Always Together

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Paula and I grew up together and had always been comfortable naked together; our families are nudists. But, as teens, our comfort became love and passion, a potent and intoxicating mixture.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Nudism   .

Chapter 1

Paula and I had known each other all of our lives. Our families were friends just about forever, our parents had met before either side had children. So, as far as I was concerned, Paula was just always there.

I have no idea when I first saw Paula naked. It wasn't a big deal, I can tell you that. Our parents, both sides, were nudists and there were dicks and tits and pussies everywhere you looked.

Now before all you horny guys get all worked up, nakedness was not a big deal. When I was small, I just thought it was the normal thing.

Sure, we got dressed to go out of the house, but vacations were always at a nudist resort of one kind or another. When we went to each others houses, which was quite often, we would take off our shoes upon entering and just leave everything next to the door, clothes included.

As a bit of background, I have an older brother, seven years my senior, and a younger sister, just a year and a half my junior.

Paula has two older sisters, one eight, the other ten years older than she. We just grew up around each other and our nakedness didn't really seem different or anything.

Paula and I would often play together, usually along with my sister, and we just got along like most kids. Oh, we knew that we were different, that I peed out of my thing and Paula and my sis peed out of their slits, I was a boy, they were girls. Simple.

Paula and I were inseparable, we played together all the time. The resort we went to the most was the Berkshire Vista Resort in western Massachusetts in the Berkshire Mountains. Beautiful woods, streams, ponds, really nice. We had our bikes and would cycle all around the compound and off on the many trails which led off the main cycle and walking trails. We got to know the area really well.

There were many times that we wouldn't wear any clothes for a week or even two. Skin was the norm. This all seemed so normal until at around thirteen, almost fourteen or so, I started feeling rather different about my friend, Paula.

She had always had the prettiest long, shiny brown hair, almost to her waist. It was the changes I started to notice. She was growing breasts, for one. Now, I may have been brought up a nudist but I did see the people around me. And, sure, lots and lots of pubic hair. Now, I was seeing it on my best friend along with a very lovely pair of small breasts.

Paula has always been petite but now she had a waist line and hips and, yes, some pubic hair growing between her legs. It certainly did add to her beauty that she had a lovely smooth tan, an all-over tan, that made her look so inviting.

I knew the guys at school all thought she was a 'fox.' Of course, at school, we were just like everybody else. So, I was becoming attracted to my childhood friend whose body was so familiar to me. And, I was thinking about asking her to be my girlfriend. It just seemed so natural and normal. We were always together.

I guess like most kids, Paula and I had the usual talks from our parents about sex and babies, and all. Looking back on it, I imagine they had some suspicion that all that naked flesh, mixed with the burgeoning teen hormones, could form a volatile mixture resulting in them becoming grandparents before their time. So, Paula was told it was to regulate her periods and put on the pill.

At about fourteen, we had had a few exploratory kisses and hand holdings and such which, one day in August, visiting a little glen we kept secret, began to escalate. We were laying on our blanket, of course, naked as usual, when I leaned over her and gave her a rather boy/girl rather than bro/sis kind of kiss. This was not a peck. It was a serious kiss.

Well, I got one back, one with the tip of her tongue probing into my mouth.

Now, I know many people will think, well, big deal, a little french kiss. Well, I was laying over the top of a naked girl. Don't forget that.

So, a few more kisses and I sat back up some, Paula looked down and said, "Oh, Marty, look at you."

Hard-on. Yes, that's what it was. A regular erection that any fourteen-year old boy gets every minute or so.

"Oh, sorry, Paula."

"Mmm, well, that's okay. It's cute."

"Well, I didn't mean to."

"Is it hard? Can I feel it?"

Okay, I'm a teenage boy. What do you think my answer was? Right.

So, she reached down and held my dick in her hand, the first time she had ever touched it. She seemed to know enough to start going back and forth making me hard as a rock.

"You look like you like me doing this, Marty."

"Oh, it does feel good. Really good."

She reached over with her free hand, took my wrist and led my hand to her breast. For so many years, Paula's chest looked just like mine. Then from about eleven or twelve, I had watched her breasts grow from little swellings under her nipples to nice round breasts about the size of half an orange, a large orange.

When I felt it under my palm, my heart raced. Why, when I'd been around her breasts all the time? I really don't know. All I know is that I began to pet and rub and gently squeeze that lovely breast as she rubbed up and down on me and I was feeling like I was in heaven.

I leaned over and kissed her, the most serious kiss of our lives so far. A kiss driven by a hard-on. We all know what that means. Sex is in the air. Oh, yes.

Before long, I was rubbing my hand on her pussy which had become quite wet. Now, I had been told the rudiments of sex but few of the fine points. Oh, and are there a lot of fine points. My first thought was that Paula had peed a bit, that was why she was wet down there.

"Put your finger inside me," she whispered and I began to work my finger inside her lips.

"Mmm, that's nice, Marty, really nice."

Well, nice was also my cock. She was going up and down and my blood pressure was only going one way, up. Now, I had been masturbating for several years. Every guy knows it's fun. But, when a girl does it the first time for you (or even the five-hundredth time), it's just a different thing altogether.

And, yes, soon, I began to moan and, in accordance with the male anatomical laws, seminal fluid was ejected out all over my leg, Paula's stomach, her left breast, even under her chin.

"Oh, my god, look at it. It went everywhere. I knew something came out but, wow, it really flies. I'm covered with your boy stuff."

"Well, we could wash it off in the stream," I offered and we walked down to the stream and rinsed off the first of an enormous amount of cum that she would bring forth from me in the future.

We dried off in the sun as he held each other and kissed, running our hands around each other. As expected, my cock was also pushing against her rather insistently and she pulled back, looked down and said, "Are you going to be like this now all the time?"

Good question. Boys do get hard-ons, that's a fact of life in nudism but they don't walk around with them all day and all night. People understand that it's a natural thing, but mine seemed to now be on 'permanent hard.'

"Well, I think I can get it down when before we get back. Boy, I sure hope so."

"Maybe I should try to do that to you again. So your thing isn't so excited."

So, we went back to the blanket and she gave me another handjob with the same, expected results. It gave me another opportunity to pleasure her with my finger and this time she was moving her hips around enjoying every movement in and out.

"Oh, Marty, that feels so good. Do you think you'll shoot your stuff again?"

"I think so, it's really feeling good, what you're doing. Yeah, I'm getting close."

"Ew, good, shoot your stuff all over me. I want to all over me."

It wasn't long before I complied with her request. My cum shot out and splattered all over her stomach, breasts, even her cheek.

"Oh, wow, you really got me. Look at all this. I just want to rub it in. I want to wear your cum on me the rest of the day. So I'll think of you shooting it all out of your dick. Just for me. I'll think of it as your love offering to me," and she begins smearing my semen all over herself. It soon dries and we decide to bicycle back to our cabins, feeling happier and closer than ever before.

Chapter 2

The next few days were filled with us back down at our special place in the woods, masturbating each other. I soon found just the right things to do to get Paula to have a terrific orgasm.

Being together at our cabins was different, however. I couldn't keep my eyes off Paula's beautiful body and, to keep it from being obvious, I was also jacking off several times a day in addition to two or three times by my new girlfriend. She continued to want me to ejaculate on her so she could rub it into her skin, keeping my cum with her the rest of the day.

After about a week of masturbating each other, one morning, at our streamside place in the woods, she bent over and took my penis in her mouth and began to suck me. Oh, nothing had ever felt that good. Nothing. I was so enthralled, all I could do was lay back and just savor every suck and lick and pull she gave my cock. It wasn't long until I gave her the first semen to ever enter her body.

"Omigod, Paula, that was fantastic. I never expected you to do that."

"Well, I tasted your cum the other day and I just thought I'd try doing it. I've heard some of my girlfriends at school talking about it, about sucking their boyfriends, and just wanted to see if you liked it."

"Oh, did I. It was wonderful. Now, I want to do it to you," and I got down between Paula's legs and kissed her right on her slit. As I did, I poked my tongue into her cleft and wiped it up and down. She wriggled when I did that, so I did it some more.

"Oh, Marty, I've just never felt anything so good. Oh, don't ever stop doing it. I just feels ... OH, OH, OH, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, oh, Marty, come hold me."

We lay there wrapped in each other, in a warm fog of sexual bliss, happy, happy, happy.

So, every day now, we were biking to our spot, kissing, fondling each other, then having oral sex until time for our picnic lunch then more oral in the afternoon. Oh, we were getting really good giving pleasure to each other's bodies.

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