10 Things I Hate About You : House Party : an Alternate Ending

by jackjohn

Copyright© 2009 by jackjohn

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Is it a Memory. or a Dream ? Dad goes away for a conference. The girls decide to have a party. Bianca becomes the responsible one as Kat cuts loose. Kat calls Patrick asking him to come over. She wakes up in the morning on the floor hung over. Patrick never showed up. or did he ?

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Is It A Memory or A Dream

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This is a story of fiction and is not intended to imply the sexual activities

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starring :

Kat Stratford (Lindsey Shaw)

Patrick Verona (Ethan Peck)

also with :

Bianca Stratford (Megan Jett Martin)

by jackjohn 2009

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Kat woke up, raising herself up off the floor. She spit the paper towel out of her mouth that had somehow lodged between her lips. Her eyes squinted against the sunlight when she removed the sunglasses that she wore. She took them off and put them on the coffee table.

Her sister Bianca sat on the sofa near where she lay. Kat squinted at her saying, " You can't even tell there was a raging party here last night ".

"I stayed up all night cleaning. I even steam cleaned the carpet ... with no help FROM YOU!", Bianca yelled at her hungover sister. " I stayed sober while You were the one who got drunk and made an ass of herself ".

Kat saw that on her arm was written a message stating her feelings for Patrick. " Hey, who wrote on my arm ", she asked as she deperetly tried to remember. " Why don't you ask Patrick ", Bianca replied. " Your the one who called him last night and told him you HAD to see him and tell him something in person ". The girls heard the slamming of the car door signaling the return of their father from his conference. Bianca hurrilied helped Kat to her feet and shoved her towards the stairs. " Go take a shower, hurry before dad sees you like this ". Kat stumbled up the stairs proclaiming " I'm never drinking again ". She quickly added " I'm staying in my room. Just tell Dad I don't feel good ".

Kat finished showering. She dressed in her flannel sleeping pants, socks and a tank top. Her head still pounded from the hangover. She looked at her arm once again. The I 'heart' Patrick had not completely washed off and was still faintly visable. She started to vaugely remember talking to Patrick on the phone last night though she couldn't remember what she had said to him. " Man, I hope I didn't get all stupid and say something I'll regret", she said to herself. She got into her bed and closed her eyes. It only took a few seconds before Kat was fast asleep.

Kat tossed and turned as she fell into a deep sleep. There she was, lying on the bench on the back porch. She was dressed in a man's long sleeve white dress shirt, a pair of grey shorts and a pair of white socks. She was on the phone. With Patrick. " But I have something I need to tell you ", she said to him with a smile on her face. She listened for a moment and replied, " But, I need to tell you in person", she giggled. She listened again for a few seconds. " No, it can't wait until tomarrow. I need to tell you and I need to tell you tonight ". She closed her cell phone and smiled. Patrick was coming over. She made her way back into the party. She danced some more and watched the door for Patrick to arrive.

After what seemed forever, Patrick had not shown up. She felt like crying. She bumped and pushed her way to the stairs and around the barrier Bianca set up to keep anyone from going upstairs. She made her way to her room. She checked the closet to make sure the couple she threw out of her room earlier in the evening hadn't snuck back in. She locked the door to her room and flung herself onto her bed. She started to cry out of anger at Patrick for not showing up, frustration because she told herself she didn't care and disappointment because inside, she did care, and it hurt.

Kat was startled out of her sobbing by a hand on her shoulder. She half screamed and half yelled

"Wha ... what the hell "?, as she quickly flipped over and found Patrick standing at the side of her bed. " Hey, the party's not that bad, well, not bad enough to cry over ", Patrick said sarcasticly. She looked behind him and saw her bedroom window opened. " I see you haven't lost your breaking and entering skills ", she said, refering to the night of the fire when he suprised her outside her window while she sang along with a old record that belonged to her Mother. " Well, I got here and you weren't downstairs. Bianca told me you were up here ". Kat smirked and said " remind me to thank her for that ". She tried to act like she was mad at her sister for telling him where she was but she really wanted to run downstairs to hug and thank her sister for telling him. Her heart raced. Damn, he looked so hot. Shirt opened. The top of his hairy, muscular chest exposed.

"O.K., I'm here. What is it you HAD to tell me tonight in person ", he asked Kat. " Well ... err ... ahhh... ", she stammered as she felt her face blush crimson. He stood there for a moment while Kat tried to summon the courage to speak. She had her it all worked out in her head when she spoke to him on the phone but now her words were caught in her throat. When Kat just stood there silent, Patrick turned towards the window. " I guess I wasted a trip. If you happen to remember... ". Kat saw he was going to leave and blurted out " Please! Don't go! I want you! I want you to stay! I want you to kiss me again! I want to kiss you back!". Kat covered her face with her hands, embaressed by what she just admitted.

She heard the window close. Her shoulders slumped. 'He left ', she thought, sighing to herself. Suddenly two strong hands grasped her arms. She slowly dropped her hands and looked up. She saw Patrick smiling at her, his hazel eyes sparkling. Kat felt herself melting inside. Her knees shook. Her heart pounded in her chest as Patrick leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. Kat's lips pressed into his, then parted as she felt his tongue stroke her lips. She hungrily sucked his tongue into her mouth. She responded by snaking her tongue to meet his. Their tongues swirled together, dancing a slippery dance. His hands moved to craddle her face. She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders. Their kissing became more feverish. Kat and Patrick hungrily sucked one anothers tongues. Kat slightly moaned into Patrick's mouth as she pushed her body into his and felt a large bulge in his jeans pressing into her just above her pubic mound. Kat's hands left his shoulders and drifted down until she was grabbing two handfuls of Patrick's jeans clad ass, pulling him to her. Her hips moved slightly, causing her lower abdomen to grind into his bulge.

Patrick broke their kiss and looked into Kat's eyes. Her big, beautiful brown eyes. She returned his gaze. His hands released her face and slowly moved over her shoulders. He bent in and kissed her neck. One arm encircled her waist as his other hand moved to her ass. He cupped her ass in his hand and lifted her up. Her arms moved back up to wrap around his shoulders. Her legs opened and wrapped around his waist. Her grey shorts covered pussy settled right on top of the large bulge in his jeans. She felt the lips of her pussy parting to wrap around it, rubbing the coarse material inside her sensitive folds and across her now swelling clitoris. She pulled her neck away from Patrick and she found his mouth with hers once more. She thrust her tongue into his mouth. She slowly rocked her hips on the invading bulge between her legs. Kat felt her body being lowered onto her bed.

They broke their kiss as Kat now lay on her mattress. Patrick stood and ripped his shirt open and off of his body. She felt her pussy moisten as she gazed at his sculpted upper body. Stong chest covered with a mat of black hair. Well muscled stomach with six pack abs. A perfect body. He reached down to Kat and unbuttoned her shirt. He spread open the shirt to expose her tits. They were magnificant. Full, round 34c with dark silver dollar sized areola's. Hard dime sized pink nipples poking straight from the center. He bent forward and took a hard nipple between his lips. Kat cupped his head and held it as he suckled her. " Mmmm ... she murmured, enjoying the feeling of his tongue flicking her nipple. Patrick moved his head from one tit to the other, teasing each nipple with his lips and tongue, nipping them gently with his teeth.

Kat's hands meanwhile moved between their bodies, searching for and finding the bulge in Patrick's jeans. She rubbed her palm over the bulge. She closed her hand around it and squeezed. Both of her hands moved and found the waistband of his jeans. She undid the button and pulled the tab of his zipper down, pushing the jeans down. Since he wore no underwear, his naked cock sprang out of the confines of the jeans and landed in Kat's hands. Her hands grasped the hard member and lightly moved up and down it's 9 inch length. " Ahhhhh... ", Patrick groaned as he felt Kat's hands touching his cock.

After stroking his cock for a few moments, Kat moved a hand to his chest and lightly pushed him back, getting him to stand upright. She sat up and removed the shirt she wore. Patrick kicked off his boots and pulled his jeans off. His dick stood straight out from his body as he stood in front of her. He bent forward and kissed Kat, causing her to lie back down. He reached down and took the top of her shorts in his hands and started to tug at them. Kat lifted her hips to allow the shorts to slide over her ass. Patrick pulled her legs straight up as he took the shorts the rest of the way off. He pulled the socks off her feet. Each of Kat's ankles rested on a shoulder. Her calves resting on the swell of his sweaty chest. His still hard member poked out from between her thighs.

She reached out with delecate fingers and lightly caressed the 9 inch prize. She coo'ed as Patrick took one of her legs and bent it slightly in front of him. Feathery kisses started at each one of her toes, his tongue flicking across the tips and lenght of them. He sucked the big toe into his mouth for a brief moment then continued his exploration. He kissed down the lenght of her foot to her ankle. He turned his attention to her other leg and repeated the sucking and kissing of her toes and foot. Kat closed her eyes and sighed. She never thought having her toes sucked would bring her this much pleasure. Her hands continued to gently massage his dick.

Patrick placed his hands at the bend of her legs behind her knees and pushed them forward until her knees were almost at her chest. Patrick paused for a moment to gaze upon the beautiful flower that was before him. It's petals spread wide for him. For the first time Kat realized how naked she was, how exposed she was to him and how open her pussy was right now. She looked up into his eyes and saw they were wide with desire. Desire for her. She watched as he lowered himself to his knees, bringing his face down to the level of the parted lips of her pussy. She could feel his hot breath mingle with the moisture that oozed from within her. Her body quivered with excitement as she watched him lower his face to her... "YESSsssssssss... ", she hissed as his tongue speared out from between his lips and slowly dragged across her hard clitoris. Her hands went to her tits. She squeezed the pliable flesh and pinched her own nipples. The tip of his tongue snaked under the protective hood and teased the little sensitive pearl that lie within. Kat placed her feet over his shoulders and her hips involuntarily moved up, pushing her pussy into Patrick's mouth, to meet his invading tongue. His fingers found the hooded gem and began to massage it's lenght, pulling the hood back to expose the nub. He took the button between his lips and sucked on it while his tongue continued to flick across it. " Ohhh myyy gggg ... ooooohhhhhh ... damnnnnnn ... oooooooohh... ", she moaned as her pussy spasmed and drooled more juice from her core. Kat's head rocked from side to side as she moaned out her pleasure. He continued to massage her clit with his fingers as he started to move his head lower. He licked and sucked on the fleshy lips of her swollen pussy as he decended until his tongue tasted her nectar. He stabbed into her pussyhole with his tongue. His mouth tingled at the taste of her. His tongue probed and withdrew, bringing more of the honey her pussy offered him each time. Kat entwined her fingers in his hair, holding his face firm while she rocked her hips up to meet it. Fingers from his other hand found her opened lips and he inserted one digit, then a second into her depths. He worked his fingers in and out, feeling her pussy muscles grasp them. He curled his fingers upward as he stroked, finding her 'G' spot. " OHHHH FUCK... ", she groaned as his fingers scrapped along the most sensitive of nerve endings. "Unh ... Unh ... Unh... ", she moaned. His mouth once again captured her clit as his fingers pistoned in and out of her. Kat thrashed her hips wildly. " Ohhh ... yeah ... there ... that's ... that's it ... right ... right there ... here ... I'm gonna ... I'm cum ... ohhh fuck ... I'm cumming ... ohhh fuck ... ohhh ... PATRICK... ", she wailed as simultanious explosions erupted throughout her body. From her hair to her toes, every cell in her body exploded like billions of little firecrackers going off. Her pussy muscles squeezed and pulled at his fingers, trying to draw them deeper into her. Her back arched and her body went ridgid as she mashed her pussy into his face. " Aauuuugggghhhh... ", she screamed one last time. Her body quaked and shook with spasms as she came.

Her sweaty body collapsed onto the bed. Her lungs gasped for air. Her body exhausted from the sexual workout she had endured. Her mind reeled as she luxuriated in the sensations her body just experienced. She opened her eyes to the feeling of hands caressing her body and little angel kisses being trailed up over her stomach. She looked into his eyes and saw the twinkle had once again replaced the lust in his eyes. His eyes seemed to be smiling at her. Kat scooted back into the center of the bed, patting a place next to her telling Patrick to lie with her. As soon as he slid up next to her, she pulled him to her and kissed him deeply. Not a hurried, passion filled kiss, but one with feelings attached. Feelings she had been trying to avoid. ' I think I do "heart" Patrick ', she thought to herself, thinking back to what she had written on her arm. She was suprised at how un-hurried and tender his kisses now were. They didn't speak for now. They just kissed. Kissed and gazed into one anothers eyes. And kissed some more.

It was Patrick's turn to feel his heart flutter as he kissed Kat. He looked into those gorgeous brown eyes. Then she smiled that smile of hers. The one that made her face more beautiful to him than any other person on earth. The exact thing he's been trying to tell her since the night of the fire but never gets the chance to say. He tries, but his words always come out sounding different to her than he means them. He wanted to tell her right now how he felt, but he kept silent.

Kat stroked her fingertips along his ribcage and down to his hip and back a few times. After several minutes, she reached between their bodies and brushed against his still semi-erect cock. She grasped his member in her hand and gently squeezed it, her fingers wrapping around the shaft. "Mmmm... ", Patrick groaned as he felt her hand start to slide up and down his cock. Kat felt his dick harden in her hand as she squeezed and tugged on him. Kat shifted her body weight, causing Patrick to roll onto his back. While still pumping her hand on his dick, she moved and knelt between his legs. She lowered herself to kiss him. She kissed his eyes and then his nose. She kissed his lips and then his chin. She trailed her kisses down to his chest, kissing and sucking each of his nipples, licking circles around each one. She kissed further down, over his tight stomach. She felt his pubic hairs tickling her chin as she kissed even lower. She kissed around the base of the hard member her hand continued to stroke. She slid further back as she trailed kisses past his cock to his balls. She opened her mouth and took one of the orbs into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. " Nngggg... ", Patrick groaned as he felt his testicle being bathed by Kat's tongue. She released the one ball from her mouth and took the other in it's place, lightly sucking as she caressed it with her tongue. She released his other ball from her mouth and ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft, from his ballsack to the crown.

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