Fritz Heider's Attribution Theory and How It Relates to Sex

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Grant's father, an education professor, assigns one of his grad students, Audrey Willoughby, to tutor him in English. Grant learns a lot about motivation. And even more about Audrey.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

Not every father can be a famous sports figure or movie star, so I had long gotten used to having a father who taught educational psychology in a medium-sized college in Illinois. Educational psychology. Yes, you heard me right. Maybe you're familiar with the field. God help you.

Any way, five weeks into the eighth grade, I knew I was going to get a failure warning in English. When the parents got the letter, we had the family meeting where the law gets laid down.

As I said, I knew it was coming; I had blown off all my themes and hadn't read any of my assignments. As I sat there listening to the usual babble, my dad says he has a grad student who has a theory on how to motivate sluggard students like me to learn and that he challenged her to work with me and tutor me in English.

The deal for her was that, if my work improved significantly, she would gain support for her thesis, be awarded the same grade point that I would receive in my English course, plus five hundred dollars if she would work with me three sessions each week.

It was set that the grad student would pick me up after school, take me to a library nearby and work with me to improve my motivation and, as a result, my grades.

So, the next Monday, after school, I was waiting to be picked up and it's a girl in a red Honda Civic.

"Grant? Grant Hanson?"

"Yeah, that's me."

"Good, hop in. I'm Audrey Willoughby. Little change of plans. Instead of the library, we can use my apartment, it's nice and quiet."

"Sure," I said trying to get a better look at my new tutor, who at first glance, was a very pretty young woman of, say, maybe twenty-two, twenty-three. Well, this might not be so bad.

"Okay, here we are, follow me," and we trotted up a flight of stairs and went into her apartment.

"Sit over there at the table. Now, Grant, here's the situation. I'm going to be very honest with you. Your father is certainly a nice man and all that, but his course is a big time-eater. I've done some work on furthering the Heider Attribution Theory, which is about how people can be motivated from within.

"But, I'm thinking, that with you, maybe external motivation might work best. So, if you do your work and get a good grade, I can ace your dad's course; we both look good and I'll make it worth your while."

"Worth my while? I don't understand, pay me, you mean?"

"No, how would you like to learn all about sex?"

"Well, I'm really not interested in more reading."

"No, not reading, more like this," and she reached back under her sweatshirt, unhooked her bra and lifted the shirt and smiled.

Okay, knock me over. Here's motivation. My new tutor had two of the most lovely breasts I've ever seen. Well, I hadn't really ever seen any but they were perfect, you know? Not real, real big, just right. Perfectly circular spheres like I've seen in the girlie mags I've been reading, well, not reading, we know I don't especially like to read, since I was about ten.

Her pink nipples were pointing straight out at me inviting my touch. I reached out and Audrey said, "No, no," pulling her shirt back down.

"I think you and I can work something out, Grant, here's five chapters of Silas Marner to read and summarize in writing."

She went on to explain the points I had to cover in my report and added that our English sessions would be for up to two hours and no more. 'Other topics' would fill the remaining time after we had finished the main lessons.

Well, there it was. She had beautiful breasts, that I already knew. So, I asked the real question that was on my mind.

"So, how much will we cover in the 'other' lessons?"

"Basically everything. And if we can do really well, even finish the English in an hour or less, that's just more time for 'other' studies. It's up to you, Grant."

Would any guy turn this down? I mean, I'm fourteen, she's probably eight or nine years older and, obviously much more experienced. And really pretty.

"Okay, so by Wednesday afternoon, I have to have this done?" I asked wanting to get this right.

"That's the deal. You won't be sorry. I can guarantee that for sure. I get high marks in sex education."

So, we finished up our Monday session and she drove me home.

Well, I figured, what the hell, at least give it a good try. So, I did the work, wrote up the summaries and had them with me when she picked me up on Wednesday.

"So, Grant, are you ready?"

"I think so. I've got it all done. I think you've got me pretty motivated."

"Hmm, thought I might. Well, we'll see shortly won't we?"

As she sat at her kitchen table reading my summaries, I tensely awaited her verdict.

"Very good. Yes. Now for today..." and we went on with more Silas Marner as I listened closely and took voluminous notes.

"Okay. That took us about an hour and fifteen minutes. We have forty-five left. Hmm, how about learning how to caress a woman's breasts? Good place to start. If we have time near the end, then kissing, I think. It's always important," and with that, she pulled off her top, undid her bra and reintroduced me to her fantastic breasts.

"Now, I want you to get familiar with my breasts, here, put your hands on them."

I must have a strong heart because I didn't die right then. Her breasts were so soft and warm. There were light blue veins beneath the skin and her nipples were pink and kind of stood out, all firm and nice.

"When you feel a woman's breasts, be gentle, stroke them, pet them, yes, that's nice. Now take your fingertip and just run it around my nipple. Mmm, see that's nice. Squeeze them a bit. How do they feel to you?"

"Oh, wonderful, nice and firm but really soft and smooth, too. They're wonderful. I really love your breasts, they're just perfect."

"Yes, they are nice. You should see my mom. You'd see where I get these from. Now, women like to have their nipples licked, so..."

I wasted no time getting my tongue on her nipples. Oh, god did I have a hard-on of a lifetime and I thought my heart would just fly right out of my chest.

"You look happy, now, suck it into your mouth and suck on it gently. Mmm, yes, like that."

"Mmmhmm," I mumbled.

"Take your teeth and just nibble a bit, real lightly, not hard. Yeah, like that, suck some more. Mmm. You're learning a lot."

Oh, was I. I was learning that sex was promising to be far better than even my fertile fourteen-year old mind had ever imagined.

"Okay, suck me a while longer. Then, our two hours will be up. I've written out your assignment for Friday. The quicker we get it done, the more of this we can do."

I nodded my head, I wasn't about to take my mouth off her beautiful breast for the simple and mundane task of just speaking. No, more important things were at hand, well, at lips.

Soon, we were back in the car and I was taking my raging hard-on home where I would barely make it upstairs to my room and jack-off. Twice.

I have no idea how many times I masturbated before I saw her again, it was a lot. The rest of my time was spent reading and summarizing more of Silas Marner. Yes, I was motivated, very motivated.

On Friday afternoon, the Honda was waiting and I was whisked to her apartment once again.

"Here look this over while I read through what you have."

In few nervous minutes, she says, "Really pretty good, Grant. Yes, you're doing very well. Now, let's talk about the work I want you to do this weekend."

This took a while and finally she said, "Okay, well, look at the time. We have an hour and ten minutes."

She stands up and removes her blouse and bra, then asks me to take all my clothes off. I took little time to comply with her wish.

"Now, I was wondering if you would like to play with my breasts again?"

"Oh, I'd love that."

"Well, let me get something first and I'll be right back"

In a minute, she came back and sat down a bottle on the coffee table, then we sat next to one another on her sofa.

"I'm sure you remember from last time. All right, go ahead," she chuckled.

I reached over and began petting and rubbing her breasts, then bent down and took a nipple in my mouth. Suddenly I felt her fingers surround my cock and begin to move up and down. Oh, god, she's jacking me off.

"Here lay down, that's better," and I got prone on the couch with my head in her lap sucking on her pretty boobs as she took the bottle and squirted some stuff on her hand and gripped my cock again and started jacking me once again, this time with hand lotion, it seemed.

Well, this young man was in heaven. Silas Marner may have had some horrible tragedy strike in his life but this fellow was on top of the world.

"Does this feel good?"

"MmmHmm," I murmured as I sucked away. She knew just when to slow down so I wouldn't cum too soon. She stretched it out until almost time to go home, then picked up the speed and I shot my cum all over my chest and abdomen.

"Oh, I bet that was good. Look at all your cum. You did a nice cum for me. I bet sucking my boobs helped a lot. Hand me that box of tissues so I can clean you up. Can't go home with cum all over you."

Oh, wow. I've jacked myself off many times. It is something that really is better when you have help. Oh, I am learning so much.

That weekend, I worked mostly on my English assignment and jacked-off. I did eat and sleep some but mostly the first two.

Chapter 2

On Monday, we were back at Audrey's where she told me I was doing very well.

"Grant, see, you are capable of doing A-level work. All you need is the right motivation. And, it seems that motivation makes you work extra hard. And, I can see, you're extra hard," she said laughing as she reached over and gripped the bulge in my pants. "But, first..."

After she has read my work and we'd discussed Wednesday's assignment, she stood up and began removing her top and bra.

"You can slip out of your clothes, too, Grant," which I wasted little time doing and was already laying down with my head in her lap, her gorgeous breasts just above. I felt some lotion being squirted on my dick and her small hand began to go up and down. She reached over with her other hand and led a nipple to my mouth.

This is how I want to die, I thought laying there in the happiest moment of my life so far. Again, she varied her speed, adjusting her grip and rate on how close she judged I was to cumming. If it had been me, I would have gone for a fast cum. Audrey, though, knew more about sex that I probably will ever know, she knew the erotic benefit to taking time to savor and cherish the slow, steady building to an awe-inspiring orgasm.

And, come it did.

"MMMhhMmpHH, UUUHH, UUUHH, UUUHH, UUUHH, uuuhh, uhh, uhh, oh, oh, wow, incredible. Oh, that was ... oh, wow, I've just never had a cum like that one. You are the best. You really know how to get the most out of a handjob. God, I'm covered in cum."

"Yes, let's clean you up. You want to or should I?"

"Oh, I may just lay here and die. Could you do it?"

I have never seen that much semen ever come out of my dick. It looked like it was maybe twice the normal amount. Could that be? Well, my tutor sure knows how to get a lot out of me.

So, our sessions went in this usual fashion; lessons first, then assignments for our next session, then me taking my clothes off, she taking her top and bra off and me sucking and fondling her breasts as she masturbated me into nirvana. She was so good that, no matter how much time we had, she could fine-tune her handwork to bring on my ejaculation right before our allotted time was up. I can tell you that the longer it took, the more spectacular it was.

There was some variation in the first month or two of our sessions; for example, she had a microscope on the kitchen table for one session. I asked her about it and she just said, "That's for a lesson for after." Hmm., I thought, my curiosity up along with my dick.

It turned out that when she started masturbating me, she soon stopped and led me over to the microscope, took a glass slide and gathered a clear drop of my precum. Looking at it under the microscope, she pointed out that it was swimming in sperm and that 'protection' meant from the beginning before penetration; that precum can get a girl just as pregnant as my normal ejaculation. Actually, it was a lesson I've never forgotten.

Then, one day, after the assignments were over, I stripped and as I watched her, she didn't stop at her blouse and bra. Soon, her skirt and panties were on the floor along with all my clothes.

"Oh, you are so beautiful. I can't believe this."

"Well, it's time you learned some more about the female body. Do you think you're ready?" she asked with a smile, already knowing what my answer would be.

She turned and showed me her butt and said, "Here's my other dimples, Grant. Not just anybody gets to see these. Cute, huh?"

"Oh, beautiful."

"Thanks. Now in front here, the slit here. This is my vulva and the lips are labia. They keep me closed up. Right up here near the top of my labia, let me open here, see, look, see that little knobby thing? Know what that is?"

"Your clit?"

"A plus. Good job. It's a major turn-on point for a woman. Really sensitive. But it can be hurt easily, too. Always be gentle and don't rub it when it's not wet. Always wet. And when you suck it, again, be gentle. Lick it gently. It loves a soft licking. A real turn-on."

"Okay, soft, wet, gentle."

"Now, get down some, okay, look up in here, let me spread my labia out some. See, right there, that hole. My vagina. It's where your dick goes when you fuck me. Well, I'm not saying you're going to fuck me, it's a hypothetical. And see right up above. I can't tell if you can see. Um, my pee hole. Where I pee out of."

"Um, I can't quite make out where it is."

"Okay, I gotta pee anyway, follow me," and we walked into the bathroom, she sat down, raised one of her legs up and said, "Now, get down, yeah, right there. Okay? Here it comes," and a stream of urine came squirting out.

"Oh, yeah, now I see."

So, I had a tour of the female body conducted on the finest example of the female form I'd ever seen. All this had me working hard on English while working on my hard six or seven times each day. I was so horny, even with three or more handjobs each week from Audrey, that I could have fucked a tree stump.

One week, as I sucked her nipples and she masturbated me, she went onto extended detail about what turns girls off, what kinds of stupid 'guy' pick-up lines she's gotten, what kind of things turn her on, what gets girls interested. I was too busy to take notes but her advice has served me well ever since.

She also told me about the first time she had sex, the times that were wonderful and why, and the ones that were regretful, and why. So, I learned a lot more than just English.

I did learn a lot for English class, too, and, I can report, I achieved an A Minus at semester's end. It would have been an A Plus, except for the slow start before I had such an inspired tutor.

She also answered any questions I had about sex. I gained a trove of useful information for the future. And got a fabulous handjob at the same time.

Unfortunately, the semester was near the end and Audrey was asked by my father to write up her methods and he gave her the promised payment and a grade, like mine, A MInus. Just as my despair was at a peak, he told Audrey that he wanted her to continue on for another semester, the pay would be seven hundred and fifty dollars and her grade would be linked to mine again.

As I sat there, feeling my cock harden like steel, she countered with her doing an independent study where her only responsibility would be to write a paper on her methods and be excused from his regular class. He agreed and I was in heaven.

Well, our second semester began right where the first ended. She started out telling me that if I did as well this time, at midterms, she would fuck me. I almost fell over.

"Yes," she said, "I'll let you fuck me. But, you have to perform."

After tying that carrot on the string, she asked me if I knew what menstruation was and tampons and all. Since it was the beginning of her period, she showed me how to insert a tampon, something I'm sure very few guys my age were schooled in.

She also discussed birth control and disease prevention in far better detail that my school ever did.

On the afternoon we discussed condoms, she showed me several kinds and why they were different, discussed lubricated and non-lubricated, reservoir tip, ribbing along the sides, all that a boy needs to know.

When she showed me how to put a condom on, using my cock to demonstrate, she said, "Here I'll show you how it traps your semen," and she bent forward and began sucking me off.

Well, Audrey gives a fabulous handjob and it pales to the blowjob she gives. Just like before, she was able to time my ejaculation to right up to the end of our session. I filled the reservoir right up.

"Oh, god, that was the best thing I've ever felt. Oh, Audrey, you are the best. I never expected oral sex. You are fantastic."

So, two days later, when we were finished (early, I see to that), she said, "Last time, I gave you oral sex, today, I'll teach you how to give a woman oral sex."

My heart just exploded through my chest. At least it felt that way.

When we were naked, she sat on the edge of her bed, spread her legs and led me through a lick-by-lick presentation on how to drive a girl insane with my tongue. Our next session was on fingering a girl to orgasm slowly and systematically. Even without anyone ever knowing you're doing it, like under a table, or on a sofa watching television or riding in a car or bus.

And on to how to use a vibrator on each other but especially on a woman. Then, during these sessions, she started to make some extra time at the end for us to have a shower together, usually ending in my soapy cock spraying out cum all over us as the water rained down.

As the end of the semester loomed, she told me that all the things we had been doing would not continue. As much as I hated to hear the words, I could understand that she really deserved more than a fourteen-year old boy. After all she was doing graduate work. But, it didn't make it any easier. I knew I might not ever get to fuck her so I had to be happy with all the other kinds of sex we had had and were having.

So, when I got my grades (an A Plus, first in my class; the penis is a powerful motivator, I suppose that is something that most women seem to know instinctively), Audrey invited me to see a play, Tennessee William's, 'Streetcar Named Desire, ' being produced and directed by her boyfriend next Saturday at his college ninety miles away. I would stay overnight in a friend's dorm room.

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