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BDSM Sex Story: Tony's parents have gone away for a 3-week holiday and left him in charge of himself and his little brother. He will take the opportunity to show his girlfriend a good time, and his favourite sex toy, that little twerp.

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Tony was quite excited that day, if a little nervous. His parents had taken a 3-week holiday to a tropical resort in Mexico, leaving him in charge of the house, and his 12-year-old little brother, George. After much arguing, his parents had decided he was old enough at 15 to take care of himself and of his brother, and finally didn't end up getting a babysitter, or sending them to some summer camp somewhere. Since Tony had a girlfriend, those unsupervised weeks would be an excellent time to spend with her, and to introduce her to the family secret, which he had carefully kept hidden for so long.

It had been hard, too. It would have been so easy to brag to his friends, or to forget maintaining the deception in front of his parents. Tony had argued with himself a number of times, but he had always decided that if the secret came out, he'd probably get into no end of trouble. His parents wouldn't be likely to be very happy either, so he had managed to keep it all to himself, but now he thought he had someone whom to share it with: Kelly, his girlfriend. He had carefully thought about it, and about the way she behaved with other people, and while she was sweet to him and to her friends, Tony had seen her bringing those who had crossed her to tears with some well devised cutting words. He thought she'd enjoy what he was up to showing her. If not, he'd try to make it pass as a joke, but in his heart he knew he wouldn't have to. Those were his thoughts as they arrived home, after he picked her up.

"Come in. I hope we'll spend a good time these three weeks, now that my parents aren't around."

"Are you thinking of having any parties?"

"Oh, I don't know. It could get me into trouble, but we'll see. For now, though, I'm happy to be with you." He looked into her eyes as he spoke those three words. "Twerp! My girlfriend's around, come to the living room!"

Tony had heard of the story of the boiled frog. He didn't care if it was an urban legend, he thought it'd be best to show the secret to Kelly slowly. Not too slowly, though, he had long thought of the way Kelly'd look after realising what was going on.

"I'm going!"

Tony and Kelly were sitting at the sofa, watching TV, when George arrived. He was a scrawny boy, thin and short. His hair was longer than usual for a boy, down to his shoulders, and he wore sports clothes and walked barefoot.

"Why did you call little Georgie in?" She asked Tony. Then, addressing George, she spoke in a patronising fake sweet voice. "How is little Georgie today?" He blushed and looke down.

"Well, I called the twerp because I'm supposed to take care of him", he lied, "and I can't do that if I don't see him around. You know, this little twerp is so clumsy. It's best to always keep an eye on him." George's cheeks were red with shame. "Of course, the twerp won't say anything of what happens here, or he'll be punished, wont he?"

"Whatever you say, Tony", said George, defeated, as he sat on the floor at their feet, looking at the TV.

"Wow! You do have him under your thumb, don't you? I should get some tips to use with my annoying little sister. She's always looking up to me, the stupid cow, and she thinks that gives her the right to hang around me."

That was an aspect Tony had not considered. Kelly had a sister, the rough age of George, and maybe they could get her to play the same game he did, but that was for later.

"Well, yes, you know what they say. You just have to remind them who's boss, and they'll do what you tell them to. Isn't that so, twerp?" He tapped George's shoulder with his right foot. "I told you Kelly's my girlfriend, so private rules apply." This was all theatre, Tony had told George to play by the public rules until he said otherwise, just in case, but Tony thought it'd make Kelly more curious. "Now be a good little twerp and fetch my slippers."

Kelly gasped in surprise, then couldn't stop herself from laughing hysterically, as George meekly stood up from the floor and said, simply, "at once."

"So you can make him do whatever you want? Why hadn't you shown me any of this before?" She managed to form her words through her laughter.

"Oh yes, he's my little twerp, and he's aware of it. He's looked up to me forever, so it didn't take too much work to get him to obey me like this. I don't play with him like this in public though, I don't think our parents would approve. But I thought you'd like the chance to see my coolest toy in action, and to play with it if you feel up to it."

"Absolutely! I can boss him around too? Wow, this is going to be so much fun! Are there any limits I should know about?"

"Well, not really, the only thing is, we have to make sure it remains a secret, and that he doesn't end up permanently harmed somehow. You know, if we did something to hurt him and my parents realised what's going on..."

"I can imagine. I sure wouldn't look forward to that conversation. 'Sorry, dad, I didn't mean to enslave my little brother.'" A wide smile still showed on her face, and she looked a bit flushed. Tony had been looking at her carefully, and it was apparent she was getting excited about it all. Her breath was faster, and her nipples stuck out under her t-shirt. "Still, that leaves us plenty of room."

George arrived with his brother's slippers, sat back by their feet, and placed them besides him.

"Twerp, I said private rules apply. Is that how you offer your master's slippers?"

"I'm sorry, master", George stammered. "It's just that ... she's here."

"I'm perfectly aware that she's here, you little shit. Do you think I didn't see her when I told you private rules applied? Do you think I was just wasting my breath? Now stop that nonsense and start behaving properly, and remind me to punish you for this tonight."

George looked scared and regretful. It was obvious that although he feared being punished, he was just as sad about having disappointed his brother and master, the centre of his world, and he tried to correct his mistake as quickly as he could. He got down on all fours, looking towards Tony, or rather Tony's legs, his slippers in his mouth. Tony pushed them aside with his feet, stil wearing sports shoes.

"Should I take of your shoes, master?"

Kelly was entranced by the whole scene. She'd never seen someone so totally dominate another person, and something of it resonated with her. She wanted to be in Tony's place, and she was only waiting for her chance to use his plaything.

"Of course, you twerp, and use your mouth. Haven't I taught you how to do this before?"

It was said and done. As soon as Tony had got to the middle of his sentence, George started untying his sports shoes using his teeth and tongue, and soon he had taken them off his master's feet, with the ease of long practice. Then she picked up the discarded slippers with his mouth, and carefully placed them where they belonged, always without using his hands, which were firmly planted on the floor.

"Well, that's very good for your master, but what about me?" Kelly was wet by now, all she felt like doing was playing with her own cunt, or better, get his boyfriend's cock to fuck her then and there, but she managed to say it calmly and in an accusatory tone.

"Sorry, Kelly." Her right foot kicked his face, making him curl around himself and cry feebly. "How do you dare call me Kelly? Don't you know what the female of master is?"

Tony was worried that Kelly was getting too carried away, and that she'd end up marking her brother in ways difficult to explain, but three weeks was a long time for any damage to heal.

"Sorry, m-m-mistress", said George in between sobs. "I didn't mean to b-b-be disrespectful, I swear. I was g-g-going to say that I'm sorry not to bring you your slippers, but you don't have any here."

"I understand why the little twerp is your slave now, it's such a silly thing, if you didn't order it around it wouldn't know how to breathe. Well, twerp, why don't you lie under my feet and make sure they're kept warm, like a good pair of slippers? Of course I'm sure slippers would be far better, I mean, you're totally worthless, aren't you? I bet you can't even do this right. Still, we have to make allowances for useless wastes of space like you, at least under my feet you can be kept under control, won't let you go around hurting yourself by walking against a wall or something." She managed to say this with all her contempt, as though speaking to the most stupid and clumsy person in the world.

George started taking off her shoes with his mouth, just as he had done for his brother and master, and Kelly couldn't avoid looking at him doing it, and getting a tingly feeling between her legs. She felt like the queen of the world: like this dog, this ant, had been created just for her to walk on and trample, for her and her boyfriend to use and abuse, and she loved it.

"Socks off, too." She gasped as she felt, through her socks, twerp's little worthless mouth attempting to get traction on them, being careful not to bite her.

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