Michael and Me

by carniegirl

Copyright© 2009 by carniegirl

Erotica Sex Story: A mother and son forge a new relationship

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   .

Why it happened I might never know. Sure there were a lot of things going on but the exact trigger moment or incident my never be clear. All I know is that I had been alone for almost four months when Michael came home for his Christmas break.

"Hi, mom." Michael said while walking the final few steps to me. I smiled as he hugged me. He hadn't initiated a hug since he was five years old. The separation seemed to have done him some good.

"Well hello honey," I said hugging him back. I stepped back to appraise him. Michael had changed, but the change didn't seem to be so much physical as in the way he carried himself. "You seem to be different," I suggested.

"Maybe a little," he replied with a confident smile. Even though I didn't really recognize the smile, it was warm. "So let me pick up my bag and we can head home," he suggested.

I went for the car while he picked up his one suitcase. I picked him up in front of the terminal, then drove us home.

"So this is the new place. It's kind of small?"

"I know but with your dad gone and you and your sister in college, I didn't need anything larger."

"I guess not," he reluctantly agreed.

We were inside when I said, "Your room is down the hall first door on the right."

"My room or the guest room?" he asked playfully.

"The guest room, but it is yours anytime you want or need it." I thought that sounded pretty cool. He just smiled.

"Like I said on the phone, I really hate to do this but I have a wedding tonight."

"I know and it's your livelyhood, I don't blame you at all."

"Since you only have one bath, do I have time to shower before you?" he asked.

"Sure, I don't have to leave for three hours." I went into the kitchen to reheat the coffee.

"Damn," I heard him shout. I rushed down the hall and saw that he had left the bathroom door open.

"Are you alright?" I asked it looking into the bathroom. Michael had left the bathroom door open. I could see him inside the clear glass shower stall. He didn't seem to be at all embarrassed about being naked in front of me. He was actually soaping his penis,

"You have some really hot water here," His eye were boring into me as he spoke. He was also soaping his penis slowly up and down. I tried not to look but my eyes were drawn to it. I could not pull my eyes away from him. Now and then I would switch my gaze from his penis to his eyes. His eye kept me locked in place.

His penis was hard and throbbing as he stroked it. I felt his eyes saying that it was for me. I know that is silly but I felt that's what his unwavering gaze was saying. I knew that I should leave. I wanted to turn and run away, but I stayed. I stayed until his penis spurted white semen against the shower stall wall. Once he shot his load onto the glass wall, he looked at me and smiled. That smile broke my trance. I was able to turn and flee the room.

I went to my room and tried to calm down. It was hard for me to believe that I had stood and watched my son masturbate. To be honest with myself, not only did I know all along who it was, but the knowing made it even more erotic. I knew that if Michael came into the room at that moment, I would fall to pieces. That is why, when I heard the water stop, I stood and quickly locked the door.

I sat on the edge of my bed and shivered. I was coming down from my endorphin high. I could still see his penis as it spurted against the shower wall. I knew that it was going to haunt me for a while.

I left Michael to his own devices for an hour while I tried to drive the image away. When I headed to the shower with an armload of clothes Michael wandered out of the kitchen and into the hallway.

I was halfway into the bathroom when he said to me, "Leave it open." His voiced matched the one that rang in my head, when I saw him in the shower. He hadn't spoken in the shower, but I heard that voice in my head.

"No," I whispered.

"Yes leave it open for me, after all fair is fair." It was quiet, almost a whisper but it was also delivered in a strong calm voice. I nodded then hurried into the bathroom. I left the door open.

I could feel him watching me as I undressed. I was down to my panties and bra when I said in a whisper, "I need to use the toilet."

He just nodded his head. I expected him to turn away but he didn't. He could see the questioning look on my face. "Go on pee," he demanded.

I lowered my panties and sat on the toilet. He watched me as I tried to make a flow of urine. It took several minutes before the stream began. His looking made it somehow sexually charged. When I wiped myself after I almost had an orgasm from the touch of the paper against my engorged clitoris.

I looked up to see him smiling gently at me. I stood, kicked off my panties, then removed my bra. I caught a glimpse of myself reflected in the glass shower enclosure. The enclosure was clear glass, most like it were frosted. I never thought that it would be an issue when I bought the house. Now I knew better. The reflection was that of a forty year old woman working hard to remain in her thirties.

I walked three miles every morning to keep my overall weight in check. I rode a bicycle on all my short errands to keep my legs shapely. I also kept my slight tummy under control by leg lifts while I watched TV. All in all I was satisfied with the body I saw in the glass. For a fleeting second I hoped that Michael would be as well. Then the realization of who he was and what I was doing hit me. I almost grabbed a towel to cover myself. I have no idea why I didn't.

Instead I leaned into the tub to adjust the water. My small breasts sagged just enough so that the shape of them was different when I bent over. Once the water was adjusted I stepped into the shower. I had to stand in profile so that the water would wash over me. I soaped my body liberally as I showered. I was acutely aware of Michael's gaze as I showered as I normally would.

I was lost in the moment was I washed the area between my legs. I seldom masturbate in the shower but his words, "Fair is fair," rang in my ear. I moved my finger to cover my swollen clit. I rubbed it in circles until I was on the verge of an intense orgasm. At that moment, without any thoughts of being watched, I stuck two fingers hard into my vagina and began to pump in and out as I orgasmed in a flood of lubricant. I had to lean against the wall of the shower to avoid falling. It was one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

With the stream of water falling on my breasts I looked over to see Michael with his penis hanging out. I looked away quickly. I did not trust myself to speak or even look at him.

I began to wash my hair because I couldn't think of anything else to do. I wasn't sure what I should do. I was sure what I shouldn't do. I shouldn't get out of the shower in the condition that I was in at that moment.

When I finished with my hair, I looked up and found Michael gone. I felt my heart sink. I was sure that he had been disappointed in me. Was it how I looked or how I had acted. I shouldn't have been, but I was hurt by his leaving me alone.

I lingered in the shower just in case he came back. When he didn't return, I stepped from the shower and dried myself with two towels. One for my body and one for my hair. The whole time that I was naked I tried to decide what I wanted. Did I want Michael to leave me alone or did I want him to come watch.

I was dressed and in the hall when I next saw Michael. He was also dressed. He looked quite handsome even in his old jeans and orange sweatshirt. Michael was a very handsome young man. I was sure he had lots of girls chasing after him. I wouldn't like to see it, but I could certainly understand their interest in him.

Michael passed me in the hall on his way out. I felt his hand on my butt as he passed. It was a shock. Not that he did it, after all I had just masturbated for him, but the sensation sent a shock through my body. It was a wave of erotic sensations. I could not believe that my body was reacting so intensely to the touch of my son's hand on my butt.

After he had gone I dressed for my job. As a wedding photographer I wore pretty much the same thing to every job. I wore a modified tuxedo. Yes I dressed pretty much masculine. It was my father and founder of the business, who had come up with the idea. I had worked with him for years. He said it was the brides day and I should not even vaguely attempt to over shadow her.

He also didn't want to split his attention between his work and fighting the men off me. I was sixteen when I started and dirty old men might loved it. I had simply continued his tradition. It didn't hurt that I had small breasts. It would truly be hard to determine my sex had it not been for the shoulder length hair.

I went to the wedding sexually charged but it wore off as I lost myself in the details of the shoot. Even thought all weddings were similar they also all were different. I had to concentrate not to miss any small details.

I pulled into my own driveway at 9PM. I was sure Michael wouldn't have expected me any earlier. He had grown up with the business, just as I had. He knew what I would be doing and about how long it would take me.

I was a little surprised by the strange car in the drive. Not that it didn't look vaguely familiar, just that I was surprised and maybe a little disappointed that Michael and I would not be alone.

Once inside the house I recognized Michael's voice. He was talking with another young man. When I entered the den, Michael said, "Here's mom now." Then to me, "Mom. you remember Jess. He and I went to high school together."

"Of course, hello Jess. How are your parents." I had known Jess's mother and father from the school events which he and Michael shared.

"They are doing just fine Mrs. Williams. How have you been?"

"I have been just fine. Well I need a drink then I need to change. I will see you boys later."

With those words I walked into the kitchen. I was at the refrigerator putting ice into a glass when I sensed someone behind me. I didn't get a chance to turn. I felt his hand wrap around me and cover my breasts. I should have protested but the sexual feelings returned. I allowed him to kiss my neck. I even leaned back into him. I could feel his erection pressing against me butt. I couldn't speak and he didn't. I felt his hands begin to move on my breasts. His finger gently pinched my hard nipples. Since I wore an especially tight bra when I worked, my nipples were already sensitive. I'm sure that I moaned a bit.

"Dress nice for us when you change mom," Michael whispered it in my ear.

"What?" I asked not quite believing what he had said.

"I said, wear something sexy for us."

"But Michael I can't do that," I said.

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