First Ten

by just-this-guy

Copyright© 2009 by just-this-guy

Erotica Sex Story: I went to my friend's house to spend the night but he was in the hospital. I was stuck with his annoying cheerleader sister, but it was better than being out in the cold. Oh, how it turned out to be better!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   First   .

"See you tomorrow," Mom said, giving me an embarrassing kiss on the cheek. I was fifteen! Didn't she know that?

"Okay, Mom," I replied, opening the passenger door. I grabbed my backpack which served as my overnight bag.

"Love you, Justin," she said.

"Love you too, Mom."

I closed the car door and with a big sigh of relief watched her drive off. I loved my mom but she could still be so mushy. Why couldn't she grow up and know that I had grown up? I didn't need that stuff anymore. I was fifteen!

I knocked on the front door of my best friend Jason's house. I waited a couple of minutes and knocked again.

The door flung open and Jessie, Jason's 17-year old sister snarled, "What the fuck do you want?"

I was so glad I didn't have a sister.

Rattled I stammered, "I'm here to see Jason."

"He's not here."

"Can I just wait for him?"

"He's not here!"

"Can I wait inside?"

"Get the fuck out of here!"

"I'm staying the night."

"He's not here!" she insisted.

"He's not?" I said. She sounded truthful in the midst of her ire.

"I don't have time for this shit! I'm late!"

She stepped outside and pulled the front door shut behind her.


"Jason's in the hospital. He's sick or something stupid. It's because of him that I'm late for a slumber party."

"What happened?" I asked with concern.

"I don't have time for this!"

"But I'm supposed to stay here tonight." I was beginning to feel anxiety.

"Well, duh! It's not happening. My parents are with him at the hospital."

"But my mom is gone," I said.

"Call her to pick you up."

"She's gone until tomorrow."

"So you have your house to yourself. Sounds like a good deal to me. Throw a party. That's what my friend Jordan is doing since her parents are gone."

She started to head off.

"Could you drive me home?"

"Fuck, no! I'm late enough already!"

"Can you let me stay here?" I had to do something.

"In our house alone? Hell, no!"



"You can't just leave me here!" I was definitely feeling anxiety now.

She shrugged and said, "You can come with me and see if you can get a ride home from there."

I had no idea where Jordan lived. It could be even further away but I didn't have any options.

"Okay," I agreed.

I got in Jessie's car and I was on my way to somewhere unknown.

Jessie parked and I followed her across the street and a few houses down. There were several cars parked on the street so there had to be more than a couple of people at the party.

She turned around abruptly and spouted, "What are you doing?"

I looked at her confused. What did she think I was doing? I was following her.

"Go home!" she said.

"I thought I was going to get a ride," I said.

"No one at the party is going to want to take you home."

What? That's not what she said! It would have been better if she left me outside her house!

"Isn't there something you can go do somewhere?" she asked.

Where did she think I could go? Or did she think I could just hang out in front of the party house all night? Or maybe she expected me to sleep in her car? I better not mention that or she'd recommend it.

"Can I use the bathroom?" I said. I did kind of have to go and it would get me in the house. Maybe someone would help me?

"Alright," she sighed.

I was glad Jessie was human enough not to deny me the use of a toilet.

Jessie went right into the house without knocking.

"Jessie!" yelled a girl. It was Jenny from the cheerleading squad.

"You made it!" said Jasmine. She was a cheerleader too. "Who's he?"

"He" would be me.

"He's my brother's friend. He's going to use the bathroom and then go home."

"Jessie!" screamed Jordan. She ran up and gave Jessie a hug.

Other girls appeared from the back of the house. It was the whole cheerleading squad. Including Jessie it was ten girls.

"Who's this?" Jordan asked.

"My brother's friend. He just needs to use the bathroom and then he's gone."

"I need a ride home," I reminded.

"Bummer about your brother," Jordan said.

"Yeah," said Jessie. "Bad timing."

"But you're here now!"

"Let's party!"

Jordan looked over at me and asked, "Is he just going to stand there?"

"Bathroom," I reminded.

"He needs to go pee," said Jessie.

"Oh," said Jordan as if she only now understood. "Down the hall on the right."

I looked in the direction she pointed.

"Come on!" excitedly said Jordan, dragging Jessie away.

I found the bathroom. I locked the door, unzipped, and pulled my penis out. It took a little time to relax and pee because my mind was on what I was going to do since I had no idea how I was going to get home and I was in a strange house with a bunch of girls I only knew because they were the popular cheerleader girls at school.

When I was done, I returned toward the front of the house. I followed the loud sounds of laughter and fun. I saw Jackie walk from the kitchen to another area. I pushed up against the wall so she wouldn't see me. I eased my way forward until I could peek my head around. All the girls were in a large den eating, drinking, and laughing. Music was on but it wasn't very loud.

I watched for several minutes. I probably could have watched for a long time because they were beautiful cheerleaders but I moved away before I was accidentally spotted. The only thing I knew to do was to stay out of sight. I didn't even consider that any of the girls who had a car would take the time to drive me home. I was stuck here.

I headed back toward the bathroom and to where the bedrooms were. I peeked into the first bedroom and it was a home office. The next room was likely Jordan's room. I stepped inside and looked into the open closet. A cheerleader uniform was hung neatly. Yes, it was Jordan's bedroom.

In contrast to her uniform, her regular clothes were strewn on the floor. She wasn't a girl that was required to keep her room neat and tidy. I spotted a bra. I walked over and picked it up. I got a little thrill. I was holding a bra that was used by an actual girl! I spotted something lacy peeking out from under a shirt. They were panties! I picked them up. I trembled with awe. I was holding girl's panties!

Okay, yes I was a virgin and yes I had little experience with girls. I hadn't even kissed a girl but I had talked to girls so that was some experience.

I had a hard-on now. The simple excitement of holding a beautiful cheerleader's panties was enough to make me aroused. I brought them up to my nose and breathed the scent in. I felt heady so I sat down on her bed. I took another deep breath. There was an aroma I couldn't quite identify. It had to be the scent of "girl". Whatever it was I liked it and it made my cock throb more.

It must have been the intoxication of the smell that shut off my normal mental reasoning processes because all I could think of was releasing my constrained cock. I didn't just open my pants but I pulled them down with my undershorts and still felt constricted so I took them completely off. My shirt hung too low in front of my cock so I took it off too. I was naked.

I lay back on Jordan's bed and breathed in the smell of her panties again. I was in heaven. This was the aroma of a goddess. My cock throbbed and drooled so much pre- cum that my cock was soaked. I used Jordan's panties and cleaned my cock. I brought her panties back to my nose and took in our commingled smells.

I returned her panties to my cock. The cleaning action felt good so I kept doing it. I rubbed her panties up and down my cock.

I groaned and softly said, "Yes, Jordan."

I had barely ever talked to Jordan in my life but I knew who she was because she was a cheerleader and that was enough for me to fantasize about having sex with her.

"Yes," I mumbled.

I was in my own little world stroking off by using Jordan's panties. I opened her panties and fully wrapped them around my cock. My cock head pressed against the material every time I stroked down.

"Yes, Jordan," I groaned quietly while imagining being inside her.

I gradually stroked faster and faster.

"Yes, yes! Fuck me! Oh, fuck me! Oh, fuck! Fuck!"

My fist held Jordan's panties tight around my cock as I rapidly stroked up and down. I closed my eyes and began to groan and grunt harder. In my mind, Jordan's flowing brown hair bounced and her tits bounced as her pussy moved up and down my dick. I imagined her tits as oversized big orbs.

"Yeeeeesssss!" I groaned deeply.

My motion became frantic.

"Yesssssss!" I hissed.

I began to shoot. My jizz unloaded into Jordan's panties with spasm after spasm after spasm. It felt like one of my hardest cums ever. The panties were soaked.

I gasped tiredly just letting the panties remain on my flagging cock despite the wetness and stickiness. I felt good. I felt very good. I closed my eyes just for a second. I'd get up and get dressed soon.

"Oh my god!" I heard or thought I heard.

It was a female voice. I heard some murmuring of other female voices.

"Look!" a girl said.

"Ewwww!" another girl said.

Was I dreaming? I must be dreaming.

"Where did you go?" It was a fourth voice and she sounded kind of familiar.

"Look at your friend."

"Uggh! He's not my friend."

"You brought him, Jessie."

Jessie? Did I know a Jessie? Jessie? I think I knew a Jessie.

"Jessie..." I muttered.

"What did he say?"

"I think it was Jessie, " said the third girl.

"Don't look at me," the Jessie voice said. "They're your panties Jordan."

"Jordan," I whispered.

"He said your name!"

"He said your name first."

What was happening was I was having an erotic dream. I was having sex with Jessie or was it Jordan? I couldn't get it clear in my head.

"Look!" said another girl.

"He's thinking about you, Jordan," said Jessie.

"No! He's thinking about you," said Jordan.

The voices in my dream fell quiet for a few moments. I could feel my cock growing.

"Not bad," said Jordan.

"Who would have thought?" said Jessie.

"Wow!" said the third girl.

"Nice!" said the fourth girl.

"It's making me kind of hot," said the third girl.

"Then why don't you get on it, Jenny?" said Jordan.

"Are you daring me?" said Jenny.

The voices went quiet again.

"Well?" said Jordan.


"Come on, Jenny."

"Shut up, Jasmine. What are you doing?"

I felt something wet lifted off my cock. Was I no longer in a pussy?

"Want to make sure you see all of his cock. Look how wet your panties are."

"I don't want them," said Jordan.

"They're yours."

"He jizzed all in them."

"Jeeeeenny," said Jasmine.

"I can't," said Jenny.

"Chicken!" said Jasmine.

"Then you do it," said Jordan.

"No, I just want to feel it in my hand."

I groaned. My cock felt like it was gripped tight. I was dreaming of pussy again.

"Go ahead and stroke it," said Jenny.

"I just want to hold it."

"Yessss," I hissed.

"Damn, it throbs hard," said Jasmine. "He's really strong."

"What are you doing?" another girl said.


"He's asleep?" the new fifth girl asked.

"Yeah, Jackie," said Jordan.

Asleep? I knew this was a dream but it sounded like the girls were awake. That didn't make sense. It was my dream. They weren't really here.

My eyes popped open.

Jasmine held my cock in her hand and four other girls looked at it.

"What the hell were you doing?" Jessie said.

She had noticed I was awake. This wasn't a dream! This was real! I saw Jordan's panties by my side. It all came back to me Oh, shit!

"You pervert!" said Jessie.

I was sunk. I was dead. This was probably all over school already and school was closed and it was a Friday night.

"What were you doing in my room?" said Jordan.

"Ummm..." I croaked out. "I got sleepy."

"Sleepy?" laughed Jackie.

"Uh ... yeah."

"After you jizzed all over my panties!" said Jordan.

"Um ... sorry about that."

"I thought you went home," said Jessie.

Why would she think that? She just couldn't seem to get it in her head that I had no ride home.

I couldn't come up with a good answer but I stopped trying when I realized something. Jasmine still held my cock in her hand and she was even slowly stroking it.

"Mrrzpfp!" I gasped. It felt kind of good.

"What are we going to do with him?" Jenny asked.

"Let's throw him out just like that," suggested Jessie.

That comment was enough to get my focus off my cock.

"Please no," I said. My voice cracked.

"What this party needs is a boy," Jasmine said.

I definitely agreed with Jasmine and it wasn't just because she held my cock though it was a big part of why I liked her a whole bunch right now.

"He's got more curve," Jenny said.

I looked over and she was pointing at my cock.

"What of it?" said Jasmine.

"Nothing. It just makes it a little different than the other cocks I've seen."

"It would probably rub your g-spot perfectly," commented Jordan.

The girls looked at my cock as if pondering that thought.

I kind of wanted to get dressed and escape and end my embarrassment but my cock was in a girl's hand for the first time in my life so I wanted that to continue too.

"Do you think it would?" finally asked Jackie.

"Maybe," Jordan said.

The girls looked at my cock again. This was getting weird. Okay, check that. It was definitely already weird. It was getting even weirder.

"Where is everybody?" another girl's voice said. It was Julia.

Suddenly Julia, Jenna, Jamie, Josie, and Joanna were in the room with Jordan, Jessie, Jenny, Jasmine, and Jackie.

"What are you doing?" Jenna asked shrilly.

"Do you think his cock would rub your g-spot perfectly?" Jackie answered.


"G-spot?" said Jamie.

"His cock?" said Josie.

"Yeah," said Jordan.

"Look at the curve," said Jenny, drawing the new girls' attention to it.

"It's not that different," said Joanna.

"It doesn't take much."

"You're talking about it like you're thinking of doing him," Jackie said.

Doing him? You mean like sex or was it something else that I didn't want to know about?

"I admit I'm a little curious now," said Jasmine.

I smiled at the girl holding my cock. That was very nice of her to hold it.

"Me, too," said Jenny.

"Should we?" asked Jordan.

"You mean... ?" said Jessie, her voice rising.

"We're having fun but we could have real fun."


"Let me hold it!" Jordan said.

"Zrrmbgbv!" I groaned when Jordan's hand replaced Jasmine's.

With the index finger of her other hand Jordan rubbed under my cock head and said, "Right here would rub against your front wall."

"It's the whole curvature," said Jenny. She ran her finger from below my cock head, over Jordan's fingers, and to the base of my cock.

I thought I should say something but I had no idea what to stay. At the same time I felt like there was a spell and if I said something the spell would be broken. My mind was having a hard enough time comprehending the concept that they were at least in theory talking about having sex with me. I was a freshman boy and cheerleaders didn't do such things not even the freshman cheerleaders.

"Seeing it makes you want to know," said Jordan,

Yes, but..." said Jenny.

Both girls looked at me.

"Let me feel it," said Jackie.

Jordan and Jenny made way then whispered to each other while frequently glancing toward me. I wondered what they said but I couldn't hear very well because all my sensations were in my cock and it doesn't have ears.

"Glrrpfpt!" I reacted to Jackie holding my cock.

"But you have to do it right after," said Jordan.

I looked over then looked back at Jackie. I smiled. She was a nice girl.

"Uh..." said Jenny.

Jackie said out of the blue or was that purple since that was the color of my cock, "I guess he's not a premie. A lot of guys his age would have cum already."

"He already came in Jordan's panties!" said Jasmine.

"Ewwww!" said several of the newer girls.

"Doesn't matter. You know how guys are," said Jackie.

"Okay," said Jenny.

"Really?" said Jordan.


"Even if it's not good."

"Even if it's not good," Jenny promised.

I didn't understand girl talk. I wasn't that interesting in learning. I wiped my mouth because I was gurgling happily. I stared dreamily at Jackie. I sure hoped this wasn't a dream where I was dreaming that I woke up but I was still asleep instead.

Jordan pulled her shirt off and that was sufficient to draw my eyes away from my handled cock. She took off her bra.

Holy cow! Those were like ... tits! Real live in the flesh tits! They were even cheerleader tits! They were like live in front of my eyes. They were Jordan's tits.

"What are you doing?" asked Julia which was probably the question on every girl's mind and coincidentally the question was also on my non-girl mind.

"I'm going to find out if it feels as good as I think it will," Jordan answered.

"You're kidding!" Jessie responded strongly. "He's my little brother's friend."

"Look at his cock!"

"This will ruin your reputation at school."

"You're my friends. You're not going to tell," Jordan said. She looked at me. "Will you tell?"

"Tell what?" I asked.

"Just say 'no'," said Jenny.


Jordan said, "You're not going to talk about me and you."

What was she talking about?

She began to take off her shorts.

My mind blanked to the conversation.

She was only in her panties now.

"Move over," she said.

"Huh?" Thinking was terribly challenging at the moment.

"Move over." She motioned me with her hands.

Jackie let go of my cock so I had nothing better to do than to move over.

Jordan stripped off her panties and before my eyes was live pussy. Live cheerleader pussy! It was the very pussy I fantasized about fucking a short time ago that put me in this predicament in the first place. Oddly, this didn't feel much like a predicament anymore.

She lay down on the bed and now I was naked in bed with a naked girl. A naked cheerleader girl! A popular girl who would never be caught naked with a boy like me.

I understood what she said earlier.

I think.

"I promise to never tell anyone," I said though I was already thinking about telling every guy friend I knew.

"You better not or I'll kill you!" Jordan said.

Death threats normally spoil the mood, but I was about to have sex for the very first time and it was with a cheerleader.

"He doesn't know what to do!" laughed Jessie.

"Sure he does," countered Jordan. "He's a guy."

She placed my hand on her tit. I instinctively rolled toward her so I could feel it better. In seconds, I held her other tit and soon after I was on top of her. I did it all without consciously thinking. Jordan opened her legs and my cock head slipped down automatically and went within her lips. I just as automatically pushed forward.

"Gllbl!" I moaned as I began to enter her warmth.

I was having sex!

I pushed all the way in.

"Well?" said Jasmine.

"I guess not," said Jordan.

"Oh..." said Jenny sadly.

I began to stroke.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, yes! Oh, yes!" instantly moaned Jordan. "It's real! It's so fucking real!"

My cock? Yes, it was real. Why say so? It didn't matter. I was having sex! In the flesh and not the kind with the flesh of my hand but the kind being inside the flesh of a girl. Real live sex! A cock in the bush is worth more than your hand.

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum so fast!" she shouted.

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