by Josie Crupper

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Erotica Sex Story: F/F A young woman crashes her car and is persuaded to pose for ever revealing photos rather than answer to the police for her reckless driving. She soon becomes entwined in a sweet world of lesbian domination with her new Mistress....

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Coercion   Lesbian   Fiction   DomSub   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

'I want you to pose naked for me.'

'I'm sorry. Did you just say... '

'That I want you to pose naked for me, yes.' I looked again at the rather elegant woman in the business suit standing before me, and tried to make some sense of the situation.

'But I just crashed into your car, and... '

' ... and you have no insurance, yes, you just told me.' She smiled at my obvious confusion and discomfort. 'You've told me how sorry you are... '

' ... and that I'll pay for the damages.'

' ... and that you'll pay for any damages. I was just trying to explain to you how I would like you to pay. You were driving your car, ' she glanced questioningly at my fifteen year old Volkswagen, 'without insurance, which is a crime, one that I should bring to the attention of the police.'

'No, not the police!' I blurted out. 'Just let me pay, it can't come to so much and I know I can get you the money.'

'Yes dear, but I don't want your money. I told you, if you want to pay then you can do so by posing naked for me, right now, all right? So you choose, should we call the police or will you come into my house and pose for me?' She took a mobile phone out of her handbag and put on reading

glasses to study it as if about to dial.

She reminded me of a head teacher I once had at school. I could feel my heart beating loudly in my chest and I was feeling faint. It was a hot day. I had only taken my eyes off the road for just a few seconds to check my make-up and then crunch!

Her car was a new Mercedes, one of those flashy sports ones and it now had a big dent in the front side with little smudges of green paint on its sleek silver bodywork from Leo, my poor old VW.

'I'm sorry dear and I hate to rush you. Maybe we should just let the police work this out.' She started to dial the phone.

'No! Please.'

She looked over at me as if surprised I'd spoken. 'Are you sure I can't just... ' But I knew there was no point offering money again. This woman had enough money; that was obvious. It was pose for her smutty photos or talk to the police. 'Who would see these photo's ... if I agreed.' I stammered, blushing furiously. 'I've never posed nude before, not for anyone.'

She folded the phone and put it carefully back in the bag, closing it with a snap. Looking me up and down, she smiled at my nervous predicament. 'Nobody would ever see the pictures but me, my dear... ?'

'Josie, ' I replied softly drawing a deep breath.

' ... my dear, Josie. You might say I am a collector. The pictures would be as tasteful as we both agree for them to be, but please understand I will want you to be naked and to pose in an extremely provocative way for me.'

'But you're a woman, ' I blurted, and then bit my lip before I said anything else stupid.

'Yes, dear, but I like girls. Pretty girls like you. Now park your car over there and come into the house.' She reversed the Mercedes into the driveway and waited while I moved my car, smiling as I got out and walked towards her clutching my bag to my chest. My head was a whirl of emotions and my legs were threatening to give way under me. I felt like crying. She smiled, turned her back on me and marched up the pathway to the front door of a very impressive house.

She appeared to be in her early forties and was dressed in a black suit with a tight black skirt as if she really was a head teacher to some top school, or maybe a solicitor. Beneath the skirt I could see she wore seamed black stockings, and very high heals and a white blouse under the jacket, she was very attractive, but still scared

me. She held the door open for me and I walked in to a beautiful house.

'Put your bag on the table there and follow me.' I did as she instructed and followed, glancing round at the rich furnishings, paintings and objects of art that were displayed everywhere as I did so. She led me into a huge sitting room and, picking up a remote control, turned on some light music. It was cold in the room as if it were air-conditioned and I rubbed my arms.

'I'm sorry it's a bit chilly in here, we're having some problems in the house ... drink?' she didn't wait for me to answer but poured me a glass of white wine, which I took gratefully. I immediately drained half and then coughed before putting it down on a glass coffee table. I watched as she took out an expensive looking camera and felt sick with nerves as the reality of the situation crashed into me again - I drank the rest of the wine.

'Nervous?' she smiled at me as I nodded. 'Well don't be. You're a very lucky girl. You could be talking to the police right now, about why you were driving without insurance. They might well have taken your license away or even locked you up. You do have a license do you?' I nodded. 'Good.' 'Well you're so pretty, and I love your dress, it shows off your charms so well. Have you ever modelled?'

I shook my head and looked down at my dress, then heard the camera click as I smoothed it over my hips. I felt myself blush again. It was a white cotton summer dress with thin shoulder straps leaving my arms cold and bare, with a pretty lace hem and more lace around the low neckline that

I now felt showed far too much of my ample cleavage. Small pearl buttons ran down the front to my waist; it was one of my favourite dresses.


'Yes, I think we can keep the shoes on, they'll show your legs nicely, it's a shame you aren't wearing stockings... ' she seemed to be thinking for a moment and I stood waiting, shivering from both cold and fear, wondering what on earth I was supposed to do. She shook her head. 'No, let's just play with what you're wearing. You really are so pretty. I love your breasts.' I blushed again despite the chill of the room and my arms came up to cover my chest.


'What knickers are you wearing? Lift your skirt and show me.' The camera came up to her eye again and I froze.

'Show you my... ?'

'Lift your skirt, girl. Now! Stop dithering and do as you're told or there will be no alternative other than the police ... now!'

I jumped, as If I had been slapped and pulled at my skirt, gathering it quickly and lifting it hesitantly above my knickers.

'Slowly, Josie, slowly.'

'Click, click, click.'

I felt stupid. Holding up my skirt while a stranger took photos of me exposing my knickers. I glanced down and looked at my legs and my feet in their white healed sandals.

'Click, click.'

'Pull you're knickers higher up on your hips for me Josie... '

I lifted my skirt a little more with my left hand and then pulled my white lacy knickers higher up my hips.

' ... mmm, better. That looks much sexier. Put your foot up on the table.'

I did and then held up my skirt when she waved at it with a smile. I was still blushing and incredibly embarrassed as I was next told to; 'turn around ... bend forward ... that's right ... and now lift your skirt ... higher ... push your bottom out... '

I couldn't. I sighed and felt like crying. This was horrible. I let my skirt fall, reached for the glass and she poured me more wine. I think she could see how upset I was getting.

'Josie, listen to me. You're in a bad situation and you're only making it worse. You could at least try to enjoy it. You have to do as I say ... anything and everything. You crashed into my car. You have no insurance, and you've been drinking.'

'But... ' I stammered, hastily putting the glass down. 'I hadn't drunk anything when... '

'Well the police aren't going to know that are they? Listen, let's make this easier for you shall we? You are going to pose for some naughty, sexy pictures, and there is no way out, so get used to it. And just so that you don't think this will end any other way, I want you to undo your top and expose your breasts before we go any further ... now!

I felt a tear slide down my cheek and then reluctanlty began fumbling with the tiny pearl buttons of my dress. I could feel my breasts pushing against the fabric eager to be free.

'Mmmm, they look loverly. What size bra do you wear?'

'34D' I mumbled, not daring to look at her. I undid the buttons and then glanced up at her, but saw no escape, so with a sigh continued, pulling the dress to either side revealing my bra and then pulled the left cup down to free my breast. The moment it was exposed, my nipple immediately puckered and hardened making my embarrassment obvious. Ignoring a shiver of humiliation, I did the same to my right breast and then pulled and lifted each nipple in turn to tuck the bra cups underneath to make them as presentable as possible.

'Push your chest out, be proud of what you have, Josie.' I did as I was instructed and blushed as I felt my exposed breasts studied by lust-filled eyes. I then drew in a breath of horror as she reached out and softly stroked each breast, feeling the weight of each one before drawing

red-lacquered nails over the puckered skin of my aureoles then tugging softly, drawing on each nipple. I fought to stop myself covering my chest.

'My dear, they're beautiful, you're most certainly a 'D' cup.'

I watched as she brought the camera in for a close-up of each nipple. 'Click, click.' I simply stood there, petrified with my arms crossed beneath my breasts, still desperately resisting the need to cover them.

'Please... '

'Shh, ' she bent down towards my left breast and, as her mouth parted, I closed my eyes tight, feeling the wet warmth of her mouth close around my so terribly sensitive erect nipple.

'ooohh... ' I couldn't help it. I glanced down and watched as she did the same to the other nipple, entranced and unable to move as an incredible tremor travelled through me. I was gasping as she rose in front of me and

didn't resist as she leant forward and kissed me softly on the lips.

'Now, you will do as you're told won't you, Josie dear? Please turn around and bend over.'

I did as I was told. The wine must have gone to my head. I could see no other way than to do as she asked of me and to be honest, part of me was enjoying the attention. I turned and bent over. My breasts, swinging free, feeling swollen, the nipples cold, hard and tingling as her saliva dried.

'Bend over more, darling.' I did, and put my hands down on the coffee table to support myself. I felt my skirt being pulled up and flipped over my back and didn't resist as my knickers were drawn down around my knees. I stared at

my reflection in the glass coffee table as the camera clicked behind me and felt flushed and slightly sick. I don't know if it was the wine or the awful situation this woman had put me in but ... she took my left hand and

brought it around to my bottom.

'I want you to hold the cheeks of your bottom apart, Josie.'

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