Fiona and Her Daughter; the Beginning

by pippam_49

Copyright© 2009 by pippam_49

BDSM Sex Story: Fiona has a craving to be spanked by a woman. How can she satisfy this burning need? Can her daughter provide for this? The prequel to the Fiona saga

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Mother   Daughter   Spanking   Masturbation   .

Fiona was daydreaming. She was, actually, loading laundry into her washing machine on a hot, September morning. However she shivered as she imagined being naked from the waist down and draping herself across a female lap.

Fiona became aroused as she pictured a female hand descending on her unprotected buttocks with a sharp slap which left, briefly, a pink imprint on her ass. Fiona stopped loading the washing machine for a moment and slid her hand under her short, red skirt and down the front of her black panties. She was not surprised to feel moistness between her pussy lips and gradually eased them apart to find the nub of her clitoris poking out of its hood. With delicious pleasure, Fiona, with vivid images in her head of her own spanking, gently manipulated her "love button" as she leant against the washing machine. She reached her first climax of the day.

Fiona had had submissive thoughts since she was 9 years old when her mother threatened to spank her bare bottom if she didn't help with cleaning the house. Her mother had never carried out the threat but Fiona always tingled at the thought. Lately, as a mother herself, she had widened her imagined spankers to all sorts of people. All however were female. Fiona was really very uncomfortable with the idea of a male spanking her. That seemed akin to abuse. Even if a man said a woman had consented to be spanked, Fiona felt she could not be sure if there was not some element of coercion present.

Fiona, as an adult, made all the decisions for herself and the family. She was always in control. Her husband was useless. She just longed for some other woman to take control of her so that she could free her mind of all responsibility.

So to date, at the age of 35, Fiona had never been spanked. She would certainly not let her husband do such a thing. Fiona's frustration increased at not being on the receiving end of a punishment. She couldn't think of anyone who she could ask to be her spanker without creating a disbelieving reaction. Suddenly the image on Jenny, her daughter, sprang into Fiona's head. Jenny had just had her 18th birthday. Would she be willing to spank her mother? How could Fiona even raise the subject? Would Jenny be horrified at the idea?

Fiona left the washing machine to do its work and went into Jenny's room. The girl was very untidy. What a mess. Clothes strewn across the floor, dirty plates, the aftermath of midnight snacks, next to open school books. As Fiona started to clear away the chaos her arm bumped a photograph frame holding Jenny's favourite picture of herself with three friends, Sarah, Mary and Joan. The frame fell over and landed on the floor. Fiona had an instant of being worried. Had the glass broken? She quickly picked up the frame to find no damage had been done. However Fiona had a germ of an idea and a big smile crossed her lips.

If Fiona could somehow damage something dear to Jenny, maybe Jenny might listen to her if Fiona suggested that she should be punished for her behaviour.

Fiona put her plan into action immediately. She tidied away most of the clutter but threw away some barely used make-up which was Jenny's favourite.

When Jenny became aware of her mother's action, Jenny was not very happy to say the least. She berated her mother in a severe manner. Fiona listened to her daughter with her eyes averted. However inside Fiona was smiling.

The very next day Fiona entered Jenny's bedroom and removed her best skirt. As Fiona was ironing the garment she "accidentally" burnt the front. When Jenny came home from school and found the ruined skirt in the bin she was even more upset than the day before. She lambasted her mother again and noticed how meekly her mother accepted the chiding.

The following day was to be the crux of the new relationship. Fiona broke the picture frame and damaged the picture of Jenny and her best friends. Fiona knew the picture was dear to Jenny's heart and that this might be the crowning glory of Fiona's plan. She also knew that she could buy another frame and have another print made of the photograph. So Jenny's loss would not be permanent.

Jenny had had a particularly bad day at school several of her teachers had been unfair to her in their judgements of her behaviour. To find her picture damaged beyond repair was the last straw. She became incandescent with anger and filled up with tears. She almost didn't hear her mother when she spoke.

"Would it help if you punished me, Jenny?" whispered Fiona.

"What did you say?" stammered Jenny.

"I said, would it help if you punished me," responded Fiona with more conviction.

"And how might I do that?" questioned her daughter, almost sarcasticly.

"Well, I suppose you could spank me," quaked Fiona.

Jenny was shocked but didn't show it. However the thought of spanking her mother held a delicious appeal. An image of Fiona bending over, ass bare, waiting for her punishment sent a delightful shiver down Jenny's back.

"I think it might help but I think I might feel strange," said Jenny.

"Don't give it a second thought," breathed Fiona as she handed Jenny a bedroom slipper. The excitement in Fiona's stomach spread down to her cunt which was becoming very wet.

"Okay, you asked for it, Mom. Bend over," commanded Jenny.

What happened next surprised but delighted Jenny and went some way to helping her rage dissipate. When Fiona bent over she flipped her skirt over her back. This revealed stockings, suspender belt and red panties.

As the women were in the kitchen, even though Jenny had the slipper, she had all sorts of implements available. With her mother still bent over from the waist, Jenny collected a wooden spoon and a spatula. She had no plan of action but having a choice of weapons excited her.

"I'm going to enjoy this," chortled Jenny.

"So am I," whispered Fiona to herself.

The first blow from the slipper landed squarely across both ass cheeks. Fiona jolted forward but managed to maintain her bent position. The strike was harder than anticipated and stung. However the pain seemed to spread away from the area struck and eased in this process. Even from this first hit Fiona started to feel a glorious glow which flowed to her cunt. She started to feel wet immediately. The second blow was no more intense than the first and Fiona heard Jenny start to breathe heavily. It couldn't be the exertion. Was Jenny actually enjoying spanking her? Fiona didn't dare to hope that was the case.

As the punishment continued Fiona, in pretence at a reaction to the spanks, eased her feet and legs apart. After several more contacts between the slipper and her ass, she could not avoid touching herself. Jenny noticed this and became more excited herself.

When Jenny switched from the slipper to the wooden spoon, she gave in to the temptation to feel her own pussy. It was soaking. She kept rubbing herself as she returned to spanking her mother's ass. Whilst Jenny's right hand swung the spanking implement, her left hand did its work.

Fiona became aware of Jenny's trembling. This caused her muscles to tense and spasm. Both women came together.

Jenny threw down the spoon and bolted for her room. She was embarrassed. How could she have had a climax spanking her mother?

The atmosphere in the house was noticeably unconfortable for the rest of the evening and the next morning as Jenny left for school. Neither of the women felt able to discuss what had happened and how they felt about it. However the spanking had reached Fiona's expectation and then some. She wanted more of this.

Fiona needed another plan.

Fiona was starting to feel a little silly. What would Jenny think when she saw her mother apparently stuck under the sink?

Fiona had managed to get herself into this compromising position with difficulty but did the position look like an accident or did it look planned? Fiona was kneeling on a footstool with her head under the sink in the kitchen. Her bottom was high in the air. Fiona had managed to hook the hem of her sweater onto a protruding handle under the sink. She was hoping that any observer might think that she was unable to move without help to untangle the garment.

When Jenny came home from school she would find a target of which Fiona hoped Jenny would take advantage. However, Fiona had been under the sink for at least ten minutes and was starting to get anxious. Just as her nerve was failing Fiona heard Jenny come through the front door.

"Hi Mom," called Jenny from the hall.

"I am in the kitchen. Can you help me?" replied Fiona.

As Jenny entered the kitchen she was surprised by the sight which met her.

"Wow Mom, that is a very sexy position," chortled Jenny.

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