rather large black men had done that and then cut all my clothes off with knives. Now I have to say that I do enjoy wearing women's panties all the time and today or when ever it was no exception to the rule. My wife knows I wear them and she even picks them out for me at the store. I guess they enjoyed finding me in lace trimmed pink satin panties as they were laughing and feeling me up while I was in them. But the panties quickly fell victim to the edge of the knife and were removed leaving me naked and tied up.

Now from here on it only got wilder in what happened ... I watched the 2 guys take out a pipe or something like that and put some stuff in it, and I really hopped that I was wrong with what my first thoughts were on what it contained. But after watching them load it and then take a lighter and start to heat up the contents I knew what had happened and why I was so jumpy.

They got what ever it was going, and then took the pipe and held it up to my mouth and then pinched off my nose so I had to breath though my mouth. As I opened my mouth in went the pipe and I could see that I was breathing, inhaling the stuff for a few minutes it seemed, all while the men were getting undressed, and man I really knew why my ass was sore.

They were hung real well, and I was now realizing that what I had been feeling running out of my ass was their cum which they had filled my ass with...

Well after about a minute or 2 of being forced to inhale what ever it was they put up the pipe and then proceeded to get me ready for the rape.

I watched the video as one of them came round to the front and started rubbing his cock on my face and slowly trying to work it into my mouth. The video camera jerked and then I watched as it moved closer and came around to where you could see me from the front and see the glassy eyed look I had as I slowly came under the influence of what ever I had smoked.

The cock started to rub on my lips and I just opened up my mouth and in popped the cock. Now this thing was as black as coal and it looked to be about 9 or so inches long and it was not totally hard. I watched the video being played as the head of his cock disappeared into my mouth along with about 3 or 4 inches of it. He slowly started to work it in and out of my mouth with it getting deeper each stroke and finally it was about 6 inches in, when you could start to see me choke a bit and then it was evident that it was working down into my throat as you could see it start to show as more and more of him disappeared into my mouth until he was all the way in and my nose was buried in his pubic hair.

He held it there for a bit and then started to work in and out at a slow pace, and allowed me to get used to the size of it in my throat and mouth. That I was grateful for as I know that it must have been real painful without the effect of the drugs I had been forced to take. I could see that it was causing me a lot of pain and discomfort with each full stroke he took in my mouth. My eyes were watering badly and I could tell that I was having trouble breathing in the video and they did not care it seemed. All I was to them was a white boy that they had tied up and they were going to use and abuse me any way that they wanted.

I watched the scene unfold in front of me on the video, and I knew that after a few minutes of this he was getting close to Cuming in my mouth — throat as he started to work it in faster and with more force. My head was being pushed back as far as it could go with the collar on it and being tied up. All of a sudden I seen him stiffen up and he grabbed my head and from the look on my face, he was shooting his load of cum into my throat ... I was bucking around trying to get away from it as I watched him keep it deep in my throat. I see it leak around his cock and out of my mouth, and even it seemed to run out of my nose. I watched as he pulled out of my mouth and finished with a few shots just shooting into my mouth as I gasp for air. Some of it hit me on my face and started to run down into my eyes and such and made me look like some kind of slut who loved what had just happened.

Well after a few seconds of rest, the camera jiggled again as it was handed to the second black male and the angle of view changed to show him. Oh crap I was in trouble as he was a lot longer and thicker than the first guy was. This one had to be about a foot long and thick as a beer can.

His cock was almost to his knees and it was still soft. I watched as he walked to the front of me and grabbed the rope that was attached to my collar and just pulled my head up off the bed and as it came up he just took his cock and stuffed it into my open mouth with no concern at all. He got about 3 inched of the monster into my mouth and just stopped moving for a while. I could see on the TV that at first I had been fighting this intrusion into my mouth, but after a few moments of it just sitting there I started to relax and I seen the camera slowly zoom in, I seen that more and more of the monster cock was disappearing into my mouth and throat. Man you could see that log start to push my throat outward on the camera as it got deeper and deeper till I was nose first into his crotch hair. I do not know how long it was but it was all the way in my throat and I did not seem to be choking at all. Maybe the prior assault had been a warm up for this one, I did not know but I could see my lips stretched around his cock as he pulled out a bit and started back in again.

I watched this happening on the screen and I realized that my cock had not even stirred or become hard due to the video and I had no idea why I was not aroused other then the fact that I was being mouth raped and being tied up I could not touch myself or anything. But I watched with fascination as he worked in and out of my throat, evident each time he went in by the swelling of my throat on camera with the cock in it. He started to pick up the pace a bit and I looked like I was enjoying it more this time as all of a sudden he gave one big push and buried it fully in my throat and you could see his balls contracting as he dumped a load of cum down my throat. It ran out the sides of my mouth around his cock and dripped off my chin, as evidence of the cum that he was unloading into my throat.

The glassy eyed stare that I had on camera was proof that even though I was awake, I was not really aware of what was happening even with a mouth full of cum and cock.

I could see them laughing and such on TV and commenting but either the sound was down or they did not have microphones on during the taping, but they were saying I did not know other than when they picked up the camera and moved it back around to the rear of me and my upturned ass setting it back on the tripod, it became evident what was going to happen next as they each grabbed a beer and took a few drinks and then the tallest one took his bottle of beer and started to work the neck of it into my ass ... I knew it must have been hurting me as I was trying to get away from the bottle as he was working on getting as much of it into my ass as possible. I watched as beer and foam ran out of my ass each time he worked it back out a bit. Slowly he managed to get the bottle in further each time till he was working the wide neck part of it almost all the way in. His buddy kept drinking a beer and then reached over and grabbed a new one, and took the top off, covering it with his thumb and shook it up.

They next removed the bottle which was about halfway into my ass, and as it was gapping open, took the shook up bottle and pressed it up against my ass and removed the thumb, and sliding it in as far as they could all the while as it was spraying liquid into my ass and running out around the neck of the bottle.

This was going on for a few minutes and I noticed that each of them were semi hard, despite the recent blowjobs that I had given them in my drugged state. I knew that it was going to get worse as one of them stepped between my legs and while holding his cock in one hand, removed the beer bottle and rammed his cock all the way into my ass. The pain and sudden intrusion was enough that you could see my head pop up and I appeared to be yelling in pain as his cock went fully in with one swift stroke.

I seen my eyes roll back in my head and then I must have fainted as my head dropped and that was all the movement from me, other then the movement of my body as he stated to pound my ass with his cock, reaching full stroke each time as he buried it in my abused white ass.

I watched as I was filled with his cock, pounding into my ass with hard strong strokes for awhile and I knew that I had no sense of time as I was tied up and no idea if it was still evening or what. The assault on my ass continued until he reached his climax with one really hard shove my head came up and he appeared to be yelling at me as he unloaded his cum into my ass. The camera position did not show much other than his black thighs pressed up against my white ass tightly for a while and then slowly he started to withdraw from my ass. The camera wiggled slightly as it zoomed in on his emerging cock and as soon as it came out, my ass started leaking out the combination of beer and cum in a steady stream.

But it was not for long as the second guy took his beer can size cock and lined it up with my gapping ass and with another shove slid it about halfway into my ass. The camera zoomed in a bit more and you could see my ass stretched around the intruding cock as he slowly started working it in and out in short strokes. Suddenly the camera zoomed back out and you could see me moving with each stroke as he stated to work more and more into my ass. The guy who had just finished raping my ass, came into view in front of me and I watched as he grabbed the rope to my collar and lifted my head up and placed his cock at my lips. I was still out of it as I could see, but suddenly I seen his hand move towards my face with a small bottle which he appeared to be waving in front of my nose.

Suddenly the guy behind me took one huge lunge and his massive cock went all the way to the bone inside of me, and my mouth popped open and eyes were wide and the cock in front of me went into my mouth.

I was impaled on a massive cock in my ass and I had a huge cock in my mouth and they started to pump in unison with me mouth being filled as the other cock reached bottom.

This kept on going for a while until I seen the guy in my mouth say something to the other guy and then the bottle went back under my nose and I seemed to come alive with action as I started to move with each stroke as it was evident that I was now enjoying the rape.

They both keep working on me and talking as I took each stroke in stride and appeared to be really enjoying myself with the action I was receiving.

Suddenly the guy in front of me pulled out of my mouth and started to cum all over my face and head as the bull behind me roared and lunged deep into me and appeared to be unloading in my ass.

As he finished he collapsed on top of me for a few moments and the turned and appeared to yell out to somewhere behind me. I could see them laughing at what they were saying and it appeared that they were really having fun, as I was just a sex object at this point to them.

Suddenly I seen a shadow move in the room and suddenly a huge white cock appeared on camera and it was attached to a hot looking black woman with monster tits. She was wearing a strap on dildo which appeared to be at least 18 inches long as it was hanging past her knees when she stopped moving behind me. A few words were exchanged between the men and her, and then the camera wiggled again and zoomed in on my ass.

Slowly I watched as the dildo was placed against my ass and started on its inward journey into my already abused and stretched asshole. I could see it real close as the head popped into my ass and out of sight. As it inched further into my ass, I saw the camera zoom out until I could see myself in it and the guy in front of me with the pipe again. He was heating up what ever was inside it, and as soon as it was in front of my mouth I could see that I was reaching for it and what ever it contained. It appeared that I was craving what was being offered in the pipe and I could also see the woman laughing and saying something. As the pipe hit my lips I could see myself inhaling what was inside, and all of a sudden it was removed and the woman took a mighty thrust and buried most of the dildo in my ass. I could see myself choking on the pain and the smoke until in a coughing fit, I exhaled the smoke and at that point she started to work in and out of my ass with steady strokes. On and on this happened as I watched my rape on the TV in front of me.

I appeared to have passed out again from the pain of the assault and what ever reaction of the drugs that I had been given.

I do not know how long this went on, but suddenly she just stopped thrusting and stepped backwards and that massive cock popped out of my ass, leaving it gapping wide open as more fluids leaked out of me.

I am not sure how long the camera stayed in that position but eventually I watched as my asshole closed up somewhat and the dribbling fluids stopped running out. I watched as the woman removed the dildo in the mirror and then reached around to the dresser and picked up a syringe with some kind of liquid in it, and she just walked over to my ass and jabbed it into my left ass cheek and pushed down on the plunger unit it was empty. She then removed the syringe and placed it back on the dresser and after a few moments the camera feed shut off, leaving only snow on the TV screen.

I tried to register all that I had seen, and what had happened to me on camera, and while I was still tied up, I could not move anymore than what it appeared on camera earlier. I just stared at the TV screen as I realized that I had had 2 guys cum in my mouth and in my ass and I had been raped by a woman with a strap on dildo. I had been forced to smoke — inhale some kind of drug, and had most likely been drugged in some manner with the shot of what ever in my ass. Add to that the bottle which was waved in my face, and I could not tell if it was smelling salts or a popper.

But I knew one thing, I was tied up, had been raped and appeared to be still in one piece more or less as I knew.

Finally I just laid my head down a bit and started to doze off, as it appeared that I was alone at the moment and I knew that being still tied up, I was there for the duration until either they got tired of me, or did something worse.

I woke suddenly as I became aware of some people talking, and I realized that they were coming into the room at the point. At least I was able to hear them approaching and that was actually good to me. I was not going to be alone and maybe I would get an answer or two to what was going to happen to me.

I did not have to wait long until they were in the room and the one in front of me lifted my head and asked me if I was able to hear them.

"yeah I can hear you, what do you want from me" I asked weakly, surprised at how my voice sounded.

"What we want, heck you done already provided some of it to us" was the reply from the taller of the 2 men and that was greeted with laughter.

"We took your lily white ass and mouth for a wild ride and you enjoyed it as you seen. You's a good white boi who knows how to service black cock now" said the other man from beside me.

Another wave of laughter from each of them as I tried to look around at them and finally asked "well I seen what you did, I do not know what it was that you gave me, but I know that you raped me and forced me to do what ever we did against my will, that is what I seen on the TV"

"What we did, this is only the start of it, your ass is in for a long ride soon and you will enjoy it again and again until we get tired of your stretched out white ass. Then we gonna sell you to someone else to use" was the reply from the tall guy, along with laughter from the other guy and the woman who suddenly came into view wearing what only can be described as a red leather dominatrix outfit.

She was holding onto to a dildo with some leather straps hanging from it, and all of a sudden she took it and started to force it into my mouth until it was all the way in. She then took the straps and started to hook them together, forcing it even deeper into my mouth as she pulled them tight, locking it around my head. I was trying to spit it out as she was tightening it, but I soon gave up as I realized that it was in there fully. I could how ever tell that it was semi hollow and I was able to breath with it in my mouth and I shifted my eyes to the mirror I could see that it had a tube running out the back of it for a about a half of an inch or so.

The short black male bent over and whispered in my ear "dat's so you can breathe and get some food, we don't want you to starve or anything like that"

All I could do was nod my head at this point as trying to speak with the dildo in my mouth was just impossible. All I could manage was some grunts and things which did not sound anything like comments...

He laughed and then I realized that both of them were naked and as I realized that, the shorter male who had been behind me and leaning over to whisper in my ear, suddenly had his cock against my ass and I felt the push as it went into me. I grunted with the pain and my eyes watered as he slid deeper into my ass.

"Oh yeah, dis white boi is still tight and wanting to be fucked" as he slid all the way in and started to get into a rhythm in my ass of in and out motions. I could feel now what I had been watching on the TV for a while and as I looked in the mirror in front of me, I noticed that the TV was showing what was happening at that point ... I could see his face in the mirror as he was pumping my ass as hard as he could and I could not stop it. In fact I started enjoying the brutal rape again and started pushing back as much as I could on each outstroke trying to keep that cock in my ass.

The taller male reached over and picked up the bottle from earlier and placed it under my nose and I could smell the bitterness of what ever was inside the bottle and I realized that what ever it was inside, was making me relax a bit more and I could not feel the cock working in and out of my ass as much.

The woman meanwhile was busy with a bottle of some liquid and as she hooked a hose up to it, I realized the purpose of the dildo in my mouth with the hole. She was going to force something into me, as I could not prevent it with the dildo tied around my head and into my mouth. My mind went crazy with thoughts about what it was as she hooked up the bottom of the hose to the small stub on the dildo, and then lifted the bottle into the air and allowed the liquid to start running into my mouth. I tried to block it with my tongue but soon realized that I could not plug it all the way shut and as the liquid started to fill my mouth I realized that it was water. I started to drink as I had no idea that I was that thirsty.

More and more of the water flowed into my mouth as the black male kept pumping my ass with his hard cock. I kept being ridden and managed to keep his cock in me as much as possible when suddenly I realized that I was starting to daydream while being fucked.

I seen myself from a different perspective and I could see myself in the mirror and I started to look a bit fuzzy. Things started to develop haze around them, and I could no longer feel the cock in my ass or the dildo in my mouth. I started to see colors and clouds everywhere and I realized that what ever I thought was water, was most likely drug laced.

The people talking started sounding funny, like Donald duck talks, or something like that and I realized that I was heading down another drug filled highway of adventure.

One of the last things I remember is one of them saying "man look at how fucked up he is, he is trying to get more and yet he is also trying to get away from it" and then I was plunged into darkness as I passed out.

I can not tell you what dreams I had, but I woke up with a start and a major feeling of having to take a piss. I looked around and noticed that no one was around in the room and the dildo was still in my mouth and I could see the hose was still attached but I had no idea what it was hooked to. I wiggled around as much as possible testing the restraints and quickly discovered that they were just as tight as when I earlier tired them. I had no idea how long I had been tied up or even passed out, but my legs were not really tired from standing in one place all the time, even though they were spread apart. Apparently I was positioned just right so that I was in the "prime fucking position" yet I was not uncomfortable. Now if I could just pee somewhere I would be happy as the pressure was increasing. I knew I had to pee cause I could feel it, but I still could not feel my cock at all, and I could not tell if I was hard or soft or what ever. It was like it was not there as I could not feel a thing ... I took a look around the room in the mirror and seen the red light on the camera on, and I knew that it was either feeding a monitor somewhere else or it was recording what was happening ... Since there was no one visible, I could not attempt to tell them I had to pee and finally I just decided that I needed to go despite what ever happens as punishment.

I relaxed my bladder and all of a sudden I felt fluids entering my mouth though the hole in the dildo. They had hooked the dildo to a sleeve around my cock it seemed and as I was peeing I was being forced to drink it ... I tried to stop peeing, but I could not as the pressure was too great and I was forced to drink what I was expelling. The bitter taste in my throat was enough to make me start choking and all of a sudden I started to throw up at the same time as the piss was running down my throat. Fluids started to run out the sides of my mouth and out my nose as everything filled my mouth as one time. I was choking and my head was trying to rub the straps off the dildo so that I could spit it out but I could not do that.

Finally I stopped peeing and I was lying in a puddle of piss and vomit on the bed, and I suddenly felt very broken. My spirit was totally broken at this point as I realized that what ever was going to happen I would be forced to do it. Nothing I could do would take and stop the abuse or pain and I was in no position to stop it. In fact the only position I was in was one where my ass was accessible to who ever wanted to abuse it.

I resigned myself to whatever was to happen to me, and I just hoped that could get out of it alive and intact ... But after viewing the movies and having the drugs given to me, I realized that I most likely was going to be hooked on some kind of drug and such would have little freewill left ... I could picture myself in my mind as a drug crazed sex object or worse yet, a male prostitute who took what ever money I could get for selling my ass and mouth and use it to support my desire for the drugs.

I started to realize that my life was over and my wife would most likely never see me again as I did not know how long I had been captive here, and while she was away at her mom's house for a few days, most likely I would be hooked and turning tricks by the time she got back to town.

She would notice I was gone, and most likely would file a missing persons report but that would take 4 days before it happened. And she was going to be gone for a week, so that meant that for 10 days or so I would be used, abused, raped, drugged, and just out of luck basically till as they put it " I was sold or what ever"

I was laying with my head down on the bed, when I felt a presence in the room and my eyes flicked to the mirror and I seen the black woman behind me with the syringe in her hand, and all of a sudden she jabbed it in my right ass cheek and pushed the plunger. I felt the warmth of the liquid spreading though my body and I felt like I was floating and then darkness arrived and I was out of it.

I woke up later and realized that I was lying spread eagle on my back, and even though my legs and arms where tied up I was spread out on the bed. The dildo was no longer in my mouth and I could feel that even though I was tired and sore, I really was feeling better than earlier...

The camera was moved so that it showed me lying on the bed and the TV was turned on the night stand so I could see it. I noticed at the same time I felt the black dildo stuffed in my ass and while it felt full it was not to full. It was actually comfortable feeling with it in my ass. I took a look down my body and noticed that my cock was still there and it was soft and laying on my belly. At least I had my manhood for now was the thought that flashed though my mind at that point.

I became aware of a tenderness around my nipples and it might have been an illusion to me, but they looked like they were slightly enlarged and sticking out. I had no idea but my imagination started to run, and given the abuse I had been through I had no doubt that something had or was changing.

I drifted back to sleep and let my mind go blank.

I woke with a start as something was pressing against my lips, and discovered that it was the pipe being held by the woman and for some reason I eagerly inhaled what was being offered to me. She finally spoke up "here you go, have a nice pipe of this stuff, it will help you survive tonight's party" laughing at the end...

"See You's da party toy tonight for a few close friends of ours, who want some lily white boi ass and you gonna provide it for them. You gonna be well used and abused tonight so rest up, you are going to really need it" she said.

She then removed the pipe and reached over and picked up the syringe and jabbed it into my ass again and I felt the familiar warmth start spreading again throughout my body.

"dis stuff is gonna help you become da slut woman that you will be, and it will help you look and act the part"

I weakly asked her what she meant by that and she replied "its gonna help you grow some tits and change your voice to make you more feminine. We are gonna make you into one heck of a she male with none working plumbing on your part"

I must of appeared shocked, as she continued, "you been getting these shots for the last 4 days and now you are going to get even more of them, and shots to help kill off your male sex organs so they do not work anymore. So much female hormones that you will actually become a woman with a dick that does not work" she laughed at the end of the last statement.

"hope your last piece of pussy was good for you, as you ain't getting more" as she turned and walked from the room leaving me to digest that information. I had been held for 4 days and been drugged and given shots to make me into a woman. I knew that it would not do it overnight, but they had a heck of a start on making me into one. And if things where right, then they had been getting me hooked on the crack or meth or what ever was in the pipe. I was in total shock now and even though I was still tied up, I tried to get loose now with more of a vengeance. But they had done the job real good, as all I managed to do it attempt to dislocate my shoulder in my efforts.

I in the mean time, was sliding into the happy bliss which the drugs in the pipe was giving me, and I really wanted to just rest and relax according to the drugs which were taking effect, but my mind was trying to find a way to get out of here.

I started to remember a few things from the night I knocked on the door. First of all my car was down the street as I had driven there and parked and started collecting on one side of the street and had went back to the vehicle and dropped off what I had collected at that point. So at least if the car was still here and not trashed, there would at least be some record of where I had been. Now my wife would know what I was doing in that area and of course, if the police had been notified then they might have found the car. But I could not be certain of that thought process.

Now, the people that I had been collecting from, most likely had some idea were I would have been if the police department started to go door to door, but I know my kidnappers would not mention that I was being held there if they were questioned. And I know that they would not invite in any officers if they had any intact brain cells for a search.

So this left me pondering how to escape or get word to the outside world about my captivity and abuse. But how could I do that. I was tied up, and so far all I had seen was the room I was in and the bed I was on. The camera was still there with the red light on, and the TV was now showing some porn tapes of guys sucking off other guys while getting fucked in the ass. I could at least relate to that at the moment as I knew how it felt. My ass was still sore from all the fucking and the dildo was still wedged inside of it.

I wiggled a bit and the dildo moved in my ass and it brought good feelings to me due to the influence of the drugs I had been given taking over. I started to move around more and was trying to cum I guess from the anal feelings I was experiencing. I guess that the sexual feelings were overwhelming my desire to get free, and I worked and worked on trying to make myself cum via the anal stimulation but after about 10 minutes I realized that it was not to happen and I finally dozed off.

When I awoke, I realized that someone else was in the room and that they were releasing the restraints which have been holding me for the time that I had been captive. I groggily asked "what is happening, are you letting me go free"

To which the smaller black male, replied "nope, you gets to take a shower and clean up for the party tonight. We want you looking good and being fresh and clean for at least the first few minutes" as he laughed as he removed the dildo from my ass.

He then helped me up out the bed, and as I was kind of weak and sore, he guided me out the door and down the hallway to the next door room which was a huge bathroom. I looked around at it, and noticed that there were no windows and just the one door.

He helped me into the room, and guided me to the sink where he commanded "bend over" and I did as I was told to do. I heard his zipper move and then he stepped up behind me and started to work his cockhead around the area of my asshole, until it just popped into me.

I grunted with the intrusion and pushed back as his cock went all the way in, and he started to pound me with a fury. I was pushed over the edge of the sink and he was working his cock in and out with out any care if I was enjoying it.

But I have to say, that after all the drugs and sex I had prior to now, this was actually the first time that I was enjoying the cock in my ass.

I heard the door open, and then a female laugh, as the black woman came in with the syringe. She did not waste much time, as she just jabbed it into my ass check again, and pressed the plunger down, injecting the fluid into me. The warm feeling came on suddenly and I started to cry out "oh yeah, fuck me harder, make me your slave" as the feelings overwhelmed my brain. I was in heaven now as I was treated like the slut that I felt I was.

He took a few more strokes and then grabbed my hips and pulled me back as far as possible and I could see his face when he was shooting his load of cum deep into my ass. I wanted more and I tried to get him to keep going by moving on his cock as he emptied his balls of the hot liquid deep in my bowels. I could feel it start to leak out around his cock as he held me for a few moments and then he stepped back and his cock just popped out of me, covered in cum. I just knew what to do, and I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock into my mouth, licking the precious fluids off of it and savoring the taste of his cum while the warmth was spreading though out my body from the injection.

The black woman was just standing at the door watching all this and then she spoke up saying "make sure you clean everything up real nice, wash all over, use the soap which is scented, and I think you can figure out how to use the enema. You need to be totally clean inside for the party, so get to it and quit sucking on that cock, you will have plenty more to suck on tonight"

She then stepped out the door and the black male just pushed me away from his crotch and followed her out the door, shutting it on the way out. I could hear a lock being latched and I was alone as he walked away saying "that white boi is gonna be a money maker, he does like to suck cock and his ass is still tight"

The last thing I heard was her laughing and then I was alone in the bathroom.

So I started to look around the bathroom, with idle curiosity and it was full of soaps, shampoo, conditioners, lipstick and other items. The shower was huge, big enough for 3 people at least, and there was a hose attachment hooked to the shower head. I guessed that was the enema that they were talking about, and while I had never used one, I had an idea of how it was to work and what I was supposed to do.

So I turned on the water and finally sat down on the toilet, to go to the bathroom. I could feel cum start leaking out of my ass. I had not even done anything and I could not remember going to the bathroom other than the time that I ended up pissing in my own mouth with the dildo and hose assembly. I sat there for a few minutes and after a small trickle of piss leaked out of my cock, I decided that I was done and got up and went to the shower.

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