Colby Family Reunion

by TheMoose63

Copyright© 2009 by TheMoose63

Flash Sex Story: A very short story that Ellie tells about the multi-family Colby reunion. During a BBQ she is accidentally drenched in an oil and vinaigrette salad dressing. In the shower someone makes love to her and she thinks it's her husband Jack but then realized it isn't him - so who could it be and does she want more?

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion   Heterosexual   .

It was the first week of July in Minnesota and that meant that the annual, weeklong, Colby family reunion was underway at Leech Lake. The Colby grandparents had originally bought the cabin on the lake and then willed it to their kids when they passed. My name is Ellie and my husband is Jack Colby and he is the youngest sibling of the three brother and two sister family. Between the five siblings there are 11 children, the youngest is ours at 5 and the oldest is 19 by Jack's eldest sister Aileen. In addition to our five families at the reunion there are three uncles and two aunts and their children ranging in age from 12 to 23. All in all there was a hoard of Colby relatives gathered for the reunion. Besides the cabin, where people slept anywhere there was a place big enough to roll out a sleeping bag, there was one motor home, two camping trailers and a bevy of tents. It was an enjoyable time for everyone but especially me, mostly because I could relax and let the older kids watch the younger ones while the adults had a few beers and caught up on family gossip.

The activity for that day had been a BBQ lunch and we all sat around the portable picnic tables that had been stretched from end to end to end - eating hamburgers and hot dogs and ribs with a tossed salad, watermelon, sodas, beer, and wine. Everyone was having a good time and I was sitting sideways talking to one of Jack's cousins when Greg, Aileen's middle idiot child, being the smart ass he always has been, decided to mix a bottle of oil and vinaigrette dressing by pounding the bottom of the bottle against the palm of his hand when he did the cap flew off and the dressing spewed out and across the table and all over me. I had oil and vinaigrette dressing in my hair, running down my face and dripping onto my blouse. I yelled at Greg and he made a hasty retreat towards the lakeshore. I turned to Jack who was laughing at me, punched him in the arm and headed to the cabin to shower and change clothes. Damn it I thought, it was going to take forever to get that crap out of my shoulder length hair, I would have to wash it at least three times and in the heat of the summer I wasn't looking forward to having my wet hair mix with the Minnesota humidity, Christ I was going to look like a curly witch!

I went into the cabin and rummaged around in my suitcase, found a clean blouse and bra and grabbed my towel and headed into the bathroom. The cabin only had one bathroom and shower, which was a small five by five foot stall that had tin walls and a tile floor with a built in bench. I closed the bathroom door and stripped out of my clothes then stepped into the shower and pulled the plastic curtain closed. When the water was nice and warm I stepped under the cascading flow and let my oily hair get nice and wet then poured some shampoo into my hands and began washing my hair. I had been working the shampoo into my hair for a minute or two when I heard the curtain slide back then close again. "That you Jack?" I asked. There wasn't any answer and with the shampoo in my hair and all over my face I couldn't open my eyes and look.

"Jack?" I asked again but there still wasn't any answer then I felt Jack's hands underneath my arms cupping my breasts and playing with my nipples, now that was a nice surprise! "Oh God Jack, that feels so nice. Really nice, pinch my nipples baby ... un huh ... un huh, just like that ... oh yes Jack, that's good ... what brought this on honey?" No answer, maybe he didn't want anyone to hear us making love.

It had been a long time since Jack and I had been intimate and I was excited that he had picked this time to be so amorous. "Jack, do me with your fingers ... you know, rub my pussy like you always do." His right hand slipped down between my legs and with a finger on each slide of my labia he began stroking me up and down letting his thumb rub on my clit. I could feel his hard cock pressing up against the top of my butt and I wanted him inside me ... but not quite yet! I felt the first tingling in the pit of my stomach then the build up began and I knew I was close to an orgasm. "Put a finger in me honey, God I'm so close!" He slipped two fingers inside me and fingered my pussy until I came. "Oh Jack! Oh fuck! Yessss honey, I'm ccuummiinggggg!!!!!"

He didn't even give me time to recover, he spun me around and pressed downward on my back and I knew what he wanted, he was going to take me from the rear. "Hey you're really getting a little pushy mister, maybe I wanted to suck your cock before we fuck." He slapped my ass and pushed me down onto my hands. "Alright, alright, you can fuck me. God it's been so long I'm surprised you remember how?" He slapped my ass again then I felt the head of his cock just barely pressing against my lips.

"Go on honey, stick it in! God I want you so badly, just go ahead and fuck me." I got down onto my elbows so my ass was nice and high and waited. I felt his cock split open my labia and then he slowly started pushing himself inside me. It took all of three seconds before I knew it wasn't Jack standing back there. Jack, when he was hard as a rock, wasn't much more than five inches. Whoever this was - was a lot longer than Jack and a hell of a lot thicker too. "Hey, I don't know who you are but you have to stop. God I'm married ... you can't do this to me! Please stop." I tried pushing him away.

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