A Couples Toy Party

by Thesandman

Copyright© 2009 by Thesandman

Incest Sex Story: What started out as an interesting toy party for couples, soon turned into much, much more.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Sister   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

A few months ago, a woman I work with told me that she was doing these adult toy parties on the side, and asked me if I'd be interested in hosting one at our place. Now, I'd been to toy parties before, had enjoyed going, and had managed to collect a few interesting things when doing so. The difference in this one was, it was for couples. That I was surprised at as I'd never been to one where there would be men present. Knowing how wild and crazy the others had gotten I'd actually been too, I couldn't image for the life of me that with couples actually being there together, it would be quite the same. I always found it interesting that whenever a bunch of women got together, especially when there were toys present, just how naughty they could really get. I just couldn't see that happening with couples being together, especially when most of them wouldn't really know one another.

I agreed to do it however, and put a list together of people I thought might come and actually attend it. Including some very good friends of ours who we had hot-tubed with naked in the past, though there had never been anything sexual take place while together doing that. I likewise invited my sister and her husband, and luckily, they knew another couple who they thought might enjoy coming. In the end, we had six couples who actually showed up, which was the minimum amount that Diane needed in order to make doing one of these parties worthwhile.

What was different about this party that some of the single parties I'd attended, was that this time she asked me if I had a room we could use, calling it the "naughty fun room" which would be somewhere close by. The other thing was, she showed me some cards she would hand out to all the couples, and on them they could anonymously indicate if they were comfortable with the party being X ... XX ... or XXX in nature. Something whereby Diane would know just how far or comfortable people would go during the course of the evening. Something she explained more fully in detail to everyone after she'd handed out the cards. That also included some of the explicit language and actual demonstrations she herself was willing to show everyone. I seriously doubted the majority would be comfortable with the triple X party, simply because that meant actually having live demonstrations that everyone else could see, and not in just seeing Diane demonstrate something. Though she had warned everyone before hand, dependent upon the type of party selected, that she would be. Even the double X was questionable, though we would have the naughty room set aside just for that at the very least.

As further incentive however to actually participate, Diane had a coupon for a hundred bucks off any purchase to be given to the couple who openly did participate in front of everyone else, even if the party was to be considered mostly double X, and not triple.

I knew that two couples at least, would opt for the triple X party. Jim and I, along with my sister Joyce and her husband Ted. By now, the four of us had experienced a few intimate things together, so I knew there wouldn't be any problems there amongst the four of us. But that left four other couples that none of us were really too sure of, except for the one couple my sister had invited as being perhaps a bit more open to the possibility of that. She had said that Steve and Lucy had been hinting around at possibly getting together some time and thought that might indeed make things interesting.

As Diane began, and then explained everything to everyone, passing out her cards as my sister and I served drinks, we then played a few mild-mannered games just to basically get into the mood. The game was designed to give everyone a porn name, which we then filled out on cards and sat in front of ourselves. Mine was a bit silly, "Licky-chickey", which Jim got a kick out of. His was of course "The Boner-Moaner", which at the time he actually had as I reached down beneath the table only to discover even before the evening had even gotten started!

What was interesting however, once she'd gotten all the cards back, that the "majority" as she informed everyone, had opted for the triple X party! Surprised at that to say the least, it meant that for most everyone there, they were willing to not only see Diane openly demonstrate some of the stuff she'd be showing us, but that there would be some interaction with her as well. Couples too of course would be invited to demonstrate some of the toys while everyone else looked on. Though again for those wishing to use the room, there would still be that option. They however wouldn't get the full points for doing so, only half. So it was again another competitive issue amongst everyone for the hundred dollar gift certificate off everything and anything purchased.

As Diane had informed my sister and I, she had no intent to go too slow with getting the party started either. "It's best to just jump in and get used to the water," she'd said early on, telling everyone that as we finally got down to business. Although expecting it somewhat, I was still mildly surprised when she first brought out what was called a "titty" sucker, and then said she was going to first demonstrate that. Almost immediately, she began unbuttoning her blouse, taking a quick look around to see if anyone was acting a bit too nervous in her doing that, which thankfully no one was. If anything, the guys of course were more than anxious to see a little strange titty, to get things going. Though more than one of the other women present, besides me and my sister, were excited to see that too. Seconds later, Diane was standing there topless (which she'd remain then for the rest of the entire evening) though we didn't know that at the time, though I guess it made perfect sense.

Admittedly it was kind of fun watching her as her nipples got all nice and hard, using the titty-pump sucker on herself as she stood there showing everyone how it worked. I was even more surprised when she allowed herself to show some real pleasure in doing so, not even faking it, or putting on some sort of a show while doing so. Though maybe she was, and did just a little. But it certainly looked real enough by the expression on her face, not to mention the hardness of her rather large nipples after she removed it.

"Ok, so ... anyone else here ready to see how this works? How it feels?" she asked.

Joyce and I both raised our hands of course, as did Marlene another one of Joyce's friends, which we were happy to see, though initially none of the other women did yet. We were then informed we'd all get fifty points for demonstrating it on ourselves in front of everyone, but we could also earn another fifty points if we allowed someone other than our own partner to try it out on us as well.

Quite naturally Joyce and I agreed to try it out on one another, which Diane vetoed, as we were sisters, and considered as almost being partners together. It was then however that Marlene agreed to try it out on me, and then on Joyce, though she only got fifty points for doing that, along with the two of us. Just baring our respective breasts in front of everyone while they all looked on was exciting. Several "strangers" in fact, whom we didn't know very well yet, all looking on as we did so.

Though Marlene's breasts weren't nearly as large as mine or my sisters were, she did have a pair of quite beautiful, upturned perky breasts. Just seeing them, I found to be quite exciting as well as to be suddenly holding them in my hands as I attached and applied the titty-pump to one of them. Moments later taking even more delight in seeing her nipple suddenly harden, thicken as I sat there pumping it. She even sighed pleasurably as I did so, closing her eyes. What I found interesting was ... you could have heard a pin drop while all this was going on. Everyone was so focused on watching, that no one dared yet to make a sound. Even a nervous laugh or chuckle wasn't heard as we all took turns with the titty-pump on one another's breasts.

"Anyone else?" Diane asked after we'd all had a nice turn getting our tits sucked. I was pleased to see one other woman suddenly raise her hand. Her porn name was Juicy-Lucy, though I think her real name was Karen something. But it was funny as there was of course another actual Lucy sitting there with us. She was a petite looking woman, a small yet curvy form, and breasts certainly proportionate to her body even though they were rather small in comparison to the rest of us. But when Diane asked if anyone (besides us) were interested in volunteering to apply the titty-pump to her, I was even more delighted when Marlene's husband raised his hand. Neither my sister nor I would have said anything of course, but we both felt that James, or "Jack in it off" as his porn name ended up being, was the most attractive man there. He was tall, ruggedly handsome with a thick head of nearly bright white hair. When Karen looked to her husband questioning him upon doing so, he simply smiled nodding his head.

"Go ahead babe," he laughed. "You know I've always wanted to see you with another man," Mac told her in front of everyone there, though trying to make it sound more like a joke than actually being serious. But as she blushed, and then began to remove her tee shirt and bra, there was a sense of real interest, excited interest showing in Mac's face as he knew that moments from now, James would be holding his wife's breasts in his hands as he tried out the titty-pump on her.

Needless to say, that first round really seemed to get things going. Though the rest of us eventually covered our breasts up once again, Joyce and I both just slipped back into our bras and not our blouses. Diane as I said remained standing there topless, which I think she did more for the men than anyone else. She was smart though, keeping her tits exposed, which would provide some added stimulation to the evening for the guys, and get them more likely to participate later, which I think they did.

Her next item was as expected, a bit more naughty in nature. A somewhat simple though very flexible, and life-like looking phallus. I had no doubt it was modeled after some porn-stars real dick, which she confirmed moments later it was.

"Ok ladies, for this one, you each get to have one for a moment. The winner of the next game actually gets to keep it as a prize too, so you might want to consider that as you sit there holding onto them," she informed everyone.

Though the toy pricks were certainly long, at least nine inches perhaps, they at least weren't also too big around. Even Jim's dick was a bit thicker, though not nearly as long in length as these were as Diane passed them out.

"Ok now, I'm going to come around to each one of you, one by one. You'll have thirty seconds to show me how good of a cocksucker you are. The woman, or man..."she said grinning, garnering some laughter upon saying that, "wins this particular toy. So girls? If you're ready to show everyone just how good you are at sucking cock, now's the time!"

I actually thought I had a pretty good shot at doing this. I'd managed to gobble down most if not all of Jim's cock before, though admittedly, it was easier for me to do that while laying on my back with my head tilted back just a little. This time however, we'd be sitting up as we attempted to see how much of it we could actually swallow. Marlene was the first one to try, but even she said she'd be the first one out too as she had a bit of a gag reflex, and sure enough, didn't get more than a couple of inches before she was doing just that. I felt a little sorry for James though he urged her on as she made the feeble attempt. She was at least a good sport about it. Sitting up, I still beat Joyce by a quarter of an inch according to where Diane marked it after I tried the best I could to take as much of it into my mouth as I could. But it was Lucy of all people, who surprised everyone, easily gobbling down the entire length, all the way to the balls as it where, and thus becoming the winner, her husband Steve looking on with a knowing smile on his face.

"Damn, you mind teaching my wife how to do that?" James asked somewhat seriously.

"Only if she doesn't mind me sucking your cock," Lucy quipped back, though Marlene laughed now too.

"Might be interesting to see you actually do that, since I obviously can't," she added somewhat seriously.

Steve continued to sit there grinning, by the look on his face, it was obvious he'd enjoyed her talented ability before on numerous occasions. "She really can suck a mean cock," he suddenly said having said very little over the course of the evening. "And if anyone's interested, and doesn't have a problem with it, after the party, I'm sure she could be convinced to do so for you."

There was again a few nervous looks, though even more smiles and a few chuckles upon hearing him say that. But it was even more interesting to see Lucy nodding her head as though she was more than ready to do it right then and there if anyone was interested.

I smiled catching Diane's eye having overheard that. The party was obviously starting to heat up. If things continued the way they seemed to be headed, it could turn into a fairly wild party after all, and a rather lucrative one for Diane if it did.

"Alright, how about we bring something out for the boys to try?" She next stated, and it was interesting to see every one of their heads suddenly perk up in interest. "And as before, those of you who are willing to participate, you get fifty points for doing so. And let me say this, though the points will go towards the eventual grand-prize winner tonight, those same points can add up and become dollars off discounts for the rest of you too. So ... no points earned will be going to waste here, even if you aren't the big winner. Now then..."

She soon began handing out to all the guys what looked and appeared like, to be cock-rings.

"So guys ... how many of you have ever tried one of these before?" She now asked holding one up for all to see. There was a smattering of nervous giggles and him-haws going around, but everyone except for the still quiet Larry and his equally quiet wife Cheryl raised their hands.

"Ok then, so you're all pretty familiar with these," she said again, once again amidst some laughter. "And like before, you get fifty points for putting one on in front of everyone else, and another fifty points if someone else puts it on you ... other than your own partner of course. And for you who do put one of these on the guys, you get a hundred points yourself for doing so. But not a hundred points for every guy you do Debra," she said looking at me as I had already taken one prepared to jump in and volunteer.

Suddenly the up until now quiet Larry slowly raised his hand. "I will," he said standing, his wife's face one of total surprise when he did, though she immediately smiled upon seeing that.

"Well I'll be damned," she giggled as I too grinned, standing up and walked over to him as he began undoing the belt on his pants.

"This should be interesting," Joyce said as I passed by whispering to me quickly. I had no idea why she said that, but apparently she knew something I didn't as I had seen her speaking to Cheryl a bit earlier after they'd arrived, and they'd stood whispering, and then laughing about something a few minutes later.

Holding the cock ring in my hand somewhat nervously while everyone else sat there looking on, I was soon to discover the talked about secret Cheryl and my sister must have been discussing. If I thought the toy cock we'd all tried swallowing was big, I was in for a rude awakening. If Larry hadn't been so damn shy, and just a little better looking, though as I thought about it later, with the size of cock he had, even that wouldn't have been a problem remembering John Holmes. Larry had what could only be described as a mammoth prick. And it wasn't even fully hard yet, though I also wondered if something the size of that could even get fully hard. That had to have taken a lot of blood to get that monster all nice and stiff, though it did slowly begin to rise as I took it within my hand.

There was quite a bit of semi-nervous chatter going on now too, as well as a few whispered comments amongst some of the men and their wives as I stood there somewhat awkwardly placing on the cock ring. Eventually I managed it however, to which Larry and I both received a round of applause, though perhaps he more so than I. His prick was now standing quite firm and erect, and still slowly growing.

"One of the benefits of wearing a cock ring," Diane went on as she walked over and quite casually lifted his cock in her hand for everyone to see, though pointing out the correct placement of the ring over the cock and the balls. "In this way, as you can see, the guys can get, and keep a rather impressive looking erection."

"Impressive is an understatement," Marlene quipped almost swooning. "That's got to be the biggest fucking cock I've ever seen!" She added her face flushed as she sat there staring at the man's prick. Cheryl meanwhile suddenly looking proud, though still obviously a bit surprised at her naturally shy husband's open display of himself. Though I could now understand why perhaps he'd actually done it. And I laughed to myself, wondering now after having seen his, if any of the other men would be so openly willing to display their own pricks in comparison.

Luckily, Ted didn't have any such hang-ups, or pee-pee envy as I called it. He too now stood and allowed his rigidly hard cock to stick out as Cheryl, once again surprising us all came over to him.

"Guess it's my turn," she giggled, and then took Ted's cock ring and began placing it on his prick.

It was amazing, but one by one, each and every one of the guys eventually stood up, and now stood with cock-rings all firmly in place, six nice hard, various sized and shaped pricks. And each one of them standing at attention!

"Now ... it's a party!" Joyce said leaning over to whisper at me, winking.

Joyce and I had already indicated to our husbands to stay the way they were, cocks sticking out ... and up. The reason behind that being, with them being so exposed, it would give the girls some incentive (and hopefully keep them aroused enough) to be even more uninhibited themselves when it came time for a few of them at least to try out some of Diane's toys. In doing so, the rest of the guys noticed, and then likewise decided to remain that way as well, including Larry though his mammoth prick even with the cock-ring on, did appear to droop a little.

Diane, still topless, and if anything her own nipples even harder than they'd been all evening, now brought out a wide variety and selection of vibrators for the women to try out. They ranged from the very basic, simplistic types of toys to the more expensive, many of which did things I'd never even thought of or heard before.

When she removed the skirt she was wearing, we all knew it was about to get really interesting, especially when she revealed she hadn't worn any panties beneath it. Her pussy was bare, likewise puffy and already swollen, evidence of her own personal arousal. But knowing mine, and no doubt my sister's were as well, I couldn't help but wonder with all the hard cocks still sticking up and out (with the minor exception of Larry's of course) how many of them were as aroused as Joyce and I were. Not to mention Diane.

"Most of you have probably either seen, tried, or even have one of these models," she began holding them up, showing them. "But ... these are brand spanking new, and just out. So for those of you who might be interested in seeing how one of these works, or even possibly, and hopefully for some of you at least ... how they feel, I thought I'd begin by personally demonstrating a few of them. Anyone have any objections to that?" She asked, though thankfully no one did as she paused for a moment looking around.

"I'd like to see you try that one," Marlene said pointing at a very curious looking device that had several rows of rotating beads on it, though I had seen that kind before. What I hadn't seen, and what it also obviously did do, was thrust in and out as well, along with having a reservoir in which fluids could be contained, and then on cue, at the touch of a button, could emulate ejaculations if the user so desired that.

Before everyone's arrival, Diane had set up two things, one of which had caused some earlier discussion and interest in before the party started. That was a freestanding sex swing, though she hadn't as yet gotten into that. Saving it for the end of the party and demonstrations. The other was a comfortable looking freestanding table that was also a chair. It could be reclined, adjusted and positioned in just about any position imaginable. This she likewise demonstrated now to some extent, though her purpose of course was to sit in it, legs bent at the knee as she did while she demonstrated this particular vibrator for everyone.

"Now, to make things easier, and to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to see, or even hold it, we'll do this in twos," she informed us all. "So let's start with Cheryl and Larry, and then work from right to left after that."

As the two of them walked up and stood off to either side looking down at Diane as she briefly showed them several of the function keys on the toy, it was interesting to note the sudden rise of Larry's cock again as it slowly began to stiffen. Joyce nudged me in fact noticing it herself, though I along with most everyone else, already had.

"Now I'm already pretty wet, so I don't really need any lubrication," Diane told everyone. "Though we do have a wide variety of different lubricants you're all more than welcome to try out. But, as you can see ... I'm already pretty slick, and admittedly quite aroused after getting to see all these nice hard pricks the boys are sporting," she stated now looking down at Larry's suddenly very erect cock once again. She looked tempted in fact to toss the toy and just ask him to step up and fuck her. Had it been me sitting there, I probably would have.

"Wow, that's cool!" Cheryl said as Diane switched on the toy, adjusted the speed and rotation of the beads that circled about it. Likewise she turned on the thrusting portion of it too.

Diane smiled as she slowly eased the toy into her pussy. "Now I hope no one gets offended if I happen to climax after demonstrating this for a while. But it feels too damn good, and eventually I probably will." No one seemed to indicate they'd have a problem with that, and if anything by the sudden appearance of smiles all around, might in fact be looking forward to actually seeing that. Especially the guys.

In twos then, we all took turns walking over to watch the demonstration, though when it came Jim and I's turn to do so, I was more fascinated at that point in getting to look at her now very creamy, frothy pussy as the toy obviously had done its job on the woman's cunt. Diane looked as though she was ready to orgasm too, and I now hoped that she would as Jim and I looked on.

"Go ahead if you'd like," she then told us. "Hold on to it, get a feel for it as you work it in and out of me. You actually don't have to really do anything but hold it," she said though her speech was now starting to become somewhat clipped and breathless as she spoke. It was indeed evident she was hovering somewhere on the edge at this point. "In fact ... we also have," she paused struggling, "A very comfortable fitting," she paused once again, her face now taking on a bit of a flush, "holder ... that can actually keep this in place," she grimaced.

"I think she's going to cum soon!" Someone said from behind us, though it sounded like Joyce when she spoke. There followed a bit of excited laughter upon hearing that, and then I turned to notice most everyone was now standing up looking on. Not too surprisingly, more than one of the guys, including Larry was slow-stroking their cocks when they did. Though Marlene in fact had her hand on James's prick, working it for him herself.

"I think I am too," Diane said having heard Joyce's comment, and then gave herself over to it, climaxing, crying out pleasurably as she did, turning up the intensity of the toy I now held in my hand, likewise triggering the ejaculation button which began spurting a nice warm wet silky cream into her pussy. When I did that, she exploded even harder than she already was.

"Holy fucking shit!" Cheryl burst out exclaiming, surprising everyone, and I again turned towards her having heard that. My next surprise was in seeing her standing there with her panties bunched down around her knees, her hand obviously between her legs as she stood there frigging herself.

"Whew!" Diane said smiling wickedly. "That was nice! Thank you Debra," she grinned even wider. "Now then ... who else would like a turn and try this?"

No one was really surprised when Cheryl walked over, her panties now being kicked off undoing her skirt as well as her blouse and bra, and simply climbed up into the chair entirely naked.

"I like to feel comfy when I masturbate," she said simply though blushing a little, obviously aroused.

"Me too," Karen said, as she suddenly began undressing herself. And then within seconds, all the women, including myself and Joyce began removing the rest of our clothing.

"Like I said," Joyce again whispered to me.

All the women had soon selected one of the various toys to try out. I was a little surprised and somewhat amazed to see that now everyone had all but thrown out any and all inhibitions they might have had. It was obvious that the arousal level in each of us had skyrocketed, though I contributed much of that to our watching Diane actually sit there and climax. Taking a vibrator very similar to the one Diane had used on herself, I sat down in my chair experimenting and exploring myself with it, enjoying the sensations. Though in looking about, so was every other woman there doing the same now too.

"Ok boys," Diane said as she once again wandered about. "While the girls are testing these toys out on themselves, only stands to reason that I now show each of you something that you might likewise enjoy using!"

She began handing out what at first looked much like a flashlight, though in fact she then called them "flesh-lights". "What's nice about these for the guys," she began explaining and showing them off, "Is that they're designed to accommodate each and every sized length and width of any man's cock," she grinned. She likewise handed out some lubricant called "Super slick," which it was, as I had already used a droplet of it on myself. I liked the way it felt as it quite naturally simulated my own slick lubrications that my pussy made.

"Ok guys, I think it's pretty obvious as to how they're used, but if anyone would like me to hold it and do it for you, I'm more than happy to do so." I giggled as Jim immediately asked her to do so for him, which she then did. Placing the flesh light over his rock hard prick, applying a bit of the lubrication through the opening at the top, which I then noticed looked a bit like the opening of a woman's pussy as she slowly inserted my husband's cock into it. "How's that feel?" she then asked him as she slowly began working the device up and down the length of his shaft.

"Fucking great!" Jim said putting his hands behind his head, leaning back in his chair smiling like a Cheshire cat as he did so. Everyone in the entire room now was masturbating, playing with themselves, with the exception of Diane. Though she too seemed to be enjoying herself as she continued to stroll about, sometimes working the flesh-lights for the men, other times actually holding onto and using the various vibrating toys on the women so they could just sit back and pleasurably enjoy themselves.

Even I had to admit, it was erotic as hell to look about, watching everyone getting themselves off, watching one another as we all did.

"Ok, how about a few extra bonus points?" Diane now said tossing out. "For everyone that can climax or does climax within the next fifteen minutes, you'll each get five hundred points, or five bucks off as an additional discount for anything you purchase tonight," she told everyone. "How's that sound?"

"Sounds like I'm about to earn five hundred points," Cheryl suddenly exclaimed, and then grimaced, her face screwing up in obvious pleasure as she began moaning deeply and loudly as she sat in her chair.

It was like watching dominos fall after that. Seeing her cum as she did, hearing her, one by one many of the others began doing so too. Mac was the first guy to climax, spurting off into his flesh light, now pounding it up and down his stiff prick quite happily. His grunt of obvious ecstasy soon manifesting itself as he removed the toy from his prick, preferring perhaps a no-handed orgasm as his prick stood for a moment all by itself. Seconds later, erupting with a fountainous display as it began squirting a copious amount of semen high into the air. As deep voiced as he was, when he'd spoke during the course of the evening, I almost laughed upon hearing his high-pitched squeal of delight as he sat there watching his own cock spurting over and over again. He sounded almost like a little girl when he came. The odd thing was, no one laughed when he did, if anything, it continued to trigger and keep the cum-dominos falling.

I was sitting there pretty much cross-eyed myself at the moment when I watched Cheryl finally stand up and move back over to where Larry was still sitting. Not too surprisingly, he seemed to be having trouble in handling his toy as big as he was. As she sat down, she held onto his prick with both hands, keeping it sitting straight up, though she now called out to Diane.

"Diane? Would you mind giving us a hand?" She giggled.

I watched as Diane hurriedly made her way over to them, Cheryl still holding his prick upright, as Diane now took over using the toy from Larry. By the look on his face, he was straining with the closeness of his impending orgasm.

"He usually has a bit more trouble doing it himself," she explained yet still smiling as she now stroked his prick from below, Diane working the upper half of it from above, still sliding the slick toy up and down over his enormously shaped head. "Oh yeah, much better!" She stated, feeling him throb, and then seconds later stiffen in his seat.

"Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum!" He announced, his legs suddenly stiffening straight out in front of him, his back arching even as he sat in the chair. Diane quickly removing the toy from his prick, wanting to watch as we all now did, as the two of them continued to hand manipulate it now instead, working it furiously up and down.

Though I am sure there is no direct correlation to a guy having a large dick, that he would also shoot a large amount of cum. But in this instance at least, he did. I had seen a few x-rated movies where the porn star featured had that ability, which never ceased to amaze me when I saw it. Even Jim, who I thought could shoot a fairly large load himself, wasn't that proficient. He'd nearly suffocated me a time or two with his voluminous spending as I'd tried drinking it all down. But now watching Larry as he just began, even I was surprised upon seeing it.

"Jesus!" Diane exclaimed not meaning to so openly express herself, but I along with everyone else now focused our attention in his direction. That first skyrocketing spurt was impressive enough, and though I had no way of actually measuring it, I could have sworn it shot up into the air a good four or even five feet, as did the next ... and the next!

In a weird way, it was like watching the fountains at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas going off. These dancing pulsations of sperm leaping from the tip of his prick. After the first three, a couple of lesser ones, just shooting up a few inches, and then suddenly another one going well beyond that. As Cheryl and Diane continued to sit there milking his prick, Larry continued to obviously enjoy it himself, now looking down, watching his cock, feeling it spurt as we all now were, his own show having captured everyone's attention as Larry's prick continued to thrill and amuse everyone as he came.

"Like I said earlier," Joyce again spoke. "Fucking impressive, though I'm glad I didn't have my mouth over the end of that one!" She whispered slyly.

"Ditto that," I answered back, and then wickedly reached down placing my hand on Joyce's toy. "How about I do you ... and you do me?" I asked.

It wasn't long after that, that both Joyce and I sat watching and making one another cum. All around us now, the sounds of everyone else doing the same, the atmosphere taking on what felt like the beginning of an orgy. Had it not been for Diane soon after gathering everyone's attention again, it may very well have ended up like that. But understandably, she was there to make money, and as much as I'm sure she would have enjoyed getting involved in something like that, now was not the time.

Besides ... it was still early yet. The evening wasn't even half over.

As it was a good place to take a break, and let everyone recuperate a little, Joyce and I set about serving refreshments and a bite to eat while Ted and Jim fixed everyone fresh drinks. The second half of the evening would no doubt prove interesting too as Diane would then show the two major items she'd brought with her. A Sybian for one, and the sex swing that was already set up for the other. Joyce and I were both anxious to try both and couldn't help but wonder how many others might. Though with everything that had happened so far, I wasn't taking any bets on the women at least, wanting to try out the Sybian once they realized what it was, and could do. As for the sex swing itself, that remained to be seen, as Diane had a few surprises in store for those who were willing to actually demonstrate the many positions and uses it could be put through. Jim and I at least planned on doing so, and I was pretty sure that Joyce and Ted would too knowing them. But again, after what we'd see now, I wouldn't be too surprised if one or two other couples ended up fucking in it as well.

As we sat down to enjoy our finger sandwiches along with some bites of cheese, apples and strawberries, Diane used that time to introduce the two major products she'd brought with her. Once again, much larger points would be awarded for anyone trying out the Sybian, guys included as there was also an anal device that could be attached for either sex. I wondered in looking at Jim if he might ... but he gave me no indication either way. As for the sex-swing itself, Diane indicated that this would be the best time for someone who was behind on points to make up some ground. The couple having the least points together would earn the most points, and so on ... should they work up enough courage to actually fuck in it while everyone else watched. Once again, there were a few uncommitted, yet curious looks that most of the others tossed back and forth at one another along with a few nervous whispers. I wondered just how many might, though again I knew Jim and I had every intention of doing so ourselves. At this point, I'd have fucked Ted in front of everyone, though very few knew we had actually done that.

Even though most everyone, including the guys all except for Steve had actually climaxed, I was still about as randy as I could be. Joyce too had indicated she was really looking forward to riding the Sybian, and had every intention of climaxing on it when she did. Once again, I now wondered about Ted, and wondered if he would. He'd always enjoyed it when I stuck a finger up his ass, just as Jim did, but again, neither one of them had spoken either way about it.

Diane of course asked if any of the women wanted to try out the Sybian first. Joyce and I both raised our hands, and then moments later so did Cheryl and Marlene. I was surprised that neither Karen nor Lucy indicated they would. But figured that after watching the rest of us try it out, it was entirely possible that one of them probably would.

Diane then asked if anyone was ready to try out the swing as she'd get both things going simultaneously, which I thought could prove very interesting under the circumstances. Figuring I'd wait on the Sybian first, as did Joyce, it was a real surprise when Steve and Lucy raised their hands before anyone else did. Obviously, that was the one thing they were both interested in trying out, and I was now looking forward to seeing the two of them in it.

As Diane had pretty much gone over the instructions and details of the Sybian, she'd spend most of her time showing couples how the swing could be used, and the various positions it could actually be placed in for a number of interesting, and sometimes challenging possibilities. As expected though, she had Lucy and Steve get into the most often used position with Lucy on her back, suspended, legs spread obscenely in the air, which she blushed over as the rest of everyone stood standing about watching.

"It's a damn good thing I'm horny!" She announced her face a bright red. "No one except Steve's ever seen me in this position before!" She giggled nervously.

"Well baby, after tonight ... who knows?" Steve tossed back at her, standing now sporting a raging hard on again, though he had in fact removed the cock-ring he'd been wearing earlier. "In fact ... I sort of made a small wager with my wife before we came here tonight," he went on. And I noticed Lucy's eyes suddenly grow wide in surprise as he said that. "I told her I'd clean the house for a month, myself ... if she was willing to fuck one of the other guys here in front of me," he announced. Everyone was obviously surprised at his statement, though it was evident this was indeed something they'd discussed. She bet me no one would, though she also didn't think I'd even bring it up once she'd agreed to do so. Anyway guys ... provided your partners are willing, anyone care to come have a turn with my wife in the swing here?"

I winked at Jim giving him the go ahead if he wanted to, though he smiled back patiently waiting to see if anyone else might so volunteer to do so first.

"Does that include women?" Diane asked which took everyone by surprise, especially Steve. "Because it just so happens I brought along a nice little strap-on I'd enjoy using," she told him.

Steve looked at his wife, she grinned hotly at him. "Fuck! Why not?" He stated. "However, that doesn't count towards the house cleaning," he then added getting a few boos from everyone else standing nearby. Having been given the go ahead however, Diane quickly walked over once again rummaging through one of her many bags. Moments later, she began slipping on her harness, and let Lucy pick out the size and style of cock she'd be fucking her with.

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