Out of the Van

by IronBuddah

Copyright© 2009 by IronBuddah

Fantasy Sex Story: A story in the Nymph Dreams universe. Roy's friend, Chad, is visited by one of the recently awakened nymphs.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fiction   First   Body Modification   Big Breasts   .

The SUV was still full of tiny nymphs when they reached Chad's house, although not as full as it had been when the set out. Three nymphs had already selected one of Roy's friends to bond with. One of the nymphs climbed out of the SVU and looked at Chad's window with her head tilted to one side. She stood motionless for a moment before reentering the SUV.

Roy sighed. Chad was on the cross country team with him. While he knew there would be some boys wouldn't be picked, he hated to see that happen to one of his teammates. Denise had started to drive away when Roy heard a commotion from the back of the SUV. A nymph, already four feet tall and growing, was trying to crawl over the back seat.

"What's going on?" Roy asked.

His initial response was a chorus of musical laughter that sounded like tiny bells from the miniature nymphs. The growing nymph somersaulted over the seat and rolled to her feet. She was four and a half feet tall now and starting to develop some curves. "The nymph who initially considered the your friend who lives in this structure is much older than I am. I didn't realize this one would be well suited for me until she rejected him."

His mother applied the breaks and Roy smiled. "Good, I like Chad. I'm glad he's getting his own nymph too." By the time she opened the door of SVU, the nymph was about five feet tall and had wavy red hair that flowed down to her waist. Even from the dim light of the dome lamp, Roy could see that there were several shades of red in her hair, almost like autumn leaves. Roy swatted her on a nicely rounded rump to urge her out the SUV. This caused the small nymphs to giggle like little musical bells again.

Grinning playfully, the gorgeous nymph turned to look back at Syl'fair before entering Chad's house. "I'm going to remember that. Your human owes me, Syl'fair."

"Not a problem, Aimin'da. Go sort out you human's fantasies before you end up with breasts the size of melons." The nymph who had selected Chad climbed easily up a tree in the front yard, despite the still growing breasts that Syl'fair teased her about, and entered the house from an upstairs window.

Aimin'da was sure that the other nymph had declined to bond with Chad because all of his fantasies involved inhumanly large breasts. She had only bonded with one human before becoming stuck in the Dreamtime. She was still young for a nymph, only about three hundred years old. What was the point of being a non-human immortal if you didn't try new things out. She was going to try new things even if they were silly and impractical. Cupping her breasts that were about the size of large oranges, Aimin'da smilled. She was going to be a lot bigger than this in a few minutes.

Aimin'da had another reason to smile. Her human was masturbating. She had already taken on most of the characteristics of the image in Chad's mind. She was now about 5'6", and had freckles on her face and arms, but the skin which would normally be covered by modest clothing was pale and white. She guessed from what little she could pick up from Syl'fair's mind that such modesty was a rarity in the strange world she had awoken into. With her human already building up to release his seed, Aimin'da saw no need to urge him to fall asleep.

The nymph had no difficulty slipping silently into Chad's room. Her human was about 5'11 and had medium brown hair. He was very lean and thin. Aimin'da knew nothing of organized cross country competitions, but she instinctively realized that he had a runner's body. A small clear drop of Chad's essence had already formed on the tip of his manhood. Aimin'da shivered as she realized how badly she needed nourishment. Syl'fair had rationed out her human's essence to all the nymphs she had awakened, but establishing her own bond with a human was of paramount importance. Still, it wouldn't hurt to take a little taste of what she would be getting later. Aimin'da slid silently to Chad's bed, leaned over, and licked the drop of pre-cum from the head of his cock.

"What the fuck!" Chad hissed. His eyes grew wide in the darkened room as he finally noticed Aimin'da. "Either I've gone stark raving mad from jacking off, or Robbin Saunders is naked in my bedroom."

"Would you take a third option? Would you believe that I'm a nymph and that I look like Robbin because you think she's the sexiest thing you've ever laid eyes on?"

"Nymphs don't exist." Chad protested.

"If I don't exist, how do you explain this?" Aimin'da invested the energy she got Roy and from licking the tiny drop of essence from Chad's dick. It wasn't very concentrated, but it was enough to let her form her body exactly to what her human desired. Her breasts swelled, visibally growing from the size of a large orange to the size of a large grapefruit.

"I'm still sure I've gone mad, but that was the most awesome thing I've ever seen! Can you make them grow more?" Chad asked eagerly.

"Certainly my dear human. I'll explain things more fully later, but right now I can tell that you're only interested in these. Aimin'da cupped her breasts in her hands as she said this. Once again they grew. Now it looked like someone had sliced open a honeydew and attached the twin hemispheres to her chest. The nymph smiled as she realized that each of her breasts were now approximately the same size as her head. "Would you like to touch them Chad?"

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