Hot Texas Summer

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Lauren knows it gets hot in Texas during the summer, especially when her older male cousin comes for a visit. It doesn't take them long to connect.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

About a year ago, we moved to Texas; Austin, to be exact. My father got a new job there and the house we bought has become my favorite; it has a beautiful pool. Being fifteen, I loved having a pool at home that I could swim in and lounge around all summer long. It was hot, I mean, it's Texas, but we did have some trees and I could put my chaise under the shade, then run and take a dip when I needed to cool off. Perfect.

Mom took me shopping and we bought me a couple of real cute two-piece suits. She put her foot down on one I tried on. I've got a pretty nice figure, I'm five two and have a 34-B cup that I easily fill, slim waist, nice hips, pretty legs. The one suit was almost a thong. It was skimpy. I loved it, it really made me look hot. But Mom said it was a bit much. It was really a bit less. Quite a bit less.

These new suits, though, really showed off my developing figure. I stood for hours in front of my mirror turning this way and that. Adjusting the fit and tightness of the straps, looking for just the right seductive look. I also often stood there naked, taking in every aspect of my new body, sitting on the bed, spreading my legs, feeling my new sexuality oozing from ever pore.

I would lay back on a pillow and rub and finger myself in front of the mirror, watching myself cum with one hand fingering my clit and rubbing my breasts and pinching my nipples with the other.

Like so many teenaged girls, I was in love with my new body. I had found all my pleasure spots years earlier and adored every orgasm I could bring about. I just loved the feeling of feeling myself and did it as much as I could.

As soon as I heard about shaving pubic hair at school, I was doing it that very night. I didn't have much hair down there at the time anyway, just some, but shaving returned me to the pretty little girl's pussy look that I used to have and I really did like it. It looked so sexy and innocent at the same time.

So, about two weeks into summer, Mom told me that our cousin Graham was coming for a two-week visit. Now, Graham is a cousin by a second marriage. His mom married my uncle about ten years ago or so and we've seen each other a few times at family get-togethers and such. All I know is he's going to the University of Washington and wanted to get a change of scenery from the Northwest and get a first look at Texas where he'd never been.

It had been several years since I had seen Graham and when we arrived Sunday at the airport luggage area, I really didn't recognize him at first. Mom immediately waved at this guy and he waved back. Hmm, Graham. Sure taller than I remembered, he used to be kind of skinny, and kind of geeky looking. Pretty handsome now.

As we all renewed ourselves, he commented on how much I had changed. I knew what that meant. So, we grabbed his bag and drove home.

Mom had planned a nice meal to welcome Graham and over dinner he told us about his adventures so far in college. He was a sophomore and I listened eagerly since I would be in college too in a few more years.

The next morning, I woke up about ten-thirty. It was summer after all and I loved to sleep late if I could. As I got my cereal ready, I heard splashing out back, looked out and Graham was having a morning swim. I quickly downed my cereal, ran upstairs and put on my favorite bikini. You would know why it's my favorite if you saw it. Of course. It's the skimpiest.

As I walked outside, he looked over and said, Hi," and I asked him if he'd had breakfast yet. He said, no, so I told him I'd get him something, just relax, and went inside and made toast and coffee.

When I came out with the tray, I sat it down on the table next to him and my eyes were drawn to his swim trunks which were still wet. Yes, and bulgy. Very bulgy. Large.

I'd really never seen one live and in color, as they say, so I was rather interested in this large knot in his trunks. As he ate the breakfast I'd prepared, I tried my best at small talk, college, relatives, Texas, stuff like that. But my eyes kept coming back to his trunks. It just didn't go away. And, it was giving me all the sexual kinds of feelings that had recently held me in their throes.

He did talk about the dating scene in college and how it was so different from high school. He had dated some so far in college but not a whole lot. Then, he asked, "Lauren, do you have any boyfriends? Are you dating a lot?"

"No, not really, I've gone out with a few boys and to a few dances and stuff, but, no, no boyfriends."

"Well, you must be kind of curious about sex and everything."

"Uh, well, yeah, I am but it's all kind of confusing and everything. Complicated, I guess."

The word, sex, got me all flustered, I'm sure I turned red, I know that I felt warm all over and not from the Texas sun, either. I felt my pussy get all warm and excited and wet.

"Gee, it's kinda warm out here," and I ran and jumped in the pool and swam around for a few minutes while my heart slowed down. I was enjoying the feelings I was having, I just didn't know what to do with them. But I sure had them.

Then, when I got out, I just went over to him and sat down all wet on his lap with my pussy pressing down on him and asked, "Is this okay with you?"

Now, you can ask me exactly what I was thinking when I did that and I really don't have an answer. Some things just get done on instinct, I guess.

I could feel him harden beneath me and he realized that I realized that he was now hard as a rock.

"You know what sitting on me like this does to a guy, don't you?"

In my most grown-up voice, I said, "Um, I figured it might. I want you to show me how to be intimate with a guy and explore my body and give me all kinds of pleasure."

"Oh, uh, Lauren, you're what sixteen? Um, I don't know."

"Well, I'm really fifteen and I'll never tell anyone about it and I think I'm old enough and mature enough to handle it."

With that, I reached back and undid my top and pulled it off. Every girl has her two 'convincers' always in readiness for when she wants something from a guy.

"Oh, Lauren, you are really beautiful. Perfect. Oh, you really are. But, I don't know. Are you really sure that's what you want. You may regret it."

"Most of my friends are having sex with their boyfriends and I haven't even seen a guy's, um, penis, you know? They're doing oral sex and fucking all the time and all I do is get myself off. I won't regret it, I regret not doing it. And here you are, right here and you have just what I want and we're alone and I've got my top off and your hard as a rock, I can feel it under me. Well?"

"Well, I guess we better go inside."

He led me upstairs to the bathroom and told me we would shower, then go to his room.

He sat on the edge of the tub with me, topless, in front of him.

"Oh, Lauren, do you know how beautiful you are? Your breasts are so perfectly round and turn up just a bit, like they're eager to be kissed. Your nipples are wonderful. Light pink, small, look how hard they are. You must be excited."

Oh, was I. He still had his trunks on and he was telling me how pretty I am and I could feel my pussy throbbing. Then, his hand came up and cupped my breast as he leaned forward and took the other's nipple into his mouth and began to gently suck. I just closed my eyes and savored the feelings.

As his lips pulled on my nipple, it sent shock waves directly down to my lusting pussy. Oh, this was so wonderful. I'm looking down at him and bring my hands up to gently hold each side of his face as he sucked me into ecstasy.

I've never had another person touch my breasts and certainly never had them sucked before. Standing there in the bathroom with Graham caressing my breasts was the sexiest thing I'd ever experienced. I even felt my legs tremble as he sucked on.

Soon, he released my nipple, bent down a bit and french-kissed my navel as he tugged down my bottoms which fell to the floor.

I had begun shaving after we moved to Texas and had the pool and my new bikinis. Trying them on at the department store was a revelation, I had tufts of hair sticking out all around and it was obvious that shaving was a must. So, I shave it all off. I have friends who shave in any number of patterns but nice and clean is my way.

Graham then continued to kiss and lick his way down from my navel right down to my crease.

Oh, he's kissing my pussy lips. Then I felt his tongue push in and run up and down.

He pulled back a bit from my middle and said, "Lauren, you are so pretty. Your pussy is perfect. Just the sweetest two halves that come together to make a paradise of love. Oh, I want to kiss you there so much.You have the most perfect body. And I want to love every bit of it." Then, he began to kiss and lick along my slit again.

It was making me feel lightheaded, so I said, "Graham, we better shower before I faint," and he stood up, pulled down his trunks and out came his cock, all hard and pink and eager. And big.

I couldn't help but stare down at this large, long penis that was pointing at me. I knew exactly how big around my pussy hole is and this wasn't going to fit.

"You're so big. I'm just not that big inside. But it's really pretty. I mean 'handsome.'"

He pulled me to him and we kissed, our tongues wiping around each other's mouths. All our naked skin touching was so sensual, so sexy, and his cock insistently pressing against me like it couldn't wait to enter me.

"Well, we'll go slow, Lauren. You may be surprised by what you can get inside you. Just don't worry, we'll go slow. Let's shower."

So, he got the water warm and we got in and lathered each other. Oh, is this sexy. As I soaped his chest and then went down the front of his body, the obvious became apparent. The most fun is going to be soaping his cock. So, I plunged in and lathered him over and over.

"Oh, Lauren, you sure are getting me clean. That feels great."

"It's really hard. You must be pretty excited, huh?"

"Oh, am I. Just keep that up and you'll have cum on your stomach."

"Really? Oh, I want to do that, then. Is this good?" I asked as I stroked back and forth.

"Oh, it's wonderful," he said as he soaped my breasts over and over. They'll be so clean. It just felt delicious.

Then, "Oh, oh, you're getting me really close. Oh, god, that feels good. Oh, here ... UMMP, UMMP, UMMP, ump, unh, unh, oh, that was good. Really good. I'll have to have you do a lot of practice."

"You really got stuff all over the place. Look, even on me. Do you always cum this much?"

"I don't know. Maybe you make me cum more."

"Oh, sure."

So, we rinsed off, got out and toweled each other dry. I had always thought that guys, once they cum, their dicks go limp for at least several hours. Well, the evidence in front of me was that I had the wrong idea. Graham was erect and ready from what I could see.

He led me into his bedroom and we sat on his bed.

"Have you ever had oral sex?"

"I've never had any kind of sex. Well, except with myself. Does that count?"

"Oh, it does when no one else is around. But now I'm here. Would you like me to give you oral sex?"

"I have friends who tell me its just the best. Just remember, I haven't done any of this before."

So, he got down on the floor in front of me, gently pulled my legs apart and began to kiss and lick from my knees inward. It was really quite nice until he got to my inner thighs. Then it began to get rather wonderful. And when he began to lick all around my pussy, it jumped to exquisite. Oh, this was wonderful. He had me put my legs over his shoulders and pushed his tongue in and out of my slit.

My whole body just lit up, then he flicked his tongue back and forth across my labia, then darted it into me. I jumped when it went in.

"Oh, oh, oh, I love that. Oh, that's wonderful. Do it more. Oh, yes, oh."

He kept up this oral pleasuring of my pussy until I simply had to bite my tongue to keep from screaming.

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