From Across a Crowded Room
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A delightfully mushy romantic story of a man who gets a second chance at love at first sight with a girl (now a woman) he glimpsed once long ago from across a crowded room. Their teen-aged romance was postponed, but not lost or forgotten forever.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Romantic   Light Bond   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   Slow  

I suppose I should thank my daughter for dragging me kicking and screaming into the modern era, but at the time (1999) I was darned if I could understand what the advantages were. The Internet seemed to be an especially irrelevant time waster utterly unsuited for my daily attention let alone maintenance of a web page, but in the end she convinced me that the rewards were there ... if I could find them.

Yeah, right, sure...

Truly, I'm not a Luddite. I do use a computer at work ... really! However the idea of putting up a webpage of my own broadcasting out to everyone and their dog a continual status update of what I was up to, and exactly how satisfactory (or not) my most recent bowel movement was, didn't strike me as 'need to know' information that should be broadcasted out willie-nillie to everyone that I even had a vague relationship with. Sure, my kid had a page, along with all of her friends, as well as my ex, and all of her friends as well. So, in the interest of keeping détente going, I ground my molars a bit and allowed the jewel of my life to parade her father's inadequacies out on the World Wide Web for everyone to inspect. My daughter fluttered her eyes and said please, so how could I say no?


My daughter was actually enjoying the situation far too much and she seemed to have an unlimited patience for the tedium of trying to find someone (anyone) from my past that I would even consider talking to today. She plugged in my college and high school locations and dates into a variety of search engines and at the click of a mouse button found at least half a billion people that in theory I had shared some bit of past history with. Nice in principle, but in actuality I didn't recognize a single name. Not one. Certainly no one that I would be willing to trade snapshots of the kids and my most recent vacation, let alone pictures of the pets with. I'd been a loner pretty much throughout my formal schooling and could easily number my long-time good friends on one hand with several fingers left over.

Undaunted, the pearl of my eye set herself a goal to find someone, somewhere, that I'd lost contact with that I would give my eye-teeth to make contact with today, decades later.

Fat bloody chance!

Ex-girlfriends from school? Not hardly. Certainly no one that I'd pined after with unrequited love, let alone the few I'd actually consumed any sort of love with. In those days I was short (my growth spurt to over six feet came late in my college years), geeky, pimply and permanently face affixed into a book in those years. I had dated about half a dozen ex-girlfriends from this period but not one that I cared an iota about revisiting today. Half of them I couldn't even remember their last names.

Undaunted, and with an unhealthy amount of ambition and with my school yearbooks in hand, she plugged in the names of girls that I 'vaguely' remembered to pull up their pages. Invariably all of them either happily married or still living in denial about adulthood and clutching on to youth and perpetual partyland with every millimeter of their carefully salon sculpted nails. Uck!

Just when I thought I was home free, at the near edge of my daughter's seemingly limitless patience, she finally struck Yukon gold.

"What about old friends from that crappy amusement park you used to work at all during high school?" She enquired.

Damn! While I have easily forgotten nearly everyone else I worked with during those three years of high school, one name came readily to mind, right up at the top of my memory. Unforgotten ... carved into stone deep in my reminiscences.

Damn her for dredging that thought up once again after over twenty years! Still, some part of me just had to know.

"Ummm, try Candice Meacham, 1977 ride operator at the Six Flags amusement park." I helpfully suggested, and she eagerly clicked the search string in. Ack ... now I'm done for it ... please God come back with no computer result hits!

Nope. It was not to be ... now I was well and truly screwed.

"Bingo! Got a hit!" The pride and joy of my live remarked. "She's living in Austin somewhere, but there's not a whole lot of information on her page. She's set for top level privacy settings, should I request that she accept your friend invitation?"

"NO! Absolutely not!" I ordered, and much too quickly. My daughter, who was not at all a dunce, smelled a rat nearly at once. It took her nearly half an hour, but in the end she dug the story out of me, nearly kicking and screaming. She takes too much after her mother in some ways!

Let's say right from the get-go that I hated my entire time in high school. I was bored, unmotivated, and smart enough to get top grades without ever once cracking open a textbook to actually bother to study. I wasn't athletic, musical, or inclined for any club, social group or extracurricular activity. I was also piss-poor, from a poverty stricken family with barely a dollar (if lucky) in my pockets.

No money — no car — no dates! That about sums up my high school social life fairly neatly.

Instead, by my sixteen birthday, I was working nearly full time for craptastic wages and buying my own school clothes and supplies, mostly for the local Six Flags theme park that we nicknamed 'DisasterWorld'. They paid just barely over minimum wage and promised the idea of 'fun, fun, fun' while working on the job! In actuality, they were slave drivers that abused the heck out of us school kids and worked us half to death for peanuts. Eat a single French fry in the kitchen, even if it had fallen to the floor? Termination offense! Yep, right out of the 'Work will make you Free' school of personnel management. In two and a half years I'd received just two pay increases that totaled $ .25 cents an hour after being promoted to the highest level of grunt level hourly level supervisor, just below a salaried Supervisor.

Heck, I was young, socially stupid and was amused far too easily, and it was (slightly) better than working for the local pizza joint. Somehow I survived working there for two and half seasons. I guess that place trained me to survive anything! I showed up for work when scheduled, never took a sick or play day, kept my head down and did my time. It was a lot like being a convicted felon in a great many ways.

I'd had a couple of 'sort-of' girlfriends while working at the park, but nothing lingering or remotely memorable. I can't remember any of their names now, either. For most of my time there I was far too low social status to attract any attention of any of the better class of hostesses. Too geeky and no car. Riding to work and back on a ten-speed bike just isn't that sexy. Nope.

Still, I found a few freaky chicks willing to descend to my level, but certainly no one worthy of showing off at home to mother. For the most part, these gals were butterflies, just floating from flower to flower. Yeah, they stopped briefly at mine, but after sampling me once or twice they were off to other fresher blooms.

Until I met Candice.

For argumentative purposes, I will willingly concede that Candice was the 'One True Love of my Life (tm)'. On the other hand, our torrid love affair didn't even last a full week. Our relationship was as deep as the ocean, but the current was fast and shallow and lead directly to rocks that neither of us could avoid. I loved her with everything in my soul, but it was just not fated to be.

I first met this girl of my adolescent dreams, at the end of season crew party in the late summer of my senior year of high school. It was the second to last weekend of the year that the park would remain open seven days a week, just before school started. These parties were always formal, suit and tie, and were for the most part just a dance with horrible finger food and ghastly fruit punch, much like a school Prom.

I'd come equipped with a date, sort of ... a girl from high school that I had dated for awhile in the fall, but that relationship was already very 'off' by this point. We were still sort of friends and I'd only invited her because she had really wanted to go, and she loved to dance — not necessarily with me. In fact she had already made backup plans to have her mother come pick her up when the party was over. She paid her admission by giving me the first three dances with her and then she was off like a rocket for other more interesting partners and I hardly saw a glimpse of her the rest of the evening. No big deal or hurt feelings ... it was just about exactly what I had expected and planned for.

Yeah kids, Disco really did suck in the late 1970's! On the other hand, bras were very much out of fashion that year and most party dresses did allow for quite a lot of nice tit bouncing when the young ladies danced. Always look for and appreciate the silver linings to every tragedy.

I hung around for awhile, drank punch, nibbled hors d'oeuvres, ogled the ladies and calculated the minutes until I thought it would be safe enough to leave. I was a Food Service Manager (the day shift boss of a dumpy popcorn, cotton candy, drink and ice cream stand) and had fantastical unwholesome notions of actually making Supervisor at the time. Silly me! It would never happen, and I knew better, but I was trying to play the political game at the time ... mostly badly.

Just about the time I decided to call it a night, from far across the dance floor, sitting alone at a table was the girl of my dreams and I knew it right away!

Don't tell me that love at first sight doesn't exist — it does! Really!

It didn't matter that I was probably the single shyest person in that hotel ballroom. I knew then, and at once, that I had to go over and at least talk to her. I don't quite know how I actually managed it, but somehow I found my way over to her table. The odd part is that when I made it about half of the way over towards her, our eyes made contact and there was some sort of instant magnetic connection between us and she got up to meet me.

"I'd love to!" She said, even before I actually managed to stammer my request to dance with her.

I survived the first dance, a fast Disco number "Staying Alive" without looking too stupid or causing my partner an injury, and then Gods of Fate kindly bestowed upon us two long and slow dances in a row. By the end of the first one my lovely partner was pasted as tight against me as she could get, like wet cardboard stuck to glass. It was heavenly. By the end of the second slow dance we were kissing and madly grinding against each other. No one noticed us; the dimly lit dance floor was covered with several hundred other young couples pretty much also trying to fuck with their clothes still on.

Ah, to be young once again and filled with teenaged hormones!

For the next hour we conversed during the fast songs and held each other tight during the slow grinders, afraid to ever let the other partner go or slip just out of hand's reach. The feeling was electrical ... it was like magic. The two remaining hours passed as if just moments.

When the last dance was announced at ten minutes to ten p.m., Candice looked at her watch with a startled look, and cursed.

"Goddamnit! The one day that I finally meet a boy worth knowing, and I've told my dad to come and pick me up early! He's probably been waiting on me already for over half an hour now already! Crap, am I going to be in for it!"

She grabbed her clutch purse, and while towing me in one hand towards the door she tried to make sure that her makeup wasn't too smudged up. A lost cause; she had been pretty thoroughly snogged and smooched and needed a complete refit, which she didn't have any time for.

A quick peak out the door confirmed that her father was outside the hotel waiting in the car, rather impatiently from the looks of him, and with one last deep kiss or three, we made our farewells and plans to see each other at the park the next week. Running to the car, she disappeared into the caverns of her dad's black Mercedes and was all too soon lost from my sight.

Still, not at all bad for a first date!

Candice had told me earlier (on the rare occasions that our lips weren't stuck together) that she lived with just her father, who was some big-shot trial attorney. She didn't need to work, but had wanted to do something 'normal', like the other girls at her high school, which unfortunately wasn't the same as mine. In fact, our two schools were just about as geographically far apart as it was possible to get.

She had worked at the park only the second half of this summer season, and was one of the senior ride operators over in the Chinatown area of the park. She had a red nametag just like mine which technically also made her a Manager, paid the same crappy wage as I was. Operations always did have higher turnover and a much faster promotion cycle than us grunts in Food Service. Her ride was called "The Rickshaw', and it was pretty much a low-stress, kiddie type ride suitable for the whole family, and it was always insanely crowded with waiting guests.

Since her break schedule was the most uncertain, we agreed that when she got her thirty minute lunch break she would call over to my stand so that I could then take mine, and we'd both run like heck separately over to the employee canteen so that hopefully we could enjoy up to ten full minutes together with each other before we'd each have to race back to our stations to be back on time. Being more than five minutes late back from a break was nearly a death penalty offense to our Nazi overlords, and just one of many termination offenses, especially for the Team Leaders, Asst. Managers and Managers, since we were supposed to provide the example to the lowly Hosts and Hostesses that worked under us.

I swear to God, if our corporate overlords could have reinstituted the old naval tradition of the lash, tying us to a masthead and whipping us with a cat-o'nine-tails, they would have. In a heartbeat.

Shift turnover in Operations was also much simpler than in Food Service. I had a written list of over forty things that had to be done in preparation for the Evening Shift, and if the gal who was the Evening Manager for the stand was in a pissy mood (which she often was), she could keep me there for at least an hour after my shift was over until she was satisfied. Often she pulled this sort of crap just out of spite. In theory, she was required to do the same for me, restocking at the end of the night, but she rarely ever did.

Fortunately, I had a slight hold over her this week. She wanted to take off from work the first two weekends after school started, so that she could attend the weekend cheerleader tryout camp. Since there was no such thing as getting a temporary replacement from our Food Service office, this meant that some other Manager would have to work a double-shift each of those days from park open to close, to cover her absence. Since the gal was a bitch to everyone, no one was likely to volunteer. If she just no-showed, she would be fired. Accordingly, that Monday afternoon I laid down the rules to her: I'd work her four evening shifts for her, but the petty turnover crap she gave me had to cease. Five o'clock, on the dot, ready or not ... my ass would be gone out that door. She agreed.

Candice's shift turnover for the ride was far simpler, mostly consisting of 'here's the keys' and giving the grounds one last sweep before departing. Lucky girl! This allowed her to be 'done' for the day at about ten minutes till five, time enough to come over into the kiddie-land 'Magical Kingdom' section of the park where I worked and collect me just about exactly at the chimes at the top of the hour.

Together again at last, we'd walk slowly ... back to our dressing areas to clock out and change quickly back into our street clothes, and then, finally, we could hold hands and kiss. While in costume inside the park grounds, any PDA (public display of affection) was a termination offence ... and enforced. Yeah, the bastards had rules against everything.

If we were lucky, her father would be slightly delayed by rush hour traffic and not be able to pick her up until about six, but usually, like clockwork, he would be there waiting for her by five-thirty. Still, you can get a lot of snogging done in twenty minutes, and sometimes even a tit or cock rub or two.

By Thursday evening, our routine was well established, but Candice was noticeably depressed and was gently evading my questions about what work schedule she was going to work starting next week when the park shifted to autumn operations and was only open during weekends. This should have been a warning to me.

Friday evening, our last day together, seemed like a dream at the time but every moment of it is still etched deep into my memory. I remember the swirling of her honey-brown hair that just rested on her shoulders, her white shirt loose over a bra-less Star Wars Princess Lea t-shirt and blue jeans. Her delicate white toes peeking out of her leather sandals. She (like me) smelled of spilled cokes and popcorn, and I couldn't imagine any perfume that would have been finer. She was everything that I had ever dreamed about ... and more.

After out first real kiss of the day, her eyes met mine with a combined expression of both endless joy and unceasing sadness. I don't know how it was possible, but she pulled it off. Women are a never-ending source of mystery.

"I have some good news and some bad news ... and probably some even worse news. First the good news! I told my dad that some friends were holding a goodbye party at the park for me this evening, so he won't be picking me up until nine. That gives us a full three and a half hours together, and I know a nice extremely private spot if we want to be very alone together later. The bad news is ... this is my last day here. I can't work at the park weekends this fall. I can't ... because my dad is moving us next week. We're moving to Dallas, so that he can work a big case up there for the next year or two. After tonight, I'm never going to be able to see you again!"

With that last statement, she erupted into tears that never quite seemed to get entirely cleared away no matter how much we held each other. Our remaining time together was now more precious than could be calculated.

We did a few rides and shared a pizza and drink together at the canteen as if we were out on a real first date, but our thoughts were already a million miles away. When the sun started to go down a little after seven, she grabbed my hand hard and began to pull me along through the park with more than a little urgency. I didn't quite know where she was leading me but we disappeared into the 'Staff Only' wilderness behind "The River of No-Return" and soon found ourselves in a little operations maintenance shack that contained the controls for the huge King Kong animatronics. The shack was small, but clean and had a couple of blankets on a storage shelf waiting for our use. Come to find out, this was the secret 'make-out' shack for the senior Operations kids. Secure and with lots of privacy.

Candice hung a white life-preserver on a large nail outside on the front door. This she said was the marker for 'Go away — love shack currently in use!' she laughed. And very soon it was! We flung ourselves into each others arms and kissed so hard that my lips were mashed flat and my teeth ached.

"Get those blankets laid out on the floor!" She hissed, with her tongue thrust as deeply into my mouth as she could manage. I reluctantly drew away from her and broke our kiss and went to fetch the blankets. By the time they were unfurled, a good bit more of Candice was now on display.

She had nearly immediately kicked off her sandals and her jeans were the first article of clothing to hit the wooden shack floor. Next her white over-shirt was draped over a chair. When I turned to face her she was dressed only in her panties and her t-shirt. With a smile she pulled her t-shirt off exposing her lovely small breasts.

I'd say that she then walked in slow motion over to kiss me and press her nearly nude body against my clothed one, but in reality she rushed hard and fast into my waiting arms and we kissed frantically while I belatedly tried to at least get my own shoes off.

Soon, her kissing began to work its way down down my face and neck, and then down to my shoulders and chest and she gently pulled my t-shirt off. When her lips reached my stomach she pulled her panties down to her ankles and then sunk down to her knees to personally attend to the rest of my undressing.

With gentle tugs and soft kisses, my own jeans were unbuttoned, unzipped and soon released to fall loose to the floor and my own underwear soon joined hers on the floor as well. With my cock loose, Candice found something new to occupy her mouth with and was soon licking and sucking me into rigidity. I wasn't quite a virgin, but none of my previous girlfriends had ever sucked my cock before, so this was strangely new and very, very exciting. What she asked me to do next was even more thrilling.

"Push my head over here against the wall and hold my arms up high and tight and then fuck my mouth, hard! You can be a little rough, but just take firm control over me and don't let me move or squirm!"

A moment later I had her pinned, quite helpless, just as she had asked. With my cock still in her mouth and her head immobilized against the wall, her mouth was a helpless and passive receptacle for my cock and soon I was fucking it hard, as if it were her pussy. Apparently she had done this before, as she was quite relaxed and enjoying this treatment. She kept her tongue busy, licking my shaft and even my balls as I thrusted and my testicles slapped against her chin.

She just grunted an assent when I warned her that I was going to cum, and I unloaded what must have been a bucketful of my sperm into her mouth and throat. She swallowed most of it without choking and then concentrated on licking the underside of my shaft and cockhead to keep me hard, which I had no trouble doing. Gently I released her and with a fingertip I scouped up two globs of cum that had dripped onto her breasts and fed them into her waiting mouth, where she savored them.

We had a bit of a snuggle then nude on the blankets but while we were kissing she always kept one hand stroking my cock to keep it firm and ready and soon she found herself on her back with spread legs with me on top of her and preparing to mount her.

"Are you on the pill?" I muttered, nearly at the last moment as I could feel my cockhead right up against her cunt lips, ready to enter her.

"Ummm, yes and no. I'm on the pill, but I've forgotten to take it most of this week. Sorry ... do you have a condom?" Normally I did keep one in my wallet, but tonight it was missing and I couldn't find it. That sort of broke the mood a bit. She thought sometimes there were extra condoms hidden about, but we searched but didn't find any.

We cuddled, kissed and petted a bit more, and I could tell she was having an internal debate over whether to allow me to have unprotected sex in her cunt with her, when she became slightly distracted as I began to caress her ass.

"That's a better idea — do my ass instead!" She exclaimed with a giggle. "There's a bottle of K-Y in that desk drawer over there. Just a little on your cockhead should be plenty, I like it a little rough down there as well."

She rolled over and got up on all fours so that I could mount her ass, which I did with only minimal lubricant. This was another first for me, anal sex. Candice seemed to greatly enjoy it, muttering about how thick my cock was and how deeply it stretched her. My girlfriend seems to have had a significantly more complete sexual education than I had had!

When her knees tired, she rolled to her side and we spooned together kissing and fondling her tits while I more gently continued to fuck her ass from behind. Having cum just a little bit before was certainly doing wonders for my stamina!

After about twenty minutes she told me she wanted it rough and hard again and she rolled on her back. With her legs mounted high upon my shoulders and my arms pinning hers down firmly, I began to fuck her bottom as hard as I could manage it. Her cries of delight soon became screams.

'Oh yeah, fuck my ass! Hard! Harder! Oooo, I'm about to cum..." And she did, loud enough for everyone on the river ride to hear us probably. With that I unleashed my own loud grunt and blasted my cum deep into her ass.

We were both exhausted and just laid there together holding each other for what seemed to be forever. In fact we almost dozed off in each other's arms until I had the forethought to check the time.

"Fuck! It's five minutes until nine. Shit! We've got to get dress and run or you'll catch hell from your dad!"

"Let him get pissed. It's not like he's going to ground me or stop me from working here any more. The movers are coming tomorrow and Sunday I'll be on my way to Dallas, away from you. Let him wait!"

Candice sucked me off then one last time and if she noticed or cared that my cock was fresh from out of her ass, she didn't seem to care.

Getting dressed seem to take forever and we didn't even bother to run from the river area towards the park's main gate. It was a long walk, a good twenty minutes, and we enjoyed every last second of it hand in hand and with huge smiles on our faces.

The actual farewell was anti-climactic. We were a full thirty minutes late and her dad was pissed, not that Candice cared a bit. She gave me a long deep goodbye kiss right in front of him and then gave me a gentle wave goodbye from the car. I could still see her face smiling as they drove off, but I could tell that in moments the joy would start to be replaced with tears.

I think I cried myself off and on for nearly six months after Candice's departure. Even the smell of popcorn would remind me instantly of her for years to come. The pain of her absence left a wound inside of me that took years to even partially heal. Even later in college I'd have nights where I'd be lying on my dorm bed looking at the ceiling and wondering where she was and how she was doing.

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