A Taste of What's Coming

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I've gotten to know my next door neighbors very well since they made me their sex slave. Just another day in the life of the typical teenage boy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Ma/mt   Consensual   Slavery   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

I have a grass cutting and yard business during the summer and currently have five customers so I make a fair amount of spending money.

I do the yard for my new neighbors who moved in last January, they are a young couple, Corey and Rachel, he's about twenty-seven or eight and she's twenty-four. They are a very attractive couple and this fourteen-year old guy has taken lots of looks at her in her tiny little thong bikini when they're out by the pool.

I've gotten to be friends with them and often joke around with them when I'm over there.

One afternoon, I went over to get paid and they were sitting on chaise lounges and she had on a lime green thong bikini that was so sexy you wouldn't believe it. She is a looker anyway, blond, about five four, nice boobs, maybe C-cup or so, beautiful legs. I loved looking at her and this swim suit was almost not there. You could actually see the plump sides of her pussy as the string passed through her slit. Was I hard.

When she got up to go into the house to write me a check, Corey, who had seen me eyeing his wife, said, "Checking out my wife, huh, Shane? Not bad, huh."

So, I jokingly replied something I'd recently heard at school, "I'd suck your dick just to see what her pussy tasted like."

We both laughed and just then, she came back out.

"What's so funny, guys?"

"Well, Shane here thinks you're so good looking, that he'd suck my dick just to get a taste of your pussy," and he began to laugh again.

I, however, thought I'd die. I meant it as a joke between guys, not for Rachel. But, she was laughing, too. Well, at least she thought it was funny.

"You know, Corey, it really is a complement Shane was making to me, a pretty nice complement," she said, then turned to me and said, "Did you really mean it? What you said? Would you really do it?"

As I stood there trying to think of what to say, Rachel was pulling down her bikini bottom, then went over and straddled Corey and began wiggling around on his lap.

I was standing there watching this as she gets back up, tugs off his shorts and again gets up over him, reaches under and drops down pushing his cock up into her.

She began to rock back and forth on him as I watched from behind her as his cock slid in and out. I am really standing here watching Rachel fuck her husband. After a few minutes, she slid off him, stood up and asked me, "Would you really suck Corey's dick to get a taste of my pussy?"

"Uh, well, it was really a joke, kind of."

"Okay, but would you do it? My pussy is all over his cock. Well?"

"I ... uh, yeah, I guess I would."

She took my hand, led me to Corey's chair and said, "If you do it, I'll let you taste my pussy first hand." I looked at her husband and he had a surprised look but she asked me again.

"After you do him, I'll let you get down and do me, okay?"

I stood there and looked at his cock and heard her say, "Go ahead, Shane, do it if you want my pussy next."

"Um, I guess so," and she pulled my shorts down, I stepped out of them, knelt down, swallowed hard, put my hand around his cock, bent over and took him in my mouth and began sucking. Well, her juices were on him and she tasted good. As I was busy sucking him, I felt a hand grip my dick and begin to stroke me. Oh, she's doing it, it can't be anyone else.

I kept sucking away and in a few minutes, Corey moaned and I felt a warm rush of liquid in my mouth and began swallowing it as it continued spurting out.

"Oh, wow. Ooooh, that was good. I owe you a tip, Shane," said Corey.

Rachel now went back to her chaise, pulled off her bra top, lay down stark naked and called me over.

She opened her legs and said, "There it is, just what you wanted. Lick me all you want, Shane."

Well, before this afternoon, I'd really never had any kind of sex before. I'd never thought that I would ever be interested in men and, truthfully, I'm not particularly, it was more the irresistible draw of Rachel's pussy that overcame my reluctance to suck off her husband. And as far as licking her pussy?

After a few minutes between her legs, I moaned and jerked and shot cum all over their deck as I licked her pussy that afternoon. It was the only time I have ever cummed without having anything touching my cock, not me, not anyone else.

"Oh, poor Shane, you just shot on your own. Poor baby. Just get me off and I'll give you a good suck. Ask Corey, I'm the best."

Well, that spurred me on, not that I needed spurring with Rachel's pretty, shaved pussy to lick but it helped.

"Oh, yeah, Shane, suck me right there on my clitty. Oh, put your finger in me, oh, yeah, oh, just like that. Suck, don't stop. Just keep ... Ohhh, ohhh, OHHH, OHHH, OHHH, OHHH, OHHH, ohhh, ew, ew, oh, that was so good. Oh Shane, I want to keep you around, honey. You got me off just great. Was that the first pussy you ever licked off?"

"Yeah, oh, I love doing it. You sure liked it, right?"

"Oh, honey, your tongue is nice, you did great. Now get up here, I've got a promise to keep."

I stood up next to the chaise, she turned her head and began sucking me off. I didn't dare look at her husband, I just didn't know how he would be with his wife giving a blowjob to the kid next door right in front of him.

Her mouth was so warm and sensual around my dick, I just about died when she sucked me. It was so intense, simply concentrated all around my middle but focussed, of course, on the end of my cock. It didn't take long.

"UUH, UUH, UUH, UUH, UUH, uuh, uuh, oh, oh, that was ... uh, oh, just so ... oh, wow," and I just slumped down the deck, done in by the afternoon and all my new firsts.

In a minute, Rachel asked me to get up and sit next to her. We, all three, were naked and I was drinking in every look I could take at her beautiful body.

"Was this good, Shane?"

"Oh, good doesn't even describe it. It was wonderful. I never thought anything like this could ever happen."

"Would you like for it to happen again?"

"Oh, I'd give anything to do this again."

"What if I said we could even do more? Would you like to fuck me?"

"Well, what about..." I knew her husband was right there and could hear every word.

"We both like to experiment with sex and have fun. Does that sound like something you'd like to do? With us? With both of us?"

"Um, well, what would we do?"

"What if we had an arrangement that you would do whatever each of us wanted you to do? I would make sure you were happy with everything. You could fuck me as much as you want."

"What would you two want?"

"Well, you could be our sex slave and if I want to be eaten out, you'd have to do it, if Corey wanted a blowjob, you'd have to do it, if he wanted you sucking him while I fucked you, you would have to do it. Whatever we wanted. We promise that we would never hurt you or cause you any pain. We just love sex."

"Well, I'm sure getting to love it, too. What else would you want me to do?"

"We like to sometimes tie each other up and do things to each other like sucking and licking, making each other beg for sex, teasing for a long period until the other just begs for relief in an orgasm. Nothing bad or mean. We just like fun."

"I'd be your slave? For sex?"

"Yeah, what do you think? You'd sure get a lot of sex. From both of us and a lot of sex from both of us at the same time."

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