The Best of Both Worlds

by wetfly6969

Copyright© 2009 by wetfly6969

Erotica Sex Story: Miley "Hannah Montana" Cyrus and Billy Ray take a much needed break from shooting their show to spend a few days in Mexico where Miley really lets her hair down with the locals.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Fan Fiction   Celebrity   Incest   Father   Daughter   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   .

Billy Ray stared at his daughter in disbelief. It was the most perverse example of debauchery he'd ever seen. Even for Miley. They had just wrapped up shooting the season of Hannah Montana last week and next week she'd start her 50-city concert tour. This was the perfect time for them to get away for a three day weekend to San Jose del Cabo.

He watched as Miley grasped the boy's cock at the base and lowered herself onto it, sliding it deep into her ass. Billy Ray smiled remembering his first time back there. It seems like a life time ago but actually it's only been a few years. She was so tight it felt as if she would squeeze all the blood out of his cock. That's not true now though.

Miley lay back on the Mexican boy, spreading her legs to allow another teen to move between their spread legs. He leaned forward sliding his erection deep into her gaping hole. The others converged on her like hyenas on a fresh kill. One mounted her chest attempting to squeeze her near B-sized breasts together in order to fuck the channel between them. Two others dropped to their hands and knees to feast on her swollen nipples while two other knelt next to her head to receive blow jobs.

Both of her hands flayed about searching for the last two remaining boys just out of her reach. They moved closer allowing her to grasp their cocks for hand jobs. Billy Ray had often seen her fuck five or six and even seven guys at the same time before but never nine. This was really impressive. Over the past two and a half hours the group of teenage boys had been fucking her like a two-bit whore and she's loved every minute of it. Now it's moved to another level. Billy Ray reached for his Corona, taking a big swig and watched as the mega gang-bang continued.

He thought back to Miley and her exploits on the Hannah set. How many times did they have to stop shooting because she's off in her dressing room or behind some prop getting her brains fucked out. Stars, cast members, extras, stage hands, directors or whom ever, it didn't matter. If they had a cock, she wanted it. Even that ugly troll boy Moises gets to fuck her from time to time.

Looking back at the mass of bodies moving about like a wounded beast he sighed. It's going to be another long night.

"Daddy, wake up," he heard as she shook him violently. Slowly his eye lips parted, bringing into focus his young daughter. "I wanna go dancing," she said pulling on his arm. Glancing at the clock it was 11:05 and from the darkness outside, he knew it was still night.

"Huh, what, Honey? What did you say?" he asked trying to get his thoughts together.

"I want you to take me dancing, daddy, come on, get up," she said giving his arm one last tug.

"Where's all your friends? He asked sitting up.

"They left," she said smirking. "I wore them out," she added with a wink.

"That seems to be the case with every guy you meet."

"Com'on daddy, let's go. I wanna get out and do something."

"Honey, for the past five hours you have been doing something. Let's just stay home tonight and relax."

"You're just trying to keep me all to yourself, aren't you?" she said grabbing his limp cock. He jerked back from the sudden sensation as her mouth wrapped fully around his manhood. He knew it was useless to argue with her. She always gets what she wants but she hasn't stopped since they got here. With the last nine boys tonight she's fucked more men and boys in the past two days then most women do in a lifetime.

His cock stiffened with her expert administration and soon he had a ragging hard-on. Putting his hand behind her head, he guided her speed while she deep-throated him over and over again. "Damn Miley, you are so fuckin' good at that."

Pulling her mouth off of it with a loud smack, she smiled. "I should be, Daddy, you taught me," she added with a giggle before returning her mouth to it. Billy Ray leaned his head back to enjoy the pleasure she was giving him. He listened to the wet blow job with the occasional suction break and moaned. She really was great. Looking down at his fifteen-year-old daughter he shook his head.

She hadn't cleaned up after the boys left and she was covered with cum, some fresh, but most was dried and flaky. Her legs were straight and spread wide while she leaned over his lap. He could see the streaks of cum running down her thighs and had one large glob teetering at the opening of her pussy, ready to drop at any moment. God she was such a filthy little slut. He smiled. Just the way he likes them. She chocked as the first wad fired to the back of her throat and pulled his cock back enough to swallow the rest without gagging.

That was the eleventh time in two days that he's cum in one of her holes and she still wanted more. He's getting worried about keeping her sexploits out of the media and knew all it will take is one story to hit the press and his money train is gone. Fortunately she keeping the reporters and paparazzi quiet by giving them all the sex they want, but that could change at anytime.

"Hurry up, lazy," she yelled from the bedroom breaking his thoughts. "I wanna be there before everyone leaves!" Pulling himself up, he stumbled towards the bedroom.

"Damn, I shouldn't drunk so much today," he grumbled steadying himself at the door by holding the frame. She was standing at the closet with her back to him wearing only a thong. He smiled. She has such a nice ass. She pulled out a black bathing suit top, walked towards him and pushed it into his stomach.

"Tie this on for me, Daddy," she said turning away and pulling her hair out of the way. He looked at the small fabric top and groaned. Wrapping it around her breasts, he made the knot in back. "Hurry, I'm ready to go and you're still naked!" she ordered reaching for the sheer wrap on the bed.

"Honey, don't you think you should put something else on? I mean its kinda cold out tonight." She gave him a frown but his eyes couldn't stay off of what she was wearing. The top was two small triangle pieces hardly enough to cover the areola completely and the bottom left little to the imagination. It was a good thing she shaved down there or it would look like there was nothing covering her pussy. Even now not much was.

For the first time since entering the room he noticed she still hadn't cleaned up from the tryst with the teens. "Uh, Miley, Honey, don't you want to take a shower before we go?"

"No, there's no time. Besides, I'm just gunna get dirty again so why bother?"

The disco was packed with partiers and there wasn't a chair to be found. Billy Ray took up a spot at the bar and ordered another beer losing sight of Miley seconds after they entered. She vanished in the mass of bodies standing around the dance floor and he knew he'd need to find her before she got into too much trouble.

Over the past year and a half she's done some pretty wild things and he knew he'd have to step in to minimize the damage. Hell, last concert she gave there was almost a riot as she gave out several back stage passes to fans in the audience only to have the room filled with horny teenage boys waiting to fuck Hannah Montana.

He found her on the dance floor and watched along with the crowd as she twisted and turned, often rubbing against the guy she was dancing with. With the way she was dressed and the suggestive moves she was making, it was no wonder she was getting a lot of attention out there. Once the song ended, she grabbed her partner's hand and they headed off towards the restrooms.

Billy Ray sighed knowing what she was up to and began to meander his way around the dance floor to find her. He was hoping she wouldn't end up in the men's restroom like she's been known to, sprawled out in the urinal letting random strangers fuck her or piss on her. She really gets rank those nights and he has to hose her off before taking her home. Checking the men's room he was relieved to see she wasn't there this time but then wondered where she had gone.

Leaving the room he noticed an emergency exit door ajar at the end of the hall. Sticking his head out, he found her and the guy she had just danced with just a few feet away. Miley had her back against the building, her arms around the guy's neck and her legs around his waist while he thrust back and forth between them. Both were grunting like animals and while Billy Ray watched, the guy began to cum inside of her. He shook his head and left, heading for another beer.

He saw as she re-entered the club and quickly found another partner, dragging him onto the dance floor. At the end of the song she led him towards the restrooms just as she did with the last guy. Billy Ray didn't flinch as he knew where she was going.

She was gone for three songs and he began to wonder if she'd return. As the fourth song began, she came back in searching for her next partner. It looked as if she grabbed the closest guy and pulled him onto the floor. As the song ended, so did their dance and his eyes followed them until the disappeared down the hallway. Just then the guy next to him got up from his chair and Billy Ray took it. Lucky break.

She had been gone for three songs when he finally noticed she was back on the dance floor with some other guy. It was difficult to keep an eye on her as so many people were blocking his view but every once in a while he'd get a glance of her through the mass of bodies. The song ended and all he could see was the back of her dark hair, the sheer wrap and her most recent dance partner heading down the hallway. He turned and ordered another beer.

Two songs later she was back on the floor with another partner, swinging and swaying her hips like some sort of mating ritual. That song ended and she was again pulling her dance partner outside. It wasn't until the very end of the third song when Miley came back in, waving to him. He smiled as she fought her way through the groping crowd towards the bar.

He was hoping she was ready to leave, although somehow he knew she wasn't. It was just after midnight and the people were packed like sardines. "Hi, Daddy," she said grabbing the bottle from his hand and gulping down the rest of his beer. Some guy standing next to her reached out and grabbed one of her breast. Billy Ray almost punched the guy, but knew better. Miley turned to the guy and smiled. "You like what you see?"

"Oh chess," the Mexican man said with a thick accent smiling.

"Then I guess you'll love this," she added pulling the small patch covering her pussy aside. The eyes of everyone around her focused between her legs as she propped one foot on the stool Billy Ray was sitting on and thrust her hips forward. Squeezing, she sent out a large blob of cum that stayed suspended to her hole as it slowly slithered downward, tethered to her pussy and swinging as it drifted lower past her knees like a pendulum. Finally it snapped free, dropping to the ground in an unheard splat.

Glancing around at the gathered crowd, she smiled at the blank faces staring back at her. "You want to fuck this?" she asked the man that had just groped her breast sliding a finger into the gooey mess. Billy Ray half expected him to run away at the grotesque display of perversion or to at least burst out laughing. He did neither and answered affirmatively. She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the hallway. Several other around them followed. Turning towards the bartender he ordered another beer.

"Hey, buddy, wake up," he heard a far way voice saying but didn't pay it much attention. He felt his body moving and the same voice repeating its request. Slowly he lifted his head and looked around. Everything was out of focus and his head was spinning. Damn he drank too much again!

"You need to get moving, you can't sleep here," he bartender said trying to clean up the drool from where he slept. Billy Ray sat up, looking around. The club was mostly empty and only about a dozen couples and a few single women were left. Trying to get his watch into focus he struggled to see what time it was. "It's 2:45," the bartender said matter-of-factly.

Scanning the room he tried to find Miley but she wasn't anywhere to be seen. "Is it closing time?" Billy Ray slurred out turning his attention back to the man behind the counter.

"No, we don't close 'til almost everyone's gone. Sometimes it's not 'til four or five in the morning."

"Looks like almost everyone's gone now," he said trying to wave his arm toward the room and nearly falling off the stool.

"Naw, not gone, just out back. The damn bar nearly emptied out a couple hours ago when word got out 'bout some slut pulling a train outside." Billy Ray's eyes opened wide. He knew who the 'slut' was and stumbled off the stool to find her.

The bartender wasn't kidding, about half the bar was outside standing around watching something on the ground. Billy Ray drunkenly pushed his way through the crowd and stood appalled as he saw his young daughter again making a public spectacle of herself. One guy was on his back with Miley on top of him, another was kneeling behind her slamming his thighs fast and hard against her ass. A third guy was kneeling near her head and was receiving a blow job while a fourth guy was getting a hand job from one hand while she precariously balanced herself with the other.

The guy fucking her ass suddenly cried out and welded his thighs to her ass, calling out to no one in particular that he was cumming. As soon as he backed away, another guy dropped to his knees behind her and shoved his cock into the empty hole. The guy getting his cock sucked made a similar announcement and Billy Ray watched as her throat bobbed up and down as she swallowed his seed.

"Okay, Miley, time to go," he said moving closer to the orgy. She simply pulled her mouth off the guy she just sucked off and turned towards the man she was jerking off and pushed his cock inside her mouth. Another guy dropped to his knees in front of her as the other man got up. "Com'on, it's time to go," he repeated reaching down for her.

"You don't wanna do that, man," someone said grabbing his arm. He turned to see a large American man holding his arm. Another hand grabbed him from the other side and he turned to see a Mexican guy holding his left shirt sleeve. "Just relax and no one gets hurt, understand?"

Looking around at all the angry faces he knew that he'd have a hard time getting her away from this mob. That is unless she's ready to leave and he can threaten to have them arrested for rape. He heard a loud moan and looked to see the guy under her thrusting up and down while she wiggled her ass. His fingers dug into the white globes of her butt and Miley pulled the cock out of her mouth just long enough to encourage him to cum inside her. No chance of this being a rape, unless it's a reverse rape.

Once the guy finished, the one in her ass simply wrapped his arms around her waist and laid back, bringing her with him. She now faced up and the guy that recently knelt down for a blow job quickly mounted her and sank his cock deep into her over-used pussy. Two others converged on her and were rewards with her warm, wet mouth alternating between them. This position left both hands free for hand jobs.

Billy Ray was escorted back into the bar by the two men holding him and deposited on a bar stool. "Get 'em a beer on me," the American said. "And keep 'em comin' 'til we're done. I don't want this bastard fuckin' everything up," he added turning to leave. He watched the backs of the two men until they disappeared down the hall.

"Here you go," the bartender said setting a cold beer in front of him. Billy Ray stared at the amber bottle for several long minutes before picking it up. One beer later and he was out.

Billy Ray awoke in his hotel bed wearing all of his clothes and laying next to his naked, cum-soaked daughter. His head was pounding and it took about five minutes before he could sit up without feeling dizzy. He grumbled something about not ever drinking ever again and pulled himself out of bed.

Staggering towards the bathroom, he tried to remember how he and Miley made it back to the room. It was already after 8 o'clock in the morning and nothing from after that second beer was clear. He didn't even know what time they got in. After peeing and cleaning up, started a bath then went to check on his daughter.

She was a mess. The layers of dried cum and sand weren't the worst of it, that could be cleaned off. It's the scratches, bruises, hickies, red marks and cuts all over her body that worried him the most. Reaching down he gently shook her.

"Miley, wake up, honey," he said softly. He wasn't sure what mood she'd be in and she really hated to be awakened too early. "Miley, are you okay?"

Her eyes fluttered opened and her lips parted with a smile. "Hi, daddy," she said turning completely onto her back. "Ready for your morning fuck?" she asked spreading her legs. Reflexes sent his eyes to her pussy and he gasped when he saw the swollen, angry-red mass of flesh that once used to be a tight little pussy. Cum still copiously oozed out, most was thick and clear with some flecks of whiteness.

"I think you've had enough sex for a while, let's get you cleaned up and I'll have the maid change the sheets. There's a lotta, uh, sand in bed."

"Com'on Daddy, don't be a party pooper," she said reaching out for him. "Give your lit'l girl some luvin'." He could see the determination in her eyes. There was no getting out of this. Even if he refused her now, he knew after a few minutes he'd give in and do what she wanted any way. He went to turn the water off and returned undressing as he walked.

He really didn't like sloppy seconds but for the last few years that's about all he's had. Sometimes he thinks she deliberately lets guys cum in her just so he'll have to fuck her with someone else's cum in there. Lately she's been even more insatiable and wants to do nothing but fuck all the time.

He was hardly erect but her hole was stretched enough that it didn't matter. He slipped in balls deep and could hardly feel himself inside of her. She was gooey and cum poured out with each forward thrust. As soon as he was hard, he began to pound her as deep as he could, almost wanting to punish her for being such a whore. She grunted with each harsh drive, wrapping her hands around the back of his neck.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," Daddy, I love it when you fuck me like that," she cried out. With his rhythm established, he slammed repeatedly into her, smacking against her thighs with such force it echoed in the room, resonating like slabs of raw beef liver dropping to a marble floor. He couldn't hold out long, with her he never could and began shooting jets of cum deep into her womb, mixing with the countless others.

Grunting one long, painful cry, he rolled over, collapsing next to her exhausted. He struggled for breath, panting like a tired dog as she sat up and reached for his shrinking manhood. Leaning over she took him inside her mouth and began sucking it clean. He was too tired to resist and didn't want to any way. Once done, she smacked her lips and smiled at him.

"That's some wake up call, Daddy," she said bending over to kiss him. Her sour breath made him cringe as she slipped her tongue into his mouth. She tasted of cum and cock and he struggled to keep for pushing her away. He didn't want to make his money train angry. There's no telling what she'd do. Slipping out of bed she sashayed towards the bathroom to clean up, blowing him a kiss from the doorway.

Reaching over for the phone he called the operator to get the filthy sheets and blanket changed. Thank God their flight is in three hours or she'd be out whoring around once again after she cleaned up.

Billy Ray was nervous as the plane sat on the tarmac. Not as much as the fear of flying as the fear of what he was watching. Miley was next to him and was flirting with the five college-aged guys sitting two rows back. His mind went back to just before they left when she dashed out of the door to tell Carlos, the pool man, she was leaving. Of course she also had to give him a goodbye fuck behind the equipment room. Once done, she stumbled on two other guys walking near the pool and they too were invited to join her for a quickie. Billy Ray found her bent over at the waist getting it from behind from one of them while she deep throated the other until the both came.

He had to literally drag her away from the pool as others began to show up to swim or sun. It was time to leave for the airport and they didn't have time for her to be slutting around any more. They parked near the terminal and Billy Ray waited leaning against the trunk of the cab while Miley gave the driver her usual tip. The rocking of the cab was almost too much for him to stand, but as usual, he did.

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