Mum Falls Off Her Pedestal

by Shydave

Copyright© 2009 by Shydave

Erotica Sex Story: An older boy shows his shy "friend" why one should not place one's loves on a pedestal.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   mt/mt   Consensual   Fiction   Mother   Son   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Size   .

I grew up as an only child with a single working mother, my father having died in the war. At school I suppose that I was known as a bit of a nerd, very shy & always into books. I was a year ahead of myself & confident with school work, but not with people.

When I was fourteen my teacher decided that the class bully & I could learn something from each other so we were seated together. John was older than the other boys, also bigger & taller, & coloured. I think I amused him the way I was in my own little world. I also must have become a challenge for him. John would ask me about my interests, my home etc, & eventually about sex. "How often do you wank Dave?" Dave became his name for me. "What do you mean, wank?" "Jesus boy don't you touch yourself, you know your cock" Very embarrassed I would try to change the subject, but John was persistent. Eventually he made me confess to rubbing myself in the morning in bed. This led to practical tutoring in the art of "wanking". He taught by example. We would be in the boys' toilets & we would both be exposed while he showed me how to pleasure myself. I could not believe, that first time, how large he was. His cock was huge uncircumcised salami.

John then seemed to take an immense interest in my home life & liked it when I confessed to peeping at my mother undressing & my aunt when she came to visit. This fascinated him. "Did you see her tits, Davey, what are they like? Haven't you seen her pussy? Not even a glimpse?" At first, I would get upset when he discussed my mother in sexual terms. "Never put a woman on a pedestal, not even your Mum" he would say.

A few weeks into the term I accepted John as my friend and said I would ask Mum if he could visit.

A few days later John came home with me after school. We hung out, I helped him with homework, and then we heard Mum return from work. As I introduced them they just stared at each other. I thought it was because I had not told Mum that John was coloured. I knew why John stared. My mother was a 5'7" brunette with curves in the right places & long legs.

Once the ice was broken John was ever the charmer. "Can I help with your parcels Mrs.Jones? Can I do this Mrs. Jones? Can I do that Mrs.Jones?" Before long John was offered a snack & we were chatting. Actually John & Mum were chatting. I was watching, got bored & went to finish my homework.

At supper that night Mum complimented me on my "big strapping friend" and said that since he needed the extra money she had offered him work to help with chores around the house & garden, as she knew that I hated that stuff

Over the next few days John was at our place, mowing lawn, raking, cleaning stuff, fixing and so on.

On Saturday, Mum went shopping. John popped in before she returned, apparently because Mum was to pay him for the work. When she returned he rushed out to carry stuff. She plonked herself on an easy chair after visiting the toilet, saying she was bushed & her feet hurt. Within minutes John came out of the kitchen with a basin of warm water & a sponge. "Mrs Jones, what you need is a foot massage". He placed her feet in the warm water & gently massaged her feet. Stockings must have been removed in toilet. I sat on the floor watching TV. When my TV show was over John was still playing masseur, only by now he was up to calves & knees, and the skirt was raised slightly. Every now & again the leg being worked on was lifted to show a beautiful expanse of thigh underside and glimpse of panty. Mum lay back with her eyes closed & seemed very content while I slid lower on the floor watching eagerly, trying to hide my erection. John made no effort to hide his erection. The hands inched higher until she must have realised what was happening & sat up blushing, thanking John for the massage, then staring at what was trying to push through his jeans & then blushing even more.

Mum raced off to change; John got up & looked at me with a smirk while he ruffled my hair like I was a little kid. "I think you enjoyed watching me feel your mum, Davey. Go & jerk off, I'll see you later." I did go & jerk off. My mother & I were very quiet & subdued that evening. Every time I looked at her I could see her long creamy white legs being kneaded by John's brown hands.

While having breakfast the next morning, the doorbell rang. It was John again. I answered; he walked past me to the breakfast bar to greet Mum. "Anything for me?"

"Breakfast or just coffee?" she answered coyly. This flirting went on as Mum showed too much leg while sitting on the bar stool, & John would find excuses to touch her as we cleared up in the kitchen. I left them to go get dressed and they were talking quietly. At one stage I heard Mum say "Don't you think that under the circumstances you should call me Carol instead of Mrs.J?" Hey, I thought "What circumstances?"

I returned about an hour later & there was whispering. They were still in the kitchen; Mum was still in night clothes & dressing gown, so I stayed back where I could not be seen. Then louder from Mum "David will come down soon." I edged closer to see Mum and John kissing. She was pushing him away half heartedly and sprang away when I showed up. Again, he gave me the smirk, roughed my hair and left. Mum rushed off upstairs pulling her dressing gown round her.

On Monday at school John acted very friendly calling me Best Buddy and smiling a lot. I went home alone but shortly after Mum came home from work, there was John with a bottle of wine that he just "found". Of course, he was invited to stay for dinner. Dinner conversation was light, John making us laugh. I was allowed a glass of wine with my meal; Mum's glass was constantly topped up. After dinner Mum said that I could go to my room if I wished & John would help her clear up. I reluctantly left but felt very distracted. Eventually I crept down the stairs.

Dinner stuff had been cleared but Mum & John could be heard in the kitchen, little whispers then silence then a sucking sound then a whimper. I got closer & there they were standing; side to me, and kissing. John's big brown left hand was fondling & kneading my mothers arse. I could not see his right hand but it seemed to be between them & moving. Then he moved away from her lips & whispered something while he nibbled at her ear & neck. I heard what sounded like Nooo very quietly, then the right hand seemed to move lower & her skirt was being raised. That brown right hand then began to move slowly and then the right elbow moved rhythmically back & forth while from her began little whimpers interspersed with "Nooo" "David" "mustn't" then just whimpers & heavy breathing & a loud groan from my beautiful mother as her body seemed to stiffen; jerk; then she slumped on him.

He kept on stroking & fondling her as he whispered "Now do me." She started to protest "Not now, David will come down soon". When I heard "David" I walked over "Yes Mum" They jumped apart. Mum looked sheepish and ashamed as she tried to straiten herself, John looked angry. There was a dark spot on his jeans. He came over to hit me, I thought, but, pinched my cheek hard & said "You little bastard" and walked out.

The next morning John cornered me before class, grabbed my head & brought his dark face right up to mine. "Now you little bastard, you interrupt when I am going to score one more time & you will never read another book. This is how it is. Your darling mother is ready; in fact she needs my cock. You wouldn't want to spoil things for her? Play nicely for me & make yourself scarce like you have been & I promise that you will see that pussy you have been trying to see. Hell you may even get a feel. Understand?"

We did not see John on Tuesday or Wednesday so on Thursday Mum asked if John was at school & if he was Okay. I asked if I should invite him for dinner on Friday. She said it may be nice. The next day I invited him & asked where he'd been. The answer was "Davey sometimes a hot pussy needs simmering."

On Friday evening once again he arrived with wine, went strait to Mum & gave her a kiss on the mouth, which confused her as she glanced at me. John was "touchy feely" with Mum until dinner & during dinner. I also announced that I would be going on a Geology excursion from Sunday until Friday the following week. This was received with "Oh how nice for you" but glances were exchanged.

After dinner he gave me a look with raised eyebrows & said that he would help Mum clear up. So I disappeared to my room. Some time later I quietly came downstairs & heard similar sounds as the previous occasion. Mum was protesting about being caught, in between kisses. The John said, "I promise he will not come down tonight; he has an important assignment, that he is obligated to finish." They left the kitchen & moved to the sofa. I could watch from the top of the stairs. Mum was flushed & her button down dress was mostly undone. John whispered to her as he kissed little kisses all over her face & neck & breast that were partially exposed. Those big brown hands kept busy undoing more buttons stroking back & legs & thighs. Mum was writhing around; till she finally whispered "Are you sure about David" "Quite sure" he whispered as his hand went down her knickers and cupped her fleshy wet pussy. She surrendered by parting her thighs & sucking on his bottom lip. She came almost immediately thrusting on his fingers, her breathing all ragged. He took her pants off, and then told her to take his cock out. She hesitated but obeyed looking at this monster black cock. She would touch his cock gently then stroke like one would a pet. "You are so big."

"Carol, if you like my big black cock, then show him, kiss him, that's it now lick, yes, pull the skin back & lick, yes lick, now put it in your mouth a move the skin up & down, oh yes, that's it, now when I cum you are to suck." I expected my sweet purest mother to dart away when he said that, but she was mesmerised by this black monster, & kept stroking and licking and sucking. When he finally erupted she did as she was told and sucked and sucked and sucked, because he came and came and came, with this almighty

ARGGGHHH. And she swallowed but it still dribbled out of her mouth and she still hung on to his dick. "You can let go Carol, he isn't running away. He will fuck you in a few minutes" This brought her back to earth from her mesmerised state, and she started dressing. "No, John, that's enough for tonight. David may hear us." He reluctantly left & I scuttled back to my room to jerk off.

On Saturday morning John turned up for breakfast. Mum seemed to expect him as the table was set for three & she cooked eggs, etc. What was strange was that she had not dressed. We ate breakfast watching her move in a nightgown & loose robe. I was hard watching those soft round bits move unencumbered by bra or panties. John was almost salivating, which I am sure was what she intended. This was to tease her lover, my so-called friend with whom she was exchanging glances & knowing looks.

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